Giveaway: Top 10 Readers of CardExpert Receives Surprise Gifts

By | September 3, 2018

I started out the blog with a primary motive to help people choose the right credit card for their spend. I save over Rs.1 Lakh or more every year using the credit card reward points, cashback’s, travel offers, etc which i wish everyone should be doing and hence the blog came up.

Its been an year or so since i started out with Cardexpert and its now the only dedicated site in India with real credit card reviews, opinions and conversations with thousands of readers. I thank you all for making it possible.

Its highly encouraging to see 100’s of emails & comments i received this year/2016 who thanked me for creating an informative platform that helps people save money while they spend.

On top of this, recently, one of the reader who took my paid credit card consultation thanked me for having the concept of paid service. Its nice to have people who really understand the value of time. Infact, 98% of the information i know is already available in the blog in 100’s of articles and 1000’s of comments, my paid consultation is just a quickest way to find that answer.

Gifting the Top 10 Readers of CardExpert:

As a token of gratitude, i’ve decided to Gift the Top 10 Readers/contributors who helped the blog with unique content along the way. Do you remember? I gave a hint about this, as a “surprise” on my previous email i sent you last week.

If you haven’t received my email, you can get into my email list anytime from the pop up page you see once in a while, or simply by commenting on any article.

I picked the winners based on the overall contribution to the blog, which depends on the # of comments made on the site. The content contributors are also considered, like Manish, who wrote nice reviews on Indusind Iconia Credit Card & Amex Platinum Reserve Credit Card and SriKrsna with his Simplyclick credit card review.

So, the Winners are,

  1. Manish – [email protected]
  2. SriKrsna – [email protected]
  3. Prashant Agrawal – [email protected]
  4. Prashant Gupta – [email protected]
  5. Abhishek Roy – [email protected]
  6. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya [email protected]
  7. MANU KUMAR – [email protected]
  8. Vinod Kannan – [email protected]
  9. Biby – [email protected]
  10. Chaitanya Varma – [email protected]

-> All winners will get Rs.100 worth of mobile recharge. I’ve already contacted them on their respective email’s and waiting to deliver the gift. Do you know? I’ll probably be redeeming my HDFC Reward points to fund this giveaway 🙂

Note to a few: I’ve disqualified some of the possible winners as they have NO valid email ID with their comments.

If you’re a winner, share how you feel. Others, keep contributing, i’m planning to launch such giveaways more often in coming days. And hey, Wish you all a very Happy & prosperous New Year 2017.

Btw, 2016 was a great year for me with a lot of positive vibes. How about You? Feel free to share in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

38 thoughts on “Giveaway: Top 10 Readers of CardExpert Receives Surprise Gifts

  1. Prashant Gupta

    Wow siddhart it was nice surprise at the year end and begin new year on a happy note. Really i have been using credit cards for last 10 years but in the last 6 months that i have been following ur blog i have really made some nice money in quick time and ofcourse some good credit cards. Hats off to you for the nice work. Wish you tons of rewards in 2017.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Congrats Prashant!
      Thanks & Glad that you’ve saved well in 2016 🙂

    2. S G SINGH

      Hi Siddharth,

      Please add my name to your mailing list.

      1. Arvind

        Hi Siddarth,

        Please do include my name in your mailing list.


  2. Manu

    Thank you Siddhartha,
    Your blog helped me a lot.. Till a year back I was stuck with a Platinum Edge.. Now I have cards.. That are much more rewarding that the previous ones..

    # Important Info.
    Indusind Platinum credit card is available now is available with ZERO JOINING Fee.. Under PLATINUM VIP PLAN…

    Get it Now guys.. It’s much better than AURA or AURA Edge that those guys promote

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Congrats 🙂

      Sounds good, kindly share more info about the “PLATINUM VIP PLAN”
      Lets make an article about it.

      1. Chaitanya Varma

        I heard from IndusInd agent that currently a promotion is running for Platinum card, if your gross salary is more than 50k per month it’s LTF which is otherwise given at Rs3000 as one time joining fee.

        If you are in Hyd and interested to apply, let me know I’ll arrange a call back….

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I dropped an email to my RM. Lets see if it applies to TN as well.

        2. MANU KUMAR

          Indusind credit card seems more opaque than the RTO office employees , they are giving the same card for 699 + taxes also that too For lifetime free variant… (But I really doubt any sales executive would promote that plan)

          From the contact I had I got to know only about that but I am sure they must be having some scheme for ICONIA and else.

      2. MANU KUMAR

        Yes it can be done.. Further I got RBL Platinum a Maxima Credit card as it was offered to me due to good relationship with the Bank.

        It’s a nice card and the ease with which it gets approved makes it a awesome mid segment card.

        I can write a detailed review if you permit.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          One basic review is already there.
          You can still review again if you’ve unique points.
          Btw, did you receive Maxima for free?

