HDFC Offer: Get Vouchers based on Credit Card Spends (July 2023)

By | July 12, 2023

After the Covid season, it’s been a while since HDFC Bank sent a good targeted offer on their Credit Cards. While the bank has been sending various targeted offers since past couple of months to select individuals, the voucher value is bit low to consider it as an offer. But this July, it has become little better. Here are the details,

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get shopping vouchers worth XXX on completing XXX spends
  • Offer Period: 7th July – 31st July 2023
  • Excluded txns: Rent transactions
  • Fulfilment:  October 31, 2023
  • Source: EMAIL & SMS – Terms & Conditions

It’s a nice and simple offer to boost the reward rate on Infinia & Diners black in the range of 1%-2%. While I didn’t receive the offer on my a/c, here’s one that was sent to one of the cards in family.

With an additional reward rate of 1.8% , it’s a decent offer, given that the flipkart voucher is available as a redemption option.

This could be the re-activation offer, as this particular card was largely unused for quite sometime, or maybe not.

Have you received any such targeted offers on your HDFC Bank Credit Cards recently? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “HDFC Offer: Get Vouchers based on Credit Card Spends (July 2023)

  1. Abhi

    Have been getting this offer on my DCB every month starting April. Maybe coz my spends on DCB had reduced significantly due to magnus.
    It started with 1500 voucher on 85K spend in April, down to 1250 voucher on 88K spend in July. Offer rolls out after first few days of the month are over. Compliments the monthly milestone of DCB well. April reward expected by 31July, and so on.

  2. Rohit

    Has been getting regularly with 80k spend on my dcb even though I don’t get mails.. Already got for Jan and Feb months 2023.

  3. neil

    Received offers in May and June on DCB. Spend 500*4, get a 1000 voucher (reactivation offer)
    On Tata Neu Infinity getting an offer where the reward rate is less than 0.5%
    On Club Miles in Family received a reactivation offer of spend 500*2, get 1000 voucher

  4. Sushil Bandekar

    Get a voucher worth Rs.4000

    by spending Rs.312000 on UPI with your
    HDFC Bank RuPay Credit Card

    Got this one

  5. Deepak Gupta

    I am being ripped off. I get only 1000 voucher on spending 175000 in the period

  6. Raj

    Got same on my DCB, as am not quite using the same.
    Not seen any update from you on Magnus devaluation – thoughts /updates ?

  7. Jay

    ₹1250 on spending ₹174000. For an actively used Infinia, this offer sucks

    1. Deepak

      The whole game lies in the usage. I have shifted my major spends to Magnus, got hdfc offer to spend 84000 for 1750 coupon

  8. Karthi

    Does DCB diners has acceptance issue in metro cities. Majority of merchants not accepting Amex and Diners card due to high fees in offline mode

    I face this issue a lot nowadays does anyone ?

  9. Rohit Bahl

    Got 2 offers:-
    1. Get a voucher worth Rs.1000 by spending Rs.53000 on DCB.
    2. Get a voucher worth Rs.750 by spending Rs.53000 on Tata Neu Infinity Visa.

    from 7th July’23 to 31st July’23

  10. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Have been getting the offer on Millennia since May. 1500 on 53000. 1000 on 37000 in June. Skipped it both times. They’ve excluded rent pay transactions and a couple of other things.

  11. ARUN

    Did somebody upgraded to Regalia Gold? Is it worth to upgrade from Regalia LTT to Gold FYF?

    1. Vikas Sharma

      In my opinion, it’s not as Regalia gold is not having any good benefits apart from quarterly milestone benefits.

  12. Ankit

    I logged into my netbanking and the offer says:
    ‘Don’t miss out on Rs. 142000 voucher!
    Use Card **** for Rs. 1500 from 2-31-July’23’

    I know its a glitch but would be great to get a voucher of Rs. 142000 😀

  13. Siddharth Jain

    Rs. 2000 Voucher on Spends of Rs. 1,30,000…maybe I’ve set the bar too high!

  14. Siddharth Jain

    Get a voucher worth Rs. 2000 on spending Rs. 1,30,000 on my DCB…maybe I’ve set the bar too high! 🙂

  15. B Pradhan

    📢Attention! Don’t miss out Rs. 2000 Voucher

    Simply make transactions worth Rs.101000 or more with your HDFC Bank Credit Cardxxxx from 07 Jul’23 to 31 Jul’23 and experience the benefits.

    Fulfilment will be done by 31st Oct, 2023

  16. Rohit

    WTH I got 100 Rs voucher 😂😂😂 for doing transaction in Apr 23
    Did you guys notice. Transaction fee increased to 3.5% plus gst for Amazon pay voucher. What’s the use for diners black user. We would only get 6% effective returns..
    Also 2.5% with Amazon voucher.

    1. gsp

      Yes, So I stopped buying amazon vouchers now from diners card, instead happy to use ICICI amazon pay for 5% flat cash back. :). Also generally get 5% cash back offers on wallet reload from Amazon, so can load for use on bill pay etc…

      1. Rohit

        But to reach 5 lakh spend we have no option but to use. You don’t get 5% for loading Amazon pay wallet with Amazon pay card.

  17. Rohit

    Can anyone confirm do we get 2x points if purchased through no cost EMI thought smart buy flipkart? It says we get points if we use smart EMI.


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