CRED Offer: Pay using Amazon Pay UPI and get upto Rs.500 Cashback

By | May 14, 2020

As you might know, CRED recently launched CRED RentPay & Stash and along with it seems we’ve some offers to explore as well. This offer we’re looking at is with Amazon Pay UPI, meaning, when you pay your Credit card bill via Amazon Pay UPI through CRED, you get upto Rs.500 Cashback.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get Rs.50 to Rs.500 on min payment Rs.5000
  • Offer Expires: by 31-May-2020
  • This offer is valid once per user for the duration of the offer and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Detailed T&C

How to Avail CRED Amazon Pay UPI Cashback?

Amex Card on CRED
  • Step 1: Get Amazon pay UPI ready by checking out Amazon Pay section on Amazon App. You need to link your Bank ac for this. Your UPI will be something like mymobileno@apl
  • Step 2: Goto CRED and choose “Collect UPI”. Use your above amazon pay UPI handle here.
  • Step 3: You would have got the collect request in Amazon App now. Approve it and you are done.

Now you should see a cashback from Amazon PAY in your Amazon pay statement. And along with it, you should also see a small cashback from CRED as well.

I did a test by making Rs.5000 payment and got below cashback: Rs.132 on Amazon Pay & Rs.8 on CRED. That’s Rs.140 for spending 2 mins, not bad.

Amazon Pay UPI - Cred Cashback
Amazon Pay UPI – Cred Cashback
Cred Cashback
Cred Cashback

Final Thoughts

While these offers are good, I don’t know why one needs to link Bank’s UPI with Amazon UPI. Why not use Amazon Pay Balance instead?

I’m not a great fan of UPI except for the simplicity of its ID. But I don’t see a need to use it the way we do above, except for cashback. I mean I could rather use the Bank’s UPI and get things done. Maybe I’m missing something?

Either way, its a decent offer to avail before its gone!

Have you used this CRED Amazon pay UPI offer? How much was the cashback? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Ameya for sharing the offer details.

Author: Siddharth

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81 thoughts on “CRED Offer: Pay using Amazon Pay UPI and get upto Rs.500 Cashback

  1. Raman Sharma

    I did the same.
    Got Rs 188 cashback as Amazon Pay.
    and Rs 9 on Cred.


    1. Himanshu

      Are we still getting these rewards in month of June 2020 for paying 5000 rupees using Amazon Pay UPI?

      1. Mouli

        I havent seen and tried also .Dont think its available for this month
        May be working for someone who hasnt availed this offer last month

  2. Gautam

    Cool, I got full Rs 500 in my amazon pay wallet and Rs 8 from cred.
    I have paid Rs 19000 as my card payment.


      I too got Rs.500/- in Amazon pay wallet for paying 20000/- ( Plus earning of 7/- + 8/- + 22/- kill the bill rewards for spending 1000+5000+15000 cred points I earned out of 20000 cred points earned by this transaction.
      So total earning Rs.537/- ( 500/- in Amazon pay balance and 37/- in credit card account ) for 1000 cred points spent.

  3. Sree

    I keep getting below response after I enter my UPI pin to finish the transaction when I try. Tried more than 10 times in the last half an hour.

    Sorry, something went wrong
    Something unexpected happened, rest assured we are working to fix it

    1. Gautam Garg

      I was also facing the same issue. I closed all the apps and just opened CRED app and initiated the transaction again. It went through successfully. I recommend you to try the same once.

  4. Prashanth M

    I don’t think Amazon will allow users to pay from “Amazon Pay Balance”. If they do, users will start misusing it – top up the Amazon wallet using credit card. And pay back the credit card using the same money! Double dip without spending any money – loyalty points & cred cashback!!!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s right. Figured out that later.

      1. Amann

        Very true sid. Even if limits are applied to loading the wallet, there are gift cards which can be purchased via CC to no limit and used. It would be a never ending cycle.

        Have you ever successfully paid CC bill using CC? Sid/ Anyone

        1. PJ

          Well, I did while it lasted, using TMW wallet.
          Load by TMW wallet using credit card, and use the virtual TMW card to make credit card payment using Cred. It was great while it lasted

        2. Kishor Desai

          Dear Prashanth ,payment option for credit card on Amazon it was only Amazon pay UPI ( from bank account) not from Amazon pay balance so please check different between UPI and pay balance from Amazon

      2. Arumuga Nainar Murugan

        I didn’t have collect upi option in cred app.
        I’m only have payment option as Amazon app or other upi apps
        Please include screen shot of collect upi page

  5. Protap Dutta

    Now the offer is not available. But initially it was mentioned last date would be 31st may. Did anyone face the same problem?


      Yeas, same here, waiting for the offer appear once again.
      It was nice to see such huge cashback as Amazon pay.

    2. Manish

      Use Amazon pay upi while doing payment credit card bill through CRED… you will receive that cashback.

    3. Karthick M

      No issue protap. Just do the transaction for 5000 rs or above and you will get cashback of minimum of 50 rs to maximum cashback of 500/ as Amazon pay balance. You need not want to collect offer before this transaction and it worked for my friend. I collected this offer on may 16 and paid my bill on 25th May and got 461 rs for paying 5237/ rupees via Amazon pay upi in cred app.

