Plaza Premium Lounge at Hyderabad Airport (Domestic) Review

After spending some time with not so nice experience at Hyderabad airport transit hotel, i decided to check out the other lounge located in the airport’s domestic departure area. Both lounges are managed by the Plaza Premium Lounge Network which is the world’s largest independent airport lounge network. My Experience at Plaza Premium Lounge – Hyderabad Domestic Departure:… Read More »

Citibank Prestige Credit Card Review (India)

Issued under Visa Infinite variant, Citibank’s Prestige credit card stands on top and provides double the benefit compared to PremierMiles Credit Card with unique travel perks that’s not with any other credit card issued in India. Similar to Citi Premier Miles card, Prestige has vast set of redemption partners and it is the card for those who want… Read More »