EazyDiner Prime Review

By | November 16, 2018

Founded in 2015 by Vir Sanghvi and other top hoteliers, EazyDiner is a restaurant table reservation platform similar to Dineout & Zomato. Eazydiner is backed by the Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and he’s not only a brand ambassador but also an investor as he had invested in EazyDiner via his venture capital.

By early 2018, Eazydiner in partnership with American Express launched the premium dining program called EazyDiner Prime that comes with up to 50% discounts on the total bill and in some restaurants in addition to the discount, there are premium complimentary drinks for the entire table. The Eazydiner Prime membership is now available for public too.

Eazydiner Prime

Why EazyDiner Prime

I’ve been using Dineout for quite sometime as i had some credits in the Dineout Pay wallet. Now that i’ve used all of it, i’ve been searching for better offers across various dining apps. That’s when i came across Eazydiner Prime through Amex promo and was surprised to see 25% off on many restaurants even in Chennai.

Good thing is that many restaurants in SPG/Marriott hotels are included in their network too. This makes my life easier as i stay frequently at Marriott properties in recent times.

How to get?

Eazydiner Prime Launch Event – Yuvraj Sigh (left), Manoj Adlakha, CEO Amex India (right)

  • Costs: INR 2495

Amex Offer

Complimentary for 1 Year: EazyDiner Prime membership is currently given complimentary for 1 year to select American Express Card variants. You can get it if you hold any of the below Amex cards:

  • American Express Centurion
  • American Express Platinum
  • American Express Platinum Reserve

The 90 days trial membership on other cards like Amex Jet card that i have has been revoked.

Citi Offer

  • 100% Cashback on Subscription fee with Citi Prestige
  • 50% Cashback on other Citi cards


Like most other dining apps, you get access to restaurants in most metro cities. It has slightly better coverage than Dineout and the full list is here,

  1. Delhi NCR
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bengaluru
  4. Chennai
  5. Pune
  6. Kolkata
  7. Goa
  8. Ahmedabad
  9. Jaipur
  10. Hyderabad
  11. Chandigarh
  12. International: Dubai

My Experience

I recently used the Eazydiner at Aloft Chennai OMR – IT Expressway for a lunch buffet when i was on the way to Taj Fisherman’s Cove. I booked a table just for myself with Eazydiner Prime offer: 25% off on bill amount and called up the restaurant to re-confirm. They had various options in Buffet ranging from 650-1500 INR and i went with the lowest.

I had been to this property earlier for a night stay but this time it was just for lunch. It was surprising to note that they were treating me like a super premium customer. Maybe because it was due to Eazydiner Prime or maybe as i went alone? not sure!

The guys at restaurant were quite kind and a lady was trying to proactively help me with all available food options. She prepared some special pasta for me like this:

Food @ Aloft Chennai

Then comes the billing part. Looks like the restaurant manager was kinda surprised to see someone avail a deep discounted offer and he even came to my table to politely check where/how i booked it!

Anyway, the overall experience using Eazydiner was quite good and the lunch buffet too was delicious. I saved ~Rs.160 which isn’t much, but if you’re dining as a group, you could save a lot!


They run different offers ranging from 25-50% off on bill and also the 1-1 deals. Recently they were running an “eat out festival” with 50% off on the bill and a lot more.

Just to compare, if i had been to above restaurant during this period, i would have saved 50% instead of 25%. You’ll need to pay for the coupon anyway, which costs: ~Rs.100

New to Eazydiner? Download the app and use the referral code: SIDDH9511 to get Rs.500



With a recent funding (41 Crores), a significant portion of it goes to expand its presence and to improve its loyalty programme — EazyDiner Prime. You wouldn’t have missed the Eazydiner eat-out festival promos by any chance, did you?! They’re leaving no stones un-turned to capture the market share.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Overall, its a wonderful app with neat & clean UI and the Amex Offer to get complimentary access to Eazydiner Prime is like icing on the cake. That’s the 6th reason why you should have American Express credit card in your wallet!

