IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card Hands-on Experience

By | August 6, 2022
IDFC Wealth Credit Card and welcome Kit

This article covers only the unboxing, upgrade and hands-on experience of the IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card.

If you’re looking for features & benefits along with the detailed review, please check out this article: IDFC First Wealth Credit Card Review

Upgrade process

IDFC Credit Card upgrade from Select to Wealth

I requested for a Limit Enhancement along with the card upgrade from Select to Wealth few months ago via phone banking, which was then handled by email support. But it was declined. 

I thought it’s because the card is less than a year old and so left it. I didn’t bother much back then as the reward rate anyway is same.

But then after the recent devaluation, I sent the request again, now the card is more than a year old, this time through branch via Wealth RM & BM. They couldn’t do anything initially and only on aggressive follow up it moved, almost after “2 months”. 

First LE was done because wealth needs to have 5L minimum credit limit. But I see some holding wealth on 4L limit as well, which was the max limit issued on select cards back then.

So post LE, an upgrade was expected to happen as per the branch, but it didn’t. It didn’t move for 2 weeks and so I took social media support and got the upgrade approval in “3 hours”. I was able to see the virtual card in a day and the physical card was delivered in a week.

Overall, the bank is WORST in communicating about the limit enhancement & upgrade process even to their branch heads. It’s not the first time this is happening with IDFC though. They did the same when they launched premium banking products.

But it’s good to see that the bank has given power to the social media support to get things done pretty fast.

So as I wasted quite a lot of time with IDFC, I’ve decided to dedicate IDFC cards for all lounge access needs going forward. 

Welcome Kit

It comes in a relatively simple welcome kit for a premium credit card, of-course they can’t spend much on welcome kit’s for a LTF card.

Note that the Dreamfolks card arrives separately after a day or two of receiving the credit card welcome kit and it needs no activation. Here are some pics,

IDFC Wealth Credit Card Welcome Kit
IDFC Wealth Credit Card Welcome Kit 2
IDFC Wealth Credit Card Welcome Kit 3
IDFC Wealth Credit Card inside Welcome Kit
IDFC Wealth Credit Card details

Final thoughts

When launching new products, I wish IDFC gets all the related process ready first, communicate them to their team on time and then launch the product.

Letting bank employees have no clue about their product upgrade systems even after an year of launch is close to digging their own grave.

That aside, getting a fresh IDFC Bank Credit card is now lot smoother as they’ve optimised the application process, hope they optimize the upgrade experience as well soon.

If you’re new to IDFC, you may apply for Lifetime Free IDFC credit card here.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

59 thoughts on “IDFC First Bank Wealth Credit Card Hands-on Experience

  1. Rakesh

    Congratulations Sid.
    Mine select was also upgraded in the month of July . Initially they enhance my credit limit to 4.5 lakh then after they upgraded to wealth.


    Hi Siddharth.
    Congratulations again.
    Even I was tried for LE by providing other banks card statement. But LE rejected.

    Can you tell us did you provided any income docs for LE?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They were declining before for most but now I see many getting the upgrade.

      Yes, I gave both income docs & CC stmt.

      1. Srinjoy

        Hi Sid!
        I just got my IDFC Card automatically upgraded to Wealth without any request, Limit Enhancement nor documents.
        Also the limit on my previous select card was way less than 5L which still continues.
        So the limit of having 5 L is into a acrosanct it seems.

  3. Jatin

    Fascinating! I went through the same upgrade channel from Select –> Wealth Card, but didn’t receive a Dreamfolks card. I assumed that the Spa services will be redeemable from the main card itself!

    Seems like I should drop IDFC support an email, which itself is a slow experience!

  4. Arun

    “Letting bank employees have no clue about their product upgrade systems even after an year of launch is close to digging their own grave.”
    100% correct. Last week I went to a branch to query about an SI failure. And the “May I help you” guy was asking , “Sir is it possible to set SI from IDFC Card”? The moment of revelation that I am at a wrong place. Got out there and called CC!.

    sometimes the CC number will not work. They attend the call and the call will be dropped. Even callbak requests will not be fulfilled.

