Amex 100% Cashback Offer – upto Rs.12,500 on metal cards

By | August 18, 2021

After disappointing India with the limited Shop Small campaign, American Express India now have come up with a generous Rs.12,500 cashback offer for Platinum Charge card holders. This is similar to the previous Rs. 18,000 Cashback offer rolled out few months ago.

New Amex 100% Cashback Offer Details

  • Offer: Get 100% Cashback on select spends
  • Max. Cashback: Rs.12,500
  • Eligible Spend Types (online):,,,,
  • Eligible Spend Types (app): Bigbasket, Flipkart, EazyDiner
  • Eligible Spend Types (in-store): Croma, Ethos Watch Boutiques.
  • Offer Valid for: Select Plat Charge Card holders
  • Offer Period: 22 Sep 2020 to 22 Dec 2020
  • How to opt-in for offer: Save offer to card on Amex Account
  • Fulfilment: 5 Days usually (but might take upto 90 days, rarely)

So as you see, this offer is very much similar to the previous one, with minor tweaks.

It seems this was targeted to limited set of Plat Charge cardholders and I’m fortunately one of them.

This is likely because when I got the Plat Charge, I was not eligible for the 18K cashback offer. So they might have thought.. “Okay, let’s give these new cardholders something, if not 18K“!

Update: Fulfilment usually happens the same week of transaction.

Amex Cashback Offer Fulfilment

Final Thoughts

I’m happy to see the 100% cashback offer to be back for those who were not targeted before. Its a proof that Amex takes care of their Platinum cardholders seriously and makes sure all of them get a decent value back.

That said, if you’re not an American Express Platinum Charge Card holder, you may choose to apply one now. However, remember that you may-not get this offer but may hope to get some other offer when you’re onboarded.

Have you received this offer? If so, did you apply for the card after the 18K offer got rolled out? Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

52 thoughts on “Amex 100% Cashback Offer – upto Rs.12,500 on metal cards

  1. Lavin

    Hi Sid,
    If i have 4 supplementary card, and offers shows on all cards, will i get it 4 times?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Only once, but seems spends on supp. cards too eligible for this. Previous offer was not.

      1. anyaani

        Hi Sid,

        I received this today I am just curious whether this will be applicable on my card or not?

  2. PT

    I have received the 18K offer and received his offer as well. Amex has really opened their war chest for the Plat card holders this time.

      1. Karan

        I too received the offer today. Can we buy flipkart e-gift card vouchers. Will those be counted towards this cashback of upto 12500?

      2. Srinjoy

        Even I got both the offers. I feel the 18K cash back it might have something to do with the users who paid the renewal fee of INR 72K, considering most of the travel benefits have been nullified for the year.

        Moreover they have done away with the ITC membership since last year, maybe that freed up this cost of 12.5K an they have decided to pass it on to the users. (This is my guess value wise, as they haven’t aded any other offer as of no in lieu of that). That said, we would be glad to take the cash back offer any day of the year. 🙂

    1. AN

      Yes same here. Received 18K earlier and now this offer for 12.5 K. Can I buy Flipkart Gift Vouchers on this? I didn’t find anything in T&C

      1. AAJ

        I guess so. But would it work from Affiliate links too? Any 5x suggestions with this anyone?

        1. Srinjoy

          Hi AAJ,
          it won’t work on other affiliate links like Paybak, Intermiles etc as per customer care or via payment wallets.

          However Amex runs it’s own affiliate programme from their website. It should work there but you ‘might not receive the 5X offer in that case.

  3. Shri

    Pretty good deal and time to do some shopping lol. Although my card is up for renewal next month and I’m hoping they got some retention offers for me. Make sure to save this offer to card folks.

  4. Rahil Shah

    I think this could be the Diwali offer for the Platinum charge card holders! Do you think Amex will roll out one more offer for Diwali in addition to this for the Platinum charge card?

    Others cards are almost certain to receive Diwali offers. Guess that should be out by mid-October.

  5. Ramgopal Vangapelly

    Wohooo received both the 18k and 12.5k offer …but not sure whether supplementary card spends are eligible…


    When will the diwali spend based offers roll out for all card variants?

  7. Abilash S

    I have a plat charge, I received the 18k offer and now I have received this offer as well.

    That’s 30.5k plain hard cash.

    I had about about a 2 lakh reward points during the double points, double rewards. I redeemed it for a 1 lakh 10 thousand.

    This card has given me 1.4 lakhs of hard benefits. So that’s 70k of hard cash!

    I’m not even considering the upgrades at Taj and other hotels, which I’m waiting to redeem!

