HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offer – Dec 2020 (Targeted)

By | March 19, 2021
HDFC Spend based offer - Dec 2020

HDFC Bank has been sending spend linked offers all through the year but unfortunately I did not receive one recently. The last offer I got on my card was during Jan 2020, after which no offers were targeted for me.

But fortunately this month I got the spend linked offer with a very good return on spend. Here are the offer details,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend Rs.1,00,000 and get voucher worth Rs.5000 of your choice (Amazon/Flipkart/Bigbazaar/Bigbasket).
  • Duration: Spend between December 02 2020 and December 31 2020
  • Type: Spend based / Targeted
  • Fulfilment: 31 March 2021
  • Offer Source

That’s a very lucrative offer with 8.8% return on spend (5% + 3.3% which varies with the card variant) if the regular reward points are taken into account.

The offer was communicate to me via SMS while some of them got it on email. Not sure why this difference though. So do check both mediums to see if you’re targeted.


While I donot know what triggered this offer, its more likely because of the ongoing issue with HDFC bank on temporary ban of new card issuance as even the offer says “Valid from: 2nd Dec”.

So maybe they’re trying to get the lost revenue on new cards through existing cards by sending aggressive offers like this one.

Did you receive the targeted offer this month? Or maybe sometime this year? Feel free to share our thoughts in the comments below.

Offer fulfilment

Update: Offer Fulfilled on 18th March 2021. Redemption page has some issues though. But issues sorted as of 19th March and Amazon Vouchers are available for redemption.

136 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offer – Dec 2020 (Targeted)

    1. Manzb

      Same here. Never get any targeted offer from both HDFC n Amex. Though for a change I got one from Amex this Diwali.

    2. Hardik Gala

      Same here sameer,

      In this past 3 years journey with HDFC never received any spend based offer or any credit limit increase, don’t know how maximum people get it and not us, really hopeless from HDFC now for anything!!

    3. Nao thiyam

      One need to check offer section occasionally through HDFC netbanking . I do so. I never get email or SMS for such offers. But in the offer section of HDFC netbanking after login, it is present once in a while.

  1. Aman khalatkar

    For renewal of my Amex platinum charge card the offered me 30k points or 20k taj voucher. Should I review it?

    1. Tanmay Broachwala

      I took 30k points & renewed in July , which was worth it since then have recovered already 40K during various cash backs. Amex has been aggressive with offers that make sense.

  2. Prashant Gupta

    I too received on diners black but no offer on infinia. Not going for it though. Wish they had offers last month.

      1. Sudipta Das

        I got 3000 for 100000 on DCB..not going for it – too much spend requirment

    1. Mohit

      You are holding both card kn your name.

      Is it possible to have diners as well as infinia?

  3. Priyesh sharma

    What do you think? With the issuance being halted would this mean even the upgrades are halted?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not very sure. I assume replacements are happening though.

      1. Priyesh Sharma

        One more thing, I am also a credit card buff, have been using HDFC Credit card regularly, within three years they increased my credit limit from 50k to 172000 and then 192000, however never have they offered me Any upgrade, I am a big spender on their card upwards of 7lkh no minimum pay ever, everything is cleared however they have never given me any option for regalia or anything any workaround? They have just always made me stay with times now hdfc card

    2. Basit

      Today i upgraded from freedom credit card to MILLENNIA Credit card. Its in process & i will receive new credit card within 7 days

  4. Abhi

    Got the offer, but not sure whether they consider transaction date or posting date. Better to finish relevant transactions by 25Dec.

    1. Abhi

      Checked with cust care, Settlement date is considered. Since offer is 2-31Dec, better finish all transactions by 26Dec. Luckily my 40K transaction on 1Dec got settled on 2Dec and will get counted. Wallet loads will also be counted.

      1. Dinesh

        How to contact Customer Care. I tried a lot a lot but not able to talk with CC. On what number you are calling ?

    2. Rohit

      I already lost 3k worth voucher plus 1k worth monthly millstone for DCB. I escalated to top management for keeping hidden conditions. They still are cheat. Why have they mentioned 31st December when bank knows it takes minimum 1 day extra for settlement. I am very happy that RBI brought hold on HDFC credit cards 🙂
      Also one more thing, for me once settlement was claimed after 3 months by the merchant so there is no guarantee
      that even 25th of month would make it a spend since its totally dependent on merchant when he will process it.