    1. Anitha

      Ha ha. I had the same experience walking into an insurance office for health insurance. I was sitting and training them and correcting them on the features of the product, as I was totally jobless :). That still did not stop them from saying, please take the policy through us (paying 1K extra premium compared to online) as we can provide you “support.” 😀

  5. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Is it possible to get limit enhancement without income documents like auto LE, through statement of other bank, etc. ?

    1. Nitin

      No, they ask for ITR even if you provide other credit card statement.

  6. Mudit

    Which airports in India have the SPA access?
    And what all is included in the complementary access by IDFC Wealth ?

  7. Aman Bindra

    So as I wasted quite a lot of time with IDFC, I’ve decided to dedicate IDFC cards for all lounge access needs going forward.

    Just wonderful xD

  8. RM

    I was initially offered the wealth card, but did not tk it as there’s hardly any benefit I see over my hdfc infinia. The only benefit I see is no charges at atm withdrawals, and overseas atm withdrawals will see very less cross currency markup. Being in covid times, there was no Overseas travel either.

    Now I had an overseas travel coming up, so I decided to apply again. To my surprise, the wealth variant wasn’t offered inspite of me having very high balance in there accounts. I asked the bank to reconsider, but till today no communication from bank. There’s nothing I could do, so I left it at that.

    So, yes Sid, your article does not surprise me at all. They’re not very good in the credit card dept. Their Banking is really good though.

    1. Anitha

      You just need to be a bit more aggressive about it. I don’t mean rude, but just very pushy. Keep asking to speak to someone higher and higher up in the ranks. Remember, they need you as much as you need the card, but the staff are simply not very clever, well informed, or invested in their jobs. Of late I find customer support guys and gals starting to appear very AI like. It is scary!

  9. Akash

    Make sure to confirm that the Dreamfolks card is actually valid before travelling. First time I travelled abroad, I was denied access to the lounge stating that my Dreamfolks card is not valid. Dreamfolks customer care mentioned that IDFC has not activated the card. It took a month of back and forth with IDFC over email to get them to activate the card. Fortunately it worked in my second trip.

    1. Aalishan

      It is happening with every customer. They issue dreamfolk card and say it is activated but at lounge they say it is not activated. It is super weird. They are showing their lack of experience. Moreover their customercard department is also dumb, they keep raising ticket and closing it with the note that they were unable to contact me on my registered mobile. Why don’t they understand that people do not use roaming usually on short trips.

  10. Akash

    IDFC messed up my Reward points as well.. the first time I had a large number of international transactions adding up to a significant amount (1L+ across almost 80-90 transactions) , they credited 15,000 reward points. I redeemed all the points and a few weeks later they recalculated and removed 5000 points. With this my reward points balance was in the negative for a few statement.

    Feels silly to have negative reward points!

    1. manojsingh

      Same happened with me. I am not going to use the card now because it negative points. It’s 8000 negative points. What’s the fun of giving 2000₹ to them for the reward point value. Moreover they have devalued their reward system as well. So no fun in using this card except of lounge and spa

  11. Upendra Gaitonde

    The Customer Support is absolutely incompetent and the pathetic staff simply responds with standard scripted mail without understanding the facts of the case. The reward points program often misleads with the points not being credited. Customer service denies ever such program

  12. Alok Ranjan

    By which social media you approach IDFC and got it???
    I got wealth debit card but for credit card they (Branch and customer service both)are not support me.

  13. Rohit


    I have wealth variant from more than 6m now with limit of 10L
    APR 9%
    Can you throw.some.light how to utilise it right

  14. Ankit Saraf

    For more than a year, I kept getting emails/calls/sms for select card from IDFC. I kept on ignoring. Suddenly, they sent an email for wealth card few months back. I immediately applied for it. But frankly, I have hardly ever used the card. I am keeping the card for just in case scenarios and better movie discounts (500 twice a month) which is certainly better than all other cards I have.

    1. MrNightStar

      I’m in similar situation. They really need to work on rewards.

