Unboxing: Axis Magnus Credit Card

By | May 16, 2022
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Unboxing

This article covers only the unboxing experience. If you’re looking for a detailed review of Magnus, please check out this article: Axis Magnus Review

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card comes in a grey shipment box, in a colour scheme that looks more or less similar to the previous colour scheme of the box in which American Express Platinum Charge Card used to get shipped.

Here are some pics of the box and it’s contents,

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Shipment box
The Magnus shipment box with express delivery

Not sure if they process all Magnus Credit Cards with express delivery, however this shipment was marked so maybe because we asked for a quick delivery. 

Note that this card is not mine but for someone else in family which was applied and approved by early 2022. I was holding Magnus an year ago and now moved to Reserve.

Axis Bank Magnus Shipment box inside

We were very much surprised to get this card delivered in just 4 working days: from date of application to card in hand.

That’s ultra fast and even beats the shipment speed of American Express which usually takes 5 business days, unless you’re in Delhi or nearby which will speed up the delivery by a day or two.

So here is the card and the contents,

Axis Magnus Credit Card in Box
Axis Magnus Credit Card in Box
Axis Magnus Credit Card (Closer look)
Axis Magnus Credit Card (Closer look)
Axis Magnus - Priority Pass 
Axis Magnus – Priority Pass 
Axis Magnus - Features leaflet
Axis Magnus – Features leaflet
Axis Magnus

All the important details are mentioned in a single leaflet. The features booklet is also quite simple and right to the point, which is better than 100 shiny pages. 

Plastic Magnus Vs Metal Magnus: Magnus comes in metal form factor after they started re-issuing the cards on Visa platform. However, except for the minor difference in chip design, both the metal and non-metal Magnus credit cards look almost the same.

Final Thoughts

Overall the box and the contents are minimalistic, which is good in this busy world. Hope their support system also gets as simple as the card unboxing experience.

How was your unboxing experience with Axis Magnus credit card? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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16 thoughts on “Unboxing: Axis Magnus Credit Card

  1. Ajai Singh

    @Sid Did you put your old card in this new box or did you order a card on your name for your family member or is it a add-on. BTW how can I get a add-on for my Magnus, Axis is not letting me apply for the same and I can’t even change the embrossed name on the card like I could with HDFC.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its the old card in new box, box actually looks the same except for that express delivery sticker.

    2. jayks

      You can change the embossed name, however it’s a long process as the phone/chat support have no idea how to do it. First thing is to call customer support and tell them you want to change the name on the card, they’ll make a service request. Then wait for a few days, the SR will be closed. Then you can escalate the SR to grievance redressal on Axis website, complaining that you asked to change embossed name only and not the account name. Now you have to wait for a long time as they are quite slow in responding, but they’ll eventually change the embossed name on card and dispatch the new card.

  2. John

    I have a Magnus plastic card, how can I get a metal card

    Will replacement of the card work?


      Only if its VISA
      info courtesy
      clueless axis CC
      so try at your own behest

    2. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Yes if you order a replacement, you will get a metal card. I have got a metal card that way.

    3. Mannat Juneja

      I tried the same for my Magnus MC. It didn’t work, I got the plastic only as replacement.

  3. Mouli

    I had a preapproved offer for Magnus,after I applied within 2 hours card number was generated and it was shown in the app also. Unbelievable for Axis standard !

  4. ashwani

    Sharing my experience with Axis Magnus so far-
    I already held ACE, Infinia and Ultimate card, but the milestone benefit of Magnus made me interested in the card. I applied through an Agent/Tele-caller, but the application was rejected. Since I did not have much use for ACE, I called up the Customer Care for cancellation. Luckily, he upgraded my ACE to Magnus which I received in early February.
    The Limit offered was the same as ACE, no increment whatsoever, and no offer received for Limit Increase so far.
    Statement date is 18th of each month, but the statement reaches my inbox on 23rd.
    No reward points for Fuel transactions I have done and for Financial Fees I paid to ICICI Home Loan.
    First month for milestone achievement was March, yet to receive 25000 bonus reward points.
    No mention on reward points in statement on website. Only option to view the points is the axis bank mobile application. I think the reward points get updated twice a month as well. As of today (20th May) I can only view reward points earned till 3rd of May. No information on reward points earned by many transactions of 6th May onwards.
    I did not apply for an add-on card while making the application, under the assumption that I can manage the card through GooglePay and SamsungPay. But this card cannot be added in any of these Applications. When I called up the customer care for add-on card, they asked me to visit Bank Branch. When I visited the branch, I was told that add-on card can only be applied at the time of credit card application. I sent out a message on twitter, and there’s no answer to my query since last two weeks.

    Overall, I believe bonus points, customer support and technology are a few areas where Axis needs to work on immediate basis to match with Market Leader HDFC and SC Ultimate.

  5. sm

    Hi Siddharth, thanks a lot for the great content here which has been very helpful over the past few years.

    Applied for a Magnus card on Saturday. Got a call from Axis Bank on Monday morning saying card has been approved and that an executive would come to complete physical KYC. They do not have a video KYC option which is disappointing and annoying.

    Customer Care was annoying – they kept calling and messaging repeatedly when I was in a meeting and unable to answer. They wanted to confirm the appointment and address (which they had already taken at the first call).

    The executive just left – I asked him how they managed during lockdown without Video KYC and he said they would go physically even during that time. Upto a few months back I would have asked them to keep their card rather than entertain someone at home for KYC!

  6. John

    I did requested a replacement, I got a metal card. It’s a visa variant which I was holding

  7. sm

    I have faced a no. of failed payments when making online payments using my Axis Magnus card over the past few days including on Amazon. Has anyone else been facing this issue?

  8. Amit

    I really doubt, if you hold there premium account like Burgundy then they might offer.


    Hey Siddharth. With Magnus have you got complementary membership for Dineout? Or the tie-up is over?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Got it before but now its over I guess, sort of replaced with juicy EazyDiner offers.


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