Now Get your FREE CIBIL report via HDFC Bank

By | August 27, 2019

As you might know, as per RBI mandate passed during Sep 2016, Credit Information Companies (Credit Bureaus) like CIBIL & Experian has to give atleast one free credit report to individuals every year.

I’ve written about this in past about Getting Your CIBIL Score for FREE with Full Report, Every Year. But somehow CIBIL recently allows you to access only the score as a part of this free plan and not the entire report. On other side, Experian still gives your free report & score.

There is no transparency in this but anyway now you’ve an option to get the full CIBIL report for free through HDFC Bank. Here’s is everything you need to know,

CIBIL Score as on HDFC-CIBIL website (Not my A/c)

Getting Free CIBIL report via HDFC

HDFC has a customised page on CIBIL website where you can put in your details to get access to a free full CIBIL report. I tried this on multiple accounts I manage and it all worked perfectly. Here’s how to get your free report,

  • Goto this link
  • Enter your details
  • And you get the report & score instantly.

Just FYI, Checking your report doesn’t affect your score. Further, it appears that HDFC/CIBIL would allow you to check the free report again after 3 months. But can’t confirm this yet.

Why does HDFC gives it free?

When you use HDFC link, you’re seen as a HDFC customer in one way or other. So I assume Cibil will share these profiles with HDFC Bank which will help the bank to send targeted offers like credit card, home loan etc.

Its an amazing customer acquisition model just like what everyone else is doing in the industry with Experian. But the tie up with CIBIL is unique and I’m sure this would cost the bank a bit compared to those who deal with Experian. 


I think this is a win-win for both the bank and customers like us. I had always expected that knowing our credit score & report must be easily accessible and I see this going in a right direction.

I personally have subscribed for the yearly plan with both CIBIL & Experian so its not of great use to me, but it does help a lot as I went ahead and explored the reports of all of family members and some relatives too.

Have you checked your CIBIL score and the report? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card addict, minting reward points & air miles for years. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury hotels. Helping Indians choose a right credit card and enjoy luxury travel at affordable cost.

50 thoughts on “Now Get your FREE CIBIL report via HDFC Bank

  1. Addy

    I have checked my cibil report through this link few days back. But the funny thing is my hdfc cc is not reported to cibil(in experian and crif it is there) and it is my oldest credit account. Mails to customer care also not helping. Any suggestions?

    1. Naman Khanna

      Even my 6 year old HDFC credit card was not reflecting in CIBIL or Experian. I had to raise a dispute with HDFC CC team, escalate it multiple times, and finally after 45 days it got updated on both CIBIL and Experian where it showed date of opening card account as the 6 year old date, but date of reporting as the recent date. However, on my CIBIL this impacted positively by adding 20 points to my score, whereas my Experian score got reduced by 15 points for reasons unknown to mankind. But the important thing is, the card got updated on both the credit score companies. Also, I’d like to point out that previous loans taken by me which I’ve paid up in full, show up on my CIBIL as “closed accounts”. At the same time, some loan accounts do not show up the amount at all, which CIBIL confirmed to me is fine, as long as I paid up the loan in full. So sometimes it shows you the loan account with principal amount details, and sometimes it just shows zero balance since the account was closed. As long as it’s reflecting, you’re good. Cheers!

  2. Vinod Kannan

    Hi Sid! ICICI Bank also offers free Cibil report every quarter.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Link pls? Few months ago I paid about 300 or so just see how the score looks on ICICI dashboard 😛

      1. Shiva

        I paid 550 to hdfc bank one month back for my cibil report.

  3. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Very useful information. I will check it today. Thanks.

  4. Vinod Kannan

    Once you login to ICICI netbanking, there will be mycibil section on left hand corner which offers free cibil score 😉

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, on clicking the same I still see its asking for Rs.300.

    2. Balpreet Singh

      Icici doesnt provide me the “free option” I have tried to click on it so many times in last 1 year. It always asks for a 300/- payment. How did you get a free option, do let us know.

      1. Nihar Das

        ICICI Bank do offer free CIBIL once in every year. Else you got to pay the fees.

  5. Dr.Hardik Patel

    this link says create your account or sign up…but if we have already cibil account created then how to check cibil score through hdfc?

    1. Abhishek Roy

      Create it again. This is a separate account that can be accessed only through this link

  6. Nandhakumar

    I was already open account in cibil and now I was forget user ID and I don’t know how to retrieve user ID and password. Anything know

  7. Sourabh

    It lists all closed credit cards as well, thats nice to know that banks have actually reported those accounts as closed.
    Never made a late payment to any card or loan, still score came out to be 822 and not in top category. May be because I have 7-8 cards, I keep different bank cards to use bank offers. Do you suggest closing few cards to improve.

