Axis Reserve: Hands on Experience

By | May 23, 2022
Axis Reserve credit card Experience

This article covers only the hands-on experience with the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card. If you’re looking for a detailed review of Reserve, please check out this article: Axis Reserve Review

Application process

  • Day 1: Applied Offline
  • Day 2: Got an email that application is being processed
  • Day 3: CIBIL enquiry happened. Surprise, because it was Sunday. 
  • Day 4: Card approved and I can see the card on app and marked as transit.
  • Day 10: Card Delivered.

I was super surprised to see that this fresh application got approved in under 72 hrs despite a weekend in between.

Back in time Axis used to take ~15 days to process a fresh application, but due to some of the recent changes in Axis onboarding system certain applications gets ultra fast approvals.

That said, it was not just another application, I meticulously planned for it and executed with all the best practices that I’ve mentioned in the premium content. So it all went as expected.

Not to forget that “upgrades” however are processed almost instantly – I’ve covered this along with all other Axis application routes in detail in the Premium Content.

But I’m not sure if they take upgrade requests for Reserve Credit Card.


While the approval was ultra fast, the card took a while to reach though, not sure why because the recent Magnus arrived in 4 days from the date of application.

Anyway, Reserve comes in a super premium leather box which feels good both inside and out. It’s as good as a premium jewellery box. Here are some unboxing images,

Axis Reserve Credit Card Box
Axis Reserve Credit Card - inside the Box
Axis Reserve Credit Card - closer look

The leather feels so good to touch and the material is definitely premium that even after many months it still looks the same. Though it attracts fingerprints.

That aside, just like Magnus, Reserve also has these simple leaflets that covers the primary product features, card details and a hotel benefits activation form.

Axis Reserve Credit Card - Priority Pass and leaflets
Axis Reserve Priority Pass & other leaflets
Axis Reserve Credit Card Priority Pass

That aside, you also get a card features booklet in full black. The pages are like 200 GSM each. Pretty good.

Axis Reserve Credit Card box and features booklet
Axis Reserve booklet
Axis Reserve Features booklet


Their Premium/burgundy support gets basic things done but poor for escalations. Hope they fulfil the bonus points issues when a customer raises an escalation, which HDFC is very good at, even-though their fulfilment system is not accurate.

Holding on to the request for months together with same “will be done soon” response is totally irritating and I’ve gone through that once. 

I wish the bank gives more power to support to close the requests in ~3 days, at-least for the requests coming from premium cards that costs >10K INR.


While the inbuilt rewards system is bit low, I was lucky to grab 2X & 3X rewards which improved my overall reward rate to an extent that I’m no longer complaining about the rewards on the card.

I think if they do it couple of times a year, it’s more than enough to get >2% reward rate, but whether they will run them again or not is a tricky question.

Also, the grab deals system with 10K cap even for reserve is too low. It deserves at-least 50K cap. Remember, its still a hit or miss though!

Hotel Benefits

To activate Marriott/ITC/Accor benefits, they need you to email a scan copy of the signed leaflet that comes with the card.

The Marriott & Accor benefits were activated in under a week but the ITC benefit is still not activated for me for unknown reasons.

Club Marriott is completely digital while Accor sends like 20+ physical coupons to the address. Physical coupons in 2022. Hmm!

Anyone paying 60K for a card have no time to spend with these Accor coupons.

I tried my best to spend couple of days exploring Accor Plus and these dining vouchers only to say that its not worth it. I see very low value unless you’re ready to fly to SE Asia to maximize the value.

I would happily avoid Accor benefit for 2 more additional airport transfers.


Their concierge line is easy to reach as well, though the lifestyle requests sent to concierge takes about 2-3 days to get actioned.

I tried their medical concierge to find a dermatologist in Bangalore. They did find a nice doctor but the costing they shared was quite high.

I sent the details of the same doctor to Amex Platinum Concierge and got an appointment for almost half the rate. 🙂

Final Thoughts

The experience with Reserve has been overall good and I hope it to get lot better in the coming years as Axis would absorb Citi Credit Card customers and hopefully implement Citi grade support systems in place.

A bit of fine tuning the product might help in improving the true value of benefits offered, which would also result in more takers. For now though, its a wonderful product only for a select few.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

9 thoughts on “Axis Reserve: Hands on Experience

  1. Sunil Rawat

    I am using it from almost a year and m quite happy..the airport transfers takes care of half of the joining fees and who doesn’t want to take a ride on BMW or Merc ?

    Hotel vouchers are good. Credit limit is decent however i haven’t got it since i got this card. Currently i have alot of rewards point which i will encash once the new iphone comes out.. overall happy with the card ..just wish they had more airport transport options.

  2. Kushal


    Did you give up any of your existing cards to get this one? Or were you finally able to get a fourth one from Axis?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I haven’t tried for 4th card recently Kushal.

  3. Ajai Singh

    I had the burgundy private credit card but was not a burgundy private client so had to pay 50k+ tax which was the same as the Reserve. Overall for same value the Reserve is better infact earlier Reserve was much cheaper the hike in the price was not warrantied.

    I got a LTF MyZone when I surrendered my burgundy credit card oddly enough they asked me to submit the card at the branch for cancellation which I did. Also funny was the 4Lac limit I got for all my Axis cards including the burgundy private credit card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s right, but in what situation you ended up taking Burgundy private credit card? I see few others too holding it with a fee and wonder why!

      1. Ajai Singh

        I was a burgundy customer but with a family account setup and had requested upgrade for my Select with Reserve which was 30k or so at that time but the bank rejected the same. I threatened to remove all my family accounts if nothing was done to which the BM told me that the Regional Head can help with it but only with program linked card like Priority,Select & Burgundy Credit Card but they will have to take his approval & I will be charged a fee to which I agreed. The card comes in a locker type box but is not a worth while card at all infact I have recently taken a Magnus for all my expenses with Infinia taking a back seat.

        1. AAJ

          Hi Ajai,

          When I approached even with fees, they didn’t agree unless there was 5Cr TRV or so.

          Hi Sid,

          During that time it was only cc to provide 0 markup and no charges for cash withdrawal as well. Any other suggestions or suggestions to get one pls.?

  4. ismail

    There is an Axis Airtel credit card released Sid. Is it any good? Thinking to swap my flipkart axis card to it looking at swiggy/zomato 10% off feature. ur inputs?

  5. vyom aggarwal

    Hi Siddharth
    Which Axis bank card would you recommend to use on grab deals??


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