Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Review

By | November 28, 2016
 Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Review

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Review

I don’t generally suggest SC cards as their reward rates are pretty low than any other cards. However, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card is known mainly for its Fuel cashback benefit which is the whole reason for this article. Its one of the rare Fuel cashback cards around along with other benefits.

  • Joining Fee: Rs.499+tax (Waived if you Spend Rs. 30,000 in a year )
  • Renewal fee: Annual/Renewal Fee waived if you spend Rs. 60,000 in a year

5% CashBack Categories on Super Value Titanium Card:

You get 5% cashback on below categories:

  • Fuel: 2.5% surcharge reversal + 2.5% cash back on the transaction amount
  • Telecom Bill Payments
  • Utility Bill Payments

Conditions on Cashback:

  • Minimum transaction amount for cashback eligibility is INR 750
  • Maximum cashback per transaction is INR 100
  • Maximum cashback per month is INR 500

Though cash back cap is 500 per month but cash back cap on FUEL is only 200 per month. This is how 500 cap is broken

  • 200 – fuel
  • 200 – telecom (postpaid mobile / landline bill payments)
  • 100 – utility bills

Reward Points on other spends:

  • 1 Rewards Points/ Rs.100
  • 1 Reward Point = ~0.27 Ps

I calculated the reward point value by finding the value of one of the products in points redemption. They keep changing the point value from time to time (usually reduce).

Features of Super Value Titanium Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 3.5/5
  • Reward rate: 0.27% (regular spends) to 5% Cashback
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax

Its a very basic card and the cashback conditions put on the card is not worth spending the time on, at-least for me. One of my friend has this card, but never uses it, not even once in past 6 months, so you get the idea 😀

In this range, you can also consider ICICI Coral credit card (mastercard version) which also comes with MasterCard domestic Lounge access and 0.5% value back as Payback points. In response to Standard Chartered, HDFC recently launched two cards as below with similar benefits.

Whats your thoughts on Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences below.

23 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Review

  1. Prashant Gupta


    I have their Landmark credit card (earlier known as innercircle credit card) , its free for life and has mastercard airport lounge access. The points value has been devalued now. Earlier it used to give 1.2% value back now it gives 0.6%.

  2. Manu

    Their Inner Circle card is a good free card esp for those who shop for clothes a lot

  3. Parth

    Hey Siddharth, I would like to differ on this one. I own this card and I usually end up getting monthly 500 cash back without much effort. I feel it’s a wonderful card. While the earn rate maybe low. It’s cashback feature for bill payment allows you to get 5% back almost every time!

    Would you agree that from the perspective of utility bill payment (mobile / gas / electricity) this is the best card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sounds good. Sure, i agree, it does help for Utility Payments and this being an inbuilt feature of a card is a nice thing indeed.

      But for me,
      Its of no use as I’m using Diners points for all Mobile/Postpaid/LL bill payments 🙂

      1. Parth

        That brings me to an earlier much needed request. Please guide us on your mileage earning strategy.. You’ve to guide us easy mode players 😀

      2. MD Faisal

        But Rs75 redemption fee spoils the offer. I usually have build ranging from 750-1000. Extra 75 is a deal breaker

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Usually u get cash back on Paytm FreeCharge…..and then the premium cards have good reward rate… the card is useless….

  4. Sidharth

    So am clueless on if to keep the card or throw it. Use it for the following 2 things only
    1) Fuel – Get 5%
    2) Mobile Bill Payments – 2.5%

    Have option to switch to pay through Infinia

    What say ?

    1. KK

      Shouldn’t it be other way round? Fuel – 2.5% and Mobile – 5%?

      I suggest you dump this card, as Infinia has inbuilt 3.3% reward rate in the form of reward points and as suggested in an earlier comment if you route your infinia spend via paytm/freecharge for mobile bill payment, you also get discounts. Hence, get this card revoked. I’m sure it is not free as 60k need to be spent in the year for waiver.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        If everyone is eligible for Infinia, then we don’t even need to talk about any other cards 😉

  5. Kumar

    Loading cash to Freecharge/Mobikwik will give you 5% cashback on this card as their MCC comes under ‘Mobile Payment’ & you can use these wallets to buy on any websites where these wallet payments are available. Only loading money to wallets will be eligible. Although they have sub category limits., but I used to get full Rs.500 cashback by loading cash to these wallets (5 tranasactions of Rs.2000 each)

    p.s: When loading on paytm, cashback is not guranteed. Don’t know why but I used to get it randomly.

    1. Abhishek

      Hi Kumar,

      Very right. I also use this card very frequently :-
      1. Rs 2000 * 2 for 2 Fuel transactions (Rs 100 saved which is 2.5% , as rest 2.5% is surcharge waiver)
      2. Rs 2000 * 2 for Freecharge / Airtel Money (Paytm & Mobikiwk used to be Mobile MCC , now changed i guess)
      3. Rest 1 transaction normally goes waste for me as my needs are met above 2 and 5% on Bil payments is less compared to offers on Freecharge as of now. This cashback category is utlity bill which is landline/electricity bill

      But there have been instances of me using 5th transaction in freecharge and getting 5%.

      i still feel this card is worth it.

    2. Saurabh

      thanks for the info i have Super Value Titanium which is lifetime free… haven’t been using it can be used to buy fuel via wallet overall 5% saving instead of 2.5 in normal case.

      have been receiving cashback on all transaction at Freecharge Paytm Mobikwik with axis my choice credit card with 5% cash back on utility bills as per statement all are under MERCHANT CATEGORY-MOBILE PHONES AND BILL PAYMENTS

  6. Hm

    Sc offering me landmark card , lifetime free, card on card base. Any idea what will credit limit they offer on this card as my currant CC has 3lk , Any other suggestions for CC

  7. Subhasish

    I like this card as I get regular cashback. Also this card is entitled for master card lounge program (domestic access)

  8. Prashant Gupta

    Update: Received message from SC that lounge access feature on Landmark rewards credit card is being discontinued w.e.f.01 May 2017.


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