Diwali Offer: Get Upto 20,000 Bonus Reward Points on Indusind Credit Card

By | December 31, 2018

Indusind Bank’s Diwali offer is one of the lucrative ones in the industry as they usually come up with 2X/3X/5X promos every year with different spend level targets for each. The promo is purely Points based and that is good because Indusind allows you to convert the points to cash.

It makes sense for the bank to play with points rather giving users with cashback like Standard Chartered does. Though, every bank has their own economics and they do what’s suitable for them.

Indusind Rewardz Festival 2018

Indusind 2018 Rewardz Festival Offer Details:

  1. Offer period: 10th Oct to 10th Nov, 2018
  2. Target A: Spend X to Get 2X Reward Points
  3. Target B: Spend Y to Get 3X Reward Points
  4. Target C: Spend Z to Get 5X Reward Points
  5. Max. Points: 20,000 Bonus Points (regular points not included in this)
  6. If the Cardholder achieves Spends Equal to or Greater than Spend Level C , Cardholder will be eligible for 5x Reward Points on All Spends above Spend Level B, 3x Reward Points on All Spends above Spend Level A up to Spend Level B and 2x Rewards on all Spends up to Spend Level A
  7. Excluded Cards: IndusInd Bank Corporate Cards, IndusInd Bank Classic Credit Card, IndusInd Bank Gold Credit Card, Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card, Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card and Credit Cards issued after September 30, 2018
  8. Excluded Spend Types: Loading of Mobile / Digital Wallets
  9. Fulfillment: 31st Dec 2018
  10. To Enroll: You should have registered via SMS (JOIN to 5676757)/email/Cust. Care

My Offer:

Here’s the offer i’ve received on my Indusind Iconia credit card:

    • Spend INR 16000 for 2x Rewards
    • Spend INR 38000 for 3x Rewards
  • Spend INR 70000 for 5x Rewards

Indusind says: Spend Levels have been set for each Cardholder depending on factors such as, but not limited to, credit history, purchase patterns, payment behaviour, credit limit, loyalty and vintage of the Cardholder.

They seem to use multiple metrics like most other banks, while past year spends always takes the major part.


So if you’re disappointed with Amex Diwali Offer or SC Diwali Offer, now you’ve a reason to rejoice as you could save well above 5% if you’re holding Indusind’s premium Credit Cards like Indusind Pinnacle Credit Card or even Indusind Iconia if you could plan the spends on weekend.

Note: Payments to Credit Card reflects faster its like this: NEFT/IMPS>Indusind Ac>Bill Pay

However, good news is Indusind allows you to prepay as much as you want and use it later. It’ll get adjusted to ac instantly on charge, so you don’t need to worry about spending that all the same day.

Happy with 2018’s Indusind Rewardz Festival? Feel free to share your spend targets & thoughts in comments below.

Update: Fulfilment done on Dec 31st 2018, as promised.

43 thoughts on “Diwali Offer: Get Upto 20,000 Bonus Reward Points on Indusind Credit Card

  1. Kulbir

    Do you think this offer is valid if one were to reload the Indus forex card using an Indus card? Couldn’t figure that out from TnC.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It can be hit or miss!

      Technically it should be valid as they anyway charge you some fee for loading Forex card.

  2. SH

    I had Indusind Platinum Select, that I have not used for a long time and cancelled it last Sunday..:-)

    So you guys have fun and make the most of it.

  3. Kulbir

    oh and btw my spend limit for 5x limit is twice the limit on my credit card 😀 They want me to go beyond my card limits.

  4. Karthik

    Spend 10k for 2x, 24k for 3x, 44k for 5x. Max Bonus Points:20000.


    Hi Siddharth my offer for amex iconia was like this

    Dear Customer, Thank you for registering to participate in the Rewardz Festival on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card xx3007. Spend INR 222000 between 10-Oct-18 and 10-Nov-18 to qualify for 2x Rewards. Spend INR 348000 to qualify for 3x Rewards and spend INR 375000 to qualify for 5x Rewards. Max Bonus Points:20000. For offer details and T&C, visit

    How they differentiate wallet loading? I mean what if i pay insurance or any service payment through paytm
    Wallet? Am I eligible for spending? Because everytime we pay through paytm its adds money first into paytm account and then paid to merchant…so please clarify on this issue…Dr.Hardik Patel

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      If you make insurance payment through paytm, spends will be considered as wallet loading only. You need to pay Insurance directly using your credit card in the insurance website itself.

  6. hari

    Offer on my Iconia AmEx.

    2x – INR 10000
    3x – INR 24000
    5x – INR 44000

  7. RajatK

    Offer on my Iconia AmEx.

    2x – INR 111000
    3x – INR 174000
    5x – INR 198000

    Too high and not worth it, it was 42000 last year for 2x.. looks like high monthly spends in 50-60K caused this.

  8. Ashish Nikhare

    It seems Amex Iconia cardholders are lucky as their spend threshold for 5X is very low. I got the following offer on my Legend Credit Card :-
    2X – INR 1,11,000 /-
    3X – INR 1,74,000 /-
    5X – INR 1,98,000 /-
    Seems pretty high. But then already earn rate is 2.6% for yearly spends of Rs. 6 lakhs on Legend Credit card (12000 + 4000 bonus). With this offer, an additional 20000 points, the earn rate will be super high. I think, Indusind festive offer is among the best !

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its mostly based on spend pattern and not really due to the card type.

      “Indusind festive offer is among the best”
      Mostly, but that’s too early to conclude as Yesbank is still not out with their promo. 🙂

  9. Imran

    Offer in my legend signature card:

    Spend INR 10,00,000 between 10-Oct-18 and 10-Nov-18 to qualify for Flat 10000 Bonus Reward Points.
    Spend INR 14,00,000 to qualify for Flat 15000 Reward Points
    Spend INR 17,50,000 to qualify for Flat 25000 Bonus Reward Points

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This is interesting!

