5 Best Fuel Credit Cards in India with Reviews

By | December 12, 2016

Fuel is one of the day to day expense in everyone’s life and having a credit card that gives us cashback or rewards on Fuel is something nice. For those who spend a lot of Fuel, its a source of mighty savings just by swiping the right credit card. Lets look into some of the popular Fuel credit cards in India that gives either cashback (or) meaningful reward points on fuel spends in India.

Best Fuel Credit Cards in India

Before that, ever wondered what the hell is Fuel surcharge & the waiver? Check out Fuel Surcharge Waiver on Credit Cards in India to learn more in detail.

Best Credit Cards in India for Fuel Spends:

#1 HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card

Bharat CashBack Card Review

Its a recently launched credit card by HDFC for beginners and its one of very rare cards that gives you upto 5% cashback capped at Rs.150 (per month) on Fuel spends. Good for those who spend less than Rs.3000 a month.

#2 Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Review

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card is comparatively a better choice if you spend on fuel more. Note that here you get only 2.5% cashback.

Update: Here’s more info from one of our reader. Kapil Khurana Says,

Though cash back cap is 500 per month but cash back cap on FUEL is only 200 per month. This is how 500 cap is broken:

  • 200 – fuel
  • 200 – telecom (postpaid mobile / landline bill payments)
  • 100 – utility bills

#3 Citibank Indian Oil Credit Card (Platinum)

Citibank Indian Oil Credit Card

Fine with swiping only on Citi terminals at Indian Oil pumps? This card is for you. Here, you’re given turbo points (nothing special with turbo though 😛 ) and can be redeemed over the counter, instant redemption.

#4 Indusind Iconia Credit Card (American Express Variant)

Indusind Iconia American express credit card

While Indusind Iconia is not basically a Fuel Credit card, but this is one of the rare cards that gives you reward points even on Fuel spends. The reward rate of the card remains same for the Fuel as well. Good thing about the reward points with indus-ind is that you can redeem them for Cash credit on statement which is as good as cashback concept.

#5 American Express Gold Charge Card

American Express donot give reward points or cashback as an in-built feature on any cards. However, Amex is recently running a short term promotion that gives you 3% cashback on fuel spends upto Rs.1,50,000 (or Rs.4,500 Cashback).

Temporary Promos on Fuel Cashback/Reward points listed here:

Above are some of the cards that has fuel surcharge waiver & cashback benefit on them. Personally, my fuel expenses are quite less and so i prefer cash until recently i started using my Amex Plat Travel card to avail 3% cashback. Then came the whooping 5X reward Points offer on HDFC in tie up with BPCL.

I recently attempted to use my HDFC Diners Black to avail this offer. I noticed that they refunded me the Fuel Surcharge & also tax component but the 5X reward points is yet to kick in. Lets see how HDFC deals with it as they mention in many pages that reward points donot accrue on Fuel spends. HDFC is always mysterious about reward points stuffs 😛

Looking for cashback across all your credit card spends?
Check out my list of Best Cashback Credit Cards in India with full Reviews.

Whats your favorite Fuel credit Card and why? Feel free to share your comments below.

24 thoughts on “5 Best Fuel Credit Cards in India with Reviews

  1. Kapil Khurana

    There is a correction sid.
    On stanchart titanium, though cash back cap is 500 per month but cash back cap on FUEL is only 200 per month. This is how 500 cap is broken
    200 – fuel
    200 – telecom (postpaid mobile / landline bill payments)
    100 – utility bills

    1. Siddharth Post author

      thanks for the valuable information. I’ve updated the article with the same 🙂

      1. Urluck

        Which credit card is best for dining restaurant usage ? In terms of more cashback or more rewards point ?
        I am having HDFC Regalia , Kotak royale signature, Citibank rewards, Amex jet airways, SCB Manhattan credit cards, Indus ind platinum.

        You should come out with a blog on this subject.

        I don’t know which card I have to use for online shopping , which for restaurant , which for mall shopping , which for petrol pumps. How to get maximum discount or cashback I can earn ?

          1. Urluck

            Wow great.

            I would love to read it.

            So we all will know for which particular purchase or spending , which card is better to use.

            As all card has its special features. Some cards are good for mall and departmental stores, few cards are better for movies and restaurants , few for online shopping or for petrol pumps.

            Wish , we see it soon on ur blog.

  2. Ashok

    Hey Sid,
    I think you missed ICICI HPCL Coral Credit Card. It gives 2.5% cashback on fuel upto 100 INR per month. It also has 100 INR discount twice a month in BMS. I have the HPCL Coral Credit card Amex variant which also has Lounge access in addition.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nice one. But Rs.100 a month is too low to consider. Lounge access is a good benefit though.

      1. Ashok

        Yes. Agree with only 100 INR cashback a month. I fill my bike for 500 INR a week which is 4k INR month. I won’t use more fuel than that so I get the 100 cashback from fuel each month. BMS and Lounge access are like bonus. So in a way it is better than the Iconia card mentioned by you. 🙂

    2. Chiller

      Hi Ashok

      How did you manage to get the HPCL Coral Credit card Amex variant? It would be great if you could share since I’m unable to find anything regarding it.


  3. Abhishek


    I called Customer care and they informed this is a lower variant than my Coral CC, and i said thats fine and speciafically asked for Amex variant and i was issued an additional card. Limit is shared between all ICICI cards (Just like SCB). I took because Annual fee was lowest (AMEX cards) and i also get Lounge access.
    Last time i visited Premium Paza in Bangalore, used my Visa Sig, Master World, and Amex card seperately for Myself+2 guests. All Free with Re 1 access fee for verification.

  4. Bikram Sil

    CITI INDIAN OIL Credit i can use only in Indian Oil pumps or its applicable for all fuel station?

  5. Savio

    Hi Sid, I spend around 80k per month on my card for fuel. Which card according to you would give me the best rewards points / cash BK and fuel surcharge waiver

  6. Bhanuprakash A

    Dear sir,

    Thank you very much for your guidelines.
    I am spending 700 to 1000 amt for fuel expenses. i taken citibank Indian oil credit card. i observed as citi bank swipe machines status is not upto the mark in my area. other than citi bank any other suitable. please guide.

  7. Sahil

    My fuel spends are over 25k a month. I have 3 cards- Infinia(i believe does not give any rewards on fuel?), citi premiermiles, SBI elite and soon to get Yes Exclusive. Which of these is the best for fuel taking fuel surcharge waiver and reward points in mind?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      None. Go for indianoil citi card. You get 4 rs per rs150 spent. Or if you have a fleet go for fleet car from respective retailers.

  8. C.R.Meena

    Please guide me which one fuel card is best suitable for a employee

  9. HP

    I strongly believe ICICI HPCL Amex card is worth mentioning in this list for someone having a fuel spend of not exceeding rs 4000 a month. Apart from 2.5% + 0.75% CashBack it also gives 6 payback points per Rs 100 spent in fuel. That is equal to another 1.5% if converted to rupee equivalent 4 payback points =rs 1.5. It also gives 8 complementary lounge access and all the Amex deals as well as the BMS offer. In my view it is a bargain at the annual fee of rs 199.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Will get it updated in a while with fresh list and more info 🙂

    2. Prashant Gupta

      After reading this post i have applied for converting the platinum card to hpcl coral amex card. According to me looks best of them all with 4% saving. But 2.5% will inly be given if swiped on icici machines also payback points cannot be redeemed for cash only products or vouchers from payback site.

  10. Vishnu Shankar

    Hey! Great article there.

    Can you recommend the best card for a heavy fuel spender like me (I spend around 8k – 10k a month)


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