New: HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card Review

By | November 28, 2016

HDFC recently launched a new credit card named Bharat CashBack Card which is primarily a beginner level card and stands below their popular Moneyback credit card. It seems like they want to grab the customers who choose Standard Chartered Credit cards for its cashback feature, which has similar benefits as this one. Smart HDFC 😉

  • Joining Fee: Rs.500 (maybe waived in some cases)
  • Renewal fee: Reversed if you spend Rs. 20,000 in a year
Bharat CashBack Card Review

Bharat CashBack Card Review

5% CashBack Categories:

You get 5% cashback on below categories:

  • Bill Payment
  • Fuel
  • Max CashBack: Rs 150 Per statement Cycle

Enjoy Additional 5% Cash back on below categories as well.

  • Easy EMI
  • Payzapp
  • Smart Buy
  • Max CashBack: Rs 150 Per statement Cycle

So, you can expect to save around Rs.300 in total by spending Rs.3,000 in each category. It should be pretty much enough for those beginners who put basic spends on credit cards. Looks like they’re not going to issue reward points on other spend categories. Well, that’s how they’re able to provide 5% cashback 😀

Features of Bharat CashBack Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 3.5/5
  • Reward rate: Upto 5% Cashback
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Capped at Rs. 250 every billing cycle (S.Tax applicable).
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: Renewal fee reversed if you spend Rs. 20,000 in a year
  • Special Features: No limits on earning reward points.

Overall, its a very basic card and one should go for it only if you spend on Cashback categories. I see cashback’s on IRCTC & Fuel as its unique feature of the card compared to other benefits. If you happen to spend on other categories as well, then Moneyback card or even Business Moneyback Credit Card is a better option by HDFC for beginners, though devalued recently.

What do you think about HDFC’s new Bharat CashBack Credit Card? Share your views in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card freak minting reward points and cashback for years, started adding Airmiles in recent times. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

33 thoughts on “New: HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card Review

  1. Prashant Agrawal

    Now that you mention devaluation for some funny reason I can’t seem to find any change when tried to redeem points using the online portal. The reward-RP required has remained same for my AllMiles card. Weird.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Redeeming on Catalog or Allmiles eVoucher?
      I see Regalia’s 0.60ps is already in effect on eVoucher redemption. Unsure about Allmiles.

  2. Shivaji singh

    considering no card gives 5% cashback on fuel, this is a good choice

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Usually, most cards issued these days can be used internationally. However, this is a basic card and you might need to check with customer care.

    2. karan

      Yes you can transact internationally,
      Im having one and im enjoying using it.

  3. Arkopravo

    I have got this card but I am not getting any cashback.I have purchased 3.5k fuel in jan-feb from indianoil petrol pump using hdfc machine for transaction.After I called customer care they told me I will get cashback after 60 days as rewards point.I got a hdfc statement were there is zero reward points or any other refund as cashback.Can anyone tell me the process of getting cashback ie how(rewar point,direct debit transactin etc)

    1. Coolbuddy

      Please refer the hdfc bank website. It clearly says that the cashback will be collected in the form of reward points (1RP=1RS) and will be redeemed as cashback upon customers request and will be redeemed only in multiples of 500. Contact your customer care if you want to know the balance or you simply want to redeem in the form of cashback in multiples of 500.

  4. vikas

    what is the salary required to get this bharat HDFC credit card?

      1. Sandesh

        If you are salaried and u have salary account in HDFC please go a head and apply one


    This card gives facility emi from Amazon… Yes or no.

  6. Mamoj

    When I called hdfc to convert to emi. Hdfc team said there is no emi option in this card . Pls help

  7. Akul Bhutani

    You say that hdfc money back card is better than this? No way! I agree that this is a beginner card but money back gives only Rs. 1.8 for every Rs. 150, but this will give 5%. So comparing:
    Rs. 1000 petrol will give Rs. 50 on Bharat card,
    Whereas Rs. 1000 spent will give Rs. 11.98 on money-back(not petrol but online).

  8. jatin mevada

    if my bill was 18172 rupess if i pay this bill than after how many time it will show in my credit card balance

  9. Arpit Gupta

    What is the minimum credit limit bharat cashback hdfc credit card provide?

  10. vishal bhawsar

    dear sir what is reward point in bhart cash back credit card, and i cant fule cash back 5%..

  11. Sunny modi

    I refile 6000 rs fuel in my car every month so as per calculation of 5% cash back 300 rs ill get, but my question is from this reward money can i purchase fuel??

    Kindly advice.

  12. susmitha yenduri

    im trying to pay amount using emi option after completing payment final page getting error your card not eligible for emi option ? im using bharat credit card of hdfc

  13. Abhishek Singh

    Today i got this bharat cc but only 15 k limit was given i don’t know why… On other hand my friend received this card he got 20 k limit my transactions are much better than his… And he did not maintain the monthly average balance in his saving account could you tell me why this happen?

    1. Prathamesh Majalkar

      today i received bharat platinum credit card with limit of 30k (X2 of salary ). my company open a new salary account for us and after opening account , i applied for credit card.


    Which one is a better choice….hdfc bharat cash back r citi bank indian oil card?

  15. Gurdeep

    When I called hdfc to convert to emi. Hdfc team said there is no emi option in this card . Pls help

  16. balaji

    Is this card still offered? when I ask for my moneyback card to upgrade to this , they say Bharat card is defunct now.

  17. balaji

    After escalations I got the Bharat Credit card (Bharat Credit card is Rupay variant and Bharat Cashback is visa/master).

  18. Arun

    Is the fuel cashback applicable only when the card is swiped in HDFC EOD machine at Petrol stations ?


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