HDFC Bank’s Covid-19 Special Offer: 2X Credit Limit Enhancement

By | September 4, 2021
HDFC Credit Card Limit Enhancement offer

As soon as lockdown got lifted we started getting good set of offers from multiple credit card issuers and I was looking for something good from HDFC but there were nothing special, except the latest SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale that’s running for 3 days. 

That said they infact silently sent a grand offer to many cardmembers during this pandemic and that’s what this article is all about: Credit Limit Enhancement (LE). Here are all the details about the same.

2X Credit Limit Enhancement Offer

While few banks are reducing the credit limit of select cardholders during covid-19 pandemic, here’s HDFC that came up with a grand credit limit enhancement offer by doubling the limit for many cardholders during June 2020

From my known set of friends and family, I see more than 90% of them got 2X limit and some got 20% to 30% enhancement too.

Interestingly though, my card neither got 2X nor other limit enhancement offer. Part of the reason is that I got LE within 6 months when this offer was rolled out. Anyway I’m not complaining as the limit is already at a very good level.

Why Credit Limit matters? 

HDFC Auto Credit Limit Enhancement

Credit limit is an important aspect of a credit card product. It helps you do high spends, get high value loan on credit card and more. 

But when it comes to HDFC Credit Cards it’s much more than that. 

As HDFC has a habit of upgrading cards based on the credit limit, when you get a credit limit enhancement, you also stand a chance to upgrade to the next level card that’s more rewarding. 

For ex, if you had 2.5L limit on regalia and if you’ve got 100% limit enhancement, you can upgrade your card (relatively easy) to HDFC diners black which comes with wonderful rewards. 

Update: October 2020

Looks like HDFC went for another round of credit limit enhancement offer by Oct 2020 for most card members.

I see most of those who got the 2X Limit enhancement previously got this offer too. Even others who didn’t receive the offer before have got one. I’m fortunately one of them this time.

  • The % of LE is about 20%-30% this round and I haven’t heard any 2X so far.

Update: March 2021

Another Auto Credit Limit Enhancement offer has been rolled out along with the upgrade offer.

  • The % of LE is about 5%-20% this round and I haven’t heard any 2X so far.

Update: May 2021

Another Auto Credit Limit Enhancement offer has been rolled out along with the upgrade offer.

  • The % of LE is different for different people. Have seen some with 2X as well.

Update: September 2021

Another major Auto Credit Limit Enhancement offer has been rolled out during 1st week of Sep 2021.

  • The % of LE is different for different people. Have seen some with 2X as well this time.

Final Thoughts

It’s very interesting to see HDFC being so generous in the limit enhancement, that too during Covid-19 while even premium issuers like American Express have put a hold on limit enhancement, even now. 

It’s definitely a MASTER SROKE by HDFC, the #1 credit card issuer in the country, a risky move at this time but it seems they are likely to get more revenue than loss by doing so, as anyway they have enough data to back up this decision.

So if you haven’t been notified about this limit enhancement offer, do check out your netbanking to see if you’re eligible for the same.

Login to NetBanking > Cards > Request > Limit Enhancement

I still see many getting ~20% LE sorts even now but appears that 2X is likely gone.

Did you receive a limit enhancement offer on HDFC Credit Cards and if so how much % was that? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

138 thoughts on “HDFC Bank’s Covid-19 Special Offer: 2X Credit Limit Enhancement

  1. Rajesh

    Hi Sidd,
    Thanks for this wonderful update. Did not receive any msg from HDFC but when checked net banking there was a offer on limit enhancement. Enhanced the limit by 88%. Thanks for your excellent articles and timely updates.

      1. Mohit Singh

        I dont have received any msg for increasing my HDFC card limit . Even my credit card limit decrease by bank i dnt knw why ?
        Cant rech to custmar care ???

      2. Anandh

        I too got limit enhanced twice in HDFC REGALIA while covid time 2020 OVERALL my credit limit enhanced to 70% up…..THANKS TO HDFC. WELL SET MOVE ..MORE USEFUL TOO.

