Diwali Offer: Get Upto 1.5% Cashback on Standard Chartered Credit Card

By | November 2, 2018

As far as i know, Standard Chartered has been running very good cashback offers on the credit cards since past 2 years during Diwali season. This Diwali too they’ve come up with a so called “Unlimited Cashback Offer” for 2018, but is it really Unlimited? Well, have a look at the offer below to find out that,

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Offer Details:

  1. Offer period: 5th Oct to 5th Nov, 2018
  2. Target #1: Spend X Amount to Get 1% Cashback
  3. Target #2: Spend Y Amount to Get 1.5% Cashback
  4. Upper Cap: Unlimited (but technically not)
  5. Customer cannot make payments in excess of their credit limit and utilize the same for making purchases using his/her credit card
  6. Excluded Spend Types: Wallet Recharges
  7. Fulfillment: 31st Jan 2019
  8. To Enroll: Please check your email or send SMS as UNLIMITED to 575758

The #5th rule helps banks to filter those who’re spending a lot by paying advance payments. So if i understand it right, the upper cap is equal to 1.5% of your credit limit.

If you’ve 5L limit on your card, you’re limited to cashback of Rs.7500, well that’s just maybe <5% of their card users. Most of their customers holding manhattan or super value titanium have limit in the range of <2L, so the burn rate on the offer is incredibly low for the bank.

So the Offer looks like this,

While i don’t have any SC credit card at the moment, here’s what some of the cardholders received

  • Spend 15K or more for get 1% cashback / spend 41k or more for 1.5% cashback. (my friend’s offer)
  • Spend 15K or more for get 1% cashback / spend 85k or more for 1.5% cashback. (for Prashant Gupta)

Thanks to: Prashant Gupta for sharing the offer.

Note that this maybe a targeted offer and SC “may” also come up with a different offer for Diwali altogether. But as the offer T&C itself says “festive offer” in some places, i’ve taken this as Diwali Offer.


Like other Credit card Diwali offers, the offer from standard charted too is degrading since past few years. For 2016 they had 3.3% (Upto 10k) & for 2017 they had 5% (upto 5k) and now its mere 1.5% (!!).

That said, this offer is still great for those who’re holding SC Ultimate credit card as you get net 4.8% reward rate but for most others its going to be a huge disappointment.

What offer have you received? Please share in the comments below.

38 thoughts on “Diwali Offer: Get Upto 1.5% Cashback on Standard Chartered Credit Card

  1. Ashwin

    I think this is a simple offer, with less T&Cs and suitable for all. In my view, better than Amex Diwali offer. Let’s see what Yes Bank has in store.

  2. SH

    The issue is this my text said 1.5% after 95k. But the T&C said 1.5% after 40k. My first wife got 1.5% after 25k.


    Hi Siddharth,
    Are you sure about the explaination to #5? From what I understood, I cannot make advance payments, yes but I should be able to pay off my balance ‘n’ number of times before the offer ends and hence keep utilising my credit limit. I did the same for their other targeted offers such as, “Use card for Rs 45,600 and get 2200 additional reward points”

    Or is is that if I have a limit of 60,000 I can only get a max Rs 900 cashback? Have you had a chance to confirm this with an existing SC card holder?

  4. Gaurav Malik

    I have a SCB Ultimate card..Offer is Cashback at 1% for all clients spending INR 15,000 or more in the offer period. What’s more, spend INR 62,000 or more and get unlimited cash back at 1.5% on all your spends in the offer period

  5. aka

    though i am not using the card at all my spend limits are 15K for 1% & Rs. 1,04,000/- for 1.5%. too high IMHO…

  6. Imran

    Offer on my ultimate card:

    Get Unlimited cashback at 1% on all spends with your StanChart credit card. Offer period – 5 Oct – 5 Nov 2018.

    Offer valid for all clients spending INR 15,000 or more in the offer period.
    What’s more, spend INR 663000 or more and get unlimited cashback at 1.5% on all your spends in the offer period.

  7. Pradeep

    I have Ultimate card. I received SMS saying 1.5% for spends > 1.15L. One more thing is one has to mandatorily opt-in by sending SMS or registering on SC website. Irrespective of when you opt in, the spends for the whole offer period will be considered for cashback.

  8. Mohan

    1% on >15k and 1.5% on >186k on Titanium card … Doesn’t make sense to put this much amount in SC when YFE default rate is more than this!!! Disappointed 🙁

  9. Nakul Kedia

    On my ultimate card. 1.5% after 45000
    Which is quite achievable.

  10. Sandeep

    I have a Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards. For me it was 1% for >15K and 1.5% for >30K

  11. Datta

    I got 1% for 15k and 1.5% for >55k on my Ultimate. 3.3% Ultimate cashback makes 4.8% reward rate
    Not good as previous Diwali Offer where I got 5% (excluding reward points) cashback of around 5k on my Ultimate.

  12. suresh

    i have a doubt. will the spends have regular points + cashback. the reason is sc ultimate has 3.3% reward rate and i dont want to lose it for cashback.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Then u can live with your doubt and we can get upto 4.8% effective rate. 😀

    2. A2Z


      Regular rewards are anyhow going to be posted as soon as transaction is claimed by merchant & start reflecting on 360 degree portal within 4-5 days.
      Cashback credit date is future date.
      So far SCB has been par excellence in crediting offer benefits & rarely faltered.
      So don’t worry for Ultimate rewards & go on Ultimate spending journey !!

    3. Suresh

      I got a confirmation from SCB that the cashback is in addition to the regular reward points.

  13. Amit

    Congratulations! You have unlocked Unlimited cashback on your StanChart credit card. Spend INR 15,000 or more and get 1% unlimited cashback on spends till 5 Nov 2018. What’s more, spend INR 44,000 or more and get 2.5% unlimited cashback on your spends.

    1. Datta1108

      Are you sure its 2.5% for 2ns Target? I think its 1.5% which all of us got!

  14. Ebin

    I think SC ultimate is the best card in the country (atleast at this moment).

  15. Prabu SM

    1.5% on 36000. Assuming that the Cash Back will be provided for PayTM Wallet recharges also. Anyone see any fine print restricting this?

  16. Prashant Gupta

    Got another offer today:
    spend Rs.139000 between 13Nov-31 Dec and get 1% cashback.

  17. Mohan

    New targeted offer alert on my SC Titanium credit card

    Spend 1,97,000 or more and get unlimited 1.5% cashback.
    Duration: 13 Nov to 31 Dec 2018

  18. Sakthi

    Received the following msg “Unlimited cashback season continues. Spend INR 96000 or more with your StanChart credit card between 13-Nov to 31-Dec 2018 and get unlimited 1% cashback on spends. No max cap on cashback.

  19. swapneil

    i have platinum rewards credit card – i am not able to see option where i can pay outstanding dues using points accrued in my account on my credit card.

    If i upgrade to sc ultimate credit card – is it applicable to this card where i can pay outstanding dues using my points ?
    basically looking at cash credit/cashback using the points on my cards

  20. Mouli

    Got another offer
    spend Rs.162000 between 13Nov-31 Dec and get 1% cashback.

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes, got similar one with offer as unlimited cashback season continues.

  21. Mohan

    Received Cashback 11K, I remember they extended the offer after Diwali with another promotion…. looking forward to that credit too.


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