HDFC Bank brings back Diners Club 10X Merchant Partners

By | November 2, 2020
hdfc diners 10x merchant partners nov 2020

For those who are new to the HDFC 10X Rewards program, HDFC bank has two major types of 10X rewards which is 10X on smartbuy and then 10x on diners club merchant partners that is eligible only for diners credit cards. 

Here we are going to see the new changes on the 10X rewards for diners club credit cards with respect to the new merchant partners.

HDFC bank has been running this 10X promo with diners merchants since past couple of years but recently they stopped the same, likely due to the pandemic & lockdown effect. 

So now the promo is back with new set of partners and with a very good Max. Cap on diners black.

New Partners and limits

Here are the new partners:

  1. Ola
  2. Lakme Salon
  3. Crocs
  5. Dermalogica

And here are the applicable limits (on the incremental 9X Rewards) for respective cards, every calendar month:

  1. Diners Black- 25,000
  2. Diners Privilege- 10,000
  3. Diners ClubMiles and Premium- 5,000
  4. Diners Rewardz- 2000

Is it worth it?

I personally see a very good value with Ola and Lakmé salon.  

But well who actually uses OLA now? Not me so far. Even if I travel out of city, I would rather go with a car provided by the hotel instead of ola/uber, to reduce the probability of getting infected. 

Lakmé salon maybe good for some but its present only in metros. So it could be more of an Amex partner over HDFC for that matter. 

It would have been lot better if HDFC went with Naturals or even Green Trends. 

Other partners are not really useful to maximise the 10x benefit and I don’t even know what Dermalogica brand is all about.


It’s good to see 10X merchants to be back on Diners Club Credit cards. This adds a lot of value for Diners Black credit card holders among others, as always. 

However the merchants that are live at the moment aren’t attractive enough to push spends on them. Let’s hope they keep tweaking the same in the coming months.

Not to forget, the regular 10X rewards on smartbuy is still live on all HDFC Cards. You may refer to this HDFC 10X rewards article for details.

What’s your thoughts on the new Diners 10X partners. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

62 thoughts on “HDFC Bank brings back Diners Club 10X Merchant Partners

  1. Piyush

    On Diners Clubmiles card we get 5% cashback on using smartbuy that’s it. No accelerated rewards points applicable. What is 10x on diners club merchant partner?
    I am not aware about this.

      1. Piyush

        I am not getting much offers on my Diners Clubmiles card now. Not a single spend based offers from last 1 year. ₹1000 cap on smartbuy. Again the acceptance of diners card in my location is also not much. I am also not getting upgrade offer.I talked with manager regarding upgrade but he just says to wait. Any way to upgrade or to get more offers?

  2. Aakash Coimbatore

    Okay! Was planning to buy crocs so that is sorted!
    Also was planning to have a Saloon experience for a long time..
    Now that also sorted 👍🏽
    Thanks thala 👍🏽

  3. Prashant Gupta

    A total pass as far as merchants are concerned. Crocs anytime is available for 30-60% off on various sites. I dont know who was the brain behind these brands in offer 😀.

  4. Pranab

    Good to see the Diners partners back. So, can we expect the resumption of previous Smartbuy benefits & caps (all 10X & 15K DCB, 25K Infinia) soon?

  5. GG

    Sid and others – I was thinking to upgrade to Infinia. Gave a call to RM today, waiting for his confirmation. Worth waiting for Diner 10x, assuming that they will resume back older 10x partners ? Please let me know your views.


    1. Prashant Gupta

      I think you should upgrade to u infinia, better cap, offers, for fees you get points plus its Visa infinite so offer in bookmyshow etc.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      GG, go for Infinia.. it has most sustainable and large limit offers.
      Infinia is last to get cuts.. Infinia also don’t have acceptability issues like diners..
      Get it if and while you can.

  6. Aditi Purohit

    Who travels with Ola ?
    Lol almost major chunk of people use ola/uber in metro cities
    That’s how ola/uber makes money
    I think sometimes you are being ignorant

  7. Akash Goyal

    I still see monthly cap of 7500 points for black. You’ve mentioned
    Diners Black- 25,000
    Diners Privilege- 10,000
    Diners ClubMiles and Premium- 5,000
    Diners Rewardz- 2000

    Can you confirm which is correct, please?

    1. Sharad Nayak

      25k points is on 10x partners and 7.5k is on Smartbuy. So technically you can earn 32.5k points in a month.

