ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card Review

By | July 28, 2021
ICICI HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

ICICI Bank recently added a new fuel credit card to their portfolio and they call it as ICICI Bank HPCL Super saver credit card.

It’s quite similar to their other HPCL credit cards lineup like ICICI HPCL Coral credit card with minor changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Joining Fees

Joining FeeRs.500+GST
Welcome Benefit2000 Payback Points
Renewal FeeRs.500+GST
Renewal Fee waiverRs.1,50,000 in annual spends
  • Additional welcome benefit of Rs. 100 on HP Pay after first successful recharge of min. Rs. 1000 on HP Pay mobile app. 

Joining fee and the welcome benefits look decent. So you’re definitely not paying anything additional to hold this credit card. Let’s look into the rewards now,


Transaction TypeRewardsMax. Cap
Fuel Spends & HP Pay5% CashbackRs.200/m
Utility, grocery & departmental store5% (as points)Rs.100/m (400 Points)
Other Spends0.5% (as points)
HP Pay Fuel Spends1.5% (as points, additional)
  • Max. Cap: Rs.500 per month (in value) across all accelerated categories.

My blood pressure is already raising while I go throw these tiny capping (Rs.100 ?!) across various categories. Its safe to say that it’s not a “rewarding” card just incase if you’re looking for one.

Features & Benefits

Here are few other benefits that comes along with the HPCL Super Saver credit card:

  • Complimentary Lounge Access – Rs.5K spend required in previous quarter
  • Complimentary Roadside Assistance (RSA) – Some new stuff
  • 25% discount (up to Rs 100 per transaction) on movie ticket bookings on BookMyShow and INOX movies individually, twice a month

The lounge access limit too is being revised back to back by ICICI and is currently standing at 1/qtr on coral range of cards.

Is it worth it?

No, totally not worth it!

This newly launched HPCL super saver credit card is just as conservative as other ICICI HPCL cards when it comes to rewards.

They could have simply done these changes to existing HPCL credit card and save time in setting up a new product altogether.

Final Thoughts

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Among the long list of fuel cards in India, Citi Indian Oil Credit Card and ICICI HPCL Coral Amex card are the only ones that used to offer a decent value on fuel spends.

But now as Citi’s future is unpredictable and as ICICI HPCL coral Amex has fulfilment issues, its better to load your e-wallets “the right way” and use it for all your fuel spends.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

44 thoughts on “ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card Review

  1. Nitesh

    I think all icici cards are worst in terms of reward value.

  2. Kris

    I don’t like ICICI credit cards rewarding structure basic card’s are giving 2% and ICICI have to rethink.
    I agree Amazon pay is doing wonders for them but it is co branded card it has its limitations.

  3. Amitabh Maheshwari

    ICICI cards are useless when it comes to rewards. With HDFC Infinia, I buy Rs 5000 worth of Amazon and Flipkart vouchers each every month for 10X rewards. For big ticket purchases option of 5X on Amazon through smart buy is always there. Every 2-3 months they also come up with 10X rewards on Amazon with 15X for amount beyond Rs 50,000. They have an extended limit of 15,000 points on 15X portion. I try to make my big ticket purchases then. So even ICICI Amazon pay is not of much use to me.

  4. Saurabh Patel

    Filling wallets “the right way”. *wink wink*

    Is PayTM’s 10K limit on credit cards applicable for the right way as well?

  5. Maulin Tolia

    Hi Siddharth,
    What do you mean by load your e-wallets “the right way”?

    Do you get points with any card for loading e-wallets? And can you use the same e-wallet in the petrol station?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Loading Paytm via other Paytm linked Apps (without charges) is what I mean.

      1. Gaurav Singh

        Hey Sid, could you pls mention a couple of them. I’ve looked but couldn’t find the apps linked. Common man.

  6. Anchit Singla

    In my opinion, the best fuel credit card is SBI BPCL Octane. I have been using it for 2 months. I have been able to find Company-owned Company-operated petrol pumps in Delhi and Chandigarh easily to redeem the points directly for fuel (@₹0.25 per point) without paying anything. You should do a review on that card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Someone said that they’re not crediting points on that as well, as expected.

  7. Nishant Raghatate

    Hi Siddharth,
    Kindly confirm capping on departmental stores, electricity and mobile bills category.
    You have mentioned it as 100 Rs while they have mentioned that “5% accelerated Reward points on categories such as departmental stores, electricity and mobile bills capped at Rs 200 worth PAYBACK points per month.”