    4. Kavin

      No bro i did it yesterday only. Offer still available go and check once more

    1. Sagar

      Yes earlier I saw that option and I was waiting for my credit card bill. Now when I have got the bill and went into pay, I dont see any cashback.

  6. Ashutosh

    I am unable to pay payment through Amazon UPI despite multiple attempts. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions for first time transaction or any other existing issue/workaround ? I am trying to make a payment of more than INR 20K.

    1. Mayank Agarwal

      I guess amazon pay upi is not supported on iOS device, hence unable to make payment. Mine also not going through!

    2. FrequentFlyer15

      I think non-KYC accounts can’t do big transactions.

    3. beginner

      For first time transaction there is a limit of 5000, so you can just make a bank transfer first of a small amount or something and then you can pay the credit card bill after collecting the offer.

  7. Amann

    Think if you are paying 15k and above you’ll get 500. I got 500 too.

  8. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Got 265/- as Amazon pay cashback plus 15 as cred cashback.


    I received 444 amazon pay + 17 in kill bill by Cred.. for bill payment of 5000

  10. BhavyeG

    I claimed the offer initially to use it in May end and received a mail from Amazon confirming the same but now the reward is not there in my list of collected rewards. Has anyone tried paying the bill under similar circumstances and received the cashback? I dont have any urgency to pay bill right now hence I am not taking a try.

  11. Saurav

    Nice offer. Paid 5000โ‚น and got 157โ‚น cashback to amazon with another 11โ‚น to the card. Thanks for the update Sid.

  12. Mayuresh Thakur

    I check my Amazon app daily for deals and buying the elusive vegetables on Amazon Fresh. I haven’t once come across this Cred – Amazon UPI offer. Was this for select customers?
    Moreover, on the Cred app I dont see how one can pay via another apps UPI id. Cred is promoting it’s own UPI and what’s you to link your bank account with their app.
    Both my Cred and Amazon app are updated.
    Could someone provide a step-by-step procedure on how to pay via amazon upi?

    1. Gaurav

      It’s for everyone. Go ahead and simply do the payment using APay UPI. When you are on Cred’s checkout page(where you select the payment option), you’ll see offer’s header below the Amazon Pay UPI.

  13. Ankit

    Unable to make HDFC Credit Card payment. Always says process failed.

    1. Ghanshyam

      Same here, tried 5 times since yesterday but always failed.
      I have fully kyc done amazon account. Other upi payment thru amazon is working absolutely fine but cred payment always fails.
      I dont see collect upi option on cred, but tired using ‘amazon upi’ payment option.

      1. ghanshyam Prajapat

        I tried linking hdfc acc with amazon UPI and it worked now. Earlier had icici account linked in amazon UPI and it was always giving error. I paid 21k and got 500 ๐Ÿ™‚
        I had collected the amazon offer earlier, though can’t see now in my offers section, but got the cash back.

  14. Tarun

    Where are you people seeing the collect UPI option? I just see Amazon Pay UPI as a direct payment method which then launches the Amazon app. Is this the correct way?


      Same here. Not working for me too.same as he said it takes to amazon upi and payment failed on it everytime. No collect option as told by Sid.

      1. beginner

        if you select Amazon pay on mobile and scroll down to the bottom , you would see the Cred offer you can collect the order from there and click on Order now option to navigate to Cred app

  15. Pawan

    Received 462 in amazon wallet and 9, 14, 8 cashback with cred points on payment of 20000 cc bill.

  16. MAA-traveler

    Where to look for the collect UPI option in CRED? Iโ€™m using iOS and canโ€™t see it anywhere.

  17. ghanshyam Prajapat

    Still not able to pay using amazon upi…does anyone have any workaround or solution?

    1. Rameez

      Two todays back when I tried to pay bill using Amazon pay, transactions kept on failing.
      Today went to amazon website first. Collected offer by clicking on it. Then paid my bill of โ‚น 5001(ICICI Amazon credit card).
      Recived cashback of โ‚น500 on Amazon and 30 rupees on cred.
      Awesome 10.5% rewards for paying credit card bill and 1% reward on my credit card spend (icici Amazon credit card)

      Thanks sid

    2. Rahil S Shah

      Try making a payment of INR 5K or less. There appears to be certain monetary restrictions on the amounts that could initially be paid through UPI. I’d a similar issue and tried with a payment of 5K. It went through.

  18. Sree

    Finally my transaction went through! After several failed attempts after entering UPI pin, I tried doing a transaction below 5k. Did 4500 to my SCB card and it went thro! Now I was shocked and wondering if I can try again and be qualified since minimum transaction is 5k. I tried another to my Citi card for 7500 and again failed. Waited 2 days and now it went thro. Got 243 amazon pay cash back

  19. BlackHawk5

    Collect UPI is available only in iOS version.
    To get it on android, re-register for UPI on Amazon and you will get it .

    Got ~145 for 5K payment

    1. Prashant Tekriwal

      I am not able to see ‘Collect UPI’ option on Amazon Pay App on my android phone.

