Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Review

By | December 13, 2016
 Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Review

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Review

I don’t generally suggest SC cards as their reward rates are pretty low than any other cards. However, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card is known mainly for its Fuel cashback benefit which is the whole reason for this article. Its one of the rare Fuel cashback cards around along with other benefits.

  • Joining Fee: Rs.499+tax (Waived if you Spend Rs. 30,000 in a year )
  • Renewal fee: Annual/Renewal Fee waived if you spend Rs. 60,000 in a year

5% CashBack Categories on Super Value Titanium Card:

You get 5% cashback on below categories:

  • Fuel: 2.5% surcharge reversal + 2.5% cash back on the transaction amount
  • Telecom Bill Payments
  • Utility Bill Payments

Conditions on Cashback:

  • Minimum transaction amount for cashback eligibility is INR 750
  • Maximum cashback per transaction is INR 100
  • Maximum cashback per month is INR 500

Though cash back cap is 500 per month but cash back cap on FUEL is only 200 per month. This is how 500 cap is broken

  • 200 – fuel
  • 200 – telecom (postpaid mobile / landline bill payments)
  • 100 – utility bills

Reward Points on other spends:

  • 1 Rewards Points/ Rs.100
  • 1 Reward Point = ~0.27 Ps

I calculated the reward point value by finding the value of one of the products in points redemption. They keep changing the point value from time to time (usually reduce).

Features of Super Value Titanium Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]
  • Reward rate: 0.27% (regular spends) to 5% Cashback
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax

Its a very basic card and the cashback conditions put on the card is not worth spending the time on, at-least for me. One of my friend has this card, but never uses it, not even once in past 6 months, so you get the idea 😀

In this range, you can also consider ICICI Coral credit card (mastercard version) which also comes with MasterCard domestic Lounge access and 0.5% value back as Payback points. In response to Standard Chartered, HDFC recently launched two cards as below with similar benefits.

Whats your thoughts on Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences below.

Author: Siddharth

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73 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Review

  1. Prashant Gupta


    I have their Landmark credit card (earlier known as innercircle credit card) , its free for life and has mastercard airport lounge access. The points value has been devalued now. Earlier it used to give 1.2% value back now it gives 0.6%.

  2. Manu

    Their Inner Circle card is a good free card esp for those who shop for clothes a lot

  3. Parth

    Hey Siddharth, I would like to differ on this one. I own this card and I usually end up getting monthly 500 cash back without much effort. I feel it’s a wonderful card. While the earn rate maybe low. It’s cashback feature for bill payment allows you to get 5% back almost every time!

    Would you agree that from the perspective of utility bill payment (mobile / gas / electricity) this is the best card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sounds good. Sure, i agree, it does help for Utility Payments and this being an inbuilt feature of a card is a nice thing indeed.

      But for me,
      Its of no use as I’m using Diners points for all Mobile/Postpaid/LL bill payments 🙂

      1. Parth

        That brings me to an earlier much needed request. Please guide us on your mileage earning strategy.. You’ve to guide us easy mode players 😀

      2. MD Faisal

        But Rs75 redemption fee spoils the offer. I usually have build ranging from 750-1000. Extra 75 is a deal breaker

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Usually u get cash back on Paytm FreeCharge…..and then the premium cards have good reward rate… the card is useless….

  4. Sidharth

    So am clueless on if to keep the card or throw it. Use it for the following 2 things only
    1) Fuel – Get 5%
    2) Mobile Bill Payments – 2.5%

    Have option to switch to pay through Infinia

    What say ?

    1. KK

      Shouldn’t it be other way round? Fuel – 2.5% and Mobile – 5%?

      I suggest you dump this card, as Infinia has inbuilt 3.3% reward rate in the form of reward points and as suggested in an earlier comment if you route your infinia spend via paytm/freecharge for mobile bill payment, you also get discounts. Hence, get this card revoked. I’m sure it is not free as 60k need to be spent in the year for waiver.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        If everyone is eligible for Infinia, then we don’t even need to talk about any other cards 😉

  5. Kumar

    Loading cash to Freecharge/Mobikwik will give you 5% cashback on this card as their MCC comes under ‘Mobile Payment’ & you can use these wallets to buy on any websites where these wallet payments are available. Only loading money to wallets will be eligible. Although they have sub category limits., but I used to get full Rs.500 cashback by loading cash to these wallets (5 tranasactions of Rs.2000 each)

    p.s: When loading on paytm, cashback is not guranteed. Don’t know why but I used to get it randomly.