      So if the cardholder is a high spender, Indusind switches to “flat” rewards offer from “incremental” points offer.

      1. balaji

        what is your typical spends on indusind iconia amex? 11K is very affordable. But for me it is 57k.

          1. balaji

            typo. for you its 16k. would like to know your typical spends on indusind iconia amex?

  10. Aditya Date

    35k 2x
    60k 3x
    88k 5x
    Btw, on a different note IndusInd has launched pioneer heritage and pioneer legacy credit cards along with pioneer world debit card.

  11. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    1.RBL Bajaj Supercard diwali offer:

    Spend 1lac+ between 10 october to 10 november and get assured amazon echo dot.

    2. Kotak Mahindra debit card/ netbanking offer:

    Spend 10000 and get 200 amazon GV.

  12. Joseph

    Also 15% discount on snapdeal for all indusind debit and credit cards.
    Min purchase Rs 1500
    Max discount per transaction Rs.2000.

  13. Skywalker786

    I received one more message from indusind:
    Dear Customer, this festive season IndusInd Bank and American Express brings you a bigger reason to celebrate! Spend a total of INR 100000 with at least INR 20000 at physical merchant outlets using your IndusInd Bank American Express Credit Card and get Free Dining Vouchers worth INR 5000 from Marriott Group of Hotels. Offer Validity: 10-Oct-18 till 10-Nov-18.

  14. Nitish

    Hi All,

    Just had word with Yes Bank CC Customer Care.
    There offers would be rolled out on 15 Oct & would be till 15 Nov.
    Offer : 5X rewards points . Waiting for terms n conditions

    Please plan accordingly

    1. Siddharth Post author

      5X on select partners. Low upper cap. You’ll be mostly disappointed!

      1. Amann

        Bang on Sid

        How’d you know??
        5x Partners: Amazon.in, BigBasket, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, OYO Rooms & Reliance Digital.

        Spend minimum
        – INR 20,000 for YES FIRST Card
        Get max 8k bonus points
        A joke considering you get 2000 regular (1×) and 8000 bonus (4×) on spend of 20k on Yes First Exclusive. So don’t spend more than 20k at all on 5x partners. Reward rate 12.5% upto Rs. 20k spend and there on default rate of 2.5% 😕

        – INR 10,000 for YES Premia & YES
        Prosperity Card Account
        Get max 4k bonus points

        The 5X Reward Points will be inclusive of the standard Credit Card Reward Points earned as applicable to respective YES BANK Credit Card variant. (So bonus is only 4x)

        Bonus points credited by 31st December 2018.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I guess there is a difference b/w a typical CC user & an Addict 😉

  15. Jinesh

    Offer in my legend signature card:

    Spend INR 11,20,000 between 10-Oct-18 and 10-Nov-18 to qualify for Flat 10000 Bonus Reward Points.
    Spend INR 17,80,000 to qualify for Flat 15000 Reward Points
    Spend INR 22,50,000 to qualify for Flat 25000 Bonus Reward Points

  16. Ashish Nikhare

    How come Indusind offers range from 44,000 to 22.50 lacs. Whats their criteria. Spends of 22.5 lacs are almost impossible in 1 month !

  17. ND

    Got this on my Pinnacle card:
    Spend INR 356000 to qualify for 2x Rewards.
    Spend INR 558000 to qualify for 3x Rewards and
    spend INR 602000 to qualify for 5x Rewards.
    Max Bonus Points:20000.

    Useless offer given cap of 20000 points. It’s so contradicting that you can never really earn 3x or 5x rewards !!

  18. Monish

    What the best avenues of spending with indusind iconia amex credit card? Have to spend 1.98L for 5x rewards points. Wallets excluded/Paying via paytm excluded. Loading Amazon Pay? Taking Flipkart vouchers? Any other avenues you have figured out?

  19. A2Z

    You wrote :
    “Though, they do post the payments done via Indusind savings ac the same day.”

    But on the contrary they don’t post payments made from indusind account as fast as they credit for NEFT/IMPS from other banks.

    Another problem with Indusind ICONIA Dual variant is they send email for only one variant & one need to call customer care to get targets for other variant.
    Anyhow Amex variant only is beneficial & Visa variant is not much lucrative.

  20. Ajith Shenoy

    I checked Terms & conditions.
    Nothing ie mentioned regarding loading wallets

  21. Madan

    Hi Siddarth, I have Indusind bank platinum Aura Edge credit card for which I paid Rs 5999/ joining fee. I want to buy a tv for Rs 43999/ tomorrow. How many reward points will I get In terms of Rs ? By when ? & Redeemed How ? Request immediate reply as offer close tomorrow. Thanks warm regards. Gen Bhandari

      1. Ashish Nikhare

        Received a whooping 12500 reward points today (8500 for diwali offer & 4000 for 6 lakh milestone offer on Legend cards). Check points on Mobile app.

  22. Ramesh Kumar

    I didn’t get any confirmation, but seems like reward points posted yesterday.

  23. Ashish Nikhare

    Completed 1 year usage of Legend card and also received 4000 bonus points as per inherent Legend feature ie. 4000 bonus points on spending 6 lakh in previous year. Also, received 16000 bonus points for the Diwali offer. Points totalled to a whooping 32,000 in 1 year. Value worth 1 point = 1 Rupee with Cash Credit. Thus, this is the only card with which you can fetch more than 2.6 % upto 3 % value with weekend spends + 6 lakh spends + diwali offer spends. And, that too in pure cash equivalent, not restricted to flights or hotels.


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