Citibank Rewards Credit Card (India) Review

By | May 18, 2016
Citibank Rewards Credit Card - India

Citibank Rewards Credit Card – India

Citibank Rewards Credit Card is one of the beginner credit card in the space usually issued for free to most salaried individuals where the company is banking with Citibank. Citibank is the leading credit card issuer across the world, though in India, HDFC is the market leader and Citi is emerging good.

Citi could compete equally with the rival only if it opens more branches in India and with more card offerings. Though they have limited cards, it addresses fairly well to both the beginners and the high spenders.

Earning & Redeeming Points in Citibank Rewards Card:

  • 1 Reward Point for every Rs.125 on all purchases
  • Accelerated Reward Points: 10 Reward Points for every Rs.125 spent at apparel and department stores and select partners.
  • 1 Reward Point = 0.35 Ps for cash against card statement

Reward points aren’t that attractive and the only nice way to earn good amount of reward points is by using your card in apparel, department stores and select partners.

For ex, If you spend 1 Lakh on “apparel, department stores and select partners”, you’ll get Rs.2,800 (2.8% value back) worth of reward points whereas spending elsewhere gives only Rs.280 (0.28% Value back) which is near to nothing.

However, you can still maximize the value of the reward points if you transfer them to Airmiles as you can strategically get Rs.1/mile value or more for your points as long as you know what you’re doing. Points and miles game is like an ocean.

Features of Citibank Rewards Credit Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 5/10
  • Reward rate: 0.28% – 2.8% (Accelerated Reward Points)
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Nil
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: Your annual fee of Rs. 1000 is waived on making spends of Rs. 30,000 in a membership year.
  • Special Features: Get 1,000 bonus points on card spends of Rs. 1,00,000 or more in a calender quarter.

That being said, its a very basic card and it doesn’t come with any good reward structure for high spenders. One of the major advantage with Citi cards is that they have lots of redemption options out there including cash credit on statement. I would go for this card only if i’m not eligible for any other card as i don’t spend much on the accelerated rewards category.

Do you hold Citibank Rewards Credit Card? Do let me know in comments below.

13 thoughts on “Citibank Rewards Credit Card (India) Review

  1. Avishek Dey

    It gives 1000 bonus point as anniversary benefit and 500 points in birthday month.
    So total 1500 points each year.

    1. Amandeep singh


      Do you suggest to change my rewards card to cash back card. I end up paying 15_20k every month.

      Mostly I spend on dining,shopping.

  2. Sunny

    Thanks for making me realize Citibank Rewards could be used for Jet miles. I was completely oblivious to this, infact couple years ago, I went for a cashback with my points.

    Which begs the question – do you remember if this JP miles conversion facility came recently? Or was it available all along?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sunny, no idea about it. Am yet to explore Citi cards in hands.

  3. Sanjaykulkarni

    Hi this sanjay kulkarni I have applied for citi bank rewards cerdit card but i have indian oil credit card what should i do now, somebody says indian oil card is good and somebody says that rewards credit card is good so iam little bit of confusion on this would please help me out on this which is correct .because of Iam employee.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It depends on where you’re going to spend. If you fuel a lot, yes, Indian oil card will be useful.

  4. Ankit

    Hi Siddarth,
    My billing would be around 2 to 3 thousand across stores like More, Star bazaar, etc. and handful times I make a purchase from Amazon or Flipkart in a year. Is the Citi bank Rewards credit card good for me OR should I go for any other card.

  5. Abhirup G

    Just had a look in Citi’s official page, it seems the 10X reward points are capped till Rs 7000. Any spending beyond that gets you only 1 RP per 125, so i guess theres simply no benefit at all

  6. Muthu Krishnan

    Last month i got a citi bank credit bank and got 2500 rewards points(1000 points for first purchase and 1500 points for first rs.1000 purchase).

    siddharth, I am also owning both hdfc money back card and citi rewards card , want to know which one is better?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      All are basic cards, doesnt matter much. Just check the respective reviews to find the reward rate of each 🙂


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