Jet Airways Domestic Business Class Review (BOM-CJB)

By | August 12, 2021

During my recent trip to Mumbai, i happened to fly Jet Airways Business Class (Première) and here’s my detailed review on the same. The route is BOM (Mumbai) -> CJB (Coimbatore) which is quite short, also burning JPmiles for short domestic flights is not a wise idea, but there are few reasons why I opted for:

  1. It’s gonna be my first business class experience.
  2. Gives access to GVK Business Class lounge which was on my check list for a while.
  3. Was able to get 1 JPMile = ~2.5 INR which was bit tempting

My Jet Airways Domestic Business Class / Première Seat


I booked my ticket in economy class by redeeming my HDFC credit card reward points, actual value: ~7,000 INR. Then i tried to upgrade my ticket to Premiere using JPmiles but it didn’t go through online. Well, i got it done at check-in counter.

  • Flight: Jet Airways 9W 420
  • Route: BOM – CJB
  • Seat: 1A (Premiere / Business Class)
  • Depart 18:35Pm Arrive 20:30Pm
  • Revenue Ticket: ~30,000 INR
  • I Paid: 0 INR (CC Points + JPMiles)

Jet Airways Premiere – Ground Experience

1. Dedicated Check in

I used dedicated check in counter as it’s a benefit from ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card that i opted for recently. While checking-in my luggage’s, to my surprise, i was asked if i would like to upgrade my ticket to business class stating that seats are now available.

Wow! I asked the person to upgrade me with JPMILES and tada I was issued a business class ticket after filling the redemption form, burned 9000 JPmiles for it and here comes my first ever business class seat. My luggage was tagged as “Priority” so i can access it faster on arrival.

You can save: ~20 Mins

Jet Airways Premiere – Boarding Pass

Jet Airways Premiere – Priority Tag

2. Security Fast Track

There is a separate security line for business class that makes passing the security a breeze as there was hardly one guy in the entire business class lane.

You can save: ~10 Mins

3. Lounge Access

Gives access to the amazing GVK Lounge. I shared a detailed review here: GVK Business Class Lounge Review

Jet Airways Business Class – In Flight experience

Apart from comfortable seat with more legroom and reclining abilities, here are some the best part of the flight:

1. Welcome drink

As soon as I got settled in my seat, i was given a welcome drink with a choice of water melon or lime juice and I went ahead with water melon, which is my all time favorite. The guy near me went with the other, more about him on later.

Jet Airways Domestic Première – Welcome drink

2. Cold Towel

In few mins, comes the cold towel which was served like a spring roll 😀. It really serves the purpose as the outside climate was super hot.

Shortly after, we were also given the dining menu for evening meal to choose from. We can choose one starter and a dessert or juice. On expert opinion, i went with “Tawa Macchi” which is nothing but a Pan Fried Fish.

3. Food

Shortly after takeoff comes the food that was served super hot. The fish that I ordered was indeed very fresh and tastes so unique. The dessert was okay, though not my type.

Dining options

Jet Airways Domestic Business Class Food

4. The Fellow Traveler

Every once in a while, you can easily spot Celebrities in Business Class and in my case, i met an interesting frequent flier. He had been to 50+ countries, taken thousands of flights, earned and burned millions of JPMiles. Not to wonder, he has all the top end credit cards including Citi Prestige and holds Jet Privilege Platinum Tier membership.

His ticket was infact upgraded for free as the economy class seems to be overbooked and he was given higher preference for upgrade being a platinum member. With a lot of information sharing, the entire 2 hrs went like a breeze and i hardly had time to look around the beauty of Mumbai while take off. This part makes the entire business class experience very much fulfilling and complete.

And hey, i got my luggage on arrival really faster, thanks to Priority tag!

  • CardExpert Flight Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]


Its okay to burn miles on unique experiences like First/Business class tickets once in a while. However, forget about the revenue tickets as they’re overly priced almost every-time. Upgrades through vouchers or miles are the best options around.

It was a wonderful experience and i was lucky to be on 1st seat of the flight (1A) and i so was the first to touch the ground on arrival. 🙂

Check out my experience on other jet Airways business class flights,

Have you been on Jet Airways Première before? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below.