    1. Abhishek

      Hi Kumar,

      Very right. I also use this card very frequently :-
      1. Rs 2000 * 2 for 2 Fuel transactions (Rs 100 saved which is 2.5% , as rest 2.5% is surcharge waiver)
      2. Rs 2000 * 2 for Freecharge / Airtel Money (Paytm & Mobikiwk used to be Mobile MCC , now changed i guess)
      3. Rest 1 transaction normally goes waste for me as my needs are met above 2 and 5% on Bil payments is less compared to offers on Freecharge as of now. This cashback category is utlity bill which is landline/electricity bill

      But there have been instances of me using 5th transaction in freecharge and getting 5%.

      i still feel this card is worth it.

    2. Saurabh

      thanks for the info i have Super Value Titanium which is lifetime free… haven’t been using it can be used to buy fuel via wallet overall 5% saving instead of 2.5 in normal case.

      have been receiving cashback on all transaction at Freecharge Paytm Mobikwik with axis my choice credit card with 5% cash back on utility bills as per statement all are under MERCHANT CATEGORY-MOBILE PHONES AND BILL PAYMENTS

  6. Hm

    Sc offering me landmark card , lifetime free, card on card base. Any idea what will credit limit they offer on this card as my currant CC has 3lk , Any other suggestions for CC

  7. Subhasish

    I like this card as I get regular cashback. Also this card is entitled for master card lounge program (domestic access)

  8. Prashant Gupta

    Update: Received message from SC that lounge access feature on Landmark rewards credit card is being discontinued w.e.f.01 May 2017.

  9. Ashokkumar

    New update in website and also received a mail as below

    5% cash back on fuel at all petrol pumps in India. You will receive 1% surcharge reversal and 4% cash back on the transaction amount at any petrol pump, be it BPCL, IOC, HPCL or Reliance

  10. kiran kumar chevuri

    any one know which merchants comes under Utility Bill Payments category

  11. Akilan


    Now they changed the reward point structure.

    Earlier it was 1 Point/100 rupees
    Now it is 1 Point /150 rupees


  12. Shashi Gupta

    Hi Siddharth ,

    I got a mail that they are offering me a upgrade from Super Value Titanium to manhattan credit card.
    Whats your view , should i go for it ?
    I am already holding HDFC diners premium and use this HDFC card for maximum. I use other cards only if Diners is not accepted at any terminal

    Please suggest

    Shashi Gupta

    1. Raja M

      Hey Shashi,

      I would suggest you to go for this card in following cases you fall in

      1. Mobikwik usage if you use this wallet recharge 1000 will give u 50 rupees cashback to SCB Titanium account upto 100 max per transaction 200 per month. Have only tested with Mobikwik but not sure if paytm or some other wallet payment works
      2. Fuel huge save on it.. you will get 4% into your SBC cashback and 1% with services charges reversal into Credit card account

      Overall max per month is 500rupees cashback !

      For me this card working out I could able to save approx 5000 per year and sometime Standard Chartered comes with promo offer where i get some decent reward points

  13. Coolbuddy

    Hello there, i have been following your blog for quite some time now. You are really a big helping hand.. Keep up the good work. Nevertheless people need to be given credit here as well as their comments also reveal a lot of information. That being said.
    I want this card life time free. I also got an offer regarding the same via 3rd party executive but i dont trust them a lot. I approached the bank and they told me there is no way this card can be provided to a customer ltf without having a salary account with them. Is it true. Does anybody have this card ltf without holding a SCB salary account?
    And is it worth having the given conditions of 30000rs to waive off joining fees and 60000rs for renewal fees.
    Is there any other card which provides 5% cashback at every petrol pump?
    A prompt reply would be a great help.. Cheers

  14. Narinder

    Hello Friends, I am holding this card from last 3 years, and use it for fuel only and feel it is best card for this purpose. The reason i don’t use it for any other purpose is, it don’t get much benefits for other purchases and another bigger reason is, from last 3 years only its limit is 20K, inspite of all bills paid on time. My current monthly in hand salary is around 1,25,000. Holding HDFC Bank Card from past 6 Years with limit 2.80 L. After requesting many times and sending my salary slips, SC is not increasing the limit.

