Super Premium Credit Card – A Concept by Cardexpert

By | January 3, 2019

Disclaimer: This is not an actual card, it’s just an imaginary concept by me. It’s an idea as to how a best super premium credit card can look like, in my point of view.

Thanks for showing your interest in my previous Lifestyle Credit Card – Concept which is a premium credit card. So, as a continuation to that, here’s my concept on the best super premium credit card.

  • Type: Super Premium Credit Card / Visa Infinite
  • Joining Fee: 25k+GST / (Renewal: waived on 25L spend)
  • Welcome Vouchers: 10k Taj vouchers + 10k Dineout voucher + 10k Uber Credits/Ola Money

I badly need that Olamoney as it not only gives access to cab rides for the entire year, but also helps with some recharges here and there 🙂

Super Premium Credit Card Concept (Design Sample: Stratos)


  • Metal card (or) with some design as above

Reward Points

  • Points Reward rate: 2.5%
  • 1 Point = Rs.1

Redemption Options

Points Transfer

  • Hotels: Hyatt/Marriott (1:2)/Taj
  • Airlines FFP: Jet Airways/Vistara/Air India/British Airways/ Singapore Airlines


  • Shopping: Pantaloons/Lifestyle/AdityaBirla Brands/Arvind brands
  • Dining: Dineout/Eazydiner/Marriott
  • Travel: Cleartrip/Taj/Oberoi

Elite Tiers

  • Hotels: Marriott Gold Elite/Hilton Gold/Taj Gold
  • Airlines: Vistara Gold/Jet Silver
  • Dining: EazyDiner Prime / Club Marriott membership / Taj epicure 

Milestone Benefits

Other benefits:

  • Lounge Access: Unlimited + 10 Airport Spa Access via Dreamfolks
  • Meet & Greet: 5 times/Yr (Most Desired)
  • Forex Markup Fee: 0% (First of its kind in India)
  • Add-On Cards: to friends/family, post reports to Credit Bureau
  • Flexible Limit: Go upto 2X of current limit (on approval)
  • Emergency Replacement: Instant (for online usage), within 3 days (anywhere in the world)
  • Concierge: No hold/No IVR. Direct access to support ex. who can solve issues in minutes & callback wherever applicable.
  • Bookmyshow: Rs.500 Discount every month (similar to SBI Elite)
  • Birthday Benefit: 2X points on birthday spends (5% Value)
  • Spend Based Offers: Engage customers once every now and then with targeted offers.

I recently did an entire trip on international business class and for the first time i’ve realized the importance of Fast-track immigration which is usually a part of Meet & greet.

So having Meet & greet is just like flying business class and it saves atleast 2 Hours on international arrival.

Only Citi Prestige has Meet & Greet at select airports at the moment. Wish some credit card company could make it work across the world. I believe this would definitely attract those who value time.

Value to User

On spending 20L, a user gets Rs.95,000 direct value which is nice 4.75% reward rate.

And if you add the indirect benefits via Meet & greet, lounge access, etc. the reward rate would cross well above 6%

Value to bank

Considering atleast 20,000 cardholders sign up for the card in a year, and if we consider the average spend at 10 Lakhs a year, this would boost additional ~100 Crores revenue to the bank.

That’s a sweet number when we don’t even consider the other cross-sells.

So Why such a card?

This card was designed by keeping in mind about the real HNI’s of India who value the values of money for what it has to offer.

This typically provides all lifestyle benefits and to travel in style for the one who’s doing couple of domestic & international trips every year.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.9/5 [yasr_overall_rating]


That’s by far the best features i could come up with this concept, while keeping the numbers a bit realistic.

I thought of adding even more features but that would end up in Ultra super premium, invite only credit card 😉

What’s your take on this super premium credit card concept and which benefit you love the most?