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes I saw that but somewhere else I saw the 100 cap too. Hence!

      1. CreditCardJunkie

        It’s 400 Points… icicibank.com/managed-assets/docs/terms-condition/hpcl-super-saver-credit-card-tnc.pdf

      2. Ajith

        1) Can anyone confirm it whether its 100rs or 200rs worth payback points for utility and department stores…

        2)Utility bills can it be paid on any app like gpay,mobikwik or have to be paid directly.

  8. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Don’t know why they opted for ano ther HPCL card when they already have another. This, as Sid mentions, is not much of an improvement on that. Does the grocery cashback include both offline and online? Anyways the cap is too low to be of any attraction.

    Sid, please have a look at the RBL Value Plus card, have heard some good things about this here and elsewhere. The cashback seems reasonable though RBL may not be the very best when it comes to crediting cashbacks on time. But it seems much better than this product from ICICI that has no one specific attraction going for it.

  9. Deepak Jagga

    @anchit singla: which petrol pumps in chandigarh which accept sbi bpcl points?

  10. Mugunthan


    Yes, I hold SBI BPCL. For joining got 2000 reward points and filled petrol at a BPCL Company operated petrol bump. At the same time, additionally filled petrol for about Rs.600. Never got any reward points for that. Also finding a bump close by to redeem rewards is very difficult. So seldom using the card other than for balance transfer/balance transfer on EMI options and small transactions once in a while to keep the card active.

    Have to apply for another card.

  11. Chirag Katara

    Hi, if I read it properly, we get 5% cashback on fuel which is 4% + 1% fuel surcharge. Considering the limit to be Rs. 200 for the 4% cashback, and there is additional 1.5% in reward points, and if I don’t consider the fuel surcharge, it’s giving 5.5% of total benefit for spends upto Rs. 5000 in a month.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 . I think this card makes sense for people who have fuel spends below 5k (maybe motorcycle or scooter users), provided they are willing to pay annual fee if not able to spend 1.5 lacs a year.

    1. Ajith

      Ya true .. Though benefits comes with a capping its definitely worth one can save 2k+ even after paying annual fees plus 1.5% Payback points… Additionally one can save limited amount from utility and department stores as well.

      So its worth when spend around 4000 for fuel and utility/deprtment store respectively… Definitely its good add oncard to reduce ur fuel bills…

      I guess this article needs a review from a ordinary mans point of view…

      Annual spend of 1.5l to waive off fees is bit higher.
      Caps needs to be increased a bit more

  12. Arun

    Seems that ICICI and HPCL made an agreement to fool the customers. Sid, you are talking about paytm wallet loading but from 1st August onwards HP pay started imposing upto 1%(for loading and paying through credit card diff charges) fee after one month this card was launched and Don’t forget that there will be charges Rs. 25+ GST for each payback rewards redemption from ICICI even though payback don’t charge for rewards redemption, It’s purely charged by ICICI and it’s there foolishness. It’s just like a market trick to attract customers that they offering high rewards but in the actual scenario they are taking forcibly some share of those rewards in the name of “so called charges”.

  13. Mugunthan

    Have applied for this card (upgrade of HPCL Coral to Super saver card) today. Mostly will know the card details (virtual card) by tomorrow evening and can start using it. The physical card will reach me by 11th Aug.

    As I got HPCL coral card only in May, 2021, I have asked for reversal of joining fee for Coral card. CC have accepted it.

    Points to note:
    Customer will get joining benefits of 2000 PB points equivalent to Rs.500 petrol only if Rs.5000 is spent within 45 days/2 statement cycles.

    Customer will get additional joining benefits of Rs.100 in HP Pay app for first recharge of minimum Rs.1000.

    On looking at the cash back and 24×7 road side assistance (such as Flat tyre support, Battery jumpstart or replacement, Fuel delivery, etc, I think this card rating should be 4 out of 5 at this fee/fuel category.

  14. Abhishek Chatterjee


    Various scenarios of cashback by using “UNION UNI CARBON” RuPay credit card at HPCL outlets:

    Using the card at HPCL outlets through PoS: Cardholder will get 4% cash back (16 reward points) and 1% fuel surcharge waiver to his card account, i.e., a total of 5% Cashback.

    Using the card for loading money to HP Pay wallet: Cardholder will get 1.50% cash back (6 pay back points) in their HP Pay wallet, i.e., 1.50% cashback.