    Do you guys think may be i primarily use it for fuel only and not spending on anything else could be its reason?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That doesn’t seem to be a reason. because one of my friend too stuck with 20k limit inspite of spending 2L+ and holding for more than 2 yrs.

    2. Hari

      That is strange. I don’t use my SCB CC much. But, every six months I get to increase my credit limit by calling customer care without submitting any pay slips. Try calling the customer care and ask if you are eligible for limit enhancement.

  15. Amit

    As per my discussion with SC bank guy, he said card is given to anyone with more than Rs.25000 in-hand salary.
    But, I am joint applicant to one home loan of EMI Rs.53000 and my in-hand salary is Rs. 28500.
    My doubt was that will I get the Card as EMI is higher than my salary? Or I won’t face any issues as such? Kindly let me know as I want to apply for this card, and don’t want to affect my CIBIL score in case they reject my application.

  16. Ajit

    SC extends Uber cashback offer however the monthly spend has gone up from 8k to 15k from 01-Oct-2017

    Get up to INR 7,200 cashback annually on Uber rides with your StanChart credit card till 30 Sep 2018. Offer valid for card holders with min spends of INR 15,000 in a calendar month . For tnc visit

  17. Deepesh

    For StanC cards – what is the minimum amount threshold at which fuel surcharge is waived – my question is only for 1% surcharge waiver (e.g. for HDFC its Rs. 400, SBI its Rs. 500)

    i know for this card – cash back is at minimum Rs. 750

    btw, i hold – Diners club black, StanC platinum rewards (ltf), Amex MRCC (ltf) & LIC Axis signature (ltf – gives decent 1%-2% rewards – not sure why this doesn’t get reviewed on most sites)


  18. Harvindar Chawla

    I had always appreciated Standard Chartered for their banking services but this new super value Titanium card was a bad choice. The card I received is a standard Box type one. When contacted Customer service through phone, they were sure that I have been provided curved shaped card but their email team replied that they are not offering curved shape cards anymore.
    I am just going to pay the joining fee and cancel the card. Enough of SC in my finances.

  19. Deepesh

    SBI has recently launched BPCL SBI card
    how is it in comparison with this StanC card?

  20. AshishR

    I think the RP structure has been changed and the post needs this update

    I’m getting 1 RP / 150 rs spend

  21. KGP

    Hi SIddharth,
    I hv received this card recently for a life time free offer.
    I already using HDFC Regalia First Card for all daily transactions.
    Request you to suggest me between these two cards for the spent.
    means in which card should I get the maximum Cashback & by where using it.
    plz help.

  22. Hari

    Received a complimentary Priority Pass card with the SCB Titanium credit card today. No mention of it any where on their website.

      1. Hari

        Yes.It’s spend based. spend 10000 in the previous month and get one complimentary visit in the next month.

        1. Hari

          Correction. Spend 10000/- this month and get one complimentary visit in the next month.

        2. hari

          Checked with the customer care now. It is a premium variant of the same card issued to a few customers. so they haven’t mentioned it on their website. They say we can use the priority pass at both domestic and international lounges, provided we fulfill the spend criteria. No separate complimentary domestic lounge access as such.

    1. Narinder Pal Singh

      Do check the card name in internet banking. It should be Premium Super Value Titanium instead is Super Value Titanium. They do issue priority pass with premium version. My wife got it and this card is LTF for her.

      1. Hari

        Yes. It is indeed Premium Super Value Titanium. I did not know that it even existed.

          1. Abhishek

            How did you get the Amazon voucher, by post (physical) or email/sms (evoucher)?

            Also, do you think it might be spend based? How much did you spend from your card within first 15 days or 30 days?

  23. Praveen Katiyar

    Recently when annual fee of Rs. 750+GST was applied, I called StanC customer care, for reversal of annual fee, as my spends were to tune of Rs. 3L in preceding year.
    To my surprise the first time when i called for it, it was rejected. I again called and have to request for same. The customer care guy acknowledged that my spends are huge but said 60k is not the amount on which fee will be reversed henceforth. Upon my asking he said it should be more than 3L then company would decide. I was bewildered. I said it was always reversed in last 6 years for me and the amount told to me for fee reversal is 60k only.
    As i was not satisfied, i sent an email. (Reply awaited). I think 750+gst isn’t justified for someone who doest pay many bills (or any other cashback 5% category).
    Does anyone had similar experience with StanC lately?