  2. Nihar

    No luck with LE on HDFC DCB but on my ICICI Sapphiro there was a handsome 66.67 % increase in Credit limit this month. Need to bump up DCB limit for Infinia request , still hopeful.

      1. Nihar

        Yup Auto generated , though I can’t recall the last time I spend through I bank card. Also LE was a buttery smoothly experience through imobile app .

      2. Kumar

        My icici card limit increased to 2.65 lakh from 55k…… Its 6x i am surprised to see it

    1. Hari

      I too got LE on both ICICI sapphiro & Amazon Pay credit cards by more than 300%. But, nothing on HDFC

    2. Rohit

      How do we check LE for ICICI credit card. I am using LTF rubyx card. Is there any way it would be upgraded to LTF Sapphiro card ? I have privilege banking relationship with ICICI bank.

      1. DIPAK KUMAR

        how did you get LTF icici rubyx card ??? after how many months of opening accont you got the offer ?? and card was generated instantly with limit ??? i have icici wealth management account opened on 26 december 2020 . i am using the account in amazon as upi , using debit cards and also maintaining balance above 1 lac. will i get any icici card ???

    3. Xander

      What exactly is the process for LE with ICICI? Couldn’t find any option in the iMobile app.

      1. Krishna Chandran

        Even I was searching to enhance my limit. I think they roll out automatically to the specified set of customers. I got the limit enhancer message to almost 2X my previous limit from ICICI.

      2. Rajesh Ravikanti

        Siddharth, I didn’t get any increase in credit limit on my HDFC infinia but got an increase in ICICI card credit limit from 8.45L to 17.5L. That is more than 100% in percentage terms and also a handsome increase in absolute terms

  3. Prashant

    I have been waiting desperately for the limit enhancement. I check it first of every month but no limit enhancement for me.

    Thanks for sharing this article. Great as always.

  4. Vineet

    In my 3 year association with hdfc bank, from regalia first to DCB, I have never had a single offer for LE. I have regularly checked the limit enhancement tab but it has never been there. Even after getting the Preferred account opened with HDFC nothing of the sort has ever come up. Sometimes it feels as if the bank has forgotten me

    1. ASHOK

      Same problem is here.even prefferd account with FD and RD still no any offer.

    2. Rachit

      Similar case for me. Never had a card upgrade, limit enhancement or any personalized offers from them in 4 years. This is in spite of the fact that I’ve actually spent up to 21 lakh in a year on my diners black card.

  5. Haris

    It may be off topic , but I received 600% limit enhancement on ICICI Amazon Pay credit card through the mobile app

    1. Akash

      I got 120% increase for my Amazon pay card. Pretty happy as mine already had a good credit limit!

    2. Shubham Pratap Singh

      How old is your card and what was your spending pattern? Like 40% in a billing cycle.

      How did you apply for limit enhancement?

      It’s been 1 year for me. Have never received any le offer from icici!

  6. Piyush Ujawane

    I too got my credit card limit 2x.HDFC is certainly making their cardholder happy during lockdown.

  7. Sudheep

    How long will it take for the first LE? Received my diners black with its base limit 7 months ago . have spent 8L+ already.

    payments made well before time.

    no joy yet.. eagerly waiting for LE as my target is Infinia.

  8. The Outrigger

    Got bumped from 10L to 12.5L. Also, see an invitation to imperia program. Currently on preferred membership. Is it worth opting in. Not sure about the details.

  9. Shreyas

    They say LE by 20% on DCB but was rejected last time.
    Got a SMS saying – Unable to enhance credit limit further as it is at sanctioned limit.
    Such a bad thing.
    Had already spent over 15lacs on DCB this year and still no upgrade to Infinia

  10. MSJ

    Lucky to get a 2x increase in limit to 8.5l 3 weeks back. And finally an upgrade from Regali to infinia the day before.
    I really thought it would be tough.
    Now i have been reading that HDFC is pushing out DCBs and Infinias.
    I am lucky to get the top card, but now i wonder that i may be part of the problem causing the devaluations.
    Anyone know what HDFC might be planning?