Have you used Eazydiner and how’s your experience? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below.

35 thoughts on “EazyDiner Prime Review

  1. Amex Guy

    Eat out festival works without Prime membership too, btw. Most places listed under 25-30% off with Prime reservations usually offer 15-20% to non-Prime.

    Still good, but just pointing it out that a significant benefit awaits even for non-frequent users who don’t want to spend on membership.

    For me, it goes Nearbuy > Zomato Gold > EazyDiner > Dineout. Nothing beats Nearbuy currently. Prepaid deals are insane and no membership to buy. Of course, EazyDiner will win out if you compare only 5-star hotels.

    That said, it also currently free with Citi Prestige. You buy it and they give you 100% cash back.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True, I’ve seen hell a lot of offers on Nearbuy for salon/spa but haven’t used for Dining yet.

      Citi offer updated. Thanks 🙂

      1. Saroj

        Hi Sid, On Other Citi Credit card 50% cashback offer is going on till 30 Nov.

      2. Amex Guy

        I think it also depends on city. In Gurgaon, Nearbuy has crazy offers like 2 500ml craft beers for 99. 2 pints and a starter at 129.

        BTW I’m not sure if it is common knowledge but you can mix offers from 2 apps. I do it when I redeem eat out festival coupons. I get EazyDiner discount and then use Nearbuy as payment method to get 30+30 discount on the bill.

        1. SG

          I’ve mixed two apps quite a lot in the past (Zomato Gold + Dineout for payment) but these days a number of restaurants decline using 2 apps for offer and payment.

          1. Prashant Gupta

            Restaurants dont permit using both of them on same booking…it is either Dineout or Zomato…….

  2. Anshul

    There’s also an ongoing promotion till 30th Nov for Citi Prestige CardMembers offering 100% Cashback on EazyDiner Prime subscription.

    Siddharth, is there any cap of any kind on the amount when availing discount on the food bill?

  3. Vivek Agrawal

    Ok here is the loophole I found out in free Amex eazydiner prime membership. I have a membership rewards card which was valid for 90 days complimentary eazydiner prime membership, and I had used it some 3 mktnhs back, while that offer was still available. Now 90 days got over yesterday, and I was left as non prime and didn’t want to shell out 2500 rupees. Hence I tried to avail this 1 year offer and to my surprise it got activated. I again used my same membership rewards card, and when it asked Me card type I simply selected platinum card. And it got approved instantly and now I have 1 year free membership

  4. Manzil Bora

    This Prime offer is available on Amex Plat Travel card as well. I tried with my Plat Travel card and got enrolled. Anyway thanks for the info and as a gratitude I have added ur referal code, as it benefits both.

  5. Prashant Gupta

    I have all the 3 but zomato gold beats hands down. I save Rs8k last weekend on my alcohol bill just because of zomato gold. One more thing easydiner prime also adevertise about getting free round of drinks in every booking, is it true. Guys if you buy swiggy super membership for 3 months costing Re120 you get to months all cities 3 months dineout gourmet passport free.

    Nearbuy becomes useful when u have small bill and u pay through its wallet as u get 40% or Rs300 back.

    1. Shashikesh

      Even on 1 month Swiggy super subscription will give 3 months dine out membership.

    2. Amex Guy

      In some places you do get a complimentary pour of particular drink. It will say so just like the discount % if the place offers it. It depends on country-wide promos of liquor brands. Recently it has been Dewar’s 30ml pour on a lot of places.

  6. Mayank Agarwal

    Hi Sid,
    Yes even it works with Amex Platinum travel card..I tried it and got enrolled for the membership.

      1. Hari

        Enroll for the offer through Amex link (Google it). Fill in all the details and don’t choose any card from the drop-down menu.

      2. Mayank Agarwal

        Hi Gaurav,
        On sign up page , fill the details and choose your card as amex platinum and you are done!