      1. kabilan

        HI Sharad. I spoke with the CC team of Diners black. They seem to be unaware of the 25 k limit. Yes the 7.5 k limit of smartbuy was clearly instructed to them. Now, I wonder whether the 32.5 k is a possibility???

  8. AKASH

    Hey Sid,
    Well with the current offers there is nothing much ,except the smartbuy 5% ,
    None of the other offers are of much use even with OLA ,these days whenever I try to book with any other payment option other than cash, most of the drivers cancel so when i`m in a rush I cant take a risk of waiting for drivers who accept online payment.
    I hope they bring more offers and bring back the 10X rewards ,on the brands they had in the past.

  9. Ravi Srikant

    Is there 10x on Amazon as well? The photo mentions Amazon but Smartbuy gives only 5x on Amazon

  10. Anand

    Like people have already mentioned, the partners this time are of no value! I mean, who is going to buy flip flops for 75k!
    Diners black members, can we all join forces and send a request to hdfc to bring amazon/flipkart back into the 10x progream with 25k points limit? If we can get enough people on board, maybe we can influence a change!

  11. Rejith

    Enjoy Up to 10X Reward Points or attractive cashbacks on SmartBuy

    Offer valid from 1st November to 30th November 2020

    Now enjoy up to 10X Reward Points additional on HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Cards on purchases via SmartBuy while you Compare and Shop, Compare and Fly and with brands like Flipkart, Amazon, RedBus, Cleartrip & Yatra, etc.

    Maximum cap on the incremental 9X Rewards is 7500 in a calendar month.

    Get up to 5% CashBack on Diners Club Privilege, Rewardz, Premium and ClubMiles Credit cards on purchases made via SmartBuy. Maximum cap on the CashBack is 2000 in a calendar month for Diners Privilege and 1000 for Rewardz, Premium and ClubMiles.

  12. vijay

    Somehow I never seem to get the 10X points credited. Even after buying instavouchers from gyftr. I think they have stopped crediting points in lockdown. No accountability of points and have to do a lot of tracking. I feel it’s not worth it.

  13. Suman Aggarwal

    Seems HDFC has given up and asking customers to leave

    They have imposed 1% + GST on buying vouchers on smartbuy

  14. SK

    HDFC SmartBuy has started charging convenience fees for instant vouchers. I can see a convenience fees of 59 rs for an Amazon Voucher of 5000 rs. :/

  15. Manveet

    From today, i checked that Convenience fee plus GST is being charged on HDFC smartbuy purchases. What a pity to see the smartbuy scheme becoming increasingly expensive and less rewarding.

  16. Pramtesh Patel

    I am holding LTF Regalia. And recently I have received an offer for LTF Dinner Black
    If I upgraded to Dinner Black. Would I be eligible for Infinia in future.
    I have heard since the the franchisee are different, I would never get offer for Infinia in future.

    1. DB

      If you total limit is more than 9 lakh then instead of upgrading to DB, ask your rep to give a separate Diners black card. You can then divide the limit between both cards and will be able to hold both card LTF.

    2. John Doe

      I was surprised to get the same offer two weeks back. Confirmed with my RM after that.

      I also asked if I can keep the Regalia by splitting the limit. Aparrently I can’t. But she assured me that Infinia upgrade is possible in the future. There is also relation between DCB upgrade and Infinia upgrade.

    3. Xman

      How come you guys are getting LTF offers for DCB. I also have Regalia LTF with limit above 8L from couple of years. and my RM says no pre approved offer as of now. And when I only asked about DCB, just says send a letter to Chennai.

  17. Diners Man

    Hey guys,

    In my statement I see a few entries as “GYFTR” and others as “SMARTBUY VOUCHERS”. Do you know if I am getting 10X rewards for both or Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Shivi

    Only for “SmartBuy Vochers” you get the 10x RP. You seem to be blundering somewhere down the line on “Gyftr” entries.

    1. George Mathews



      All my Gyftr voucher purchases are showing as GYFTR.COM entries!

      What do I have to do? Will I get the 10x points if I talk to customer care?

      Also, what am I doing wrong?
      I go to, log in with my phone no and password:
      I can then see my name when I click the menu button on the top left

      Then I click on instant Vouchers which takes me to another page
      I can see “Hi customer” when I click the menu button on the top left.

      Then I search for the respective Vouchers, add it to cart and then make the payment via my Infinia credit card.

      Any idea what I could be doing wrong? This is so frustrating since I painstakingly channel my spends via instant Vouchers as much as possible.