    Using the card for payment at HPCL outlets through HP Pay App: Card holder can get 4% cash back(16 Reward points) and 1% fuel surcharge waiver to his card account and 1.50% cashback (6 pay back points) in their HPPay wallet, i.e.,a total 6.50% cashback.

    Milestone rewards – On reaching spends of Rs.1,25,000 in a year cardholder will get additional points in the form of milestone rewards.

    On reaching spends of Rs.2,00,000 in a year card holder – Additional rewards points earned 800 rewards points – Cumulative rewards points earned – 2,600 rewards points.

    Customer will receive additional 1,000 rewards for every Rs. 50,000 spends beyond Rs. 2.00 lakh in a billing year.

  15. Mugunthan

    OK. As posted earlier, I got the virtual card very next day (yesterday-Aug.9th) after applying through CC. I can use it. Will receive the physical card mostly tomorrow (Aug.11th) or on Aug 12th.

    Coming to the joining benefits of 2000 rewards points (=Rs.500) and Rs.100 HP Pay, we can do wallet loading too. That is, for ex, Rs.4000 in Amazon and Rs.1000 in HP Pay wallet loading will give both the benefits. The wording “HP Pay recharge for Rs.1000 to get Rs.100 HP pay cash back” in card feature page is not correct. It is HP wallet loading only.

    Then, for payback redemption to HP Pay wallet, there are no charges as informed by HP Pay CC.

    Hence in my opinion this card is worth to have.

  16. Athul Abraham

    Siddharth, you’ve mentioned 5% cashback on GROCERIES and departmental stores… But they fall under different MCC codes 5411/5311 respectively. Are you sure grocery spends are eligible too? I was not able to find the information about cashback on grocery spends anywhere in the MID pdf or T&C pdf of this credit card.

  17. Rohit

    Never in my life I used payback to redeem. Icici gave me free rubyx and I used it well when there was bms buy1 and get 1. Then I got Amazon pay card which is better than rubyx.
    I use this only as back up for DCB and if I take infinia all thses will go to bin.

    1. Arun

      Save Amazon pay card for wallet loading. Rest you can throw them in bin once you got infinia 😀

      1. Rohit

        Are you sure you get 1% for wallet loading using amazon pay card? I think I tried once loading Amazon wallet but I did not get any cashback.

  18. Dinesh

    Well written Sid, at the same time please share/mention – what is best credit card to use in India for daily usage, paying regular utility bills, shopping (online/offline), travel, fuel, groceries and other basic requirements for common man. At least under fuel category what is the best credit card?

  19. sr

    .How to get additional 1.5% cashback?
    After scanning hp qr code in petrol bunk, will we get credit card option to pay?
    .For adding money using credit card in hp pay app, i heard charges are there. Is it true?

  20. Mugunthan

    @ sr

    I have added money in HP pay two days back for the first time using HPCL Super Saver Credit Card. See the transactions.

    05/09/2021 XXXXXXX IGST-Rev-CI@18% 1.82 Cr.
    05/09/2021 YYYYYYY Rev of HPCL Surcharge Rev 10.10 Cr.
    04/09/2021 ZZZZZZZ HPCL-WWW.HPPAY.IN 1,021.92 Dr.

    Money added is Rs.1010 in HP Pay. So no charges at all. Plus got payback points too.

    Have not used HP Pay app yet to pay for fuel at Petrol pump. Will do in another 1 week and will post about it.

    1. chandu

      I’ve added Rs.1500 for the first time in HPPay app using ICICI HPCL Super Saver credit card and I was charged Rs.1512.75, didn’t receive surcharge (Rs.12.75) refund.

    2. Yulan

      Do they give 4% cashback on wallet loading? Did you get the Rs, 100 cashback for using HP Pay for the first time with the card? How about cashback on cylinder booking on the HP Pay?

  21. Mugunthan

    I have used HP Pay for the 1st time on 21/9/2021. The HP petrol bunk is at 5 min drive from my home. I have called the owner priorly and verified all details about HP Pay. He is well aware of HP Pay.

    There are 3 ways to make payment. 1. Paycode 2.QR code 3.Pay with Tone.

    I chosed Paycode (which you can do in home itself before leaving to the pump). In the HP pay app, choose paycode option, fill the amount and click submit to generate code. A 8 digit (OTP like) code will be sent your phone. This code has to shared to the HP guy. You can note down this code on a paper and give the paper to the petrol pumb. No need to carry smart phone. Or SMS the number to the HP guy.

    Once a code generated it is valid for 30 minutes. If it not used, money will return to wallet.

