Hands on Experience with Amex Platinum Metal Card

By | April 27, 2019

As you know, I recently got the American Express Platinum charge card and this article is all about the hands on experience of the same. If you’re looking for features & benefits of the card, You can read the detail review here: American Express Platinum Card Review

Amex Platinum Card India

Why Amex Platinum?

One fine day my friend got the 125K MR Points Upgrade Offer and he quickly called up his credit card guy (ofcourse me!) to check if its worth it. As he’s already into Marriott/ITC, it totally made sense to grab it.

And when I got the opportunity to get one as a supplementary card, I accepted it with open hands, just to experience the metal form factor as the most important reason. πŸ™‚

Application Process

It took about 10 days for the application to be processed and the primary card to be delivered. Then, another week for applying and receiving my supplementary card.


Both Primary & supplementary cards are delivered in similar box as that of the primary card. The only difference though is that the card holder case of Primary card has some wooden finish while supplementary card came in plain grey finish. Here are some pictures,

The Metal Form Factor

Its a contactless enabled card that looks pretty solid and weighs much on wallet. You could very well feel the weight by holding in hands as it weighs 3X more than a typical plastic credit card.

Here’s are the weight comparison done by one of the reader and cardholder Saurav with his plastic & metal Amex Platinum cards.

Amex Platinum Card – Plastic Variant
Amex Platinum Card – Metal Variant

The card is not fully metal as you may assume, meaning the front side is metal and the back side has thin layer of paper/plastic with magnetic stripe, card number and the other details.

I’ve made a quick video for you to get better idea of how it actually looks in reality. Check out:

Getting Started

Amex customer care didn’t Wow me for the first time when I wanted info on how to enroll and other related details, esp. for supp. cards. I called up multiple times to finally figure that out. Its super simple and you can do all of it online in matter of minutes.

First thing you must do is link the card to your Amex online account. I went with creating a separate account for this Supp. card, for enrolling to various hotel privileges.

Amex has a single page to enroll into various programs. It looks like this,


Access to Platinum Travel desk, hotel privileges, Platinum only Amex offers are some of the few advantages of holding Amex Platinum Charge Card.

If Amex really wants to attract a mass crowd for this card, they may probably need to look into adding renewal benefits.

That said, its totally worth it even for renewal, as long as you do >30 nights a year in hotels, so as to experience all the benefits that comes with the card.

Are you holding Amex Platinum Card? Feel free to share your hands on experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card addict, minting reward points & air miles for years. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury hotels. Helping Indians choose a right credit card and enjoy luxury travel at affordable cost.

52 thoughts on “Hands on Experience with Amex Platinum Metal Card

  1. Anurag Goyal

    Pretty disappointed with the plat card. Their concierge isn’t upto what they promise at point of sale. Not one but 4 instances where they failed last year.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Can you share more in detail? That would give others better idea as to what not to expect from the concierge.

      1. Anurag Goyal

        Instance 1: I tried to get Oberoi Udaivilas booked 3 weeks in advance during my anniversary. Even though direct reservation was available with Oberoi, Amex couldn’t arrange the room through them. Also they misinformed the rates applicable (on email).
        Instance 2: I tried to book a cruise on New year’s Eve by giving 3 weeks notice off Mumbai. The concierge didn’t follow up on my case. I had to call them up continually on my own to take update. Eventually, the cruise was booked out and I couldn’t make it.
        Instance 3: I tried to book ITC grand Goa through them after the hotel opened. They didn’t have the hotel on their list.
        Instance 4: I asked them how to redeem the points through the app, and the app was throwing an error for last 2 days continually. Their executive could not assist.
        Instance 4: when I highlighted the above instances to them, they suggested that a dedicated concierge manager be assigned to which I agreed. They never called back to assign anybody till date (more than 4 weeks now).
        Instance 5: At the time of taking the card, they mentioned that exclusive invites for special events shall be shared. Therehave been no invites for past 9 months of card membership even though my city is Gurgaon/Delhi.

        1. Ccgeek

          +1 to this. I have a similar list of consistent failures.. the conceirge is filled with postmen who will relay information from the first Google search result.

        2. Amex Guy

          So off the top of my head, in the past 8-9 months I have at least received invitations to special curations as Monaco Grand Prix, noma opening in Denmark, Super Bowl, Boxing Day Test (Ind v Aus), Cannes Film Festival, CWC Semi Finals/Finals, Bryan Adams Gurgaon, Oscars. You did not receive any of these? There is at least a couple of events where Amex is doing something special every month.

          Amex special invite events are expensive, but includes a lot of curated stuff. But I’m pretty shocked to hear you did not receive them. Maybe call in and check if you’re enrolled? I never had to, FWIW. Exclusive invite events are not free, and cost significantly more than regular tickets. But you get access to special area/activity if the tickets are available for general public (eg they had a special cruise event for monaco grand prix, included in lofty ticket price which also included hotel and several dinners). You get access if not (eg noma opening and Oscars).

          As for your concierge experience, looks like you did not get patched through to a travel counsellor, a regular concierge person took the request for follow up and botched the reservation somehow. Insist for a travel counsellor (the call automatically goes to concierge if they are all busy) and they will get it done. Just ask to call the hotel if it’s not on the list.

