RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit Card Review

By | December 30, 2016

As many of you are asking for reviews on RBL cards, i’m starting with RBL Platinum Delight credit card which is one of the beginner level card from RBL Bank. While RBL bank is not so popular in credit card segment, they do have cards with decent reward rate. However, i don’t like the concept of paying joining fee for reward points whatsoever. Though, you can get some benefits if you spend with a strategy.

RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit Card

  • Joining Fee: Rs. 750+Tax
  • Welcome Bonus: 4,000 Points
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Spend Rs. 1.5 Lakhs or more in the previous year

The welcome bonus worth is equivalent to the Joining fee paid.

Reward Points on RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card

  • 2 Reward points per Rs.100
  • 1,000 Bonus Reward Points every month on 5 transactions worth Rs. 1,000 each or more in a calendar month.
  • 1 Reward point = 0.23ps – 0.25ps

This card is best if you spend around Rs.5,000 a month or about Rs.60,000 a year. Lets see how much we can save in that case.

  • RP for 5 transactions worth Rs. 1,000 each or more in a calendar month = 12,000 Points/yr
  • RP for Rs.60,000 spend for doing above txn’s in a yr = 1,200 Points
  • Total = 13,200 Points = Rs.3000 in Value
  • Effective Reward Rate: 5%

Ever wondered this basic card has quiet a lot of potential? So Never underestimate the potential of the card based on the joining fee 😀

Features of RBL Platinum Delight Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 3.5/5
  • Reward rate: Upto 5%
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Capped at Rs. 150 every billing cycle (S.Tax applicable).
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: Renewal fee reversed if you spend Rs.1.5 Lakhs in a year
  • Special Features: Monthly Bonus, 2X points on weekends spends.

While this card comes with a nice 5% reward rate, it suits only for small spenders with average annual spend of about Rs.60,000 who can effectively use to avail the monthly bonus. This Monthly bonus feature is basically copied from American Express Gold charge card, well, who cares, they applied it a better way.

One downside though, the redemption options are limited. Though, you can easily burn them on Recharges for this range of reward points. Other cards in this beginner level segment are Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card and Moneyback card. You can also checkout my latest list of 7 Best Cashback Credit Cards if you’re looking for direct cashback on your credit card spends.


10 thoughts on “RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit Card Review

  1. Shrey

    Hi Sid,

    How did you arrive at the 0.23 – 0.25 rps reward point value? Is it redeemable value on flights or for card statement?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I checked some online shopping voucher value/points required on site. Redemption against card statement is not available.

  2. Shrey

    Hi Sid, what’s your take on SBI Yatra credit card? I couldn’t find a review for the Yatra card on the site and was thinking of getting a card from SBI (not interested in Elite as the milestone expenses are a lot to achieve)

  3. Duane

    Hi Sid…. great site. Can you do a single article on all cards from HDFC. Similarly one for SBI.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the kind words.
      Sure thing, will get it live soon 🙂

  4. Sanjay

    Hi Sid, can you help me with few queries:
    1. I was interested in this card for 1000 points bonus but it says ‘swiping’ 5 times a month. Does that mean physical swipe at merchant or online transactions is also considered like using at paytm?
    2. In rewards, are Amazon voucher available for redemption?
    3. Weekend 2x – is it applicable for online spends like paytm transaction? Not clear from website. Point 1 and 3 combined will increase value of the card a lot.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Swipe also means online txn’s usually. applies to weekend spends too. Rewards keeps changing. Check their rewards programme to get an idea.


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