HDFC SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale – September 2020

By | October 27, 2021

It’s been couple of months since HDFC 10X program saw some major changes where 10X on amazon is replaced with 5X but now the offer is back with the new SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale that gives double the points on Amazon (10X) and flipkart (6X) but only for 3 days from 28th, 29th & 30th Sep 2020.

Additionally you also get 10% extra cashback on top of that. Here’s is the full info on the offer,

Offer Details

Amazon10X RewardsMonthly Max. cap as per Smartbuy T&C
Flipkart6X RewardsMonthly Max. cap as per Smartbuy T&C
Smartbuy Instant Vouchers10% Instant DiscountMin. Txn: Rs.1000 / Max Cap: Rs.250 / Use Code SBEXTRA / Once per user
Smartbuy Travel ( Flights , Train , Bus & Hotels )10% Instant DiscountMin. Txn: Rs.1000 / Max Cap: Rs.500 / Use Code SBEXTRA

Note that above offer applies fully for only HDFC Diners Black and Infinia. Other cards too have some offer or other, full details of the offer can be viewed at the offer source here. But above are the important points to note.

Thanks to FrequentFlyer15 for sharing the offer details.

Final Thoughts

Its good to see 10X to be back on Amazon among others. So, for those who are disappointed with the new changes on 10X program, this is the best time to max out the bonus points cap.

I see this offer to be some sort of warming up for the upcoming festive season. So if this works out well for the bank its highly likely that we may see the same offer for longer duration during Diwali offer, which is likely to begin somewhere around mid October 2020.

What’s your thoughts on above SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale for Sep 2020 on HDFC Bank Credit Cards? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

58 thoughts on “HDFC SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale – September 2020

  1. Shreyas

    This is amazing.
    10x not on amazon and Flipkart was heart breaking.
    Moreover new limits on max 10x rewards are too low. Do you think old limits (15k for DCB and 45k for Infinia ) will come anytime soon ?
    Anyways, time to buy amazon vouchers.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Do you think old limits (15k for DCB and 45k for Infinia ) will come anytime soon ?
      – As long as “many” hold Infinia & Diners Black on “free” pricing, I doubt.

  2. Naresh Kumar

    It was there last month as well but I guess you came to know this month only, last month it was 10% upto 500 off on instant vouchers and other stuff.
    Had a great time. 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they’re doing this “SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale” often but only this month its attractive enough to write about 🙂

      1. Naresh Kumar

        No, it was better last month especially with instant vouchers, this month it is a downgraded version of last month.

  3. sanjay

    Is this 7500 cap seprately for these 3 days or its counted in cumulative capping of 7500

  4. Nihar

    Already maxed out on the 10X with all GVs for the month.
    If they reinstate the 10X points to 15 K on DCB banks could have more business. Let’s c.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Problem is it seems cardholders are doing more “business” with it. Hence 🙂

      1. Nihar

        Received offer mail to spend 99000 from 7th to 30th Sep for 5K GV , hence funneled my spends on DCB

    2. GG

      Amazon and Flipkart are already addressed by instant vouchers, for fetching accelerated rewards. I doubt this 10x/6x will lead to any significant change in terms of driving customers to spend, considering monthly limit on accelerated reward points to 7.5 k (on DCB) and devaluation of redemption to ~50 – 75% of earlier value.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They’ve mentioned it in the offer link as “10X Reward points & 10%/2% Cashback”
      So its the usual complication with HDFC.

      1. Gaurav Tomar

        It’s there on how to avail tab on the offer link you have posted, 10x for Infinia and DCB, 10% cashback for others.

  5. Aakash Coimbatore

    Thala.. 10x points, 7500 Limit for DCB are all okay! Any update on Redemption? The 70% points & 30% Paying by card are still there right? Will they make it 100% some time soon?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its still there, Aakash. 70% issue doest hurt a bit, but still good rather than reducing the point value.

  6. Rohit

    There is something confusing with T & C.
    It is mentioned that for Amazon it is 10x & 10% cashback and flipkart 6x and 2% cashback .
    Whether infinia and DCB get 10% extra cash back in addition to 10x for amazon ?

  7. Raghu

    The offer page says: “Please Note : Above offers are over & above our monthly offer.”
    Does it mean 15x reward points on Amazon for DCB/Infinia?

  8. Srikkanth

    I am planning to purchase upcoming iPhone pro model, so can I stock up Croma vouchers for 3 months on Infinia limits ? Yet to use September 15k quota. So for ₹130k in sep oct nov months I can save ₹40k in the form of 10x points.. gone through Croma gift card t&c’s and seems all ok as we can purchase items on multiple vouchers .. Or Am I missing something?

