You can now Chat with American Express Support via Amex Mobile App

By | May 19, 2021

If you’re an American Express Credit Card customer, you may already know that their support is of world-class and no Indian bank has ever come close to them. From understanding the issues to giving on spot solution, American Express is far ahead of the competition.

Now this is getting even better with their new Chat/Message support, wherein one can send a short message to American Express via their Amex Mobile app reg. their concerns/queries. This feature is now live for select customers, more details below.

American Express has recently enabled a chat/message option for select customers on their Amex Mobile app (both IOS & Android). If enabled, you’ll now see a chat icon on top right corner once you successfully login. This allows you to send a short message to Amex just like how you would chat with your friend.

Even-though its not enabled for my ac, I tried it on someone else’s ac and surprised to see response in under a minute. You could ask all sorts of queries that you would otherwise ask over Call/email.

I did check with a couple of queries, most of them were answered, and for some sensitive queries, they would still suggest you to give a call.

Support Page
Just like SMS
Oh yeah, they’re taking survey too!

Why its better than Call/Email

Given that they take a couple of hours (a day – at times) to respond to the support emails, chat is a good option for any quick doubts like checking the fulfilment of an offer, etc.

On other side, if you prefer to call, you need to go through IVR verification & spend some time over call to get things done.

So its an amazing feature that saves you time & even money if you’re roaming out of the country.

My Thoughts

Its very much a welcoming move and its certainly a win-win for both customers and the brand as the brand will now spend less on tele-support, not to forget that Amex level of support costs Amex a LOT (compared to other banks) so it seems they’re planning to reduce them the right way.

And for customers, asking a query is now a tap away. You would hardly need to spend few seconds to send a text over the call/email which would demand few mins and after all, its so convenient.

I feel every other bank has to move to this method someday or other as it not only makes life easy, but also makes customers use their mobile app more often. Well done Amex!

Has this feature been enabled for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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16 thoughts on “You can now Chat with American Express Support via Amex Mobile App

  1. Himanshu

    I just checked it on my Android App. It’s working and my Amex account is 5 months old.

  2. SH

    Good move by Amex. Next stop: category based bonus (like 5X on travel spends, 4X on dinning and grocery etc.) Come on Amex you can do it..:-)

    1. Nikhil

      I spoke to Amex customer care a month or so ago and I said that their Gold Charge was pretty useless; anybody who wanted a higher spending limit could apply directly for the Platinum and those who had the MRCC got the same monthly bonus by spending 4000 a month vs 6000. I then suggested that the American version of the Gold charge card was going out like hot cakes because it granted better dining rewards and better multipliers. I told them that in the Indian market, the gold card didn’t give any perks (forget the vouchers or what not) and it left a gaping hole for the customer who is at MRCC and cannot quite hit a Platinum or for whom a travel card doesn’t fit their case scenario.

      The customer care told me that they are revamping the reward structure for Gold. Hopefully, like you suggested, they will bring in these multipliers.

  3. Praveen Katiyar

    Great article, as always..!
    AMEX, thanks for being Customer Centric. Amex, U upped the game with this..!
    Who says perfection can’t be improved.

  4. Shashank Suresh

    I was told about this chat option over a call with Amex and used the same to foreclose an EMI recently. Very happy with the experience. The whole thing took only 10 mins.

    1. Saurabh Patel

      Infact a comparison of all the Fuel based credit cards would be great.

  5. upendran m

    In ICICI net banking there is an option “call me” . On clicking it, in less than a minute we receive a call back on our regd mobile. This feature is also extraordinary.

  6. M. Upendran

    In ICICI net banking there is an option called “Call back” through which we get instant call back from the customer care. This is an awesome feature which resolves our query instantly and saves us the pain of navigating through the maze of options to reach the customer care executive.

  7. Sujit

    Tried this option today to change my email ID. Worked like a charm. Asked me a couple of questions to verify, and thats it. Even the questions and answers were hidden for security reasons. I liked the thoughtfulness behind the app design.

  8. Nipun

    This facility is not available for all the cards, my amex payback card is been not available with.

  9. Madhesh Kumar

    I’ve used 3-4 times, first one regarding changing my billing cycle and rest being issues faced due to card acceptance or failures in transaction.
    All the time they were swift in reply and happy to help, it’s like asking our friend who is ready to help any moment.

  10. Sann

    is the chat support removed? I was trying to find but I don’t see the message icon anymore? (Note: I recently updated my phone to android 11).

  11. Bharath Sridhar

    I am unable to find the chat icon anymore. I tried calling AMEX customer care, but they have no clue. Anyone who can help? Thanks!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its disabled for some, but no idea why. Do check with support.

      1. Bharath Sridhar

        I contacted support and they have no clue. It works for my supplementary cards, but not on my primary Platinum Charge card.


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