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

47 thoughts on “Super Premium Credit Card – A Concept by Cardexpert

  1. Ccgeek

    Taj gold is a bit difficult to achieve without the Shangri-La warmer welcomes 🙂
    Would have loved the card to have a higher earn rate on international spends ( Citi prestige has a 4% cashback assuming you’ll burn prestige points @.5 paisa atleast which if very doable, diners has 10x and then 3.3%, even Amex platinum charge is 3×2.5 or roughly 3.4% so 2.5 % seems a bit low.

    I like the 5 meet and greet offer ;p. Wondering if the 10k ola vouchers would be attractive to the TG here. Oh nd while we are in dreamland can we please have a metal form factor 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ah well, i updated few features now like Metal card & 2x on Intl spends 🙂

      Maybe Uber Credits? Btw, TG means?

  2. Sourabh

    Refer us once you get something similar, we will also apply :-P.
    You will also get referral benefit.

  3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Well formulated concept. And whats eligibility criteria? It must have.
    I suppose TG stands for Target Group!

  4. Ccgeek

    @sid Awesome 🙂 would love to have the metal prestige.

    @satish yep TG-target group

  5. Satvik

    If someone can pay 25k for a credit card, he won’t we using a taxi service like Ola, Uber. He would be riding in his own chauffeur driven car.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      How can he have his own car in every city he’s flying to? 😉

  6. Shikhar Makkar

    Hi Siddharth, all,

    A question out of this post’s context. Can you please share your experience in getting gift vouches ftom HDFC for spend based offers? I’m struggling to get mine.

  7. Shikhar Makkar

    Hi Siddharth,

    The offer was if I spend 40k between August to September, I would receive a voucher from Flipkart/BMS/Grocery/Apparel and it was supposed to be delivered by 31st December but till now, no success. All my efforts in dealing with their customer care team have went into vain.

    1. Rohit

      HDFC does not give spend based offers vouchers easily, even i had received an offer in September to do X number of transactions within a week and get an Amazon voucher worth X. I never received the Amazon voucher and do not even remember the exact amounts.

      After reading your post even i called HDFC Infina/Diners Black support and they cannot see anything and also asked me to share the SMS which i no longer have due to changed phones, still they have taken down complaint and lets see what resolution they provide, don’t have much hope, will reply here next week as they have said 5 working days for resolution.

      1. Shikhar Makkar

        Hi Rohit,

        How did you get a complaint register? I called the customer care team numerous times on their number 18602676161 and they were not ready to register a complaint. They asked me to email the credit card support team which has not responded till now. I faced a similar issue with IndusInd High5 offer voucher and the day after I called them and registered a complaint, I got my Rs.500 voucher. HDFC support team service has been pathetic and disappointing so far.

        1. Rohit

          Looks like you called phone banking number, check your card envelope/welcome kit for credit card customer care phone numbers if available. Diners Black and Infinia have separate numbers but i don’t know about other HDFC cards. Maybe other members here can tell if phone banking number is the only option for HDFC credit cards below Infinia/Diners Black.

          I called the HDFC Super Premium Infinia/Diners Black credit card customer care, first they were saying there is no such record for Amazon voucher but later took a complaint, the customer care of Infinia/Diners Black is separate and slightly better than normal HDFC cards. Still, they have just taken complaint and lets wait and watch if they provide any resolution within 5 working days.

        2. Rohit

          Update: I got the Amazon voucher today, I had received a call from HDFC on 7th Jan saying that i need to show them the SMS but i didn’t have it as told earlier and told them to close the case and stop calling me. Suprise Surprise today i get the Amazon voucher without any call etc. This is for September spend based offer, so definitely something happened only after making a complaint.

  8. Priyansh Modi

    My personal opinion- Seems like a decent card but wouldn’t be my first choice in super premium cards.
    I would still prefer something like a DCB. Or even Citi prestige.

    My view:
    -Welcome Gift of Ola Money doesn’t seem great option.
    Would swap it with may be 1/2 of Business class tickets considering TG?

    – International spend reward I feel could be better.

