Get Your Lifetime Free American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

By | September 21, 2017

As a regular reader of the blog, most of you might be aware of this offer, however, i’m sure it helps lot others who’re new here. American Express recently has come up with new limited period promo – A Lifetime Free Membership Rewards Credit Card (MRCC). Its a reminder that you shouldn’t miss it by any chance as its about to expire soon. Quick glance:

  • Joining Fee: Free
  • Annual Fee: LifeTime Free
  • LifeTime Free Offer Eligibility: ITR 12L p.a.
  • LTF Offer Expires on: Oct 5th 2017 Sep 20th 2017 (Extended)
  • Apply Now

If you’re new to the world of American Express, you should check out my recent article on 5 Reasons why You should have an American Express Credit Card. Don’t miss to go through the comments section as it has valuable information left by other readers.

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

Why You should Apply for Amex MRCC Lifetime Free Credit Card Now

American Express has various credit cards in India and here we’re talking about the Membership Rewards Credit Card which is currently available as Lifetime Free. If you’re looking for a complete review of this card, please check out – American Express MRCC Review. Here we’ll see some quick points.

#1 Decent Rewards
Though the default reward rate of MRCC card is 0.5% on any spend, their accelerated reward rate jumps to ~2.15% on 3.5L annual spend, as long as you also avail their Monthly Bonus of 1000 points, which you get on spending Rs.1000 x 4 times in a month.

If your spends are spread across various categories and not just limited to some, you get better reward rate compared to SBI Card Prime.

#2 Merchant Offers
American Express is known for their aggressive promotions with various Travel and lifestyle partners. Some of their offers are Godsend for people like me, as i travel every once in a while.

This is the HUGE part that’s going to save you few thousands every month, though i’ll skip it now as i’ve explained in detail already many times here and here.

#3 Festive offer
Every year, especially during Diwali season, American Express runs a spend based offer that is very lucrative. Last year they ran this promo: Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.20,000 on spend of Rs.2L – That’s nice 10% in savings!!

I’m expecting a similar spend based offer this year as well. And to enjoy that you need at-least one American Express Credit Card.

Apart from these, you do enjoy: Emergency Card Replacement, 24/7 Friendly Customer Support and of-course peace of mind with their Zero Lost Card Liability. I recently had couple of fraudulent transactions on my Credit Card and check out how American Express saved my Day.

If you’re eligible for the MRCC Lifetime Free Offer, i would highly suggest you to get one as it not only helps you to avail the festive promos but also enjoy all the existing and upcoming offers for the rest of your life.

Even if you’re not eligible for LTF offer, consider getting even the paid one as the fee will payback multiple times, as long as you can spend well and avail their promotions.

Bottom Line:

Remember, the Lifetime Free Credit Card from American Express is much more valuable than other bank cards due to its exclusive offers as i mentioned on my recent article – The Truth about Your Lifetime Free Credit Card. That all being said, its wise to grab the LTF offer if you’re eligible.

Did you grab the MRCC Lifetime Free offer? And who else is waiting eagerly for their festive promo like me? Share your comments below, as always 🙂

120 thoughts on “Get Your Lifetime Free American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

  1. Prashant Gupta

    I have earned more than 9% on this card in my last 12 months spends including the 20k tanishq vouchers and 3 rs.1000 bms vouchers. I have done around Rs.3.6L spend on this card. This month statement will have renewal fee, i hope to get some offer on the fees.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Tanishq vouchers does shoot up the reward rate a lot. Hoping for something like that this Diwali 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Here’s exact number:

      Spend for Monthly 1k Bonus Points: 12*4*1000 = Rs.48,000 (12k Points)
      Spend Rs.3L (6k Points)
      Total: 18k Points = Rs.7500 statement credit.

      That’s around 2.15%

      1. Ebin

        Sid, amex doesn’t give points for fuel,utility and insurance. So the spend of 3 lakhs doesn’t guarantee 6000 rewards. However there promotions are too good. I am using it for past 3 years (gold card).

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Valid point. Wallets could help to certain extent like fueling petrol though.
          As always, their promo’s are where the maximum savings is 🙂

          1. Ebin Johnson

            Absolutely right. Promos make the real difference. Apart from Tanishq vouchers I got INR 15000 worth Taj Vouchers for for the spend of INR 150000.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Taj voucher? I never received such offer. May i know more about it?

        2. Lokendra

          You can add money through your card in any ewallet and pay using it. Then, you can get reward points….and can get 0.75% additional cashback…and dont have to pay fuel surcharge.