  11. Abhishek Roy

    I too had received a limit enhancement sometime back at around July. It waa roughly around 25%.

  12. Ashutosh Gupta

    I have got 30% limit enhancement on DCB. Around what amount of credit limit will help me to apply for Infinia?

  13. Anuj Kaushal

    I never got any limit enhancement offer in axis bank. I am using axis bank credit card since 1 year but no luck for me. Is there anyone who can share his experience with axis bank limit enhancement.

    1. Abhishek Maheshwari

      I got my first credit card from the axis in 2013 with a credit limit of less than 50k ( with my salary account ) and got my first limit enhancement in 2015 of around 60 % ( hardly used it at that time ), after that I got a limit enhancement to around 150 % L in 2017 after I started using it. In 2020 I got my second credit card Axis ACE with a limit that was shared initially with a primary card. Then 3 months I got an offer for limit enhancement on the primary card of around 60% and now with that my both cards have separate credit limits making a total hike of around 100 %. (I’m a priority account holder with Axis bank since 2013 ) . Last year I have opened a savings max account with HDFC and got a Regalia card with it, got a decent limit on it but no credit limit enhancement so far.

  14. Sumit Sharma

    I also received 20% enhancement. However, i was looking for card upgrade as i am currently holding Money Back credit card with a limit of 3.4 Lakh and it is least rewarding card of HDFC Bank in terms of cashback and offers but no luck on that front.

  15. Lalit

    I got 240% increase in 2 installment within 1 month in Amazon ICICI Card.

    Also got 30% increase in HDFC Card.

  16. Pranab

    No luck for me. My last LE on Infinia was on 1st Jan’20. Since 15-Jul-19 to 01-Jan-20, I got a cumulative 250% LE (a surprising 4 times in less than 6 months).
    13 months back, got a 400%+ LE on ICICI.
    For SBI & ICICI APay, it’s more than 2 years since last LE.
    For Citi, it’s also more than 2 years since card issuance, still with the same limit.
    For Axis, it’s 1 year.

  17. Varun

    No limit increase message for me. I already got 15 lacs on my Infinia and 8 lacs on my Diners black. This is enough for me at this moment.

    1. Rajesh Ravikanti

      Hi Varun,
      I have infinia card. I want to have a DCB as well. What is the process to get one? I heard that HDFC gives only one card generally. Customer care is also not very helpful in this regard.

  18. Sunil Bhanushali

    Hello Sid,
    Nice Update. I got Limit Enhancement on my HDFC Regalia CC from INR 7.60 Lacs to INR 9.10 Lacs during June.

  19. Ravi

    HDFC has been notifying me of 2X credit enhancement since a month and did it this week. I have been using Regalia card since 2015

  20. Prashant Patel

    I got 20% increase in limit, n insta jumbo offer but very high intrest in past i got 11.5 to 14 %so 21%really high.. Some got double limit who don’t get double limit mostly they got 20% n jumbo or 10 second loan

  21. SAMEER

    Surprisingly I got automatic 3x LE on my MMT ICICI Card and ICICI HPCL CORAL AMEX credit card . Apart from that same happened 2x LE on my HDFC credit card including card Upgrade from HDFC Money Back to INDIGO 6E XL REWARDS card. Both LE without any requests.

  22. Harman

    If anyone has experience, can you please explain how to trigger a limit increase on HDFC Cards? I use my card well (mainly online), but haven’t got LE since 1 year.
    If anyone could help.

  23. Arvin

    I got the message of increased limit on June 23rd. It got increased about 25% for me.

  24. Tejas

    I didn’t get any offer mail but when I checked netbanking. I could increase by 50%.
    Thanks for the update.

  25. Rakesh

    Hey Sid, love the info you provide.

    I Got a LE of 30% on my regalia first LTF. Current limit 6.24L What are the chances of getting a card upgrade offer other than regalia in next 6 months, as the current card expires in January.

    1. Rakesh Kumar

      Hey Sid,
      Got a 30% LE on regalia first this time. Limit bumped up to 8.11lac. can I manually apply for Infinia/DCB on basis or limit alone? Holding preferred relationship with HDFC. What are the odds of getting an upgrade offer directly from the bank? Have a cibil score of 800 & 100% payments on time.