    – Meet & Great idea seems Great. That’s something great possibly.

    – Add on card advantages. Often see someone in family facing issue for family members for super premium cards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nothing in the world can beat DCB. 🙂
      You may probably fly biz class with upgrade vouchers from Elite tier benefit.

      Okay, so it seems many donot like Ola Money. But my idea is to give free cab rides. When i fly to a new city, this is where i spend much, like airport transfers from BLR airport is pretty high. So that’s how i thought of Ola Money option. Do we have any other options to solve cab rides?

      1. Sourabh Girdhar

        Can you put some more light on DCB card and how to get that. Could not get much info online.

  9. Vikram

    Just 25K fee for a Super Premium card like this? Aim higher man. Try to compete with Amex Centurion and Citi Ultima Infinite. 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was waiting for this 😀
      Well, yes, i do have an idea for the Ultra super premium, Amex grade 😉

      1. Vikram

        I get it. I mean I get the direction you’re taking. Next you will create a card that’s only for the Royals, Sultanates, then one for the aliens and so on till you create one for the deities. Good luck man!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Vikram

    By the way, design cue from Stratos? I thought they’re defunct. Many such smart card companies came and vanished. From what I hear there’s only one left now and that’s Fuze.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You may expect one in India soon. Some guys working on it!

    2. Abhishek Roy

      No. You may be wrong there. The best that has been in this field till date is “Curve”. I have used it. Infact my wife uses it as of now. It’s amazingly good. As of now only being issued in UK and European Union. If something like that ever comes to India, it’ll be a game changer altogether. Enjoy!! One card rules them all.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        I was initially thinking to use Curve’s card design for this concept 😀

      2. Vikram

        I read about Curve and it seems to support only Visa and Mastercard. But the other ones I am talking about supported all card types including membership cards, gym cards, every other type of card that has a mag stripe and stores info. Fuze supports chip and pin too, the only one that did among that lot (not including Curve).

  11. Abhishek Roy

    Lounge visits should be globally acceptable through Priority Pass or Lounge Key (Primary plus Add On, Add on could be given to in-laws as well, this as of now is allowed only by Citibank). Do anything concierge should be there. Apart from Amex Platinum Charge, no other card is good enough in this category.
    Acceptability, it has to be acceptable globally (One major Problem with Cards on amex and Diners Platform.)
    Pay ₹2000 extra an year and get a metal version of this same card (I’ll happily pay for that)
    Make a credit line that can be increased on request temporarily for bigger purchases based on the risk profile of the patient.
    Lower EMI rates for low risk customers (allowing bigger purchases)
    Forex fee has to go. Just like US cards, no Mark up fees. (This will be a killer feature)
    Emergency card replacement in any part of the world. (Only Amex does it at the moment, HDFC does not do this. This is done at the level of VISA only but at huge costs too. )
    While on an international trip get a mirrored card/mapped card before going in order to continue fuss free even if your cars had to be blocked due to some reason. This is specially good for people who are travelling for longer times like 1-2 months.

    Remember these things increase the trust on the card provider a lot. A lot of people will rely on this while travelling on long international trips.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Concierge – saved for Invite only card 😀
      Rest all updated 🙂

      1. Abhishek Roy

        Great!! Agreed on the concierge plan. However, already good super premium (not going to ultra premium) cards like Prestige and Platinum Charge cards do have a very good Concierge. I believe something in line with that of Amex Platinum Charge Concierge should be there on this Concept Card!

  12. Ebin Johnson

    Considering atleast 20,000 cardholders sign up for the card in a year, and if we consider the average spend at 10 Lakhs a year, this would boost additional ~100 Crores revenue to the bank. Can you explain this further. Also is it possible to have a separate article where you may be able to explain how much the card issuers earns on various spend categories.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t have the actual values but its not tough to decode either. The said number is a wild guess, considering the joining fee & txn fee.

