10X Reward Points on spends with YesBank Credit Cards

By | December 21, 2021
10X Reward Points on Yes Bank Credit Cards

Its been ages since we saw a lucrative offer on Yesbank Credit cards. But something interesting is happening lately I guess. Here’s a nice offer that you might find useful, but its targeted and anyway pointless. Here’s everything you need to know.

Offer Details

  • Offer: 10X rewards on all type of spends on Yesbank credit card
  • Min. Txn: 7000 INR
  • Max cap: 1000 Rewards
  • Offer Type: Targeted, as per the T&C
  • Offer Period: 1st Dec to 31st Dec 2021
  • Source: Email

So I got this offer on my Yes First Exclusive credit card and I was happy for few moments until I noticed the max. cap of 1000 RP’s.

First, that’s too low max. cap, atleast we need 5K or 10K points which makes some sense for us to move the spends to Yes Bank cards.

Second, I wonder how this 10X concept applies here. Assuming we get 1.5% on a regular day, with this offer, we should be getting 15% on spend. But the math doesnt appear to be right.

For ex, you hit the max. cap on spending 1700 INR but Yesbank wants you to spend 7000 INR to avail the benefit. I wonder who’s behind this brilliant concept!


Yesbank Credit cards are still useless in 2021 when it comes to “rewards” but it’s indeed good to see some offers showing up now and then.

This along with the 5X Rewards on Insurance offer might make sense for some. But I wish they come up with better offers on “regular spends” in coming months, if they really want to increase the cardholder spends.

Have you been using Yesbank Credit Cards lately or is it just lying around like with most others? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “10X Reward Points on spends with YesBank Credit Cards

  1. SS

    I closed mine as no offer found in last couple of years. And I mentioned it during closer.

    1. Suhas

      I am also planning to close my Yes card. Could you please let me know the procedure to close? Just a call to the CC would suffice or should we send a mail or letter?

  2. Abhi

    I got 5X offer but only limited to international spends. Valid till 15Feb, max cap 15000.
    Also got 5X on insurance spends capped at 5000, till 31Dec.
    5X translates to 7.5% when redeemed on travel, so letting it go.
    But I ve been using Yes card for Mastercard offer on agoda bookings giving 15% instant off.

    1. Raja

      Is this offer not available for yes first preferred? I didn’t get any email for this.

  3. Tarundeep Singh Bakshi

    I got a similar offer with min spend 23k and max cap of 750 points.

  4. aka

    my offer was for 10k points !
    and i had spent approx 1 lac last month on it since diner/amex was unacceptable at that particular POS

  5. Abhi

    Not sure you can double dip here through Yescart, because Yescart earns you 10X and has a capping of 10K RPs in a month for card variants other than Private. For YFE that’s 15% reward rate on travel redemptions. Includes gift cards bought on yescart. Strangely Private (their highest card) runs 11X but capped at just 2500 RPs.
    Too late to mention but Yes credit card also offered 5% cashback (capped at 1K) on min spend of 1500 on Amazon from 18-22Dec.

    1. Raja

      Yeah, My yescart Flipkart transaction done a year ago is still not fulfilled. Tired of sending them mails again and again.


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