  26. Abhisek Parija

    No luck with HDFC, but did see a 3x limit inc offer in ICICI.

    My ICICI Amazon Pay CC now sits at a limit of Rs.10.50 L, up from 3.0 L 😀

  27. ab

    Hi sid,
    My credit limit is 15L from past 6 month. i owned clubmiles . how to proceed to diner black. i also talked to my RM but he says upgradation will come automatically.

    anyone please give your experinced view.

    1. Santosh Kumar

      Drop an upgrade form at your nearest HDFC Bank ATM or post it to Chennai office. With the level of limit you have, there is more than 90% chances to get upgrade.

  28. Suman Basu

    I have got HDFC Regalia with 15 Lacs limit already so may be due to this I have not received any such LE offer. Just out of curiosity I want to know that do banks increase limit more than 15 Lacs ? I know higher range of Amex cards have very high limit but what about other banks ?

    1. M Patel

      I have a friend with 18lk limit on his HDFC Infinia credit card.

    2. Shivi

      My Infinia limit was raised recently under double CL limit offer. It is now north of 25L.

      Carbon (ICICI) had starting limit of 25L to begin with.

  29. Sukant

    I got 300% for ICICI Amazon pay card and 40% for Coral card. Last year I had received around 10 times LE on Coral card

  30. Akash

    I think more than anything else, a higher credit limit helps one keep percentage utilization of credit limit at a low figure. This greatly helps in having a good CIBIL score.

    1. Shivi

      Not quite, Akash. Neither my hdfc card nor my icici limit is reported to any of the bureaus. My cibil n experian scores are more or less stagnant for the past 1.5 years

      1. Sandeep Kumar

        Correct. HDFC and AmEx does not report your limit to credit bureaus. I don’t understand their logic of not reporting the limit. If you have other credit cards with really good limit, it can still keep you well within 30% overall utilization.

  31. Joy Bhattacharya

    Does HDFC stop limit increase offers after limit reaches 15L? Havent been getting any LE offers after reaching 15L. Reached 15L around 6 months ago. Every time my limit used to be random numbers n multiples of hundreds or thousands. But this time was a clean round figure of 15L. Is this the max limit? or how to increase from here.

    1. Kiran

      I have read few people here who had posted they had limit upscale of around 23 lac on their Infina.

      May be they have high value relationship with bank.


    2. Shivi

      They increase limit mainly if they feel you need it so try spending close to 15L per month for a quarter or 6 months and they will increase the linit

  32. RB

    I recently got a msg from ICICI regarding my Sapphiro card, and couldn’t believe that they increased the LE by more than 10X.
    I don’t know if it was some glitch in the system or something else at play, but changing LE from mid 6-digit to 7 digit was kind of scary!
    And the most weird part is I barely use this card. Many times 0 spends in a month.

    God knows how their algos for these things work.

    1. Ms

      Same here. After 10 years of holding this ICICI card, suddenly got an le offer which I misread to be a 25k increase. Turns out it was a 10x increase. Now I have a scary limit of 27.4 lakhs. Insane.

  33. Utkarsh Agarwal

    Does people who got limit enhancement or jumbo loan offers maintain account with HDFC Bank or just a credit card relationship as I don’t have A/c with them and never received LE offer for my Diners card?

    1. addy

      I get all offer and only maintaining credit card account with them.

  34. Krishna Chandran

    Can anybody let me know if Stan Chart or Axis offers limit enhancement programs? I’ve seen these coming only from HDFC and ICICI. I’ve been stuck with the same limit on Stan Chart for the last 6 years, and every time I call up customer care to ask for LE, they tell that that option is not there currently. Any thoughts?

    1. Suresh

      For stan chart (Titanium), I keep getting LE nearly every year since about 5 years or so. Despite not spending much (3-4K/mth), the limit has been increased from ~8 Lac to about 14 Lac in past 5 years

  35. Akash

    Hi Guys,
    I’m planning to set a sub/net limit on my HDFC Infinia. Wanted to check if setting these limits in credit cards hamper limit enhancement offers?

