ICICI Bank Wealth Customers can now get FREE CIBIL report on App

By | July 26, 2019

One of the most important benefit that I’ve been looking for in the world of banking and credit card is the ability to view my credit report as a part of credit card/banking benefit. Banks have started giving importance to it and recently we’ve also seen HDFC Bank giving free CIBIL Report

Now ICICI BANK has took this one step ahead and integrated it into their mobile banking app. While HDFC bank allows anyone to view the report online for Free, ICICI allows only its Wealth Management Customers to access this benefit as complimentary, right on the app.

Though, its weird that the free report is not available on ICICI net banking interface. Maybe its not integrated that way yet but we may expect it to happen soon. Here’s how to get your free CIBIL report,

How to Check CIBIL report via ICICI App

  1. Update your ICICI iMobile app, if not already
  2. Goto Accounts & Deposits section
  3. Tap on “My Credit Bureau Report
  4. Tap “View CIBIL Report” on next page
  5. Tada, your CIBIL score is in front of you. 

You may also choose to download the full report or check the important parameters, which are well integrated into the app (verified on iOS). Here are some of the snapshots,


Note: You may face error at times, especially in the last step. Just keep trying every few mins. I got it 5th time or so. never give up 😀

Who Can avail?

This feature is only for ICICI Bank’s Wealth Management customers (NRV 25L) at the moment. Remember, you can also get wealth status as a reciprocal banking benefit by opting for one of the premium credit cards from ICICI: Sapphiro, Emeralde & Diamant.

I personally hold wealth status with ICICI via Emeralde Credit Card. Earlier, the major advantage of Wealth status used to be quick connect without IVR while calling customer care. Now its good to see this additional benefit.

Things to know

  • Report Refresh Period: ~45 Days.

Which is more than enough for a typical user. Also note that this fetch also refreshes your report on your regular CIBIL login (if you have one already). So you can also login to CIBIL to check the updated report. Though, I see slight variation in the data between these two.

Pro Tip: Time your HDFC/ICICI fetches properly, so you may view your reports even more frequently. 

If you’re currently using paid membership plans from CIBIL, this is going to save you about Rs.1000 a year. 

What could be better?

  • Would be nice if they include other reports too like Experian.
  • More details of the a/c’s (limits, etc) on screen, without downloading the report.


This is an amazing feature to see it live, as it fulfils 1 out of my 10 wishes that I have for 2020 🙂

Hope to see such features on app & net banking with other banks and credit card issuers, as complimentary for their Premium/Super-premium banking & Credit card customers.

Okay, so that’s just me enjoying the small wishes going live within a week of wishing.

How about you? Do you like this feature? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

27 thoughts on “ICICI Bank Wealth Customers can now get FREE CIBIL report on App

  1. Praveen Katiyar

    Another great & informative article.
    Thanks for giving us cardexpert.in, a super platform to discuss cards and related topics. Wish all your wishes come true in 2020 & beyond.


  2. Shivi

    ICICI Netbanking (wealth management) gives CIBIL report free @ 1 per year if you hold an active ICICI credit card. It’s under “Exclusive Offerings” Tab > “Cibil Report”. I have been using this feature for the past 3 years.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It asks me Rs.300 even now. But yes, few other have reported this in the past. Maybe its for select accounts/card variants.

      1. Tanmay Lodha

        Yeah, wealth customers do get free CIBIl report in the ICICI netbanking also. This feature is there since many years. Moreover, as you said – “While HDFC bank allows anyone to view the report online for Free”
        but HDFC charges me for getting a CIBIl report in netbanking.

  3. Vinod Kannan

    Hi Sid! Getting ICICI Saphiro did not convert my ICICI savings account to Wealth Management. Are you sure it is still applicable? Also is it applicable on Emeralde card? I couldn’t find any info in ICICI website regarding this. But it was given under ICICI bank benefits last year.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It happened to everyone with Jet Sapphiro in the past. Now sure how things work now, but Customer care is aware of it.

      Note that it wont get you full wealth benefit like wealth debit card as they’re deny for me for past 2 yrs.

      1. Poornith Ninan

        I had read somewhere that you can open a zero balance account under ICICI Wealth if you hold a Sapphiro Card. I hold Sapphiro Duo Card ( AMEX + MC) and I have called the customer care twice enquiring about the same. They kept saying that I cannot open the savings account until the system throws an eligibility notification on their system for same.

      2. Hari

        My account was upgraded to wealth management after I upgraded to jet sapphiro. Recently, I swapped my jet sapphiro for sapphiro and it remains the same. I don’t have any other relationship with icici.


    Remember, you can also get wealth status as a reciprocal banking benefit by opting for one of the premium credit cards from ICICI: Sapphiro, Emeralde & Diamant.

    Could you please explain how this works. If i have 3 accounts which one gets converted

    1. Divaksh

      If any of them get converted to wealth, all of them will be considered as wealth.

  5. Sky

    Dear OP,
    what is your opinion / comment on the “declaration” before agreeing to download this free report?
    Is it worth giving full unconditional agreement for sharing our report to this “agent” to use in whatever manner they find appropriate?

  6. Nithin

    Am I the only one here experiencing problem with ICICI in viewing cibil report?
    For me, forever it showing try after sometime.

  7. Harish Sangwan

    Hello Siddharth, thanks for the info. I have subscription for the official CIBIL website too and when I check the score no the ICICI App, its much higher than whats on the CIBIL website. Even after a refresh.
    Wonder how the App is showing a different figure. Also, when I download the report from the App, it just shows one credit card details and nothing else.

    1. Shivi

      @ Harish:
      1) “Wonder how the App is showing a different figure” – It’s not only the difference between ICICI App and CiBiL, there’s also a marked difference between personal CiBiL score/report and the one that banks get when you go to them for the approval of loan etc. Use the Personal/App CibiL report for analysing your financial health and/or reporting any errors. For everything else, it’s the bank’s CiBiL that has more weight.

      2) “Also it just shows one credit card details and nothing else” – It shows me all my present and past card/loans. If your card is recent (less than 3 months old), it takes time to reflect in the CiBiL)

  8. Rahul

    Am I the only one who don’t have that option? The one you show to view cibil score.

  9. Kiran

    Hi All,

    I am existing ICICI PRIVILEGE banking costumer and I have an Sapphire credit Card.

    Any suggestions how to get an Wealth Management Account Upgrade?

    Suggestion Appreciated.



    Hi Sid,

    I do have Axis Select credit card by virtue of Burgundy wealth account holder. Recently I opened Wealth account with ICICI. I already have ICICI Coral , HDF Regalia as Life time free.

    Please guide, whether I am eligible for Saphhiro.

  11. Shivi

    The free CIBIL report is now also available on ICICI net banking interface. Refresh period of 1 and a half months.

  12. Shivi

    Refresh CIBIL report via ICICI WM reduced to 15 days. Means you can get upto 4 CIBIL reports per month through Webpage and iMobile


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