      2. Sanemate

        Instead of spending 3L, might as well do this for 18 months to get 18000 points. 18*4*1000 = 72000, for 7500 credit. Pretty awesome in 1.5 years if you see.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I calculate everything yearly.

          But yes, that’s another way of seeing it which gives a nice 10% and above reward rate 🙂

  2. Shasank

    Is this card not available for residents of Kolkata? The official web page doesn’t include Kolkata under eligibility criteria.

  3. Rushabh

    I already have gold charge card. So does it make sense to opt for this one alongwith it?

    I enjoy my rewards on gold charge so wondering if this would give me any higher rewards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The reward rate is almost similar, just that you can get the bonus 1k points easily on MRCC.

  4. Shashi Gupta

    I got this card (15th Aug ) just 1 week before the offer started. I requested Amex customer care to include me in this offer but they said that sir we can check while next year renewal, as we have already processed 4000 welcome points to you. ( that is almost same as 1st year fee, so at least its free for 1st year for me )
    By your experience , is it possible that they can do it next year ?
    Or I have to try my luck next year by looking for some retention kind of offer by asking to close this card?

    Also i come across that card referral bonus and some other offers are not there on this card as compare to gold charge card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Waiver depends on spends. Higher the spends, better the chances.

  5. Uttam

    I already hold this card for about 10 months. Can I avail the lifetime offer for this existing card ?

  6. OP

    You should have CIBIL score >700 also.
    They rejected for my friend for this reason.

  7. Vivek Sinha

    This offer is only for the new Amex Customer, and not for the customer already holding any card. They denied my application for life time free card.

  8. Narinder

    Thanks Sid for this information. I was always willing to have an AMEX in my pocket but was not applying because of higher annual fees and lower acceptance. But having a LTF is not a bad deal. I applied for this card under LTF offer on 24th August. Luckily it was approved online and i got email with a link to upload documents, which i did on the same day. But even after 10 days when i heard nothing, i called the customer care, they informed that my application has been cancelled with a reason of missing documents. Then i forwarded all the documents to their email id and raised a complaint too. Hurreee….. after two days i got SMS, saying my card is approved and will be getting in 5 working day.

    Thanks Sid for this valuable information, otherwise i could have missed this offer. Now waiting for my card.

    1. Narinder

      Finally got my AMEX MRCC yesterday. Sid, How AMEX decides the credit limit? What is normal credit limit on this card. They have given 3.20 L to me.

    2. Nihanth Naidu

      Thanks Sid for the article
      Thanks Narinder for the comment.
      I decided to let go of this offer, as I was out of station and I didn’t know that amex allows customers to upload supporting documents online, luckily read narinders comment on 14th, applied on the same day. Today got an SMS saying that my card has been approved. 😁

  9. Ebin Johnson

    Hi Sid,

    This is regarding the Taj vouchers which you have asked me to explain. Copying the email I got from American express…

    Dear Ebin Johnson,
    At American Express®, we put you first, which is why, we curate programmes that help you make the most of your American Express® Card. Being a valued Cardmember of ours, I am pleased to bring to you a programme exclusively designed for you.
    Over the next three months, when you spend INR 2 Lacs or more in a calendar month, you will be awarded a Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces stay voucher worth INR 5,000 every month. Offer valid from July 1 till September 30, 2016.
    This voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance and can be
    redeemed at over 100 properties of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
    across India.
    It is indeed a great feeling when, every swipe on your Card takes you closer to the reward.
    I look forward to bringing you more such rewards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing.

      That’s a great promo. But I haven’t received it though and wondering why!
      Did you spend too less/much before you got this offer?

      1. Ebin

        My spends on Amex is much less when compared with my other cards (mainly SBI Elite). But my brother who is running a vehicle insurance related business puts all his spends (mostly insurance paymnents on behalf of customers as it is more convinient for him) on the supplimentary card.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Lets see if any other had received similar offers. So then we maybe able to find how such personalized offers are given 🙂

  10. Saurabh

    This life time free card does not seem to carry airport lounge benefits. Can you please clarify.

  11. Prem Taparia

    I’ve been using Amex since the last 9 years…haven’t seen any other card consistently coming up with such tempting offers….their monthly bonus points is a real killer-deal…even their referral fee is great…2000 cashback per successful referral…I have 3 different Amex cards and usually reap the offer benefits on all 3 of them :)…last year got 2 Tanishq vouchers of 20K each…that was a crowning glory! This life-time free offer is great…but they anyways reverse the renewal fees…if you spend is good…can’t wait to see what they’ll offer this Diwali!