    A very safe method to pay for fuel in Covid-19 situation.

    1. Chandu

      I’ve used HP Pay with ICICI HPCL Super Saver credit card, chose paycode option to buy petrol from HPCL petrol pump but I didn’t receive 4% cashback for this transaction, received only 1.5% value payback points.

    2. Athul Abraham

      Hi, Did you get the cashback Mr Mugunthan? I’m seeing many recent comments which say they are not recieving cashback or that they are not receiving surcharge waivers. Don’t know why

  22. Mugunthan

    @Athul Abraham

    I have checked only one so far. That is no charges for adding money to HP wallet if we use ICICI HPCL Super saver card, plus we get payback points.

    I am yet to check Cashback/value of reward points/joining benefits.

    Will post them here soon.

  23. Mugunthan

    @Athul Abraham

    This is my second response. Recently, some of my messages are not posted by the owner of the site. Posts I made in various card pages will prove I shared a lot of information. Anyway, I will not post anymore in this site.

    Cash back is issued before the statement generation every month. I can see it now. In my calculation this card is surely a 4 star rating card for fuel purchase and that too with very good no-contact payment option via the HP-pay app. I repeat, no charges for adding money to HP-Pay wallet using this card.

  24. Sakthi Mugunthan

    Is cashbacks applicable for wallet loading…?if so how they ll track whether it used in petrol pumps…in icici website simple mentioned hp pay transactions

  25. Athul Abraham

    I used my HPCL SuperSaver for Wallet relaod in HP Pay app for 1000 Rs one week ago. I was charged 1008.50Rs. I still haven’t received reversal of fuel surcharge. Any idea why? I Tried contacting customer care via email, their reply was just standard copy paste text which read as follows:

    “A fuel surcharge of 1% or minimum of Rs. 10.00 (whichever is higher) will be charged on the transaction amount, if:

    ᄋ you purchase fuel on any other outlet other than HPCL outlet
    ᄋ you purchase fuel for more than Rs. 4,000.00 per transaction (no waiver on the excess amount over Rs. 4,000.00 even at HPCL outlet)
    ᄋ The card is swiped on non-ICICI Bank EDC machine (even at HPCL outlet). Apart from the fuel surcharge, 18.00% Goods and Goods and Service Tax (GST) w.e.f. July 1, 2017 will be applicable on the surcharge”

    1. Manjunath

      Did you get cash back for hp pay wallet loading? I did loading for 5000 and was charged 5050.xx and no cash back.

      Do you know the details?

    2. K V RAO

      Added 1000 Rs to Hp pay app,charged 0.85% for adding money to HP pay app. Debited from 1008.50 Rs and 1% fuel surcharge waiver received as refund (1008.50 *1%) i e. 10.09 Rs and received total 50 points (u received 30 points instantly and after 1 to 2 hrs received 20 points)..so my calculations is 1000 Rs ( loading amount) + 10.09 Rs (1% Fuel surcharge refund)+ 50*0.25 (points 50*0.25= 12.50) – 1008.90Rs ( loading amount+charge of adding amount in HP pay wallet) = Rs 14.09 Saved

  26. Abhishek Chatterjee

    Today, HPCL BOB RuPay ENERGIE Credit Card launch.

    Get Savings of more than ₹12,000 every year with HPCL Bank of Baroda RuPay ENERGIE Credit Card


    On spends of ₹5000 or more within 60 days of card issuance


    10 Reward Points for every ₹150 spent on Utility, Grocery & Departmental stores and 2 Reward Points for every ₹150 spent on other categories


    On all HPCL fuel transactions including fuel purchases made on HP Pay App


    Up to 5% Savings (24 Reward Points per ₹150 = 4% Savings + 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver) for fuel & LPG purchases at HPCL retail outlets & through HP Pay App


    4 lounge access per year (1 per quarter) at partner domestic lounges for the Primary card holder


    25% off up to ₹100 on purchase of minimum 2 tickets per transaction on Paytm

  27. Karthik

    Bob hpcl energie credit card.. I think is better compared to this.. HP pay app works in similar function to this.. plus no redemption charges+ no need to spend 5k to receive lounge access+ fuel cashback received as RP(but annoying) @4%+1% surcharge.. similar+50k spends in a year for fee reversal (achievable)

  28. Ashis kar

    Hi I load the wallet on HP Pay. Frankly HP Pay wallet can only be used for gas or fuel purchase. Can i get the 4% RP. I am not charged with Transaction charges or other surcharge. Please advise.


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