Rs.2000 Cashback on Spends of Rs.25,000 or more with Indusind Credit Cards

By | October 17, 2017

Indusind was reminding its credit card customers last friday with a “trailer” kind of sms stating that something “exiting” is coming. Post that, they’ve sent out the Super Sundays – 10% Cashback offer and today they’ve sent out a new spend based offer. They messed up a bit though.

Indusind Iconia Amex Festive Offer

This was the sms they sent:

Indusind Credit Cards – Spend based offer

Indusind Credit Cards – Rs.2000 Cashback Offer

Offer: Eligible Cardholders need to spend Rs.25,000 (Not 20k – confirmed) or more during the offer period on IndusInd Bank Iconia Amex Credit Card to get a flat Cashback of Rs.2000.

They actually messed up on this by mentioning Rs.20k on T&C page and Rs.25k on SMS as you can see above snapshot. Its 25k as per the latest emailer.

Offer Details:

  • Minimum Spend: Rs.25,000
  • Maximum Cashback: Rs.2,000 (8% Value)
  • Offer Period: 16th October to 18th October 2017.
  • Txn Type: All, except loading of e-wallets.
  • If the Cardholder upgrades or downgrades or cancels his/her Credit Card to any other Card, the Cardholder will not be eligible for any benefits under this Program
  • Fulfilment: Dec 31st 2017

It looks like the offer is a personalized one for Amex card holders again, like the Super Sundays offer as the T&C page mentioned my ‘iconia amex’ in most lines. Hence, you may/maynot be eligible for this if you’re holding a different card from indusind. Check with customer care before spending in that case.

What’s your take on this Rs.2,000 Cashback offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

16 thoughts on “Rs.2000 Cashback on Spends of Rs.25,000 or more with Indusind Credit Cards

  1. ashu

    Yes, I have received the SMS too….

    and yes, they have Goofed-Up on mentioning different Min Tranx Value in SMS / T&C…

  2. ashu

    Decent Offer !!
    But not worth the hype they created in trailer SMS ….

    IndusInd Offers started to look low since Yes Bank has gone really Aggressive in its Offerings!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Infact both of them are Amex partner offers. Not sure what indusind has for their other cards. Maybe the accelerated points that they sent out a month back!

      1. Sakthivel

        These Amex partner offers are really good when compared with offers for Amex card…Should i have gone with Indusind Amex card than Amex MRCC ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Looks like Amex had over confidence on their Diwali offer this time because of last year’s success. Usually their rewards are much better. We should see much better offer in coming months as i’m sure their Diwali promo is going to be a fail!

          1. Praveen Perumalla

            I registered for the offer knowing that I would not be going for it. However, One of my family members had a Jewellery requirement and spent 92k on the card. That’s a free 5k voucher for me 🙂

            But yes, this was not a great offer from Amex.

  3. Praveen Perumalla

    I am going to skip it since there is already a 5x reward program going on until 20 Oct that gives 10% cashback for the Amex variant. I already made lot of spends prior to this and this offer came a tad late for me with only 3 days to make valid spends.

      1. RajatK

        Yes it should. Just like the Sunday 10% cashback (upto Rs 500) is being counted alongwith 5x reward points offer..

      2. Praveen Perumalla

        I am not sure about it. Certainly the dates overlap and it is good to check with CC.

    1. RajatK

      5X corresponds to 10% for weekend spends only, else its 7.5% – am sure you are aware of it but just mentioning it here..

      1. Praveen Perumalla

        Yes, Rajat. I’m aware and I make it a point to use it on the weekends only.

    1. Praveen Perumalla

      Sid has reviewed all the useful IndusInd cards. Please read those reviews to decide on the card that is the best for you.

    2. ND

      If you have online spends (particularly Amazon as Iconia doesn’t work), then Pinnacle is best with 2.5% return, but comes with a hefty 1 time fee of 59k (incl GST). But it’s like paying luxury car premium on Maruti as someone here had made an analogy; quite a relevant one.

  4. Nihar

    This year I have received similar SMS from IndusInd, 10% cashback on minimum spend of 15 K on Amex Card between 1st to 15th Dec. Max cashback of 2500 can be earned while all conditions remain the same.
    Fulfillment by 31st Jan’19.


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