  15. vaibhav

    hmm i too want to upgrade to idfc wealth, got select in jan so have completed 6 month so will have to wait for another 6 months , limit issued was 2lakhs , i haven’t spend more than 20-25k in whole 6 months cause reward system isn’t great and i only use idfc select for BOGO on paytm movie ticket , i can send ITR and other cc statement of 10+ plus limit but i feel like it little bigger jump from 2 lakhs to 4/4.5/5 lakhs , let me siddharth what should id do

      1. vaibhav

        hi, on visa infinite it 300 off on 2 ticket and 250 off on visa platinum only downside is limited booking qutoa so i prefer idfc select cause no restriction to book at certain time 10am/4pm slot ,where else visa infinite only provide twice in 1 month, if you cc on visa infinite then no use of idfc select but you can backup incase of payment failure or ticket cancellation from organiser side

  16. Vickjy

    The only good thing out IDFC is their road side assistance at times of trouble

  17. Dillip

    Hi Sid, many congrats!!! Any new updates on idfc first private credit card launch info?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      IDFC First Private credit card will be launched soon, as per IDFC RM. How soon, is the real question.
      Though already delayed too much, I have a feeling that it should get launched during festival times.

  18. SuperKnight

    Will the addon card on this IDFC wealth card come with a Dreamfolks card, and both can be used for SPAs?

  19. Skywaller

    I need some help,

    I have a Yes bank yest first exclusive card ( unlimited lounge access for primary and addon)
    HDFC Diners club privilige(12 per year for Primary and addon)

    My Mom and dad visited a lounge in UAE and gave their individual priority passes from my addon yes first card, they also gave the reception an option of the HDFC diners club privilege card. The reception confirmed that there will be no charges for the visit as the cards have unlimited lounge access

    On my Yes bank card now, I can see 2 charges(~2200+GST). I called yes bank and they are saying that it shows that the pp had some guest member with them and hence the charges. I confirmed thre were no guests.They are gonna call me back tomm for this, but any advice here would be helpful. I have been charged 5k for no reason.

    1. Ankit Saraf

      The lounge maybe taking your parents for a ride seeing old couple. Maybe challenge the transactions and see if they reverse.

      1. Rohit

        Lounge will never do anything like that.. Either way they will get money reimburserd.. It’s clearly bank which is playing something.. But again I am not sure why the lounge officials do something stupid like that.. Never in my past 7 years had issue with priority pass. By the way they give a receipt and boarding pass is must. So not sure what their parents also might have done.

    2. Uttam

      You might have been charged because the primary card holder was not traveling and so both the parents (addons) might have been considered paid guests. Not sure though.

    3. manoj

      I also have similar kind of experience with yes bank issued priority passes. They charged me for add-on guest

      1. Skywaller

        I am trying to get this resolved.. They are still working on it

        I’ll keep you guys posted

  20. Rohit

    Can we get IDFC wealth CC with other bank cards like HDFC or ICICI without any ITR ? If so what are we suppose to share ?

    1. Prakash Baid

      Hey Rohit I got Idfc wealth card just in 5Min without Income proof with limit of 10L+ By mentioning my Hdfc Card Limit that too is 10L+

      1. Rohit

        Thanks for the info. I found out through someone else that we can get it too with c2c method. But hope their net banking interface is good and also their cards are secured enough.

      2. Rohit

        Today I went to idfc branch near my home but to my surprise it was pretty big, posh etc but what they said was they don’t do any credit card processing through branch.. I have no clue whether that’s true.. Also another funny part was he said bank doesn’t give card on basis of other bank cards where infact other person who got it said we can get c2c basis.
        Not sure what info is correct. For me already 2 people confirmed that they got 10lakh limit by sharing dcb statement.
        I don’t want to do online because what if there is no option for c2c and I end up feeding my details plus it’s asking for aadhar card number which till date I have not shared with any bank and after checking it shows some basic card which I don’t want and also by cbil would be affected coz they do an enquiry.. Bank executive was saying no cbil would be affected if I abort processing of card.