  12. Uma Maheshwar

    Hi Sid,
    First of all, I loved all your articles… Great write up and research… Thanks to them, I got my knowledge about finance and credit. Keep it up!!!
    I have started my career in Merchant Navy since Oct, 16. Before that, I used to work in service sector for almost a year and during that period, I had my salary account opened by my company itself in HDFC Bank. I had applied for a HDFC credit card in Feb 16 and got a “Times Titanium Mastercard” with 35000 as credit limit, which got bumped up to 42000 a few months back. That was when I had a salary of 14,500pm in hand. After I joined merchant navy, my salary is 35,000pm, which I earn only for the period I sail for, i.e., 9 months per year.
    Now, since then, I am wondering if I should stick to that card and improve my limit or should I close it and move on to some other card. My main uses would be travelling, groceries+shopping, fuel and a little online purchase. But being in merchant navy, I do not have a year round salary.
    So I was wondering of that factor would affect my credit card approval and if I can apply for any other card… Which one should I go for?

    Sorry for a long write up…😅

  13. Jopa

    Do you know how a freelancer could get an AMEX card? Even though my income is way above 6 LPA, I cannot seem to apply for one without either being employed or having my own company. I work directly with a foreign company and get paid via invoices, and AMEX’s normal sales line doesn’t seem able to help. Any ideas?

    1. Jay

      If you are filing ITR then that’s enough. ITR above 6 lakh can get you this card without any hassle. I got this AMEX card in 2010 when I was at home without a job 🙂

      1. Jopa

        I tried applying recently, and they said “we currently do not source freelancers”. :\ Which is a pity because I really would like an AMEX card and the other cards in India are pretty bad or impossible to get (Diners Black). Maybe Siddharth could help me out and get me in touch directly with an agent?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You can be a freelancer but you still need some kind of business name/office and i’m sure its not that tough for sole proprietors.

          Never had any contact with agents so far!

          1. Anoopwa

            Can you share how? do you work as an individual or also have your own business registered?

      2. Lalit Tanwar

        If you have a proper office setup with the board you can easily get an amex card i work for amex sales dept so i know this nd if you are working from home then board is require outside your home in which your business name is mention as fas as you fullfill this you can get any amex card easily and also 1 landline no for the Tele Verification purpose

        1. Anoopwa

          Hi Lalit,

          Is it also possible if I don’t have a business registered? I.E. I file my ITR as myself. I could put up a board if that would help (I don’t have one as none of my clients are Indian), but I could only put my own name in that case.

          I have had no problem getting premium cards from HDFC with my ITR, I’m really not sure why AMEX makes it so difficult, even with a higher than required income.

  14. Rajat

    Hi Siddharth,
    For annual income proof, do we need to send all pages of ITR or summary like intimation confirming tax paid w PAN would work? I tried to call amex 2639 number but it’s not working.

    Also what is the best card for 30+L income (with focus on on/offline shopping, cashbacks type of transaction and no travel)

    What is the best place to confirm CIBIL.

    Thx in advance.


  15. OP

    Received a mail from Amex for “Presenting 24K GOLD Diwali! Register Now”

    I am new to Amex. How registering with any offer works?

  16. RajatK

    Hi All,

    Just checked on Amex website, this offer has been extended till 5th Oct 2017.

  17. Aayush

    I already have the gold charge card, I got a mail that along with the charge card they are offering me theis gold credit card. Personally I don’t see any additional benefits, what do you think?

  18. Mukundan

    Hi Siddharth, I already have HDFC Regalia Card which is one of the top cards with lounge access and reward points redemption for flights, the two features which i utilise a lot. Is it still worthwhile to go for Amex Card.?For the lifetime free offer do they consider 12L gross or net pay. Pl. clarify. Though my gross is comfortably above the limit, due to taxes, PF and other deductions it is slightly below 1L . So how does it affect lifetime free offer. My card spends in a year is around 5 Lakhs. Pl. advise.

    1. Gautam

      Gross income is the income before deduction of taxes, pf and other deductions.

  19. Sharad

    Hi Siddharth,

    I already have the amex gold charge card. I have got an email from them offering LTF “American Express Gold Credit Card”. Is this same as the MRCC, as I don’t see the “American Express Gold Credit Card” listed on their website?