  5. Shailesh

    I received spend 52k get 2000 voucher offer yesterday.for regalia first card.

  6. Jatin

    I had received this offer on spend of INR 82,000 till November 30, 2020.

  7. Mahadev

    I received ₹1000 voucher for ₹24,000 spend. It’s exactly the same amount I have received three times earlier this year. HDFC Regalia MasterCard. Each time I have met this. Is there a corelation in the offer amounts. Are other users also getting the same spend and voucher values.

  8. Prashanth M

    I made a naïve mistake of unsubscribing from the emails early when I got the card. Anyway re-registering for these offer email?

    1. Shivi

      Call up card as well as banking customer care and ask to be included in the credit, debit and general banking offers mailing list. Follow it up with an email to both customer care departments and also visit the branch & sign the form which includes you into the mailing list (and revokes your DND subscription). I had the same issue & these 3 things reinstated my email address into their mailing list. It will take time like 6 weeks or so.

  9. Karan Chawla

    Oh well, havent received anything from HDFC since Feb. Seems like this year was a washout

  10. Sumit

    Got the same same 5k/1L spend..wondering where I can spend this amount?

  11. MSJ

    I just called them to ask if i have any such offer on my Infinia.
    They had no Clue.
    And now they are hard selling ‘Utility Bill Offers’. This guy did not let me hang up the Phone and kept pestering me.
    I had to finally impolitely say NO.

  12. Aims

    “No two offers can be combined at any point in time”
    Does this mean smartbuy purchase will not be counted?

  13. Pranab

    Never received any spend based offer.
    After the RBI directives, hope HDFC starts issuing second card. As of now, it’s only on exceptions.

  14. Praveen M

    My story is different, i hold regalia and has limit before covid 352k and during covid ie April onwards it got reduced to 212k and got spend based offer twice for 2k each on spending 52k and 62k respectively. Last month it’s limit enhanced to 462k and i hope i ll get spend based offers this month.

  15. manoj singh

    Did you receive the offer through email or what? Please explain the offer in detail. Which email id??

  16. Vimal

    Hi . I am a regular reader. Had a issue with hdfc voucher being offered for spend based and got voucher too on sms. I cudnt use it as link shows incorrect mobile no or voucher. I have escalated on emails but of no use. I had recvd 1 k voucher which i cud redeem though. It is accentive voucher

    Any one has any idea pl help

    1. Shiv Duggal

      Call this number they will help you redeem this. I was also not able to click on redeem button then I called and he initiated and I got the voucher code…..although I got a surprise when in got this email of 5000 point voucher for some September spending. I never received any such email of spending based offer….but now when I checked I had spent 1 lakh 5 thousand in September, so that could be the reason. Number to call is 18001033313

  17. Vivek

    I got Rs. 2,000/- Amazon voucher offer for spending Rs. 13,000/- on my Moneyback credit card.

  18. Priyansh

    None recieved so far..
    Only keep getting offers of personal loan on card mostly.


  19. Anubhav

    I got the spend based offer for 3 consecutive months – Sep, Oct and Nov. 5000 voucher on 95000 spend.
    No offer for December yet, though.

    1. Shiv Duggal

      Then I think we can assume that every month they have close to 1 lakh spending offer which will make us eligible for these vouchers whether we received email or sma or not. As I have received voucher twice unknowingly.

  20. ghanshyam

    Never received any spend based offers whatsoever from hdfc cards in the last 10+ years of association with very heavy usage. Though I regularly get very good spend based offers on HSBC platinum and SBI BB cards both of which I rarely use. IT seems HDFC never care for their heavy users (they are already spending too much on their cards :):) )

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      I understand your disappointment Ghanshyam. However, you need to understand what a spend based offer is. It is used to entice a customer to spend more with HDFC Bank. You have answered your own statement by saying that you get offers on SBI and HSBC and you don’t use them much. If you are using the HDFC card alot anyways, why would the bank be interested in spending money to get you to spend? Wouldn’t it make sense to spend that money on another customer instead?

      What I would suggest is that for 2-3 months, switch your spends to another card and you will automatically see offers in your email. I was a heavy user too till I understood the mechanics behind it and now every alternate month, I switch my spend and like clockwork, they send me a spend based offer.