    1. Shivi

      No, they don’t @Akash. It happens only in case of SBI or ICICI but not in case of HDFC.

  36. Amit Dhatrak

    I have a life time free Regalia card with 5L limit, I want it to increase limit and upgrade this card but My spends are hardly anything monthly. Is there any way or trick to increase my spends?
    I read somewhere that I can pay my MF SIP through credit card or any other ways that you know of?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Rohit

      @Amit Dhatrak
      Is HDFC bank still giving LTF regalia cards ? What is the criteria for LTF cards.

  37. Jabin Issac I

    Well I’m using HDFC Credit card for almost 9 months still my credit card limit Rs 25000 even thou my monthly spending is more than 16000 still I didn’t get credit limit Increase got any Idea ???

  38. Suresh

    Icici increased my limit to around 45 lakhs from 7 lakhs. Hdfc infinia contacted me for increase of 2 lakhs from 13 lakhs limit.

    1. Rohit

      How to check limit enhancement for ICICI credit card. I was issue LTF rubyx with limit of 1.75 lakhs and its been more than 1 year i guess and also have amazon pay card. Do we have to keep using the card. My usage is very less say 1k per month.

  39. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Right after the lockdown ended, I got a 40 percent increase from HDFC. I am using HDFC Millennia, and was into just 6 months of using the card.
    HDFC did pretty nice there. But as I reported in an earlier comment on a different post, HDFC is acting strange as far as Millennia reward points are concerned. There are notifications all over internet from Nobroker and Payzapp and many other sources, about 10 percent benefits on rent pay through Millennia, up to 500 cashback on Payzapp, and card rewards up to 750. But I never got the card rewards on the Nobroker Rentpaiment through Payzapp, not a single point, though Payzapp has always credited the promised cashback. And on talking to some other friends who have the card, realized I am not the only one.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Except nobroker issue, are you getting points otherwise on Millennia?

      1. Manish Fageria

        Hi Sid,
        I am getting points on my Millennia (Diners Club variant) but it’s not like the bank has promised.
        Points are crediting on 2nd or 3rd day of start of every month but it’s not like as hdfc promised.
        Very disappointing by hdfc. I called many time to hdfc customer care but no solution provided.

        On nobroker their is zero cash back as on their website shows extra cash back upto Rs 750.

    2. FrequentFlyer15

      Nobroker tried that trick with me in my 3rd month of paying. I immediately sent an email to HDFC customer service and the nodal officer and mentioned words like fraud and cheating. HDFC blocked payment to No broker and sent them a notice. I sent an email to Nobroker with a copy of the email and they processed the transaction. I had been paying for 2 months with no issues and suddenly they say its suspicious? Same amount, same time of the month, same account. Seems more like a legal scam.


    I didn’t get anything on LE on my DCB, stagnant at 8.5 l. Wondering why

    1. rohit

      When did you get last enhancement. For me when for everyone bank was reducing limits and canceling cards in the month of march, I got limit enhancement for 2.5L in the month of march. I will only get next enhancement in 2021 (generally yearly once I get)

  41. Linga

    I got limit enhancement offer on my Diners Black card today. It is 4th this year-January(upgraded from Regalia), February, June, October.

  42. Xander

    Does American Express not offer any limit enhancement?

    Didn’t see any comment about that, plus, haven’t gotten any LE on my Plat Travel for as long as I’ve held the card (3-4 years).

    1. Suresh

      I think if you attach your last IT return, basis which they will consider. I remember getting it done about 3 yrs back

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Wow unbelievably. Congrats. Where and how much was your spending ? What kind of investments you have with HDFC ?

  43. Sai karthik

    It’s been 1 year since I got upgraded to regalia. Current CL is 4.5L. (I know it’s very less when compared to CC juggernauts in this thread) . when is the best time to ask for infinia/DCB ?