  21. Manoj Singh

    I had bad experience with Yes bank issued priority pass. I used the same in Lounge in Istanbul airport. I was charged around 2000Rs for the same. I requested for the reason for charge they replied you bring extra guest with you. I checked my Lounge slip, the reception girl have charged me for 2 person, I don’t know why she done so? Was it mistake or intentionally fraud. Please do check you slip whenever you swipe your priority pass for how many members they charged you for the access.
    Finally I gone through long email chains with priority pass and Yes bank and asked them to check camera footage for that duration during check-in as I was single one to check in and I was charged wrongly.

    Later they changed instance that they have charged me for extra hours I spent in Lounge. Then I sent my flight tickets to show what time I checked in and what was my flight time. Why should I use lounge for extra duration if there is gap of only 2 hours when I check-in the lounge and my flight. Finally they agreed after almost 1 year of email-email game and reverse the charges.

    FYI, I mailed directly to Rana Kapoor email id who was CEO of Yes bank that time that’s why case was taken up on priority with constant follow-up by yes bank. Really painful journey for mere 27USD. So be alert to check your charge-in slip once you enter the Lounge

    1. Rohit

      Manoj Singh
      Thanks for the update.. I opened yes bank account just because the promised yes exclusive but after opening account they denied.. After that I never even thought of getting card.. I don’t know why I am still having savings account with them might be for higher interested in fd. With multiple issues like this I am sure it’s yes bank deliberately doing like this. In past 6 years of my International flying I never had even once issue with hdfc bank priority pass and nor with diners card.

  22. Balaji

    What are the categories that are not eligible for rewards?

    Is insurance rewarded?

  23. aka

    The spa list is so restrictive ..only 04 no. present and the one present in a metro is at international departure!

  24. Amex Guy

    Since they seem to upgrading OneCard folks to this card, I expect a massive devaluation soon. Don’t think minimum 5L limit apply anymore for this very reason.

    They do seem very confused. Since last 2 weeks they are calling me to get this card without any document, and the limit quoted is same as my OneCard. When I told them that I will be getting the card anyway if I don’t stay with OneCard, they told me that’s separate. So essentially, if I took the offer, I’ll end up with 2 Wealth cards with same limit. The dude on the phone confirmed that this would be the case. I’m pretty sure that’s inaccurate.

  25. Mish

    Hello card experts,
    I have IDFC saving account and the address mentioned in my account and Aadhaar is of a tier 3 city where credit cards are not serviceable.

    I want to apply IDFC credit card but since my address in savings account & aadhaar is not serviceable. So how can I apply it ?
    Can I select different address apart from savings acc/Aadhaar ?

    Please suggest. Thanks in advance

  26. Kaustubh Barve

    Will the addon cards on this IDFC wealth card come with a Dreamfolks card, and both can be used for SPAs?

    Also has anyone used roadside assistance

  27. Mudit

    It would be very helpful if someone can post there hands-on experience with the 3 privileges provided by this card:

    Railway Lounges
    Roadside Assistance


    Iam holding select credit card from last two year. I want to upgrade to wealth credit card.Iam also holding other bank card with higher limit.I Also holding wealth account in idfc bank.

    1. Shiv Duggal

      When you have a idfc wealth account, then don’t they give by default wealth Credit Card too?? Also is there any extra good benefits of wealth saving account as compared to first select?? Please advise.

  29. Shiv Duggal

    I had maintained good saving balance 10 lakh as they advised but still dint upgraded….again i happened to visit branch and now they all have surrounded me and tried to sell one investment product as they say then it will be easy to upgrade…..and finally I bought a ulip which i feel now is not worth it. Not sure what to see, however waiting for upgrade still……i stopped visiting banks because now a days they are sales agent and nothing more than that.

  30. Rajat

    I am hosting a event at a hotel for which i had to make a payment of 4.8l and the transaction was denied. When i made a call to customer care, I was informed that the transaction is for a group and not personal. So the transaction is denied. Only personal transactions is allowed on the card. I had another credit card on which I performed the transaction swiftly. The CCE said this issue has been faced by other customers also.

    Please be cautious when you want to do a high value transaction on this card, you may be let down at a very critical time. Imagine a card holder discovering this when he is in a medical emergency and being said that since you are making payment for a relative and not self the transaction is being denied.


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