  2. Ash

    You have only given details about the metal form factor and a few other privileges that’s already mentioned everywhere. Did you actually try to do a travel reservation through travel desk? How will you save if you are doing more than 30 nights. Do they offer better rates, schemes like 4th night or 3rd night free? I mean what’s really different except keeping some metal in your wallet that cost you upwards of 75k. After all it’s no longer prestigious also.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This is one of the reason why I delay hands on experience article. But this one though, I maynot really experience to the level that the card has to offer.

      By 30 nights i mean, if you do 10 nights each in Marriott, Hilton, Shanri-La/Taj you can get phenomenal value out of it with upgrades, breakfast benefit etc.

      For more, check out original review article’s comments where you could find Amex Guy’s expert advice.

  3. Pavan g

    One of my close friend has this card ..can I get this card as supplementary ? I have heard supplementary cards are only for family members

    1. Ajay R

      Thanks for the post! I recently got this card by using your referral link and am trying to understand the benefits for supplementary card holders.

      – I understand that Priority Pass is for only one supplementary card holder, but can all supplementary card holders use the card alone to gain access wherever possible? (e.g. Amex, Centurion, Delta lounges etc.?)
      – Do supplementary card holders also get the Fine Hotels benefit?
      – Do they have access to Platinum travel which gives discounts on business class tickets?

      It would be great if you can document a table with benefits for primary members and which of those are applicable for supplementary card members.

  4. Batman

    Hi Siddharth, I know you’ve given an approximate numerical value to utilizing points earned on this card. Would you be comfortable sharing, how to maximize usage of this card to earn comparatively higher rewards. Maybe adding tricks you’d personally use will help!

    “Amex Guy” keeps giving substantial amount of knowledge, maybe collaborating with him and giving a more comprehensive “travel hack” sort of review of this card?

    It will help those who see initial and renewal cost as a deterrent better understand this product.

  5. Gkcards

    Do we get hotel loyalty points or qualifying nights at hotels if we book through travel agents, or is it considered when booked directly through hotel?

  6. Karan

    Hey!!! Thanks for share this important article😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Name

    Hey Sid, I got my card yesterday but I can’t find the single enrollment page you’ve mentioned. I already had account on American Express website and I added this card. Could you kindly assist?

    PS, my packing is completely different from yours. I got a wooden holder for the card (is this what you meant the wooden finish is?).

    Thank you.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You’re right – Wooden holder.

      Enroll link updated in content.

  8. Pratik Gattani

    do supplementary card holder also enjoys elite membership for all hotel chains? I m informed by the customer care executive that only the primary card holder gets it..

    1. Amex Guy

      Supps get hotel memberships, but not dining memberships. Just ask your supps to create an Amex account and use the link in the article to enroll them.

  9. Aseem Garg

    Hi Sidharth,

    Can you share details about the page on which you registered for all the elite memberships. I could not locate it on amex website

    Aseem Garg

  10. name

    Hey Sid, I just got off the phone with customer service. For certain services such as the insurance we have to manually send letters which we get as part of welcome kit. There’s not auto or digital enrollment for these.

  11. Aseem Garg

    Hi Sid,

    I have been using the Corporate Platinum Card and the concierge was not upto the mark plus one does not get so many benefits that are marketed. Got a Personal Platinum also this month after going through Amex Guys comments. Concierge is slightly better and you do get some discounts on hotels and air tickets but nothing that would move the needle. lets see if they give upgrades. I feel the fees though high can be recuperated through Mariott Bonvoy but Amex needs to top up membership points on renewal otherwise I don’t see myself and a lot of others renewing the card.

  12. Ram

    Don’t compare US and Indian, you get what you get in India. That being said, I wouldn’t also recommend all to just read someone else’s opinion and go for this card. You pay ~70k for a bloody credit card membership, if you can’t take away at least a lakh from this card simply ignore it and go with other cards. If you decide to take or ditch this card based on someone else’s opinion, it just proves there are two fools in the conversation.

    This card works for me period, I don’t recommend nor discourage it to others now. Amex`s own website has ton of information, please read thro them and this article even a hundred times, do your homework (as I always say) and then decide…

  13. Siddharth Mehta

    Got an invite today upgrade from travel platinum to this card by email. While I do travel a lot, I still don’t think I can extract the most value from this card. For flights, I almost always have enough points on my HDFC DCB to get it done.

    I don’t “always” stay in hilton/taj/shangri-la etc. I kind of look at the best-rated hotel in a particular destination on tripadvisor , check a few things like location, amenities etc and then book. Not every time it happens that the best hotel is from one of these chain. So, paying 60k+taxes wouldn’t work for me. But still its a brilliant card for the frequent travelers. May be i will take this one someday but not now.

  14. Ruhul Laskar

    @ Siddharth, you mentioned the AMEX Platinum charge card you received is a supplementary card. Could you confirm if you’re able to get complimentary access to both Amex lounges in T2 Mumbai and T3 Delhi airports using this card or it is restricted only to the primary member?

