5X Reward Points on Insurance spends with Yes Bank Credit Cards

By | December 21, 2021
5X Reward Points on insurance spends

Here’s a really nice offer from Yesbank on Insurance premium spends that could get you returns as good as 7.5% on your spends (on YF exclusive card). Here is the offer info,

Offer Details

  • Offer: 5X rewards on Insurance Spends
  • Offer Period: 1st Dec 2021 to 31st March 2022
  • Min. Spend: 5000 INR
  • Max. Cap: 5000 Reward Points
  • Fulfilment: 4X reward will be posted to card account within 45 days of offer end date.

Its quite a simple and decent offer from Yesbank after a long time. Also, the longer offer period is a good one.

I’m personaly thinking to avail the offer, primarily because Amazon Pay is having payment issues on LIC premium payments lately and I don’t see any other better offer for insurance payments during Dec 2021.

Hope we get more such GOOD credit card offers from Yesbank in the coming months. Btw, here’s one more offer, targeted to select cardholders: 10X Reward Points on spends with YesBank Credit Cards

Author: Siddharth

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18 thoughts on “5X Reward Points on Insurance spends with Yes Bank Credit Cards

  1. Bharath

    LIC payments are working in Amazon pay. I paid 2 days back using my Amazon Pay ICICI credit card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s weird to know, as I’ve been trying to pay since past 4 days but it’s getting failed every single time.


        I faced issues with Amazon pay card twice even after all settings & limits for the card was ok. First it was declined at a fuel station and second time was at yatra website a few days back. Planning to close this card if i face similar issues again a couple of times as i am not using it much because of Infinia.

      2. Ankit

        Same issue with me. I tried using Apay and Apay icici card for balance amount and it was continuously failing.

        Then I added the Amz GV for balance amount and paid the entire amount using Apay, and it got success. Might be this is a big. Not sure. You try and let us know.

  2. Nilesh

    Thanks for highlighting this offer. I have just the right amount of premiums due in the offer period to be able to get the full 5k RPs.
    But Sid, according to my calculation, would be able to get a value of 3.75% max on YF Exclusive variant, considering Insurance payments now get 6 RPs on every 200 spends and the max value I am able to take out of there RPs is at 1 RP= Rs. 0.25 (on flight tickets). Correct me if am wrong

  3. Mouli

    After seeing this post only ,I realised that I still hold YFE card.
    Once it was compared to Infinia !

  4. j

    Isnt Infinia hands down the best for insurance payment purposes(assuming you have one ?) you simply buy amazon gift cards from smartbuy for over 16% discount (sigh! it used to be 33% in past) and use them for insurance expenses via Amazon Pay.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      You are absolutely correct, but this is for those who can keep collecting Amazon Pay balance month after month, for spoiled people like me, Amazon Pay balance flies..

      1. j

        These days practically everyone can utilize amazon pay balance for regular spends like electricity, phone, DTH, LPG, broadband, insurance bills. I have not even used niche features like education fees, municipal taxes and can easily reach the Rs 10,000 cap on smartbuy.

  5. Nagendran

    How should I make payment to avail this offer? LIC website takes me to paytm payment gateway, will the offer be applicable through this mode? I tried adding LIC as a biller in Yes bank netbanking but it says no premium is due. Now I am confused whether to use this offer or stick to Amazon pay card.

    1. Nilesh

      Check with customer support; though i have a gut feeling that online payment with paytm gateway on lic website should work out.. had a similar offer on Amex cards around September 2021, their CC had supported this view; though Amex’s rewards haven’t got credited yet- last date for that is 20th March 2022

  6. Ramesh

    How is it 7.5% , as per Yes bank site “4 Reward Point for every INR 200 on Select categories”

    1. Abhi

      If you use Yes First Exclusive, and redeem the 5X points on travel you get 7.5% value.

  7. Mohit

    I spent 40k INR for LIC insurance payment (directly on LIC portal and Yes First Exclusive card).
    If i am supposed to get 1200 points (200 INR at 6RP) under base offer and additional 4x as bonus, i got only 1000 points marked as bonus. Thats a paltry 250 INR worth (1RP=.25 INR) for 40,000 spend or 0.625% returns.

    Even a BNPL card would have given me standard 1% reward rate.
    Is this worth the hassle to raise cases to support ? In past Yes RM keeps ignoring requests/ delays indefinitely for following up on things like this.

    1. Raja

      Similar issue with me. Had 5x offer on international transactions. Was supposed to get about 1K points as bonus, but got only 100 points as bonus.


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