Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card Review

By | February 4, 2024
Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card Review

Yes Bank has become talk of the town with it’s re-entry into the premium credit card space after many years. They are not only rebranding their existing credit cards but also introducing new products along the way.

One such newly launched super premium credit card named Marquee is what we’re exploring in detail here.


TypeSuper Premium Credit Card
Reward Rate2.25% – 4.5%
Annual Fee9,999 INR + GST
Best forOnline Spends
USPRedemption without 70% restriction

If you’re looking for a super premium credit card that has easy and simple redemption options without any restrictions, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Joining Fees

Joining Fee9,999 INR + GST
Joining Fee Reversal
Welcome Benefit60,000 Reward Points (15K INR value)
Renewal Fee4,999 INR + GST
Renewal Fee waiverOn spending >10 Lakhs
Renewal Benefit20,000 Reward Points (if fee is paid)

While Yes Bank has the Joining fee waiver option for most cards, Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card doesn’t come with one unfortunately.

But getting points worth 15K INR value on 11,800 INR joining fee looks good. Also, it does come with the renewal fee waiver on 10L annual spend.


YesBank Marquee Credit Card design

On a quick look, Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card feels premium and fortunately the Visa logo unlike the Mastercard logo is subtle and didn’t spoil the design.

That said, the card seems to be issued only on Visa Infinite platform for now.


Online Spends36 / 200 INR~4.5%1,00,000
Offline Spends18 / 200 INR~2.25%
Select Categories10 / 200 INR~1.25%
  • Select Categories: Rental Payments, Wallet loading, Recharge & utility bill payments, Insurance, Education and Government payments
  • Max Cap for Online spends: 100,000 points/ Stmt Cycle (~5.5L spend equivalent). Post this cap, earn rate will be throttled to offline reward rate.

So it’s clearly a pretty good card for online shopping spends and so makes sense if over 70% of your spends are done online.

Note that the subscription plan to earn additional accelerated rewards is not available on Marquee/Private credit cards.

Forex Markup Fee

  • Forex Markup Fee: 1%+GST = 1.2%
  • Net gain (online spends): 4.5-1.2 = 3.3%
  • Net gain (offline spends): 2.25-1.2 = 1%

For International online spends, Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card comes with low markup fee at this fee point and is the highest rewarding credit card in the country, assuming one is not into airmiles.

For international offline spends, it is as good as HDFC Infinia (without Global value program) and that is decent enough.


  • Flights/Hotels: 0.25 INR / point
  • Vouchers: Upto 0.25 INR / point (on some vouchers)

One of the advantage of Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card is the ability to redeem the points directly for flights/hotels at their revenue rate, so you don’t need to hit your head against the walls to make the most out of your “miles” with other cards.

While each has it’s own advantages, some cardholders just don’t have time for that. If that is the case, these direct redemptions comes handy.

On top of that, some gift vouchers are also available at 25ps/point value which makes it slightly better than the Yes Bank Reserv Credit Card.

Airport Lounge Access

Domestic (Primary & Add-on)Visa / Mastercard6/Qtr2/Qtr (shared)
International (Primary & Add-on)Visa / MastercardUnlimited2/Qtr (shared)

With Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card, you get access to domestic & international lounges for both Primary and Add-on credit cards.

Remember that for international lounge access, the card can be used directly instead of additional Priority Pass.

Guest access of 2/Qtr is also available on the card shared between both domestic & international lounge access.

Golf Benefit

  • 4 Games per Year (max: 1/month)
  • 1 Lesson per month

While the card doesn’t have the Golf program directly with the bank, you can still avail the Golf benefit on the card via Visa & Mastercard benefit.

Other Benefits

Marquee credit card benefits
  • Purchase protection: Insurance cover of upto INR 50,000 against accidental damage for 6 months for mobile & electronics purchased online
  • Bookmyshow Offer: Buy 1 Get 1, upto 3 tickets per month (upto 800 INR discount per ticket)

Purchase protection is pretty new to Indian credit card industry but good to see that Yes Bank has added it to Marquee.

Bookmyshow offer is also pretty good and it is certainly useful, as I’ve used similar offer back in time with ICICI Emeralde Credit Card.

Reserv vs Marquee

The answer to it w.r.t. rewards is still pending and I should be able to update as soon as the accelerated points are credited on Yes Bank Reserv Credit Card.

Ideally speaking, if you’re only into rewards, then Reserv + Subscription plan will do the work. That’s a great option esp. for LTF Reserv cardholders.

But if you need a real super premium credit card with better lounge access program, then Marquee is the one for you.

Moreover, as Marquee is relatively on a high fee, the product may last little longer with less devaluations.

Should you get Marquee?

If you prefer low forex markup fee, priority pass for add-on’s and most of your spends are made online then it absolutely makes sense to go for the Yes Bank’s Marquee Credit Card.

The card not only gives higher reward rate compared to the widely known HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card (for online spends) but also comes with a much lower renewal fee for the segment.


  • Salaried or self employed
  • Net Salary of >3 Lakhs per month (or) Income Tax Return of >24 Lakhs

While the above applies to offline physical application channel, chances of you getting the card is high if you’ve other credit cards with higher limit (>5L) reported to CIBIL.

How to apply?

  • Online: On Yes Bank Website
  • Branch – Digital: If you share OTP along with other details like PAN, they can remotely apply it on behalf of you.
  • Branch – Physical: By signing physical documents

Ideally applying online by self works pretty smooth for most but if you feel otherwise you may go for the digital application via branch.

However, if you’re not eligible for the card via above 2 modes, then you’ll need to go for the physical application.

