5 Priority Pass Tricks that can Save You a Lot of Money

By | December 7, 2016

Priority Pass is quite a powerful program that can get you Lounge access virtually in any Airport. I have been to more than 10 lounges both in domestic & international Sector and i haven’t come across any Lounge that doesn’t accept Priority Pass. That being said, knowing some of the less known Tips and tricks of the Priority Pass program can get you more benefits and hence this article.

Priority Pass Tricks

Priority Pass Tricks

5 Must Know Priority Pass Tips and Tricks

1. Two Person, Two lounges, One Card

If you’re traveling with your partner (wife/friend), you might be knowing that getting lounge access for your partner is bit tricky when you hold just one Priority Pass card. In most cases, you would be spending $27 for your partner by adding him/her as a guest. But now, with this trick you’re gonna save that πŸ™‚

This works only when there are two lounges in the same departure area, like in Bangalore we have Above Ground Levell Lounge & Plaza premium Lounge. All you need to do is, go to one of the lounge, say, Plaza Premium Lounge, swipe your PP card and let your partner get inside, then leave the place and visit the other lounge – Above Ground Levell lounge and swipe the card for yourself.

As each lounge is treated as different by Priority Pass, you should be perfectly fine in accessing them using this method.

2. Two Person, One lounge, One Card

While the above trick works flawlessly, there are hardly few airports with multiple lounges. That brings me to this trick. As per the Priority Pass policy, you will be able to access the same lounge only once per day. The trick is how the “per day” policy works.

This means, you can check in your partner before 12 Midnight (say 11:50PM) and then again Check-in again for you after 12 midnight (say 12:10 Am). Which i still have doubt as which timezone Priority pass follow, many Priority pass users confirm that this does works. Maybe they follow the local timezone which the POS machine might be having it.

Infact, one of our reader mentioned that he and his friend was able to access the lounge with single card just by swiping twice on same day without taking the above time fact. This maybe possible because the PP cards issued by our Indian banks is bit different than the actual Priority Pass card issued by the company directly.

3. Priority Pass Card on Different Name

The above mentioned tricks basically wouldn’t work without this. If you don’t have a Priority Pass card, you can borrow one from your friend to get access for yourself. Most do say that the Boarding Pass and the name on your card had to match for accessing the lounge. I’ve been to many lounges and i can say that this doesn’t hold true in most cases.

For example, you can give your Priority Pass card to your wife/friend and they should be fine to access the lounge in most cases. One of my friend used to do it with her husband’s card and had no issues except once in international sector. International lounges are bit strict and they need the names to match with boarding pass.

4. Getting Free Priority Pass Visits

While it maybe very simple, most of you wouldn’t have thought about it. The trick is, simply keep upgrading your cards for next variant every 6 months. For example, you can upgrade your HDFC AllMiles card (after using 4 visits) to Regalia First so you get 8 complimentary Visits (4 on Allmiles + 4 on Regalia First) in a year.

5. Optimizing Priority Pass Usage

You can swipe your credit card directly to get access via MasterCard/Visa programme. You can use this even for (1) & (2) cases mentioned above. This works only for domestic lounges. You can check the available lounges under Visa/MC network.

I would highly suggest you to use Priority Pass only for International Lounge access as there are lots of DEBIT cards for Domestic lounge Access. Priority Pass is precious for accessing international lounges as there are only limited cards that can give you International access like Diners cards.

Have you used any of the above Priority Pass tricks? Do share your comments below.

93 thoughts on “5 Priority Pass Tricks that can Save You a Lot of Money

  1. Ashok

    Just one correction in PP visits. Regalia First gives only 4 free access in a year.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, you didn’t get the point. I’ve updated that part now πŸ™‚

  2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Yesterday that is on 18th for the first time I tried to visit a lounge . It was Plaza Premium lounge of Delhi airport ( domestic terminal ). We were four persons and I had 2 credit cards and 1 debit card and 1 priority pass and my wife and brother had 1 credit card each. Three of us was allowed to enter but my mother ( having HDFC Visa Imperia Platinum Debit card ) was denied access. Than I gave my HDFC Master Preferred Platinum Debit card and fortunately she got access.
    1. Can you tell why my mother was not allowed ?
    2. Delhi airport domestic terminal has how many lounges ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. Its Normal Visa Card, only Signature/Infinite Visa variants allowed. Swap it for master-card variant.
      2. One in T1 and other in T3

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Thanks a lot for the information. Its very helpful. I would also like to tell you that they charged Rs. 2 for Visa Credit Card and and Rs 25 for Master credit card. Is Rs. 25 the rate dor entering the lounge ?