32 thoughts on “Jet Airways Domestic Business Class Review (BOM-CJB)

  1. Meet Sharma

    I have just started earning. Working as a PO in Public sector Bank. What are the best credit cards I could get?

  2. Ashwin

    Interesting. If you upgrade at the counter would you wouldn’t have to pay the tax/fuel surcharge/carrier charge? Just the JPMiles?

    Another doubt: If you upgrade by voucher/JPMiles will the tier points of the upgraded class also be added? Or for the matter even award ticket?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. No, not required.
      2. I doubt on this. I leave it to other Jet experts around 🙂

    2. Sunny

      You do not get any tier miles or tier points for award tickets or upgrades

  3. Majumdar


    It’s gonna be my first business class experience.

    Congratulations on losing your virginity. Incidentally, I too lost mine only very recently. It was a upgrade voucher for upgrade to Silver from Blue Plus. My experience was pretty much ditto yours.

    However, forget about the revenue tickets as they’re overly priced almost every-time.

    That is a fair comment. Waste of money, unless you are really, really loaded- which i suspect most of regulars here aint; or if someone- client/employer- is picking up the tab.

    However, I have noticed recently that if Biz Class seats are free and you are a JP member, they offer you an upgrade for 10K.

    New to the airmiles game but hope to learn fast. Next on agenda is hotel loyalty (starting with IHG)


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol, thanks 😀
      Good to know that you had similar experience.

      Yes, it seems last minute upgrades over counter is always the cheapest on all airlines.

      Cool, but why IHG? any specific CC that u use to transfer IHG points?

    2. Ashwin

      I don’t think it always is Rs 10K. I was offered Rs 7k for a MAA-DEL business class upgrade.

    3. Sunny

      Lovely were those days when Jet Airways had Cash upgrade offer

      Get an award economy ticket and pay 2k+taxes for upgrade to Premiere

      I tried it couple times, now they have discontinued it

      Any comments on if we can expect that offer back?

  4. Ashwin

    Thanks Sid!

    Then subject to availability, upgrading at airport is the best thing to do. 🙂

    Can you please check your JP account if you tier points were accrued or not. If accrued, what was the number of points?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I still see the log as “Economy” ticket. So its obvious that tier point is not accrued.

      1. Anoop E S

        You will accrue JP miles and Tier points based on your original booking only. You will not get anything more on cash/jp miles / voucher upgrades.

  5. Majumdar


    To the best of my knowledge, IHG doesnt have a cobranded CC in India and perhaps apart from Citi Prestige (which is a bit expensive) doesnt allow transfer of points.

    My rationale for choice of IHG is that it has a large number of brands/properties across various price points, also it has good promotion offers from time to time such as Accelerate and Points Break. Plus my company policy may make it possible to stay at properties like Holiday INN or HI Express at places like Hyd, Che and Blore and accumulate points, it is unlikely to allow me to stay at Hilton or Sheraton.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Got it! Have a great time with IHG and feel free to share any interesting facts if you come across 🙂

  6. Sunny

    I have a very weird question, since you mentioned you used your credit card for accessing Premiere Check-in counter.

    How does one go about it? Do we show the credit card to the person standing at the entry of the check-in lines.

    Or to the check-in executive behind the counter who gives you the ticket?

    I am very doubtful if those guys would actually know which credit cards allow priority check-in benefit and thus am bit scared if they humiliate saying please go to economy line LOL

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Dedicated Check-in is also available for Silver/Gold/Plat members.

      So to save time & energy,
      Tell them you’re Silver member 😉

      1. Anoop E S

        At the time of booking itself, do quote your JP number. So it will get recorded and at the time of check in they can easily track your tier.

    2. Prashant

      Hi Sunny,

      I have used my co-branded card many a times for doing priority check-in for several airlines like Jet Airways, Air India, and recently for Vistara as well and even if the guy at the entry doesn’t know, you can always mention that you have this card that entitles you for priority check-in and they will just let you through.