Onboarding Experience

Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card onboarding experience

The Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card seen here was applied for a family member via “branch – digital” route and the onboarding was super smooth.

Application: You share the OTP & PAN to initiate the process, they ask to confirm home/office address (all picked from credit report) and you’re given the eligible card to apply for. To confirm, share OTP and you’re done. This takes about 5 mins.

Video KYC: VKYC can also be arranged easily as it’s handled by the same team, different executive though. This takes about 5 mins.

Then it took 3 days for approval and another 4 days for delivery. I was surprised to see that Yes Bank has such an amazing onboarding experience with quick approval and card delivery. This is just as good as Amex/IDFC I would say.

Only downside with digital onboarding is that system doesn’t show you multiple options to choose from. As in, bank could probably show Reserv & Marquee for this profile instead of forcing Marquee only.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.8/5

Yesbank’s newly launched Marquee Credit Card is a pretty good Super Premium Credit Card especially if your spends are largely focused online.

But the downside is, Yes Bank doesn’t have the ability to transfer points to international airlines/hotels. So if you’re not into airmiles and looking for only vanilla rewards, Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card can do wonders for you.

This is undoubtedly one of the best premium credit cards in India for 2024.

Caution: It is to be noted that YesBank’s Credit Card features/benefits are seeing frequent changes ever since the Yes Bank scam broke out, so expect anything, anytime.

Do you’ve Yes Bank’s Marquee Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

39 thoughts on “Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card Review

  1. K. Ghosh

    There is a mistake. Joining bonus 60k points, not 40k. Value is 15k not 10k

  2. Deva

    Can we apply on c2c basis.. Possibility of approval when statement of infinia and magnus with 15Lakh CL is given

    1. AAJ

      From what I checked with Yes RM, it is one card per Customer (exception virtual RuPay cc)

  3. Sravan

    Anyone has good recommendations for rupay credit/debit card for UPI payments

  4. Kaushik

    I already have another yes bank cc barely used. Usually the website hasn’t accepted request for an additional card. This time the request was accepted some 3 weeks ago. I qualify basis the qualifying criteria. What is the possibility of the card being approved.

    1. AAJ

      Pls share with us if you get one 🙂
      Do not wish to lose existing card which is LTF by applying this 😬

  5. Venugopal

    Sid, this card also has 8 complimentary guest access per year to both domestic and international lounge access.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was searching for this info but couldn’t find before. I can now find it on the digital benefits guide.

      So it’s 2/Qtr, wish it’s simple 8/Yr instead.
      But looking at how things work, chances of getting separate 2/Qtr for each primary/add-on is high.

  6. Abhi

    Sounds like a generous card that can be acquired by only paying gst effectively. Bookmyshow benefit is good for gold/VIP tickets, and it’s one of the few cards which offer roadside assistance. Only factor to watch out is the value of RPs as Yesbank tends to devalue them, however that happened when the bank nearly failed. Since it’s bouncing back, wouldnt expect the reformed card portfolio to devalue now.

  7. Vikram

    Is this Yes Bank’s first Visa card? In the past they were MasterCard exclusive.

  8. Rafshad

    Just with regards to the priority pass, when i spoke to customer care they told me that for lounge access (both domestic and international) we just need to use our marquee credit card only. Seems what they said isn’t true since i didn’t get any priority pass card with my marquee card package. Please reply.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That is right, the international access is linked to the card number directly, so no additional PP is required.

  9. Rohit Kumar

    Please also review ICICI Emeralde Private Metal in super premium category. Few things I see it does better than Yes Marquee:
    1. For people with mixed expenses (online, offline, utilities, insurance) and decent level of capping in place, it has potential to give flat 3% return
    2. 3k EaseMyTrip voucher for 4 lakh spends, which is reachable by most people, increasing return to 3.75%
    3. The BMS offer also works for non-movies (concerts, sports)
    4. Taj Epicure with complimentary night stay as welcome benefit

  10. Ekansh Mishra

    Slightly unrelated post:

    It would be very helpful if you could write an article about the best RuPay credit cards or provide a comparison. Since RuPay is the only credit card that can be linked with UPI, having a RuPay credit card is a must. It would be greatly appreciated if you could enlighten us on this matter.

  11. RajBan

    Is it true that YES bank linking the lounge access for the Marquee card to a minimum quarterly usage?

  12. Anmol

    It seems Yes bank has stopped issuing this card.

    When applying online, being offered Reserve. Visited the branch, was informed that this card is not available.

    Is anyone else getting similar response?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I Doubt.

      System shows the card based on profile, we can’t choose the card with Yesbank unfortunately, which I mentioned in the article as well.

  13. Mudit

    Thank you Sid for another great article!

    Could you please help with info on if we have have this card in addition to Yes Reserv?

    I tried applying online but the message said
    “Dear customer, you have already applied for Yes Bank CC”

    I have LYF YFE, which is now showing as Reserv (I don’t know how!) In the CC statement

  14. Siddharth

    I’ve got this card since December, but haven’t received the bonus rewards yet of 60000. Any idea?

  15. Sumit kumar

    Is advance income tax payment counted for select categories reward points ??

  16. Venkatesh

    What is the points conversion rate for Amazon/ Flipkart gift voucher?
    Is it 1 point = 0.25 INR?

  17. Satish

    Sid, can you suggest best credit card for cashbacks/rewards on education payments.
    Thanks in advance

  18. Harish

    Is it possible to get Yes Reserv or Marquee if you hold Infinia or other premium card which is 10 lacs limit?


    1. MrNightStar

      Sure. Try on website. It is on basis of CIBIL records.


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