  8. Amit Pandey

    I just got 12.5 k offer in card and today shop in store croma hope cashback in 5 days lets see

  9. sanyam kapoor

    Guys , Its an amazing offer but before applying … i want a honest opinion of below queries :

    1. What are chances that i will get the cashback offer if i apply because it is targetted to specific users only .
    2. 1,00,000 points which i get from the card , Arey they really useful because i searching yesterday for the Marriott Category 1 hotels , The minimum points required were 15-20k , So which makes only 5 stays against 70k fees .
    3. Any other way i can extract the 70K fees because its a very big amount .

    Please guide .

    1. Amex Guy

      My honest opinion is that you won’t be very happy with the card. It happens, I wasn’t very happy with DCB because mentally I’d always try to buy things in 150 multiples — it was making me spend on things I don’t want, eat things I don’t want and driving me nuts.

      If you regularly don’t spend in range of 10-15K per hotel night on average (India and while traveling outside) then you’d find yourself finding multiple ways to try and get back value of the card all the time. Yes, there are other ways to earn back the fee but if you have to ask then it’s not something you regularly spend on.

      If the benefits are not something you’d spend on regularly, then it’s false economy. You’re not getting value back. You’re creating an expense. There’s way too many options in high end travel (Infinia, DCB, Prestige) so get the card where value of fee back is a given for you so you can further think about getting 3-5X value of fee.

      To your main query — the best use of your points would be 2 nights in W Maldives or a similar property. You should get an over water villa that goes for over a lac per night. Although I recommend collecting points until you can get 5th night free.

    2. amit pandey

      you got new card i think i got mine in july 2020 .pls be patient dont burn point you get good offers

  10. Ujj

    Honestly I’m really happy with my Amex platinum, I got hold of the 18K and this offer of 12K (so in total 30K cashback) as well. Infact my membership fees was split into 12 months emi no cost and also they gave me 80K points. In the coming years I am quite confident that I’ll upgrade it to the centurion(via invite ofcourse). Kudos to Amex!!

  11. Rajat Agarwal

    I have received the 18K offer and this 12.5K offer as well, in addition to ~85,000 points when I renewed couple of weeks ago. I am a member since 2009

    1. sanyam kapoor

      Hi Rajat , It means you were earlier platinum member and renewed so they gave you both offers right ? How many weeks back exactly

      I am platinum travel card customer , Will they upgrade my card by paying joining fees if i call customer care .. Any idea ? I thought amex giving 1,00,000 + points . You got only 85k why ?

    2. Ashish

      Did you get points on renewal evey year or only for this time?
      How much value were you able to get in previous years.

      1. Rajat Agarwal

        Honestly, I never asked for it before as I was utilising all the benefits of the card to its maximum. But Covid has taught me, that it’s also wise to be prudent in the best of times. Going forward, I will be requesting renewal benefits every year 🙂

    3. Sara Jehan

      I am considering applying to Platinum Charge so evaluating the pros and cons. Since you have been a member since 2009, have the offers in the past been good enough to offset the 60K fee ?

  12. Ramesh

    If we cancel the card before annual fees is due, are we still liable to pay it?

  13. RK Singhal

    I haven’t received any offers, card was activated on 14th September 2020. please can anyone help?

  14. Deepak Kumar

    I got the 12.5k offer and I bought one plus buds from Flipkart…
    Can I buy two numbers of the same product?

  15. kapil

    Can anyone please confirm if purchase of flipkart vouchers qualifies under this scheme?

    1. AAJ

      Yes, but you should buy on or Flipkart app only and using card after adding offer to it, read tnc, call customer care

  16. Abhi

    Been trying to ask what kind of retention offers have people got on Amex Platinum renewal. Some real life examples will help.

  17. Gaurav Malik

    Spent on Croma on 23rd Sept and got the Cashback of 12500 on the 24th September…that was really quick. Did not expect such a quick timeline.

  18. Amit Handa

    For retention I received 35K points or 45K Taj vouchers offer. They denied to give me more points saying that you already availed double value offer for which I already get 78K value. So I go ahead with 45K Taj voucher with one year validity. Probably that can be extended further as well.

  19. Kunal

    Siddharth if you could post a blog on retention offers, it’ll be a great idea.

  20. Tejas Ghongadi

    I finally decided to take the plunge into Platinum Charge Card. The card was applied through the referral program on 23-Sep-2020 and the card delivered on 29-Oct-2020. Quite frankly, the initial experience has not been anything exceptional.

    The annual fee was billed on 28-Oct-2020 and the bill generation date is 28-Oct-2020. 28-Oct-2020 happens to be the card dispatch date. So quite cheeky from Amex on such a super premium card. Negative points for this to Amex.

    No offers on the card when I setup the card. Just couple of days back received a new offer which is again 100% Cashback (Upto 2500 Rs.) for spends on Apple Store / Google Play Store. Validity – 05-May-2021 and any number of transactions upto a maximum of 2500 Rs.


    Amex rolled out massive offer, where 100% cashback is applicable till 27500/- on different partners.
    Just save to card and enjoy.


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