  7. Gkcards

    You can also try gourmet passport from dineout. They have 1+1 buffet, or 1+1 food/drinks in many restaurants. You can get upto 3 free, meaning if 6 people are dining, 3 will be free with a single membership itself. This is better than zomato, but I think zomato works in more restaurants.
    Only thing is that they give 3 free per restaurant, which you can use in single visit or multiple.

  8. SaurabhN

    I have been using EazyDiner since years for booking so accumulated 8k EazyDiner points which I redemeed to buy Prime membership. Since then have been using this app in many Delhi/Gurgaon restaurants to get 25-50% off for myself and my friends. Feels to have deep discounts at good places. I also have Zomato Gold but it’s usage is very limited to food for 1 free dish which is cheapest also, seems Zomato should work more for better discounts.
    And as my other friends said here, it’s a news to me that Amex Plat Travel Card can also be used to get complimentary membership, hopefully will use it next year 😉

  9. Maharajan

    Hi Sid,

    Currently Food panda too giving 3 month free membership of Easy diner.

  10. Rinku Kumar

    Just for everyone’s reference, please see below AMEX terms and condition and good news is AMEX Reward card is also eligible. Only glitch is, it is not there in the drop down while selecting card type:
    American Express T&Cs
    EazyDiner Prime membership is open to American Express Card members holding one of the following Cards and whose accounts are valid and in good standing. An American Express Card member (“Card member”) for the purpose of this offer means a person holding one of the following Cards in India, issued in India by American Express® (“CARD”)
    Exclusively with the American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card
    American Express® Gold Card
    American Express® Membership Rewards Credit Card
    Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card

  11. Gaurav

    Easy diner members are at a loss. Do not waste any money on its membership. As such the money they charge is in addition to the coupon price you have to pay. These coupons are available to be purchased even if you are not a member. Anyone whether a member or not can purchase these discount coupons at the same price. Who will buy the membership and why. Don’t waste your time energy and hard earned money. There are no additional benefits. In fact better deals are available to non members. 1 +1 deals are all priced and also available to non members at same price. Then why waste money for no reason.

    1. SG

      I agree, I don’t see value in buying its membership. Prime members generally get extra 5% only on prime restaurants. This food festival is more for getting more people in, so they are giving these coupons openly.

  12. Gkcards

    Food festival is back with lot of restaurants offering 1+1 or 50% off. And there is no membership required

  13. Bharanidharan G

    Does anyone use EasyDiner Prime anymore ? The current offers seem to be good.

    1. Abhi

      Been using for few years, usually got prime free via different Amex cards. Earlier eazypoints had decent value but they have been tremendously devalued during covid. Binged several times with the 25% off on barbeque nation vouchers, but overall I personally rank dineout higher.

  14. Abhi

    Watch out for dining offers on makemytrip as well. Have seen barbeque nation vouchers sometimes at 30% off also. They run various 1+1 offers at fine dinings, and if you have a DCB or infinia, you can also buy makemytrip generic vouchers via smartbuy to pay for these, further sweetening the deal by 16%.

  15. Mahesh S. Panicker

    IndusInd Legend card offers a complimentary Easydiner Prime offer. Just availed it… The good thing about Easidiner is that there are a number of card offers available. Have to explore Prime better.

  16. Gkcards

    Got more than kind of 50% off using eazy diner. 25% off from restaurant by booking through eazy diner, and 1000 off using Axis vistara infinite card by paying through app (40% off upto 1000 with payment above 2500. This 2500 is before 40% off)

  17. Maheshspanicker S. Panicker

    Yes, it is a welcome benefit. They provide it on upgrade as well.

  18. Vikas

    I had a easy diner prime membership.. and i thought it was absolutely useless without having all credit cards..

    For e.g. i went a place that easydiner recommended as it offered upto 40% discount with easypay..

    The restaurant bill was 2187/— and i paid 2222/— . Easy diner took 35/— as convenience fee..

    Where is the discount??

    They had offers on HDFC and axis Bank cards.. i had ICICI card.. so it was useless


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