    Thanks and Regards,

  20. Sourav

    Hi Siddharth,

    I turned down the offer for Amex card when they called around a month back. Later, I read the benefits here and thought of applying for the LTF one as I fill the criteria. However, the website says ‘you cannot apply for this card now as per internal policies. Try again later’. Any idea what went wrong. This was before the extension of their offer to 5th Oct.

  21. Sahil

    Hi siddharth,
    I’m being offered the mrcc Card or the platinum travel Card LTF by Amex through Corporate offer. I’m already holding platinum reserve and gold Card from Amex. Please suggest which Card should I go for as a Life time free option.

  22. Aditya Mann

    I have applied for AMEX MRCC…..It’s been 3 weeks almost…..I called up their cust care and they told me that ur card is approved and all verifications are done…..When should I expect the card to reach me?
    One more thing…My gross income is approx 10 Lakhs/annum….Is there any way they gonna offer me the card life time free?

  23. Ajay

    Received my card yesterday. Such gorgeous looks 🙂
    But limit provided is just 50K when my other CC have 4+ & 5.5+ limits.

    IMP: Although online the LTF offer is over, the executive told offline they will still process applications with LTF. So guys don’t get disheartened if missed. Get in touch with an Amex executive F2F for LTF. Calling customer care would be waste as they will follow what Website says.

    1. Carol

      This is awesome! thanks for the info. I just stumbled upon this site last week and was disappointed to have missed the opportunity.

  24. Jegannathan SS


    Not sure… But, as i understand, it is 6 spends of Rs. 1,000 each in a calendar month to receive 1,000 bonus points. This number of 6 has been increased from the earlier 4.


    1. Neeraj

      No, it is still 4 spends of 1000+ in a month.
      Please note that the dates for which this spend is done matters…
      Your billing cycle may be from 10th to 9th.
      But, the 4 spends per month is seen from 1st to 31st of a particular month only.

  25. Sulabh Gupta

    Has anybody looked at the health insurance they offer in partnership with ICICI? Anything good worth looking into?

  26. Arjun

    Based on the terms and conditions here the life time free is a waiver from the second year based on the spend. So it’s not really free. What’s so special about this? Almost all credit cards offer free waiver depending on your spends. Can someone explain how this is any different?

    1. ka

      Regarding MRCC LTF offer, there is a small discount on annaul fees for each year when you don’t meet adquate spend requirements.
      So, below benefits:
      1. Fee at Rs. 2250; i.e. discount of Rs. 2750 (instead of full fees @ Rs. 5000)
      2. Clarity on spend requirement; in terms of the offer, requirement is 1.5L; otherwise, the spend requirment is unwritten and hence, depends on your bargaining power and at the mercy of AMEX!

  27. ravi

    hi siddharth,
    how to apply for amex cards from tire 2 cities . seems they offer cards in limited cities..

  28. Deepak Dudi


    First of all thanks for the article on AMEX card’s
    I already have AMEX gold charge card and today I apply for MRCC card 8th DEC what are chances for approval as I spent 50k to 100k in month in gold card and always pay my dues before time.
    and one more thing my all spents are in USD if current rate is 65 INR of USD they charge me 67.80 the they charge to much and can I call to amex to see this issue what are their currency convert fee. and I think AMEX support internationally USD so if my payment in USD why the charge around 3rs more on each use spent. can any one tell me about that then this would be great for me.

    Deepak Dudi

    1. Hari

      Place a request with customer care for a companion card (read MRCC). You don’t need o apply for it.

  29. Rahul

    Well I wont say AMEX cards are bad, but with back hdfc credit card also i get points which is equal to 35p
    So 18000 points is roughly 6000 plus money credited back to cards. Best part is, I can use it anywhere, even at petrol pumps and there is no maintenace or annual charges.

    Except a class thing, Inam trying to understand how it is better over hdfc money back credit card or citi bank credit cards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Amex is known for its Merchant offers, especially in Travel segment. 🙂

  30. Deepesh

    Amex is offering LTF card again
    Eligibility criterion is 4 Lacs per annum, but WITHOUT monthly 1000 rewards points (on 4 transaction of Rs 1000 or more) offer
    One of my friend has applied couple of days ago
    It’s always worth having one Amex card, especially if it’s LTF

  31. S

    My credit score is 650 and my CTC is 6.25Lacs. However, my salary slip does not shows monthly net is around 44K due to Mediclaim and other deductions. I had applied for amex once earlier but they said that my residence pincode is in a negative area. I want to apply for Amex jet airways card or MRCC. Please suggest.

