Indusind Bank Platinum Exclusive Debit Card Review

By | September 29, 2016

In an attempt to get access to Indusind Exclusive Signature debit card, i recently opened an Exclusive savings account with Indusind bank which by default comes with Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card which replaces my old Indusind maximum Platinum debit card.

Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card

Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card

Benefits of Indusind Platinum Exclusive Debit Card:

  • 1% Foreign currency Markup fee
  • Earn reward points upto 2000 Points per month equivalent to Rs.1000
  • 2% Value back on apron spend of Rs.50,000 in a month

Except the Markup fee advantage, the rest benefits are almost similar to Indusind maximum Platinum debit card. The card comes as lifetime free as long the “Exclusive” status is in standing.

There are other advantages too like Bookmyshow Offers & insurance values but i never consider these as i’m already holding a SBI Signature card which recently got converted to SBI Elite Card that gives Rs.500 worth of movie tickets free, every month.

Do you prefer a debit card over credit card if you find a one with a better reward rate? Do share your views in comments below.

31 thoughts on “Indusind Bank Platinum Exclusive Debit Card Review

  1. UK

    So, which of the 3 IndusInd debit cards would you recommend, based on ease of acquiring,
    If the only expectation is to get ~2℅ value back on a ₹50,000 monthly spend (2000 RP worth ₹1000)?

    Btw, appreciate your card insights.
    Looking forward to your upcoming articles on attaining Milestone spends like a Wiz.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Exclusive Signature card is the best as you can save Rs.1,500 per month (3k points limit).

      1. Shafwan

        Hello Siddharth. I am pretty confused with Indus Select account and the debit cards. Are there 3 Signature debit cards? And if I opt for Signature select debit card for Indus select account what would be the joining fees? Issuance fees? And the annual fees?? Thanks in advance !

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, it will be pretty confusing.
          Best is to have Exclusive a/c (not Select)
          On this a/c,
          – Signature Exclusive card is 299+tax
          – Platinum Exclusive card lifetime free

          1. Ashish R

            Can you have 2 debits card in exclusive account?

            I opened exclusive account and also same time i applied for signature exclusive account.

            Now they have sent me signature exclusive card but not platinum exclusive card which is free with the account.

            Upon contacting customer service, they r saying one account can only have one debit card, is it true?

            And also want to know if theres lounge available on platinum exclusive card?

            Thank you so much for this amazing blog

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Lounge access only on Signature/MC variants. Yes, they’re not entertaining 2 debit cards recently.

  2. Prachi Gupta

    is it working perfectly with international translations where the card is not present? or is it declining?. please let me know.

    Thank you so much. 😀

  3. Amit

    One of my NRI friend visited Indusind bank account to open an NRI account he was told about some upgraded debit card at joining fees of 7500/- and in return we get coupon of some brand..
    And they told that this debit card has free airport lounge access 2 in one quarter even at international airport including dubai..
    And then yearly fees of 1500/-
    Which bank gives best offer on cards for NRI ?

  4. Ram

    I have a different view on your suggestion if idea to maximise cashback. If someone is looking to make maximum use, I suggestion is not to go for “Exclusive” but to for “Active” account. Active is a 0 balance account that comes with Platinum Premiere Debit Card for 3K (you get 3k worth vouchers). Now why is that better:
    1. In active assume you make 40,000k worth spends, then you get 1000 rs cash back, so in a year you get 12000 rs.
    2. By choosing active, you dont have to maintain 200,000 INR as account balance (which you should in exclusive). I suggest invest this 200,000 rs in a Liquid Fund and if it give 8% return then you would have made 16,000 INR.

    So effective savings by choosing active instead of “Exclusive” is 12000+16000 = 28,000 INR

    Same in Exclusive:
    50,000 spend / month gives 1500 rs cash back, so for a year its 18,000 Rs
    Since you have 200000 as account balance you get 4% interest and thats 8000 Rs
    So total is = 26,000 rs (whereas active is 28,000 rs)

    Plus in exclusive you are spending additional 10,000 per month to get more cash back. If you went with active, then this 10k can be spent on a good credit card and get another 2% cash back thereby maximizing cash backs even better.

    What do you think?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True that Ram. We could even put it on some large cap equities and get 15% atleast.
      Its again matter of preference. Not everyone is aware of the investment part which again is not easy for everyone.

      But yes, i’ll have a detailed article on this topic shortly 🙂

  5. Nirpal Singh

    I will be going to Norway and Denmark next month which forex card will suit me . I have a hdfc regalia card, will it work there. Or can I go for Indus Ind signature exclusive debit card.

  6. Arjun

    Anyone able to redeem reward points against cash credit anymore?
    I’m getting redirected to indusmoments every time I’ve tried which has absolutely nothing to offer.
    Please share information if anyone has any?

  7. sanjay

    hi, arjun
    No reward point to cash . Only you will get voucher from some leading branch through indusmoment website.
    However from the last 25 days i have been waiting for my voucher. Does anybody got any voucher? Idont know indusind bank will provide voucher or its some troublemaker website.

    1. Kapil Khurana

      Seems the cash redemption option is taken away. That’s sad.

      I also redeemed lifestyle voucher due to their policy that upto 5000 points can be redeemed in a calendar month. I did so on Aug 10, and found that my point balance got deducted after a good 7 days (talk of responsiveness). Till date waiting for the voucher, but haven’t got.

  8. KK

    Received the voucher finally yesterday, on 18 Sep. There are 4 vouchers each worth Rs. 250. Their terms are standard – one time use, and any unused balance lapses.

    Planning to combine them with lifestyle vouchers I’m due to receive from SBI as a part of joining benefits of SBI Prime, and shop in bulk in one go.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, i did as well last month expecting 50ps and got 30ps or so.

  9. Himanshu

    Hey Sid,

    I am planning to open FD with indusind. Also interested in Saving a/c. What’s the eligibilty for Exclusive A/c?

    Is 1L to be maintained monthly or quarterly in exlusive?
    Also with FD, planning to get iconia amex.

    Please guide.

  10. Amit

    Please suggest why should I opt for Indusind select card when Forex card can serve the same purpose.

    I am assuming that INR to Foreign currency translation rates are same in both cases? Off course timings diff will be there i.e forex card rates are fixed on the date of purchase while on debit card it will be on day of settlement.

    Please help me as I am confused between Indusind Select vs Forex Card. I am travelling to US for 12 months.


  11. mohamed

    cred transactions are counted using this card. I am using this card for last 3 month’s, got only 550 points, paid bills for more than 3 lakhs.

  12. Naitik Mehta

    which bank debit card still fetches points on cred app? indusind does? how much?

  13. Parth Amin

    which bank debit card still fetches points on cred app? indusind does? how much?

      1. Saadat

        Thanks. When do the points get credited. I don’t see a change in my points.

  14. Dr Venkat

    Can anyone suggest a good debit card with decent reward points or cashback returns


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