      Moreover, you can always mention that you are a silver or gold member (as Siddharth suggested) and they don’t ask anything further.

      To me, guys at the check-in counter always know about the co-branded cards, well they are supposed to :).

      Hope this was helpful.

  7. Dr Subhadip Bhunia

    Very good website. Nice information.

    I have HDFC all miles credit card from last 2 yrs. Credit limit is 5.4 lakh.

    I want to upgrade my card.
    Most of my expenses are in postpaid mobile bill, all items purchased online as well as offline. Also hotel bills. Air travel is also there.

    Please suggest one good HDFC card.

    I also have SBI FBB card with limit of two lakh. Want to upgrade that too. Kindly guide me.

  8. Saravanan R

    I’m surprised that you got your bag faster, i got few chances to use it but baggage never comes faster.

    And i have used Dedicated Check in at Mumbai using HDFC Jetprevilage World Credit Card and it saved me more than 20 mins. And I have used more than 5 times for Dedicated Check in and they never checked my credit card, they didn’t even look at it.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Dedicated checkin.
      Reg. Bag,
      Maybe i was bit lucky, got it under 2 mins 🙂

  9. Ashwin

    So I can go to the Jet Previlege Platinum Counters and use them if I have the Jet world HDFC Debit card? I have actually have 2 cards with this feature

    Jet Airways Saphiro ICICI Amex
    Jet Airways HDFC world Debit

    Kindly advice.

    1. Saravanan R

      Technically, You can use ur Jet Sapphiro credit card for dedicated check in at metro cities.
      Jet World Debit Card doesn’t have dedicated check in option.
      But in reality, agents don’t even see your card, so you won’t be having issues if u use ur debit card.

  10. Mouli

    Does Coimbatore airport has Lounge facility , if so which card is supported ?

  11. Rahul Jain

    Hi Sid,
    Just wanted to add a few pointers:
    1. I was lucky to have become a Jet Platinum Member a few months ago, owing to an outstation project (rare perks of being a Consultant). I got 9 vouchers (5 for Platinum, 3 for Gold and 1 for Silver upgrade) and I believe the best way to upgrade is via a voucher. You can even upgrade if you have booked in Deal Class on economy (in case you are platinum member). However, in case you have already booked your ticket in a higher class in economy (Classic or Flex), I recommend saving by upgrading using miles. It takes lesser miles in the revised redemption policy for upgrading tickets booked in higher economy class of Jet Airways
    2. Regarding dedicated check-in on co-branded cards, you can access via Gold/Silver check in lines in the metros (officially I mean, in case they check your card).
    3. Also, to add, in case you upgrade your flight by calling the call center, there are possibilities that your tier points and miles will not be added unless you call them again with your PNR details. Also, you would only get the Tier Points and Miles on the basis of your original booking class.
    4. The BEST PART – GVK Lounge – In case you are flying economy but have a friend flying business in Mumbai, you can accompany him/her to the GVK Business Lounge post getting your boarding pass stamped at the Travel Club Lounge. Just one point to remember, both of you will have to enter together and show your stamped boarding cards at GVK Lounge.. A very easy way to get access to one of the Best Airport Lounges 😉

    Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Congrats on becoming Jet Plat!

      #1 & #3 Very useful
      #4 Yes, my friend was able to join me at GVK Business Class lounge, the same way.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  12. Janaab

    IHG hotels are pretty lame hotels. So if you can choose anything else, that would always be better. In USA specially, all IHG hotels serve the same breakfast on all 7 days of the week. My colleagues and I hate to stay in any IHG franchise for that reason. It is as good as a motel there (the Holiday Inn series).

    Marriott Courtyard or anything higher from Marriott or Accor group hotels (Novotel, Softel, Pullman, IBIS) should be your first choice. In South East Asia as well, they have phenomenal coverage and far more luxuy than IHG any day.

  13. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    My first business class award flight from LKO- DEL on 21st October. Though I won’t be able to use it to the fullest as no business class lounges in Lucknow. And I don’t know if it will help me in accessing arrival lounge of Delhi airport.

    Booked at last moment, today only using JP miles for unplanned urgent visit to Delhi.


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