      Would really appreciate any help here. Thanks in advance

      Cheers! George

    2. Jay

      Are you sure about this ?

      Similar to George, I am also seeing all my gyftr purchases as GYFTR.COM entries and not SMARTBUY VOUCHERS. I’ll have to follow up with the customer care if this is the case. I follow the exact same process as well, log into smartbuy, click on instant vouchers, I am usually logged into GYFTR as well, then add the Amazon vouchers to cart and buy them. I use chrome without an adblockers or other plugins just to be sure the tracking happens. What could I be doing wrong ?

    3. ajay

      This is wrong information. Request members to not spread unnecessary scare. I have seen enteries as gyftr and gotten the points.

  19. Jay

    In my HDFC Spend Promo page I saw a new entry called – “HDFC DCB LTF”, with a requirement to spend 3L. Upon inquiring with my useless RM she informed me it is only applicable for new customers, on cards issued between 1st Nov 2020 and 31st Dec 2020. The criteria for LTF – for Infinia spend 5L in first 90 days, DCB is spend 3L in first 90 days. Got a screenshot.

    I asked her if I could close my card and apply for a new one, she said applying for the same card again is not possible since you already hold Infinia and DCB, so you’d have to apply for a lower card.

    Extremely disappointed with HDFC Bank, they are giving Super Premium cards LTF to new customers, but milking existing customers of 12000 each year. Thinking of terminating my Imperia relationship and moving to ICICI or Axis bank.

    Could some Infina /DCB holder please check with your RM whether this is applicable only to new users or available to existing customers as well ? (Just curious If its now, why it is is showing up in my spend promo section).

    1. Diners Man

      Your RM is right. I was informed exactly the same by my RM. Hdfc sucks what to do.

    2. Ravi

      Yes. Same was informed to me by my RM. However my RM said cancel existing DCB and apply fresh. I have refused. HDFC is practically cheating exisiting customers


      yes its applicable for only new customer applying from 1st nov to 31st dec. Of course you can surrender dcb/infinia and move to icici or axis giving better rewards !!

    4. Bhavin Shah

      I also noticed and thought it is applicable to all. They have removed this now so that existing customers .

    5. RM

      Reversing the annual fee is the only option for people already holding Infinia and DCB. My RM has done it a few times. If you have a decent relationship with HDFC they gladly reverse the renewal charges.

    6. Akshat


      Where can one find “spend promo” page?

      I couldn’t find it in netbanking

  20. Pushkar

    Anyone purchased amazon gift voucher recently? I have tried few times since yesterday, but failed every time.

      1. Rahul

        Now do we need to do anything to unblock it or it will happen only next month?

  21. Singh

    Mine got suspended this month. So called up Smartbuy customer care. They informed of my cards marked as “Risk” and said will unlock automcatically next month.
    Made a complaint to HDFC customer care. They forwarded my complaint to HDFC concierge. Its been a week but no resolution. They are not even aware that there is some restriction like this. Smartbuy CC are more aware of this.
    Anyway, trying to speed up the unlock through HDFC CC but still waiting. Worst case, will wait for 1st and pray.

    1. MT

      But the good thing is , they will probably honour 9x on all previous transactions

    2. Nikhil

      I am still not able to purchase amazon /flipkart vouchers…. Can they unblock if we call them?

        1. hkr

          write a mail to [at]
          along with your registered mobile number, one government ID proof and 1st six digit of your card. within 2-3 working days they will unblock.

          1. Ankur

            Was this the case for you? I sent the details and after that called+emailed daily for ten days and its still blocked

  22. Ayush Agrawal

    With the latest addition of 1%+GST cost on Smartbuy vouchers, combined with the insane delay in crediting the 10x points (90 working days after the statement generation month. Effectively 5 months), I don’t think it’s worth it anymore.
    What do you guys think?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Its worth it. Its a cycle for moat of us long time user. Not a sinhle point missed till date.

  23. Sridhar

    Hi Sid,
    I have an option to go for either Infinia or DCB. How do we choose one vs other ? Though it is a personal choice, am looking for some experiences in this regard apart from product details that are already available on their page.
    I see Infinia gives 10K points on signing up while having low partners while DCB currently has multiple partners that are very commonly used. I have been using Amex Plat Travel and Regalia for many years now.

  24. Priyank Jain

    Swiggy is now added as 10x partners for dinners till dec 2021.

    This is so good with 33% return in travel with no cap where most cards on swiggy offer discounts with cap of 150-200


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