Amex 100% Cashback Offer – Upto Rs.2500 on App Store & Play Store spends

By | August 18, 2021

American Express India recently rolled out a targeted offer for select cardholders, likely to those holding Amex Platinum & Amex Centurion cards. I’m targeted for this offer and here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Amex Offer: 100% Cashback on App store and Play Store spends

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get 100% Cashback on Apple App store & Google Play Store spends.
  • Max. Cashback: Rs.2,500
  • Eligible Spend Types: All spends processed directly via Indian app/play stores.
  • Offer Valid for: Likely all Plat Charge Card holders
  • Offer Period: Ends by 5th May 2021 (extended every 6 months with fresh 2.5k cashback)
  • Fulfilment: 5 business days
  • How to Enroll? Save offer to card under “Amex Offers” section of Amex Online Account
  • How it works?: Save/link card to app/play store and spend on store/app as usual. 100% Cashback will be applied to every transaction, upto a max. cap of Rs.2500 during the offer period.

Sweet and simple offer as usual with nice 6+ months validity. It’s a very useful offer, especially for Apple users as most anyway spend on Apple music and iCloud. So this is a good offer to save money on those regular spends.

If you you don’t spend on those, well its time to pay for that favourite paid game and indulge in those in-app purchases which I once used to wonder who on earth does that.

But before, not to forget to save the offer to card. You’ll likely receive a confirmation email in few mins once enrolled.

Amex offer enrolment confirmation


  • Rs.5000 cashback has been rolled out to some, instead of Rs.2500.
  • Those who got the Rs.2500 cashback will get another Rs.2500 once this offer ends, ideally giving 5K value every year, for everyone


To sum up, this is the third 100% cashback offer that we see from American Express on Platinum Charge cards.

First it was Rs.18,000 cashback, then Rs.12,500 cashback and now its Rs.2500 – That’s about Rs.33,000 cashback totally.

For others, don’t miss the 10% cashback offer that’s running with Flipkart now. It demands higher spend but the old 10% on amazon that ended yesterday was very lucrative.

Overall, this is definitely a wonderful offer and I would be more than happy to see it become a card feature rather than just yet another offer.

Did you receive this targeted offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “Amex 100% Cashback Offer – Upto Rs.2500 on App Store & Play Store spends

  1. AAJ

    Didn’t receive as of now 🙁
    After receiving Plat Charg I have just received 12.5k offer
    No offers on the Rewards card either..
    I guess no spend based offer on Plat Charg either

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Maybe they’re targeting those who’re already using the card on App store. Not sure though!

  2. SadPlat Guy

    I do not see this offer on my Plat charge card yet. Neither did I get the diwali festive offer. Amex Plat is disappointing me.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Time to change my name too as: Partially Sad Plat Guy 😀

  3. Rajat Agarwal

    Hi Siddharth,

    If we do not know for what we might want to spend the Rs 2,500 right away, we can just add Rs 2,500 to our Apple ID account and get the cash back. I tried it first for Rs 100 and it works just fine.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good idea, seems it works for icloud & itunes. But I donot see “in-app” purchase listed on Apple wallet page. Any idea about that?

    2. MT

      Please opine on whether monthly subscriptions will be eligible for cashback ? My opinion is it should be

  4. RM

    Saw the offer on my plat charge in the offers section of Amex and saved it to my card. Unfortunately could not find a way to do it on the app.

  5. RS


    Off topic, but amex recently put a financial review on my card accounts after being with them for more than 3 years. I was going through a lot of interesting online reviews about this, seems common in the US, UK and Canada but has anyone faced this here in India with Amex ? I have always paid them back and way before my due dates. I do carry large balances but always clear it off so I don’t understand why would they do such a thing ? I have a Gold Charge and a Plat reserve with them, though both the cards are suspended for charging but the review seems to have been triggered by the Gold charge !! I do a lot of international transactions.

      1. SUDIPTO RAY

        Update :
        I will not call them manufactured spending, but there were high international spends to various merchants, they called me and asked me who these end merchants were and if they were business spends, they also questioned me about wallet spends (which i reckon they must have been thinking is manufactured spending), so I told them exactly what they were for and there are high utility bills which I pay through wallets for the cash backs etc & if they have problem with that they could have told me this and I would have done those payments using other cards.
        I furnished all documents which they asked from me including my bank statements with big balances and huge turn overs, in spite of that they called me back a day later to tell me that the accounts will remain suspended and they will convey the decision of the review after I have cleared the entire balance off my Gold charge card and at least 50% from my Plat reserve !
        I am 99% sure it’s account closure for me, hence they did NOT remove the suspension and told me that they will convey the decision after I have cleared off the entire balance from my Gold Charge card !
        I didn’t have an idea amex is sensitive about transactions which are genuine and are being paid off at the end of every month !


      I have been through the review and came out clean. The irregular spend patterns usually trigger this.

        1. DT

          I don’t see why Amex should have any problem with people spending and repaying them back, on time & especially if they have a long history with AMEX and a perfect CIBIL score. This is nothing but high handedness from Amex. 70 percent of the places do NOT accept their cards, some refuse even if they display that they do accept Amex citing EDC machine issue.
          They should warn people which they term irregular & warn before taking actions like this, anyway having said that it’s their money and their decision I guess if we have to spend where we have to and if they do NOT like where we do, both parties have other options & amicably part ways !

  6. Rishi

    Hi Siddharth, Went through all your articles on Amex Cards posted in last few years. Is there a way to get LTF Amex card? Have Rs 5 Lac Credit Limit on Regalia, Gross Income – 18 LPA. The old link for LTF CC Application are not working.

  7. Aakash Coimbatore

    Thala i have plans to get AMEX PLAT CHARGE in 2021 Q1.
    SO when do you think Is the best time to go for AMEX PLAT?
    WILL 125k Bonus MR on joining promotion come anytime soon?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Highly depends on your needs. Not sure if they would go aggressive on it before Travel re-opens in full swing.

      1. Aakash Coimbatore

        Thanks, Thala! Going to apply for this card in a week or 2 (Mostly by this year end)… Hopefully, if this gets approved it will be my First ever AMEX card (Have only DCB)… Going to apply with your referral link only! “Vera yaruko referral bonus kudukarthuku na ungalku referral bonus kuduthutu porra”…. because you have totally changed my mindset on these CC & thanks to you made a family vacation of points that covered Flights, Hotels & few experiences”

    2. MAA-traveler

      From the last 3 years I notice that Amex gives bonus around September for Plat Charge card. The bonus has been decreasing and now it is only 115K. I suggest you can take the card when you’re ready using Sid’s or anyone referral. You get 110K points and Sid 35k MR points.

  8. RS


    Would you mind telling us if they removed the suspension straight away after the review or if they asked you to clear off the balances first ?

    If they did remove the suspension before you cleared the balance off then I am guessing they will close down the accounts for me as they told me that they will convey the decision of the review after I have paid off my entire charge card balance and at least 50% of my plat Reserve balance off !!

    1. Sujit Kumar Hota

      If i remember it right I didn’t have any balance due. The ban was auto lifted after 7 days.


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