Super Sundays: 10% Cashback with IndusInd Bank Amex Credit Cards

By | October 16, 2017

Indusind has been running this offer since August and it looks like they’ve kind of extended it for Sep & October as well. Or, maybe i got the promo email only last sunday as my Indusind Iconia Amex Credit Card is pretty new. The offer is in partnership with American Express and here are more details:

indusInd Bank American Express Iconia Credit Card Sunday Offer

Super Sundays: 10% Cashback with IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

Offer: Get 10% cash back* for domestic spends of over Rs.4000, on all the Sundays of a month combined, using your IndusInd Bank American Express Iconia Credit Card.

Offer Details:

  • Minimum Spend: Rs.4,000
  • Maximum Cashback: Rs.500 per month (Spend of Rs.5,000)
  • Offer Period: 1st August 2017 to 31st October 2017.
  • If you’ve availed this offer for previous month, it looks like you can also avail it again every month.
  • Spends done on all sunday’s can be combined.
  • Fulfilment: Before Dec 15th for spends done on Oct 2017

This is certainly one of the best offers for many as it helps you save 10% on “any spends” done on sundays. You can shop online (but not on amazon, as the card don’t work), go for a dinner or purchase some sweets for your family on all sundays and they’re now 10% cheaper.

This is better than American Express own promo that only helps you save 5%, though, you can save upto Rs.12,500 with that. Wish they have some better upper cap on this promo as well.

What’s you take on Indusind cashback offers – Are you availing it? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

19 thoughts on “Super Sundays: 10% Cashback with IndusInd Bank Amex Credit Cards

  1. Manu

    Indusind amex still does not work on

    The only gripe with this card..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, I just tested and it fails!

      Its the Amex Safekey Auth issue. Escalated it in all angles. Hope it gets cleared soon, probably in few weeks.

      1. ashu

        This is really Baffling….. Iconia Amex not working on Amazon when amazon accepts all Amex Cards.
        I have escalated too! Lets see.

        But yes, this Sunday Offer is a decent for regular usage.

        Only Issue is that IndusInd keeping Capping of Rewards low to 500Rs….
        It looks very low as compared to Generous YesBank & Diners

    2. ND

      That is a BIG negative. If I knew it I wouldn’t have gone for this card (expected in a week).

  2. ashu

    You are Online right now Sid……
    Speed of Moderation is the Fastest I have ever seen 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’m usually online for sometime when new posts go live 🙂

  3. Praveen Perumalla

    A good offer with not much spending burden. 5k on 4 sundays in a month is very much doable even without planning your spends. Almost all banks made noise this festive season except Citibank. Is it this way every year?

    1. ashu

      Offers around Diwali Seems to be the way frwd for Banks / CC ….
      Basically, Credit Cards / Banks tried to connect the Offers with Amazon / Flipkart sales..

  4. Rahul Kashyap

    So, let’s make it clear. Cumulative spend of 5,000 on Oct Sundays combined, and I get 500 back, right?

  5. Balaji

    Did anyone get the 500rs credited to your card?
    The cashback for the month of August is supposed to be credited by this October 15th.

  6. Parth sarthi Bajaj

    Can you please also post an article about HDFC ISIC Forex card and also HDFC kids advantage account easyshop platinum debit card

    I am a student going abroad for studies please help me with cards to take and other financial things

  7. ashu

    Hopefully , everyone managed to use this offer for October…
    I hope that this offer comes back for Nov & Dec too.

    Its a Good offer with easy target ….though not a High Spend – High Rewards offer but reasonable enough.

    Short & Sweet Offer !!

    1. ashu

      No communication received till now (including One Sunday that has passed) for November …. No SMS or this regards from IndusInd.
      So, treat it as Offer Closed.


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