    1. MrNightStar

      Bare minimum would be 5L CL for DCB and 8L for Infinia.
      Preferably 8l and 13l.
      These rules are thrown out the window if bank likes you (you have nice relationship).
      You could be denied even after having 8L and 13L limit. Try your shot with RM.


    Since I’m using hdfc bank credit card from jan 2020 it’s near about 1 years ago almost, but actually my limit is as usual 23k so i want my limit increase upto 1 lakh.

  45. RahulM

    I got a 200% LE on my DCB :). From 4L to 12.13 L. Have done it. Although I am not sure if I will upgrade to infinia.

  46. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Guys, who are getting multifold limit increase in ICICI, can you please explain in details about your relationship with ICICI Bank like types of savings account, average balances in savings or current ac, average credit card spends, types of spends,etc.

    1. Shimul

      With ICICI no logic. My family Sapphiro card limit increased 150% without any login. Last year’s total spend was less than 15k.

      Generally card limit spends on regular spending and payment patterns but the card used a total of 4 statements and the remaining was 0 spend.

      Have FDs with them and transactions every month. Most of the transfers only.
      Amazon pay used more than the Sapphiro but no offer LE.

      I had ICICI card for many years used about 1.5L+ per year (to waive the fee) but not LE.

      So finally ICICI no logic.

    2. Shivi

      Icici actually doesn’t seem to have any logic or algorithm, Captain. An acquaintance in cards club had icici platinum with 50k limit for past 10 years. Recently he had LE to10 lakhs. And that too when he didn’t use the card at all for past 9 years. As in like no transaction; only the renewal fee was charged every 3 years to his card and auto debited.

  47. Pranab

    My Infinia credit limit is standstill since almost last one year.

  48. Harsh Rastogi

    Limit of my Regalia card got enhanced from 3L to 13.5L. Not sure what was the reson for this big jump.
    Will try to request for Infinia once I get my address updated. My previous address update request via netbanking got declined, they asked me to visit a branch.

    1. Shawn

      That’s a huge jump! Can you throw some light on your spend pattern in the last one year i.e. Amount spent, any emi offers availed, forex transactions, spend categories etc. And if you have any other relationships with HDFC.


  49. Shimul

    Try again online with a clear upload and signature match on their record.

  50. Abraham Rohith Roy

    I got 20% LE on my Regalia in the March 2021 increment cycle.

  51. Nitin Gupta

    My last LE was in November still no luck. Hoping for the best!


    As per the pattern of limit enhancement offers by hdfc and comments, i came to conclusion that hdfc will give limit enhancement offer in june 2021 . They give offer 3 times a yr after every 4 months. Like they gave offers in june 2020 then waited for july aug sep and then they gave offer in October 2020 then waited nov dec jan then gave offer in feb 2021 and waiting mar apr may and hdfc should push offers of upgrade and limit enhancement by june 2020 as per the pattern. Hope i am right🤣🤣🤣

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Lots of people got limit enhancement on 14th May 2021. I got limit enhancement in March 2021. My wife got in January 2021. I don’t see any pattern.

      1. Shawn

        I haven’t received a limit Enhancement offer since July 2019 inspite of a significant amount of spend on my then Regalia Card and later from November 2019 Diners Black Card.

        So I agree that there isn’t a pattern to this.

        1. Mayank

          Yep no pattern. Its been around 1.5 years since my last limit enhancement. So, maybe for your account they might be doing it in the months mentioned by you. Mine last came in Nov 2019.

  53. Varun

    I have not received any LE offer. I hold both infinia and dcb with limits of 14.5 lacs and 8.25 lacs respectively. The same limit is since last 2 yrs. Annual expense is around 20 lacs spread across both these cards

  54. Santosh Kumar

    I have got 30% limit increase consistently from October 2019 to October 2020 over 8 times. after that one last increment I got was 12% making my limit a round figure of 15L.

    1. Rahul

      Exactly something like this happened to me.. But havent got increases for sometime now.. else every 3 months was common

  55. Nikhil

    I got 2x CLE OFFER on my HDFC REGALIA CC today really helpful for guy like me who convert no cost emi transaction. Really happy now and waiting for infinia upgrade lifetime free offer.