      1. Ghanshyam

        Thanks for your detailed reply. It make sense…time to start playing their game now 🙂

  21. hdfc guy

    I have a salary account with HDFC, and receive all stupid marketing emails. But, when it’s time for such Targeted ads, I never get one. HDFC support is really bad to even contact to ask them.

  22. VICKY

    I have received the spend based offer in the month of AUGUST.
    But till now I have not received the voucher.
    I am unable to reach HDFC customer support executive and I have not even received any reply on my E-mails.
    Can anyone help me out.

  23. AM

    Don’t remember when did HDFC sent me spend based offer last time. I do spend good amount every month on card so maybe they don’t care

  24. Varun

    I have got offer on Infinia. Spent 1.5 lacs in Dec and get 3k voucher.

  25. VK

    I have never ever got any spend based offers from HDFC. I have a DCB and my spends are north of 100000 per month. Highly unfortunate that HDFC is so biased in doling out these offers to a select few.

  26. Ankit

    Received offer on my Infinia….spend 1.5 lacs and get Rs 3000 voucher…..🙂

  27. Srik

    I did not receive any communication. However, my wife got an offer of Rs. 2k voucher against 25k spend. This was the same offer she received in October too.

  28. Sachin G

    Received below offer …
    Use it for ₹5000 during 2nd – 31st December and get a Free voucher worth ₹500 …..

  29. Rishabh Mangal

    Received offer for 5K voucher on 84000 spend on DCB & 2K voucher on 25000 spend on Regalia cards.

  30. Karthik

    Except for November, I’ve been receiving 2000 voucher offer for spends of 26000 a month on regalia from 6-7 months. Sometimes I don’t spend that much so thinking to pay rent to parents in those months using cred or something to reach the target.

  31. Abhishek Singh

    How to subscribe for these offers?
    Long back I unsubscribed, since the not receiving any promotional emails from HDFC.

  32. Sam

    I got this offer today. Does anyone know if insurance spends are included? The terms don’t call out insurance as excluded, but I thought I’d check anyway.
    “This offer is valid on retail spends and on transactions made through HDFC Bank Credit Cards between December 02 2020 and December 31 2020.
    • This offer is not valid on cash withdrawal and loan products like EasyEMI spends, Dial-An-EMI, Cash-on-Call, Balance Transfer, Balance Transfer on EMI, Personal Loan on Credit Card, etc.”

  33. Sree

    has anyone received these vouchers yet? I have been getting this offer since Sep 2020. Spend 81000 and get 5k voucher. But still not received the voucher for Sep itself

    1. Pavan

      I received the vouchers yesterday (08/12/20) for my spend based offer in September

  34. Sudheer

    I have received 5000 offer for 1 lakh spend on my DCB. Does EMIs count towards spend milestone?

  35. Shivi

    Been receiving offers on Infinia since October – Spend 77k and get vouchers worth 5k. Received it again this month.

  36. KK

    I have received “Use it for ₹41000 during 2nd – 31st December and get a Free voucher worth ₹2000” offer on email for my Regalia card. I have recevied several such offers in the past and got the vochers too.

  37. Saket Shubham

    Had received similar offer for last 3 months.. spend 52k+ and get 2k voucher for my Regalia card. Haven’t recorded the voucher yet, fingers crossed. Though they have increased the credit limit by 2L now, hopefully get an upgrade offer too if they continue giving the Spend based targets.

  38. Deepak

    I have also received the 5k voucher offer on spends of 1 lakh on my Infinia.

  39. Ankit Saraf

    received 3k on 1L spend. Grand Skip (no expenses coming up) 🙂

  40. beginner

    I am actually receiving monthly spend based offers, spend target amount to get 500rs voucher on my Club Miles card
    Target amount ranges from 4000 to 7000.
    Surprisingly I got this on August as well (Prime Day sale) target was just 5000 to get 500rs voucher
    in the last 1 year I might have received this offer at least 7 times (7 different Months) only once it was 200rs voucher (5%) rest of the months it was 500rs.

  41. Baljinder Brar

    I never received the offer but Randomly got RS-2500 voucher option last month for target based spend in July-Aug.
    Claimed it instantly 😛

  42. Nikhil

    Yesterday, I also received 2500 voucher for September spends offer. Neither I have got the sept offer nor I have spend in september. I claimed it instantly.