      1. Jay

        Apply Again or Escalate to Amex via their Twitter Handle, you will get a positive response. If you are residence is in their no-service area then nothing can be done. Try to apply again with your office address

  32. Nihar

    Hi, Is it life time free credit card or is there any renewal charges are there.

    1. Himanshu

      I applied for MRCC a few days ago and the agent told me that as of now, there is no lifetime free offer with this card. They can waive the joining fees of Rs. 1000 but the renewal charges of Rs. 4500 cannot be waived.
      He told me about another offer where you can apply for this card with Gold Charge card and in that case, this(MRCC) will be LTF but the renewal fees of Rs. 4500 will be applicable on the Gold card.

  33. Kunal

    I don’t think it is a free card; you get it for free only if you hold a paid Gold card.
    Also on the Gold card, the criteria to get 1000 bonus reward points now stands at 6 transactions instead of 4.

  34. Mayur

    AmEx customer care says.. since the card is a lifetime free card, it doesnt give the benefit of 1000 reward points on spending Rs. 1000 / 4 transactions a month.. Is that correcct?

    1. Narinder

      No it is not true. I am holding this LTF version and getting 1000 reward points every month.

  35. Rahul Singh

    I was told like this =
    1000 points for 2 transactions of 1000 or more each
    1000 points for 2 transactions of 1000 or more each on supplemental card.
    4000 expense results in 2000 points.
    From may to July.

    Good offer.

    1. Narinder Pal Singh

      No, 4 transections of 1000 or more from primary will give you 1000 points plus 2 transections of 1000 or more will give additional 1000 points.

      1. Balpreet Singh

        Narinder: Additional 1000 points for 2 additonal transactions, how did you get to know about that?

        1. Sharathkumar Anbu

          I got a email recently from American express

          Earn 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® Points
          every month on using the Supplementary Card!
          It’s simple! Just follow these easy steps:

          Enroll your American Express® Card for the offer*.

          Make two transactions worth a minimum of Rs. 1,000 each on the Supplementary Card in a calendar month and get 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® Points#.
          OFFER VALID FROM MAY 1 TO JULY 31, 2018.

          1. K RAVI KUMAR

            Hi I received the offer mail. I have enrolled for the same. This month i have 4 transactions on my basic card 2 on my supplementary i received only 1000 reward points.

            I didnt receive incremental 1000 points. Will they get posted later? Any body received 2000 reward points

  36. Saurabh

    Anyone aware of entry level card by amex with annual fees of 495+taxes
    got a call from amex for the same.
    not able to find any info on amex site

  37. Sharathkumar Anbu

    It’s called American Express Everday gold credit card.

  38. Shashi Gupta

    Hi All ,
    Got a mail from amex that if my spend in past 1 yr crossed 1.5 L , 100% card fee will be waived.
    Anyone else got it in past ?
    Shashi Gupta

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Nope. I havent received the offer and heard of it.

      1. Himanshu

        I have received the same offer via email. It seems like Amex is now offering spend based reversal.

  39. Gkcards

    Get membership rewards only if they are giving lifetime free, and I have seen the offer running many times. No point in paying annual fees of 4500+tax. I do 4 transactions on it and got 10k statement credit this month, after doing so for 2 years, hmmm. Use it for adding money to Paytm as most other cards don’t give points on adding money to paytm

  40. Pradeep

    Did AMEX already announced such LTF cards this year? Any idea on this?

    1. balaji

      yes. this is the following message I got in LinkedIN
      Everyday life magnified with the Everyday Spend American Express(R) Gold Credit Card

      1. Get rewarded for your spends with 5X and 10X Bonus* Membership Rewards® Points respectively at select merchant* partners capped at 500 MR Points per month on Flipkart and Ola.
      2. Get a cashback of Rs 500* on spending Rs. 10,000 in the first 90 days of Cardmembership.
      3. Get a renewal fee waiver* on eligible spends of Rs.39,999 in the previous year of the Cardmembership

  41. Nieyaati


    I wanted to know your review of The Everyday Spend – Everyday Spend Gold Credit Card
    American Express® Gold Credit Cardas it is right now on lifetime free membership offer. Thank you 🙂

  42. Abishek

    Hello guys, I have CIBIL score 780 but my application for Citibank Credit card was rejected. Now can I apply for AMEX’s card ? I don’t have any credit card with me, In past my cibil was bad. Please give me some ideas for getting AMEX card.