          1. Manu kumar

            Siddhartha, i was offered that for free. AS a free card it is good. I would say the customer care is one of the best… Just tweet them and you get a call in half an hour explaining things.. No bureaucracy in solving problems..

    2. Abhishek Roy

      I too would love to know more about this “Platinum VIP Plan”. Didn’t come across this term anywhere on the internet. As of now they have the IndusInd Platinum Credit Card for joining fees of INR 17999. Do enlighten me on this.

      1. Saurabh

        its life time free just got it last week card on card in mumbai…
        also got a confirmation from Indusind CC no joining and annual fees via email
        however there aren’t any good offers on it … just 1 complimentary lounge visit per quarter on your Primary Card.
        credit limit provided is good same that i have on my HDFC Regalia (applied card on card)
        let me know if interested can provide you the sale person number.

  3. Abhishek Roy

    Thanks for acknowledgement buddy!!! Thanks for the gift. I wish you get the HDFC Infinia Card in the year 2017. Happy New Year 2017 in advance and may we continue to learn through this wonderful blog!!

  4. Chaitanya Varma


    Thanks for the surprise gift ??, feeling humbled. Only after going through your blog I was able to get hold of best suited CC’s for my spends. This blog is a great initiative and it’s getting better day by day, keep up the good work !!! I hope we all will save more in 2017?

    Wish you a happy and prosperous new year !!

  5. Krishna R M


    Have you ever considered reviewing other banking products like Savings accounts, wallets, Housing loans, Debit cards, FDs etc offered by different banks??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yet to. If you’ve more info on wallets, do let me know. We’ll cover it.

  6. Manish R Khetwani

    Thank you Siddharth. Wishing you and your readers a very Happy New Year.

  7. Aman

    Thank you Siddharth.
    I was new to cards but after reading this blog I got SBI elite and hdfc money back in the last 6 months.
    I got to know about SBI elite card through your blog.
    And now enjoying the book my show offer every month now.?

    What is the difference between titanium card And a platinum card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Glad that my post helped you.
      What bank’s titanium/platinum card you’re referring to?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Pls mention the full name. I’m missing the one you’re pointing to.

  8. Vinod Kannan

    Thank you Siddharth… Happy New Year… Hope i get the Diners Club Black this year…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      All the very best on Black!
      Hopefully 10X remains for long 🙂

  9. Ashwin Iyer

    Hello Siddharth,

    Need your advice

    I hold the following cards right now

    American Express Travel Credit Card
    Diners Club Black
    Axis privilege credit card
    SBI Simply Click
    ICICI Bank Rubyx – Amex + Mastercard
    CITI Indian Oil Titanium Card

    I also hold HDFC Jet world debit card
    ICICI Rubyx Debit card

    My question is, Should I apply for Yes Bank Exclusive Credit Card + RBL Fun + Credit card. And according to you which credit cards should I cancel and which ones should I continue. I travel once a month domestic and once a year international and most of my transactions are online. Except offline for monthly groceries say 2K or so


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Well, get anything that comes free. That’s just my way though 😉

      1. MANU KUMAR

        Yes bank has a lot of bureaucracy, I had applied for there card and they rejected it twice in a row. Further they do not clarify the reason behind the rejection.

        The customer care too is one of the worst they have no info about any thing and a patent excuse is we are new to this and so you had a bad experience


          1. Manu kumar

            Siddarth, I escalated the issue and I got the card. MY Cibil was good above 800. The issue was Physical verification, the bank people were not doing it and keeping it on hold.

    2. Vinod Kannan

      Amex Platinum Travel Card and Diners Club Black are great cards. Considering that you travel Once every month, Amex Platinum Travel Card is the best for Domestic Travel ( you can earn 33000 rupees worth of vouchers if you spend just 4 lakhs in a year) and Diners Club Black is best for International Travel. Also you get Unlimited Lounge access for both Primary and Add on card members wit Diners Black. Diners Black is the best card for online spends. Sbi simply click offers you 10 reward points on limited number of partners but the value of each point is just 25 paise. All the cards with ICICI are useless since their reward system is one of the worst. With rubyx you can earn max of only 4 reward points through mastercard and 6 points on Amex variant even on your chosen category and the value of each point is only 0.25 paise. Axis previlege card is not a great card either since their reward redemption rate is very poor. Even though you earn 5000 rupees yatra vouchers for each 2.5 lakh spends, since you already have Amex Platinum Travel card, Axis previlege card doesnt seem a good option. Regarding Citibank indian oil titanium, you have to swipe only in Citibank EDC machines to earn 4 points. Thats pretty bad. Yes First Preferred Card seems pretty good compared to Yes First Exclusive considering the huge fee on Yes Exclusive Card.


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