  43. Shiv Duggal

    I have never received spend based target offer however recently in September I got a email that based on my spending in July they have me 2500 voucher and then now in December I received same email for September spending with 5000 voucher. I have called and checked with them but I think they have no clue. I have sent them email now to add me in their list too send these promotional marks, may be it is there every month but we are not aware. Now I can see from here that 1 lakh spending will give this 5000 voucher then I will try for it…. But I want to check does anyone have this india life time free?? My Regalia was free so I thought this is also free but they informed me that I will be charged in Jan 10000 if total spend in s year is not 8 lakh which is huge, but my total spend till now is 6 lakh. Need to think of to retain our let go of this card.

  44. Vimal

    The spend voucher recvd on email the link of _ click here dsnt work. is there any way out?

    1. Shiv Duggal

      Yes….Call on the number given in that email…That is redemption team, they will help….I have done same.

  45. Rohit

    Warning : HDFC denied my monthly millestone of 1000 voucher for spending Rs 80000 in a month for DCB:
    I am not sure how many of you are aware of this but I am sure many might not know so positing it down to make people aware.
    I have spent around 90k plus in the month of October 2020 and to my surprice 1k voucher for DCB did not get triggered in poshvine site. I raised the complaint and nearly after 15 days bank showed me something which shocked me. According to bank Terms and conditions which is mentioned as last point of several pages that Millestone achivement is given based on Merchant en-cash date or you can say settlement date. I made a swipe of 80k on 31st oct and merchant claimed that amount only in November so bank said they will give nothing.
    Even though i read t & c i just that last line which is very clever of bank.
    Once for me merchant claimed money after 3 months which is a rare scenario in that case you would get nothing. No annual membership no benefits etc or annual fee waiver if it happens.
    So people who are doing heavy transaction do not swipe on Last 2 days of month end since it would take 1 or 2 days for merchant to process. Now I think i will also not get spend based offer giving same reason which makes me loose Rs 3000.
    Extremely disappointed with this unnoticed and hidden condition of HDFC bank and god knows what else is left in store.

  46. bhunesh

    spend 150000/ for infinia and get 3000 voucher that is what i recevied…

  47. Ankur Maheshwari

    People who are not getting mailers for the spend based offer may check their
    [ Savings Account Netbanking >> Offers Tab >> Day-to-Day spends gets rewarding banner ]
    after 10th of each month. Any spend based offers are visible there if eligible.

    I checked with 3 of my accounts, with 2 having such offer.

    1. Sudheep

      checked.. only offers related to my debit card is displayed .. there is no d2d spends gets rewarding banner also..

  48. Shiv Duggal

    Is it worth paying 10000 annual fees on this card when we have regalia and many other cards life time free available….please help…..I have spent 6.5 lakh so far but can’t make it to 8 lakh in another 1 month…else they will charge 10000…they will give equivalent points but still paying 10000 for a credit card is worth??

    1. MT

      Request them to waive fees considering the pandemic , its a card for travel related benefits, its upto you to decide whether it fits your lifestyle or not

    2. Ankur S

      Infinia is a good card with specific focus on travel redemptions. You should hold on to it if you are into traveling.

      1. Shivi

        You are misinformed; renewal of Infinia is free only with spends of over 8L. There are no benefits on reaching 5L or no extra benefits over 8L.

    3. Varun

      Just mail them or call customer care and they will easily refund the fees. GST of around 1800 will not be refunded.

    4. Roshan

      I have read in this forum that you can pay NPS tier 2 using a credit card. that will save 10K for you.

      1. Rohit

        I am not sure what NPS tier 2 means. If i take an SIP will i be able to pay using credit card ?

    5. Lakshmi Narayana

      Yeah, it is worth to pay. if you are utilizing 10X effectively on ur Infinia.

      Better you buy Amazon GVs for the remaining amount and use them in the future.

      11800 means almost 8% of 150000.

    6. Naresh Kumar

      You can achieve that by buying 10x insta vouchers 50k every month easily as that’s what they offer for Infinia. if you need a way to sell those insta vouchers then you can contact me on naresh.kumar6746 at

      Just trying to help you.

  49. Shivi

    All depends on whether you find value in your card or not. For me 10K, or even the initial 30K fees, is/was peanuts compared to the high reward this card is/was offering.