  8. Agarwal

    PaisaBazaar offered me a Hdfc credit card without any document, only KYC

  9. Prashant Gupta

    Thats nice insight…..surprisingly my score is same from last 2 yrs……since the time i started fetching free cibil….

  10. Vinod Kannan

    Now ICICI is showing me ₹300 too. Last year i gotvit free from ICICI.

  11. Ashish Nikhare

    Thanks for the Link. Its unbelievably free. As i checked, my CIBIL score has increased by 12 points. What could be the events/activities which lead to a raise in CIBIL score. It may be of immense help !

  12. varun patil

    Doesn’t Paisa Bazaar gives it for free every month?

  13. Anuj M

    This message keeps getting repeated when I am using the link provided :

    “Unfortunately, we cannot process your order at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    What to do Next

    The problem is most likely temporary. Please Logout and come back later. When you return, login and the system will continue your enrollment where you left off.”

    Don’t know what to do?

  14. Learner

    Does ICICI have to report both Sapphiro and Amazon Pay credit cards separately in CIBIL? Currently I see only one in the CIBIL report checked using the link given in this article.

    1. Learner

      @Siddharth/Someone: Can someone please answer my query. Thanks!

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Yes, new card will reflect after a month or two.

  15. shenil

    having subscribed for the yearly plan with CIBIL allows you to view only your or any pan numbers CIBIL like any of your family members too ?

  16. Prashanth M

    Thanks for this useful info! I just found that the name and the DOB is not correct on my Cibil report! I’ve raised the dispute on the same page to get it corrected.

  17. Sourav

    You can check wishfin .It provides CIBIL reports for free on monthly basis(1st day of the mth).

  18. S&S

    Has anyone explored and applied via Personalised Offers on their account page of myscore.cibil ?

    It appears I have one credit card personalised offer, apart from personal loan and vehicle loan offers.
    On clicking credit card offer a pop up showing Benefits, Fees & Required Documents categories opens up.

    Under Benefits I see 10x on smartbuy, 50 days free credit period and get easy emi.

    Fees & Required Documents heads have a common link, which take me to a page which shows
    1. Moneyback
    2. Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Signature
    3. Platinum Times Card
    4. Diners Club Black 🙂

    We know 10x on smartbuy is for which card !!!
    Hence just curious as to how sacrosanct is this offer and if anyone has any experience applying via the myscore.cibil page ?

    Thanks in advance !

    PS: A previous DCB was blocked for an inadvertent forex transaction.
    Hold an Infinia now. Upgraded from a Regalia.


  19. VK

    getting this error below:

    This message keeps getting repeated when I am using the link provided :

    “Unfortunately, we cannot process your order at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    What to do Next

    The problem is most likely temporary. Please Logout and come back later. When you return, login and the system will continue your enrollment where you left off.”

    Don’t know what to do?

    1. Ravi

      I also get the similar error though I am not using the HDFC link.

      I raised number of complaints around 6 months back and it was not resolved. Login doesn’t work at all.
      They just sent me latest report.

      I think the problem is with migration of old users which doesn’t get solved even after resetting the password.

      Have you been able to resolve the error or anybody has any solution for this.

      Thanks in advance.

  20. gala

    Is it only for HDFC bank account holder or ever if we have HDFC Credit Cards, you will be able to loging

  21. Ankur Maheshwari

    The CIBIL link needs to be visited from HDFC Website only for the offer to be valid.

    www dot hdfcbank dot com/assets/popuppages/netbanking.htm
    {Replace dot with {.} and remove white spaces}

    Visit above link from Laptop/Desktop and scroll through the banner with Free Cibil Report.
    It will redirect to the CIBIL website wherein you can signup with matching details to your profile.

  22. Anoop

    @ Siddharth: The above link is not Working
    @ Ankur: there is no banner at present for free CIBIL. I guess its removed.

  23. Nimesh

    My Amazon Pay ICICI Card is yet to reflect in CIBIL. Its more than 2 months since I am using the same. My score is 826.

  24. Mehul

    Has anyone recently checked & received the cibil report from HDFC link mentioned in the article?

    I had downloaded it in April 19, but now it is asking user ID & password and I dont remenber that 🙁

    Anyways to know the userID that was registered to get the report? I have the report copy saved but no mention of userID in it……

    1. SS

      Your user id is your mail I’d during registration. You can reset the password after that.

  25. abhishek Indore

    Is Debit Card EMI reported to CIBIL. If yes, then which type of loan account it is reported as.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It looks like only old registered users can use the portal now.

  26. Vish

    Is different CIBIL Scores shown to us and bank? My score is 812 as shown in cibil website. However when I recently applied for a Citibank CC it got rejected and they shared my cibil report that they got (dated last week), it shows score of 752 !! This is 60 less than my actual score. Really confused about the whole episode!
    This had happened with AMEX too, about an year back.
    Anyone can throw some light please?


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