  13. Mr verma

    Hi Sid,
    Regarding value to bank “if 20k subscriber spend 10 lakhs each, then 100 cr revenue to bank.” Is revenue the right term here. because bank has to pay/pass that money to retailers/merchants for the processed transactions..

    1. Priyansh Modi

      While I neither own it or feel it’s best card out there for those eligible, I guess the major advantages are:

      Meet and greet- which as far as I know, Citi prestige is the only card giving same
      Also it has unlimited lounge for supplimentary card owner as well I think. And 4:1 ratio of miles transfer is sweet for some of the programs, especially when there are bonus earning chances (5x etc) and bonus to transfer.

      1. SMR

        I actually own a Citi Prestige and I’m still figuring out the best deals. Taj Epicure membership is Okay, as is unlimited lounge access. The 4:1 miles conversion ratio doesn’t necessarily mean 4x reward for every point. I would rather make all my purchases on DCB or Stan C Ultimate where I actually get 3.3 Rs for every 100 spent.

        1. ccgeek

          I kind of agree – have had a prestige for over a year and half – concierge is okay. The best benefit of the prestige is the 3+1 night free. Has worked beautifully for me and this is probably the only reason that I have the card. As for some of the other benefits – haven’t used the meet and greet (only makes sense to use it while flying international) since it is valid only for APAC. The 1point:4airmiles is a decent conversion rate. I had a premier miles long ago and i now use the prestige more as an upgrade to that since it allows for flexibility to transfer to a lot of airlines.

  14. Priyansh Modi

    Hi, had couple of queries.
    I am thinking to make a case for HDFC diners black jet with bank. This will help me reach platinum status with Jet and at same time, I guess I might have a better chance to shift to DCB from this one rather than diners premium. (3.75 lakh limit, 15 something ITR)

    Your views? Especially as the lounge benefits I would not be utilising much but I feel platinum status and chance to keep my amex jet platinum and others for free with that status makes up for it?

    Would also appreciate if you can give a rough idea on number of days it took for tier points to be credited. 🙂

  15. Nishant Gupta

    Mr. Siddharth
    Hello. I have been reading your post for nearly two years now, but I have hardly commented on any of the posts. I really appreciate the content you have been posting over all these years. Like you, I am also one of the credit card freak who is very fond of minting rewards and redeeming them. It gives me immense satisfaction to book tickets using rewards or discounted rates using various cards depending on the offers. I have been doing this for more than six years now and my office colleagues, friends, relatives now consult me before booking their ticket because they have developed confidence that I will surely book the tickets, hotels, shopping deals in lowest possible price at given point of time. When I started reading your posts, I (the infant) was really delighted to see that there is a shark who is so pro in this field.

    Sir, with your permission, I would like to meet you and just talk. I am based in Ranchi (Jharkhand) presently. If you come here by any chance or if I come to your city (I guess that is Chennai) then I would definitely like to get in touch. I was also reading your post regarding sharing of unused vouchers where in you closed the comments. I think I have a solution to that problem. You can open a google spreadsheet which is editable by all who have access to that. You need to have only 5 columns viz. Name, Email, Voucher required, Quantity required. The fifth column indicates the status of the vouchers sent to that particular person.

    For example: Nishant Gupta, [email protected], ixigo voucher, Qty: 5
    Then whosoever sees this in the spreadsheet and has one voucher, he/she can send me over email and then the same person who sent me the voucher can update the 5th column which is 1 posted, 2 posted, 3 posted and so on. In that way the sheet will keep on getting updated and the completed requests can be deleted by you periodically maybe once in 2 days or once in a week. This method is based on faith that others will not post erratic things.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. Will update if we plan for a meetup.

      Thanks for your suggestion reg. voucher sharing, but it needs to be 1-1, else its not going to be useful to the one in need.

  16. Arun

    Siddharth,i have a very good idea for super premium ultra luxery credit card.
    Their are so many benefits are missing in your idea.


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