Indusind Bank Platinum Exclusive Debit Card Review

In an attempt to get access to Indusind Exclusive Signature debit card, i recently opened an Exclusive savings account with Indusind bank which by default comes with Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card which replaces my old Indusind maximum Platinum debit card. Benefits of Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card: 1% Foreign currency Markup fee Earn reward points upto 2000 Points… Read More »

Indusind Maximum Platinum VISA Debit Card Review

Indusind products are one of the least advertised yet bearing a great value when it comes to certain credit/debit cards. Its even much better than HDFC/Axis in cashback perspective. I’ve opened Indusind savings a/c ( Indus Maxima Variant) an year back and the value i got from their debit cards are extraordinary that its worth mentioning. They have a range… Read More »