IDFC Offer: Get Bonus Points on Credit Card Spends [Targeted – July 2023]

By | July 6, 2023
Bonus Points on IDFC Credit Card Spends - Targeted

After many month’s IDFC FIRST Bank has come up with a new targeted offer on their credit cards. The dynamic targeted offer gives reward points based on pre-defined spends on credit card during the offer period (July 2023). Here are all the details,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get XXX Reward points on performing XXX spends
  • Offer Period: 1st July – 31st July 2023
  • Excluded txns: Insurance (MCC 3429, 5960, 6300, 6381), Fuel (MCC 5172, 5541, 5542, 5983), Cash (MCC 6010, 6011,7280), and Wallet Load (MCC 6540), Utility (MCC 4800-4999)
  • Fulfilment: 45 days after offer end date
  • Source: EMAIL – Terms & Conditions

It’s a nice and simple offer I would say but the reward rate is not exciting enough, at-least based on the target and offer I received on my IDFC First Wealth Credit Card.

Offer details - July 2023

The target is too low probably because I was not using the card for quite sometime. That said, there might be various other variants of this offer.

Just incase if you’re wondering, IDFC First Bank sends such targeted offers more than once a year and it’s good to have an IDFC First Credit Card, preferably IDFC Select or IDFC Wealth to enjoy these offers.

What’s the offer you’ve received? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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18 thoughts on “IDFC Offer: Get Bonus Points on Credit Card Spends [Targeted – July 2023]

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ah well, but as you see, the earning potential on this offer is in ~100’s while optimising travel can lead to savings of ~10,000 or more easily.

      Anyway, so you’ve not received the offer?

      1. balajic

        Was just kidding. I too agree for a frequent traveler your lifestyle posts are really worth.

        I don’t have this card yet. Will wait for a while till the CC devaluation dust settles.

        This post is a nostalgia of Indus Icon Amex and your posts earlier helped me to clarify many of my doubts I had at that time.

        Slightly off-topic, how can you rake up 1.25Lakh spends on Magnus ? I heard Magnus sometimes blacklists frequent maxing up users.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          1.25L or 1L?
          It’s not about frequently maxing up, it’s about type of spend. Those who got caught were into manufactured spending.

          Vouchers are there to fill up the 1L quota. Ofcourse better to stay away from buying them if there is no intention to use in short time.

          1. balajic

            1L milestone.
            1.25*12 = 15L for annual fee waiver.

  1. vadakkus

    I got an offer of 1501 points on spending Rs.20000. I have the IDFC Select card. At a reward rate of 1.75% this is not worth at all. If at all I were to spend Rs.20000 I would do it on Amex MRCC for the 1000 bonus points.

  2. nigameash

    I got an offer for 3001 points on 50k spends. 1.5% returns hardly seems worth it.

  3. neil

    Don’t forget the 100 Rs redemption fee which will further reduce the reward rate

  4. GD

    TnC for the offer says it is enrolment based. I have received the email but no enrolment link. Has anyone received the enrolment link?

  5. Subramaniam


    Has IDFC started issuing credit cards for NRI customers?

  6. Anoop E S

    Dear Siddharth

    It’s been very long since i’ve written comments here.

    Bit out of topic, But Pls review IDFC Club Vistara Credit Card.

    Today I applied online and my IDFC Classic card got upgraded to the Vistara Card. Process was really smooth and superb fast. Just entered my mobile number and name. After OTP verification, system fetched my club Vistara ID using my existing email and mobile registered with the Bank. And its done. Got email confirmation stating the new card number last 4 digits. I’m really impressed by the process.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Is that an upgrade?
      I heard from few that it’s issued as a separate card as well. Did you get an option to choose either way?

      That aside, any reason to go for IDFC Vistara instead of Axis Vistara which has relatively low fee?

      1. Anoop E S

        The entire process showed it as an upgrade. There was no option to choose. It was even mentioned that all the existing standing instructions will be transferred to the new card. But just now when I checked the IDFC Bank app, it is showing as a separate card. So not sure whether they will close the existing card, once Vistara card gets activated.

        I already have Axis Vistara Infinite. I’m trying to get SBI Vistara Prime for a long time. There I’m stuck with KVB SBI Signature card. SBI cards is not allowing to change the KVB card to Vistara Prime. And my application for additional card got rejected might be due to the fact that already have one more SBI card which is Air India Signature. Btb I’ve applied for it again today.

        IDFC, I’m stuck with the classic card. That’s why I opted for Vistara one. And my travel sector is Delhi to Kochi where Premium Economy costs upward of Rs.10K. So the 5.9K fee is acceptable for me since I’ll get one PE ticket and one upgrade voucher.

  7. Uday K

    I have a lot of spends on IDFC Wealth card this month ~2lakh. I want to convert to EMI to get these bonus points, but I am worried it will affect my credit score. Can you help with this dilemma?


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