    1. Atul

      MRCC card is now available as LTF if the salary limit is more than 15LPA. This promotion is running and I just received the SMS for the same. Valid till 20th October.

      1. hari

        My colleague has a Amex Gold charge card and by citing the offer to the CC she got it converted to LTF MRCC card today.

        1. Narinder Pal Singh

          Converted to LTF MRCC card or got additional Campanian card with Gold charge card?

      2. Atul

        Got my LTF MRCC card delivered today. Plan is to just use it 4 times a month with wallet loads and wait to accumulate 18K/24K points. Slow and steady with this 🙂

        1. Ameya

          That is the best way to use this! The reward rates touch 10% with this strategy.

          1. Satyajit

            how is it 10%
            You get 1000 reward (value of 250 INR), on min transaction of 4000. reward rate at 6.25%

  43. AshishR

    i am having amex everyday gold credit card. they had given me LTF with good limit.

    finding this LTF amex membership rewards credit card every tempting for 1000 bonus pts evry month. but its for new customer only.

    wondering should i close my amex everyday cc and apply for rewards card later after few months??

  44. Ameya

    Hey Sid
    The latest offer was spend INR 1.5 lakh in 1 year and get the fee waived off.
    Does the waiver mean that the renewal bonus of 5k MR points will not be given?

    1. Prannoy Ghosh

      Only for 2ne yr – Renewal fee is given. After that, the usual.

  45. Vineet

    Hi Sid,
    In MRCC card, if my spend was 1.5 lakhs and the fees for renewal was waived, will I get renewal bonus of 5000 points


      Dude, Good Question.

      I’m the Example of your query.
      My fees got waived off, to my surprise I got the renewal bonus 5000 points 🙂

      HAPPY 🙂

  46. Rajeev

    Hey guys – I have this card with annual fee of 2250 ( waived full on 1.5L spend and half on 90K annual) . But looks like if I apply through Sid’s link I can get it for 1.5K. I have already completed one year of usage with spend of > 1.5L. Called customer care and Hinted to reduce the fee as I am getting this offer and if they don’t I will cancel the card. They actually suggested to cancel and get fresh card . What do you guys suggest , should I cancel and get fresh ? Can that affect my credit score ? I also have that combo platinum travel card offer but not taking that because of higher annual charge.

  47. RKS

    Simply make a total of 6 transactions each of ₹1,000 or more every calendar month on your Card and enjoy complimentary Air Accident Insurance and Purchase Protection for the next calendar month.

    Sum Insured Details Insurance Amount
    Air Accident Cover ₹1,00,00,000
    Purchase Protection ₹5,00,000 (theft/burglary only)

    Insurance benefits applicable month wise. To be eligible for claim, transactions of 1000(or more)*6 should be done in the previous month.

    What’s more, this new benefit is over and above the 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® points you earn on making 4 transactions of ₹1,000 or more every calendar month.


    T&C states it’s targeted only for MRCC cards.

    P.S. had applied for the card via your referral @siddarth

  48. Rahul

    Amex kept sending me to apply for companion card mrcc for my gold card. Applied on Wednesday looks like will receive by monday.

    4 transactions 1000 point is a good deal

    1. Neo

      Even I am using the the same MRCC + Gold charge combo & 10 txns for 2k points every month is amazing.

  49. Anshul

    I am self-employed professional (running a freelance digital marketing agency, no address in India).

    Can I get AMEX cards on card-on-card basis? I have HDFC credit card (Regalia First).

  50. Roshan Dixit

    Recently I applied for the MRCC after going through the cities list and eligibility criteria though my city was in that list but when I received the verification call they told me my city wasn’t covered so they won’t be giving me the card besides they told me I don’t have to apply again as my application wasn’t rejected I was pretty much furious , I wrote an extensive mail with all the screenshots , Explaining them it wasn’t my fault that they didn’t updated the cities list !

    I found them to be very unprofessional and gave them the example of HSBC and Citi other providers who clearly mention the list of cities they provide their service at , As others don’t even accept the application if the applicant isn’t a resident of the cities in their list or have the options in the dropdown list of unserviceable cities,

    I clearly told them either issue me the card or fix my cibil as they were at fault lol

  51. Sai

    I already have an Amex Platinum Travel Card. I am getting the AMRCC lifetime free. Was wondering if it makes sense to have one more card from Amex


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