      I was not registered on Amazon pay, so I registered but I don’t see the option.

  20. Guru

    Not working for me either. Getting “Transaction Interrupted” error message post inputting UPI pin.

    1. Guru

      After trying unsuccessfully for last few days, I was able to make the payment. Got 500 cashback on the payment of 21K.


    I had already collected the offer on 14th May. But my bill has been generated today, and I don’t see the offer on my Amazon account anymore. Has the offer expired?


    I had collected the CRED coupon on 14th itself and it said that the validity is till 31st. My bill has been generated today, but I don’t see the coupon anymore. Has it expired?

    I have tried re-registering, but in vain.
    Any help would be appreciated.


      Just make the payment from Amazon UPI you will get the cashback. I wasnt able to see the collected rewarded but i proceeded paying with amazon UPI and then I got the cashback.

  23. Gopal Gidwani

    I made a payment of Rs. 5,002 today and got Rs. 189 cashback (Amazon Pay) and Rs. 10 + Rs. 10 (Cred cashback)

    I had collected the CRED payment offer few days back from Amazon website. Yesterday, I tried making the payment in CRED app, but Amazon Pay UPI was not been shown as UPI payment option.

    Today, I tried doing a mobile recharge from Amazon Pay app with Amazon UPI as the payment option. During the transaction it said my Amazon app version has been upgraded recently and hence a reverification will be required through SMS. I went ahead with it. The payment went through.

    After this I immediately proceeded to Cred app to make another credit card payment, and I could see Amazon Pay UPI option. I was positively surprised. I went ahead with Amazon Pay UPI payment for credit card and got Amazon Pay cashback of Rs. 189 ๐Ÿ™‚


    Been trying since 3 days, payment failed always ๐Ÿ˜•


    Yay, got 211/- as cashback from Amazon and 10/- + 12 as cash back from cred

  26. Ashish Jacob

    Unfortunately, for me, payment failed multiple times using Amazon Pay. Quite unlike Amazon products to be this buggy!!! If anyone is able to solve the mystery, please share.

  27. Ashish Jacob

    Okay apropos my comment above. Tried limiting the payment through Amazon Pay to Rs 5000/-, viola, it went through successfully. Received an instant cashback of Rs 169/- from Amazon. Just for the record, no card payment offer was previously collected on Amazon website or App. Hope this helps all those who encountered payment failure through Amazon Pay.

  28. Shawn

    I was facing Similar payment failure issues, so I tried making a very nominal transfer (INR 50) to my spouse using Amazon Pay UPI, and that went through successfully (p.s. I got INR 2 as cashback as well). I then waited for 24 hours and paid my HDFC Diners card bill of 17k. Viola, it went through successfully and I received INR 500 cashback from Amazon ๐Ÿ˜

    So Basically what I learnt is that you are only allowed to initiate a payment of upto 5k on your first Amazon Pay UPI transaction. Transactions over 5k are permitted only post 24 hours of your first transaction upto 5k.

    Hope this helps!

  29. Ghanshyam

    Hi All,
    I got total 1000/- cash back by paying a total of 40k credit card bill ( cash back of 500+500 using 2 amazon pay accounts on 20k payment each). Here is what i found out.
    – Some banks have overall limit of UPI translation amount in a day, 10k in case of ICICI, hence any payment above 10k was not going thru. HDFC had higher limit.
    – Make sure, your amazon account have same mobile number as registered in your CRED app and you are using same sim cellphone.
    – You can register your credit card in your friend’s/wife cred account to pay ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Sameer Choubey

    Just paid my CC bill of Rs. 21500 and got Rs. 500 in Amazon Pay cashback. I did not collect the offer previously. Just did the payment.

  31. Abhi

    Sorry.. this is off the topic question. I have SBI SimplyClick Advantage Card ( limit: 22k against the fd of 30k). I don’t have a regular source of income (say an unemployed). I want to apply for Amazon Pay Credit Card. So, I have few questions.

    a) Pin Code of my area is not serviceable , so can i use other pin code (which is serviceable) to apply?
    b) It asks for Company Name, what to write there? as i don’t have a job.
    c) I got my sbi card in September, 2019, so are there 8 months enough to apply for another card?

    Please answer

    1. Sunil

      I have azon pay app in my mobile, but in the upi section of cred app amazon pay is not available. Does anyone have solution of this problem?

      1. Amann

        Try different amount and then try updating both Cred and Amazon app.

    2. ashish

      you need apply card to card any ICICI Bank credit card. then you can get easily amazon pay credit card

  32. Vaibhav Aggarwal

    CRED reads our emails. These days we also get OTP on emails. Is this not a big security risk ?

    1. Amann


      SCB has also stopped sending it on emails. Only sent via sms. Which bank is sending email OTP?

    2. SAI RANGA

      Small hack is, create new email only for statements and have rules to forward only statements to newly created mail and which can be used for CRED protect, this way your data is safe in all ways.

  33. Sandeep Gaikwad

    Cool, I got full Rs 500 in my amazon pay wallet and Rs 8 from cred.
    I have paid Rs 20000 as my card payment and 47 cashback on cred๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅฐ


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