    1. Ameya

      I have this card. They charged 750+GST as joining fee for me. They also told me that I can get this card LTF, or you can get a cashback of INR 1500 on payment of the fees! I paid the fees and voila!, got the cashback after 9 months (as they promised).
      Now, coming to your question, the joining fee may not be reversed. However, you will not be charged renewal fee as you have crossed the 60k threshold.

      1. Sameer

        True, I just spoke to them, and ones paying 750 will get 1500 cashback within 150 days of the card issue.

        1. Ameya

          Just wanted to know if you were charged INR 49+GST for your call?
          I have just completed my first year with them and I have been charged the renewal fee.
          My spending for last year was INR 65000/-.
          Do you think they will accommodate fee reversal?

          1. Praveen Katiyar

            U should get fee reversal for sure.. 60k spend in previous anniversary year makes u eligible. These StanC people are morons. I gave them left right n center last year when I spent north of 3L and still being charged fee. Call CC, they may say blah blah… Etc..
            Tell them to go thru this card’s MITC and it’s there. Else shoot an email and it wud b done. Don’t leave them.

  24. Himanshu Kainth

    I was thinking to start relationship with SCB. Always interested in SCB Ultimate but despite being eligible sales agents denied by saying that 8L limit is required for Card to card applications.

    Finally, I have decided to take SVT card and now morons don’t come up for documentations. Looks like SCB need no business.

    1. Sree

      I had received my ultimate a week back and my ITR is nowhere near the eligibility and i got it via card on card against my HDFC RF with a limit of 4.39 lacs. Really surprised you have been denied

  25. Devendra

    SCB Customer services has been downgraded with their card services. From last 4 months i am not recieiving cashback for utility payments i have to tell them manually to process the same even rewards points which I was having got expired when i ask you have not informed they said email was sended to customer but truth is no email was recieved. I am having 2 Cards both card same issue which now i think after 8yrs need to be closed. Supervisor called me i said on my way can you pls call after 1hr she said i cannot call you after 1 hr you need to speak right now only, this shows how keen the customer service is to resolve the issue.

  26. Rakshit Somani


    Can anybody suggest how is standard chartered when it comes to limit enhancement ? I have been using titanium card for the last 5 months , with current limit of 2.10 lakhs and have already spent 6 lakhs . Any experience of anybody in this regard pls share. I want standard chartered ultimate, but for that i need to reach 4 lakhs on current card limit. So if they keep on increasing every 6 months, than i will continue to hold the card else will close it.

  27. Ramesh Kumar

    Based on my experience with SCB, they have increased yearly and that too 10-20% on average.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      They increase the limit by1.5 times every time atleast for me but every 6-8 months….you can call customer care and request or apply online with payslips.

      1. Rakshit Somani

        Thanks for the info prashant. Can you also tell that do you give any documents for limit enhancement or they just give you based on your spend and payment pattern?

  28. Varun

    The Annual fee waiver for revising the yearly fees has gone up to 90k from 60k.
    Thinking of discontinuing the card and exploring other options.

  29. Prashanth M

    Couple of changes on this card recently, that makes it not so favorable if you use it mainly for fuel expenses:
    1. Annual fee waiver limit increased from 60K to 90K
    2. If your single transaction is more than 2K, you will not get any cashback.

    Cancelled my card this week since my annual fuel spend is around 65-70K plus most of my transactions are > 2K

  30. vicky

    I would advise all of you to cancel stan chart cards. These people dont provide transaction alters after transaction which happened illegally internationally on my card. Now it is in dispute lets. c

    website was

  31. jitendra saraogi

    if anyone please confirm if bill payment of act fibrenet is eligible for cashback against telecom?

  32. Vaibhav Aggarwal

    large scale scams are happening at on stanchart cards. Beware and cancel all stanchart credit card

  33. Cred

    Given the cash back amount is max Rs 500 and that too very low on fuel and utility payment, is there any card which give cashback slightly higher say Rs 2000 or so per month?

    also, it seems SCB has started charging Annual Fees on most of the Cards now, Is there anyone got this SV titanium Card Life time free recently?

    1. Paul

      I hold a SC salary account since past 5yrs and I was recently offered this card for lifetime free. The card arrived today. They also said that I will be getting ₹1500 cashback on the first usage. Let’s see how that goes. I am always leaving India soon and I’ll just take the cashback and throw this card in trash. I have better cards like Citi Rewards and HDFC Regalia First.


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