Kotak League Platinum Credit Card Review

By | July 22, 2022
Kotak League Platinum Credit Card Review

Kotak Mahindra Bank has many entry-level credit cards but the League Platinum card is the best among, yet tricky in a way. Here’s the complete review of the Kotak League Platinum Credit Card,


TypeEntry-Level Credit Card
Reward Rate0.66% – 3.33%
Annual Fee499 INR + GST
Best forAnnual spends of upto 2.5 Lakhs
USPMilestone Benefit

While Kotak league Platinum Credit Card is an entry-level credit card, it also has the ability to serve you with rewards as good as a premium credit card.

It’s a wonderful choice not only for entry-level customers, but also for Premium customers holding multiple credit cards with a need to hold a Kotak Credit Card to avail the merchant/festive offers once in a while.


Joining Fee499 INR+GST
Welcome BenefitRs.500 Movie voucher
Renewal Fee499 INR+GST
Renewal Fee WaiverSpend > 50,000 INR

The requirement for renewal fee waiver is pretty good for the rewards & benefits the card comes with.


Ongoing Rewards

Annual SpendSpend TypeRewards / Rs.150 Reward Rate
< 2 LakhsRegular Spends40.66%
< 2 LakhsSpecial Categories81.33%
> 2 LakhsAll Spends81.33%
  • 1 Reward Point = 0.25 INR
  • Special Categories: Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Package Tour Operators, Airlines and Air Carriers, Electric Sales, Durable Goods, Departmental Stores.

If I understand it right, if you’re not spending on special categories, you would get 0.66% until you reach 2L annual spend and then 1.33% for spends beyond 2 Lakhs.

Milestone Rewards

SPENDSpend PeriodRewardsValueSavings
1,25,000 INR1st Jan – 30th June10,000 RP1,000 INR0.8%
1,25,000 INR1st July – 31st Dec10,000 RP1,000 INR0.8%
  • Milestone benefit: 4 free PVR tickets (or) 10,000 reward points
  • PVR Ticket Max. Value: 400 INR

So as you can see, 10K points option makes sense to most, over PVR vouchers. But 10K RP is converted to 40% (for unknown reasons) so it is 4K RP which gives value of Rs 1000, instead of the expected 2500 INR.

What this means is that if you are able to achieve the milestone spends, your reward rate can be as high as ~2.1% (spends on special categories, tricky though) or at-least ~1.5% which is still good for a card of this range.

Other Benefits

All Kotak Credit Cards comes with few other benefits like:

  • Railway Surcharge Waiver: Maximum railway surcharge waiver allowed is 500 INR / calendar year.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Applicable on transactions between 500 INR and 3000 INR. Maximum fuel surcharge waiver is 3500 INR / calendar year.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.9/5

Kotak League Platinum credit card is a pretty good credit card if you can hit the milestone spends, as getting >2% return on an entry-level non co-branded credit card at this fee point isn’t easy.

So Kotak League Platinum card is perhaps one of the best entry-level credit card you can have with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Do you hold Kotak League Platinum credit card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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15 thoughts on “Kotak League Platinum Credit Card Review

  1. Amit Kumar

    1 year back I used to get only 750INR as cashback for 10000 reward points for Kotak league platinum credit card. For reward point redemption they first do some conversion then let you redeem. I do not know current scenario but 1 year back this used to happen.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Oops, thanks for sharing. Let’s see if there are any active cardholders who could comment on it.

  2. Bhavin Shah

    Reward points in kotak world is complicated. 10000 RP is converted into X% of Kotak rewards which in this case is 40% so it is 4000 Kotak RP which gives value of Rs 1000 @ 25%. So it is actually Rs 1000 as against Rs 2500 mentioned for half year i.e reward rate of 0.8%

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thank you very much for sharing this Bhavin. I’ve updated the details and lowered the rating a bit.

  3. Ajinkya

    Siddharth, I think you aren’t familiar with the kotak reward system.

    1 reward point = Rs. 0.1 for this card considering Kotak Rewards conversion ratio.

    Please update the details accordingly. The reward rate is bad. 0.27% below 2 lacs or 0.53% above 2 lacs.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I called support to check this and I’m said that the value is now 750 INR (for 10K milestone points) and not even 1000 INR. So maybe Kotak keeps dropping the value on this benefit?

      1. Amit Kumar

        No, as I said earlier, for 10k reward 750INR was there since I got this card in 2012, till 2020 I had this and it was same with no changes to reward program. Regular rewards also have same conversion ratio.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          So are we speaking about conversion to cash credit here?

          If so, other redemption options carry regular 25ps/point?

          1. Amit

            No all redemption options have similar value. Slightly more value we get for Pvr ticket option

  4. Bhavin Shah

    Dear Siddharth, I received 10000 pts for 1st half which are now showing as 4000 Kotak RP with conversion value @ 0.25 per point. So it is Rs 1000 for sure at least as of 30th June 2022. Not sure if that has changed from current half year ending 31st Dec 2022

  5. Ajinkya

    Same experience here. Redemption done just 4 days ago where. I got the rate of Rs. 0.1 per reward point just last week.

    Kotak reward conversion is 100:40.

    So, 10000 * 40/100 * 0.25 = Rs. 1000

  6. Nayak

    I was told during my card initiation process that my league is ltf. I was not charged with any joining fee in first month bill. I doubt if it is ltf or not. Wherre can I check my league card is ltf or not

  7. Vipul

    Just got this card as LTF. Based on your review on the rewards ratio, I think I’m gonna just keep it in my wallet for rare Kotak only offers. Otherwise there’s no point in using this card. The reward points ratio is ridiculous.

  8. noobdipesh

    If we pay educational fee of 1.5 lakhs then we will get 1.5% reward rate if we include milestone rewards, right?

  9. Navneet

    This is good scam by kotak.
    4 RP = 1 KRP = 0.25 RS

    Base Reward :
    4 RP / 150 RS = 0.25 RS / 150 RS = 0.16%
    8 RP / 150 RS = 0.50 RS / 150 RS = 0.33%

    Milestone Achievement :
    10000 RP = 1000 RS
    1000 / 125000 = 0.8%

    Please update the details & also mention about this scam not mentioned on their website that Credit Card RP is not same as Kotak RP, it has to be converted, also I’ll rate 0 to this card.


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