  56. Kaus

    Received a LE from 5.39L to 8L on my Regalia CC a couple of days ago.

    Any chance that I will be eligible for an Infinia LTF now? My Regalia is currently LTF.

    1. RM

      Try it. HDFC is upgrading a lot of cards. Maybe because they are not able to issue new credit cards due to the RBI order. I got an CL enhancement to 14L on my Infinia and to 6L on my DCB.

      1. Kaus

        Thanks, RM.

        My RM doesn’t seem to be helpful in this case. There’s no preapproved offer on the net banking website.

        Any suggestions?

  57. SSR

    Not related to HDFC, but related to LE: There was no official email, but in April 2021, I received a 5x LE for ICICI Amazon Pay Card 2L to 10L. I am not going to spend so much. But, I hope they do not withdraw this offer.

  58. chanduatla

    my DBC limit increment was more than 2 years. no luck…

  59. Vishnu Sreenath

    Got LE from 3.1L to 5.3L. Hope I can ask for DCB upgrade now

  60. Sam C

    I got bumped from 7 lakhs to 25 lakhs on my HDFC regalia credit limit. Is this normal for HDFC to offer such increases from time to time?

    1. Akash

      Wow 25L on Regalia! You should definitely try for the Infinia upgrade

        1. Sam C

          Finally got my Infinia upgrade today. Had to push my RM for a while! Got the metal edition

    2. Akash

      Can you please share your usage pattern? What was your credit utilization percentage and did you take any EMI s etc?

    3. Sandesh Jain

      Wow, that’s a crazy limit enhancement.

      How much credit limit (%) of your 7L limit were you using before?

      1. Sam C

        Not much to be honest. No more than 20% at any time. Don’t have any EMIs either, but I am a Imperia customer – maybe they are just handing these CLEs to us, who knows.

  61. Ayush

    Hi today i received sms from hdfc wherein they have reduced my credit card limi t from 345000 to 138000. The same is reflecting in the portal also. I have been holding HDFC Regalia Credit card and have using their cards since 2014. I cant understand how can they reduce the limit without informing the customer and that to by more than half in my case. Has this credit limit downgrade happened with anyone else also?

    1. SS

      That’s a bit harsh. Though it is prerogative of the bank to increase or decrease the limit, a decrease usually happens if CC bill payment has been missed or CC has not been used much.
      Was either the case?

    2. GG

      Yes, from ~12 L to ~7 L. Maybe due to lesser spend over few months.


  62. Tarun

    I just got an SMS about Credit limit reduction on HDFC infinia credit card and no cash limit. Has this happened to any of you? I have always paid full dues and on time. No other loans taken in the last many years. Got a new credit card about 15 months ago from SC. Have had this HDFC card account for more than ten years.

    The reduction is quite substantial. Almost 60% reduction.

    Dear Cardmember,Credit limit on your HDFC Bank card ending XXXX has been reduced to YYYYYY with no cash limit. Detailed email/letter will be sent to you.

    1. Vipul

      HDFC did same to me in last June 2021, my credit limit reduced more than 60%. Thou I pay full payment every month before due date. Still reason is secret from the bank.

  63. hiren dhakecha

    hdfc roll out limit enhancement .check yors almost 2x.

  64. Viraj Nayak

    I got 1.5x in October 2020 on HDFC regalia First. Had got the card in October 2019. Kotak bumped the limit to 1.6x just now for Royale signature.

  65. Pulkit Jindal

    Hi Siddharth

    Just got an approx 20% credit limit enhancement from HDFC today. I am holding a diners black credit card.

  66. Sachin

    Hdfc has started the credit limit enhancement.
    I got LI enhancement from of 50k from 10 lac to 11 lac 😂
    Wife got 3 lac to 5 lac , whooping 2 lac LI
    Brother got 7 to 12 lac and Upgrade offer; he doesn’t spend more on HDFC but more on Amex but now he is thinking of shifting towards HDFC as Amex acceptability has become major issue ( Infact I too faced the same at top 2 hospitals in Ahemdabad )
    Sister got 8 to 9.8 lac


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