    1. Kiran

      Hi Rahul,

      Supp. Card members can use that individually.


    2. SH

      Amex Plat Charge will get you four Supp cards for free (it was six earlier). And all of these supp cards will get you access to the Amex Lounges.

  15. Murali

    Got an invite today to upgrade to Platinum from my existing Platinum Travel. Thinking to reject considering the whoooping 60K fee. Dont we have any spend based rewards in metal.card compared to other existing cards?

  16. Mouli

    Got the upgrade offer with 125000 MR Points.Though its good in terms of Mariott hotel but most of the hotels are kind of business hotels in City rather than in beaches or hill stations?

    Though I travel frequently and want to stay in premium resorts still 70000 is too much,the timeline to upgrade is till June 31st and I am a dilemma whether to go for it or not?

    Moreover my Platinum travel card is LTF and after a year if I want to cancel Platinum charge card as renewal benefit is of no value then I wont be able to get LTF variant of platinum travel card

    How to get Taj Gold Innercircle in this program ?

    1. Neo

      I guess by linking your Shang and Taj accounts since Shang Jade automatically makes you Taj Gold.
      Also, was there anything specific card activity that triggered the upgrade ?
      I have a plat travel myself, but no such mail for me

      1. Mouli

        I am having Plat travel card for more than years and every year spending around 5 Lakhs and this year around 10L and limit also increased to 6L
        May be I spent more than 10L this year ,I would have got the upgrade offer

    2. Amex Guy

      Amex upgrade isn’t exactly upgrade, it adds a card to your account. Your Plat travel will stay as an LTF unless you choose to cancel. The only card that will be cancelled when you get Plat is the gold charge card.

      ITC Culinaire is going away June 21st. So it will be advisable to get the card before that if you must, and enroll before it goes away. It will still be good for a year if you get it by that date.

      1. Mouli

        Amex Guy,

        I already have another Amex CC that is MRCC and now If I opt for the upgrade then I will be having 3 credit cards with Amex that is not allowed
        Max 2 cards only allowed,not sure how it will work
        Thanks for the Input I am still in the dilemma whether to go for this upgrade or not?
        As they are offering 1.25L MR points ,what would be the ideal value of those if I transfer to Mariott,probably around 50k ?

        1. Amex Guy

          This is not a credit card, it is a charge card. Amex allows 2 credit + 1 charge card.

          Do not get the card if you value 1.25L MR points at any value under INR 1.25L. Ideally, you should look for at least Rs. 1.5/point and Re. 1 at the worst case. This is a card for serious travel hackers, it’s pretty much a scratch-able piece of metal for everyone else.

          My rule of thumb with cards is simple — if I have to think too much about it, I won’t get it.

          1. anshul jain

            Could you please share a few hacks to redeem my MR points? Or share a link about it?

          2. Mouli

            I am not sure you can 1re/point in all hotels.

            When I consider Mussoorie property which is cat5 ,its 35000 points/night that is around 20k,how to get 1 re/point here and I feel the same with most of the cat5 hotels

            Only when we go for cat1 and cat2 hotels,can we get better values ?

            Plz let us know how to get maximum out of the MR points in terms of transfer to Mariott

  17. Aryaman

    Mouli ,
    How did you get offered 1.25L MR points? I contacted my sales rep and offered me 1L MR points.
    Pls shed some light

    1. Mouli


      Even SId mentioned that in the article,at times they used to give this 1.25L MR points offers and may be applicable for few
      I didn’t request for the upgrade and its by invitation only

  18. Nikhil

    I’m curious Siddharth, so please educate me. How is it that you got a supplementary card from your friend? So basically does that mean, you’ll use your supplementary Platinum card and your friend will pay the bill and you’ll settle with him later or how does it work? Because if my undertsnding is correct, he must be placing lot of trust in you to be responsible with the supp card.

  19. Neo

    Hi Sid,
    Any idea on the timelines for Elite Hotel status to show up ? Primarily Hilton & Shangri-La ? Its been 3-4 days since i enrolled & no activity on the same.


      1. Neo

        Do they create loyalty IDs basis the info provided ( i gave my existing Hilton #, but just gave email id for Carlson & Shang)


        1. NMS

          Yes, if you’ve entered an existing membership number then that gets the upgraded status. If you’ve just entered your email address, they will create a new membership for you.

  20. Tejesh

    I have received upgrade invite to platinum card with benefit of 55 k taj vouchers or 1.25 lakh reward points .
    Just wanted to know what’s the rewards conversion rate for platinum card ?
    Should I opt for the points or taj vouchers ?

    1. Sumit Verma

      +1 – I initially received an invite for 45k Taj vouchers and now AmEx sent another email with 55k Taj Vouchers amongst other benefits. It seems alright if there is an organic spend of 90k in first 3 months (which is when you get the Taj Vouchers). Thoughts?

      1. Alok

        With Taj Vouchers, you know exactly the rupee value you are getting. With MR points, the value depends on how you redeem. There is a post on how to maximize MR points. If you think you can get at least β‚Ή0.5/MR then the 1.25L MR is a better option. That’s what I chose.


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