        1. Srikkanth

          How much value did they have? Could you please elaborate so that it could give me some idea whether to go for it or not

          1. Pratik

            Had bought multiple denominations for buying Samsung S20… mix of 10k, 5K 2K and 1K

      1. Sanchit

        Oh, but it has and it will. They wont discontinue it in middle of festival and sales. Also, if you go to smartbuy portal and point to any of the title link, it mentions it is a ‘365 Days Offer’

    1. MT

      Depends on the croma store you visit , online transactions i think its pretty clear its max 5 gift codes per day order , offline in store however i had managed to buy an iphone 11 using 13x 5000 gift codes purchased from smartbuy in march 2020

  9. karthik

    Hi SIddharth,

    I had added the items to be purchased in Amazon cart earlier through my Amazon login credentials , but logged into smartbuy and then purchased the items and paid for it. This was done on 29th September. Would i be eligible for 33% points(10X points)?


    1. MT

      No you wont , rule specifically says cart needs to be built post redirection from smartbuy website… next time add them to your wish list, after redirection from smartbuy, add them to your cart and complete the transaction

  10. Parth Patel

    I just tried to by amazon vouchers worth 5000, but sadly at 11pm on 30-9-2020, there is no option that shows Value of voucher hence cant add in basket!!! will miss my 10x as well as Rs 250 discount! I did not realise these also run out of stock!

  11. Ghanshyam

    Haven’t got 9x yet for July transactions smart buy voucher purchases… Called customer care and they are saying it will only be done by Nov 🙁 :(. this is 90+30 days in total (If they do it by 1st Nov, else 90+60 days if done by Nov/E)… very sad state of affairs

    1. Jagan

      Spoke to customer care today. Point credit for the previous months as per before schedule
      June 2020 on 1 oct 2020
      May 2020 on 27 aug 2020
      Apr 2020 on 20 aug 2020
      Mar 2020 on 03 aug 2020
      feb 2020 on 24 jul 2020

      expecting credit for July 2020 on 1st Nov 2020

  12. Rahul

    For some reason im not being allowed to buy Amazon and Flipkart vouchers from my infinia Card, other vouchers are working just fine.
    Even the new month has started but transactions not going through, trying since the past one week.

    What to do? Help desk also not helpful. gyftr is saying that card is showing as risk and HDFC is saying there is no problem

    1. Rohit

      how many times and when did you transact last time for more than 5k limit , please tell me

  13. Charandeep Singh

    HDFC PayZapp and smartbuy offer –

    PayZapp & SmartBuy

    Savings worth ₹10,000
    Offer details
    1. Savings upto up to ₹10,000 this festive season !

    2. Top Spenders Get Amazon Firesticks & Amazon Echo Dot:

    a. Top 100 Spenders win Amazon Firesticks & Top 200 win Amazon echo Dot

    b. Minimum spends of INR 25,000 on both Payzapp & SmartBuy

    How to Avail
    Apply online, we will reach out to you.
    Offer Validity
    Festive Treats 1st Oct – 15th Nov ’20
    Terms & Conditions
    Regular merchant spends threshold apply on cashbacks
    Spends over INR 25,000 across Payzapp & SmartBuy to qualify for Top spenders

  14. AKASH

    I purchased Approx. 25K in amazon pay vouchers , and got about 2000 instant discount for all of it put together .We can now pay LIC premium on Amazon using pay balance (working as on 02/10/20). If we pay directly we don`t get anything but through this I have at-least saved 2000, I did not realise that there were quotas for the gift cards ,otherwise I would have bought more .
    If there is another sale on Amazon Pay Vouchers someone please let me know.
    If anyone has any suggestion on how best to pay LIC Premium using credit cards to get more reward points or cash back or instant discount Please let me know .I have HDFC and ICICI .(can borrow other cards from friends if there is an instant discount).

    1. Parag Jain

      How exactly did you purchase 25K Amazon voucher and got 2000 instant discount. Limit is only of 5K

      1. Akash

        Friends and family ,you don’t need to have a hdfc card for each person ,they just have to login on smartbuy with mobile number and email id , most of my family have hdfc cards anyway ,so consolidatedly I could purchase that many vouchers in separate transactions.

  15. MSJ

    Guys! I bought a few vouchers which had the BOGO offer from smartbuy. It said youll get 1500 voucher of Man Company.
    How and when will i recieve it?

    1. AKASH

      you should get it on whatsapp if you have opted for whatsapp,other wise you should get an email ,that too within a few minutes of your actual vouchers.

  16. Jugnoo

    For this sale duration if someone goes for EMI then will he continue to get 10x/6x for all emi paid.

  17. RAGIB

    For Infinia,
    Technically we will not get any other accelerated reward points for the month if we do transactions north of 50k in Amazon as it will give 15k RPs @10x which is the maximum limit per month. So, no extra points for the month through smartbuy or others. Regular points only can be accumulated.

    Expenditures on Amazon above 50k and upto 80k will give extra RPs upto 15k @15xmore with a total upto 30k RPs.

  18. Shawn

    HDFC credited the 14× points today for the July smartbuy Xtra saving days offer.

    1. Gautam Garg

      I haven’t received the points yet. Looks like my account would be processed in later batches.


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