  50. Maha

    I received Rs. 2,000/- GV offer for spending Rs. 22,000/- on my regalia credit card

  51. Sachin G

    Hi Maha,

    When you had spent that amount and when did you receive the voucher ?
    I had an offer to get 2000 Bigbasket voucher op spending of 40K in the month of september which i had spent but have not received any voucher yet and does nps contibution through Credit card counts in HDFC Regalia card spendings ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Great. Seeing an offer with voucher value greater than 5K for the first time.

      1. Swapnil Bhanaram Chowdhary

        Today i got a similar offer from ICICI Bank, but i am unable to find it.
        could you please help me, where to find it.


  52. Bhoom

    I got the mediocre offer on my Business Regalia card
    Spend 1000000 using your Business Credit Card from 1st Dec – 31st Dec and get a 3000 Bonus Reward

  53. Avijeet

    I am receiving monthly spend offers since Aug 2020.
    Previously i use to received regularly.
    what can i do here?

  54. Munavver Ali

    I got this offer from HDFC Bank credit card for getting 5k Amazone/Flipkart Notification from my HDFC Netbanking app 2-3 time, also I have spend more then 1L rupees in this month but don’t know how to avail this offer.

    Please if any have idea

  55. DCB_N

    Received spend based offer for first time in last 5-6 years. 5K voucher on 1L spend.
    Funny part is i received communication at evening of 28th, asking me to complete 1L transaction by 31st. But due to some heavy spending this month, completed 1.02L spends(22K spend still has to settle out of 1.02L, which should be settled by 31st anyways). So, effectively they sent spend based offer i spent 😛

  56. Abhi

    5K voucher again in Jan for 1L spend from 2-31Jan. Targetted ofcourse.
    Translates to 3.3% regular + 5% voucher + 1% monthly milestone, that’s 9.3% . If you spend on 2X-10X partners then its even higher.

  57. Sharanya N T

    I got an email saying spend 1lac btw Dec 2 to 31 and get a “3k” voucher from those brands. Why the partiality though? I made the spend anyway.

  58. Deepak

    Again received the 5k voucher offer for Jan on spends of 1 lakh on my Infinia

  59. Swapn

    Got the vouchers today for December spend offer. However this time Amazon is not an option. Flipkart, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Myntra etc are there.

      1. PDX

        Yup. I got the email too. The page isn’t working though. What do you enter against login?

  60. Puneet Singal

    I was able to redeem my points smoothly for 10 Amazon vouchers of Rs 500 each. No issue faced…

  61. LPJ777

    Same here. After multiple tries, the redemption site is now
    working. Amazon vouchers are available but may be in limited quantities.

  62. Martin

    For those of you for whom the redemption page is still not working. Try opening the url in incognito mode or delete browser cache and try. For me, it worked when I did this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Worked on Mobile browser for me, didn’t work on incognito on any browser. Silly issues, have reported it. Hope it doesn’t repeat in future.

    2. pdx

      This worked for me! Thanks
      HDFC doesn’t get tech at all 🤦 🤦

  63. pdx

    I’m still not able to redeem it. Got a 11 digit alphanumeric code with a hyphen in between. Is this the one that’s need to be entered in login field? Does it need to be entered as is, meaning with hyphen?

  64. Kaushal

    Hi All,
    I tried redeeming with Flipkart vouchers but I am not receiving the coupons on email/SMS. Please let me know how to resolve this. Even the customer care no 18005727813 is always busy and they never call back.

  65. Lakshmi Narayana

    Finally got the code after escalating to CC grievance team,redeemed successfully without any issue.

  66. Harish Babu Nuthi

    Hi, I have made spend and got communication for the offer too on HDFC Regalia First Card, but have not received the voucher yet….In between in February 2021 I have upgraded my card to HDFC Millenia…Does it have any count on this offer??

    1. Lakshmi Narayana

      If you have an offer email, please escalate it to CC Grievance team,

    2. Robindeep singh

      I also not recieved voucher yet of my hdfc millenia credit card inspite of achieving target spend

    3. Harish Babu Nuthi

      Received Vouchers duly after contacting HDFC CC Grievance Team via E-Mail

  67. Ashish

    Received voucher today after raising a complaint on 18th April. Very difficult to keep track and follow-up like this.

  68. PAVAN



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