          1. Asrar

            Thanks Siddharth for awesome info you are providing. I would like to get clarification on international lounges. Do lounges at international airports in india count for international lounges for PP cards???

          2. maninder singh

            Does the authorization fee comeback in the a/c automatically to hdfc.

  3. hemant kumar jha

    I have used singly Priority pass of Standard Chartered Bank Priority Infinite card for access at Hyderabad Lounge for 3 members of my family i.e. Myself, Wife and Son. Entry was allowed and although I was ready to pay for other members leaving me, they did not charge any extra money. They might be counting this visit as 3, i am not sure.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      SC card doesn’t have any free visits as far as i know. Maybe they’ll add the charges after a week.
      Do keep us posted as whats happening.

    2. Duane

      We Hyderabadis are, by nature, customer friendly and service oriented people πŸ™‚

  4. Ankit Purohit

    I have a Regalia card with 12 complimentary access (I have already used 1 at Pune) and my wife has Allmiles with no priority pass. We are once again traveling via Mumbai and I want my wife to access the priority pass launge without extra cost to me.

    How can I make this happen as we will be at the Airport for longer than 4 hours before our flight departs?

      1. Shubham Jain

        Hi Siddharth, need a small info. I have LTF Regalia credit card. If I take add-on card, will that be LTF as well or I’ll be charged for that one-time/yearly ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Add-on’s are always free, irrespective of the pricing on primary card.

  5. Sarthak

    I have a regalia card and my wife has an add on. Can she access the lounge with her add on?
    With Regalia, which lounge can I access in bangalore?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You need “priority pass” card for your wife. Direct access on card is avail only on primary card.

      1. Aditya

        If you don’t have PP and have only your Reglia card , can you access lounge ?
        How do they understand which card is primary and which is add-on ? My wife has Regila add-on card and one can’t figure out if its primary or add-on from look at the card

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes you can. Primary/add-on card is known to the bank. So Add-on cards wont work even if it bears the same name.

  6. Ranjeet

    Today my dad with his colleagues visited the lounge at T2 Mumbai. Only my dad had the Priority Pass but even then all four of them were allowed entry by swiping the card four times. I was amazed on hearing this. How could this be?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol, that’s interesting.
      There has been one more reader on our Blog who experienced the same thing with 2 swipes on same day for 2 person access.
      Keep us posted if the PP linked CC was charged anything or not πŸ™‚

    2. Sam

      Did he got charged for the other 3 guests your Dad allowed ? I mean to his Credit Card ? If yes…How much per person and after how many days ?

  7. Naimeesh Khakhar

    i have Regalia card and a Priority Pass. My wife does not have Add on card or Priority pass. We have two kids, age 11 and 6 yrs.

    1. Can we all 4 persons access International lounge in one card..? i read somewhere that; on primary Regalia Credit Card; i can enter the lounge without swiping Priority Pass. (i mean free access for all 4 persons)

    if not then;
    2. If i apply for add-on card for my wife, can we all 4 get free access to Lounge…

    I understand that with add on card plus primary card; i get a total of 12 access in a year…

    1. Jacob

      Hi Naimeesh,
      Did you finally manage to get your kids in using your regalia card and PP?

  8. Susmita

    Has anyone tried to get a child through with a friend’s priority pass in international lounge?

  9. dilip

    Hi I wish to have priority pass from jetairwaiys Icici sapphire card and add on card for my parents with priority pass. Will the priority pass on add on card will allow my parents to access international longue,when they are traveling alone.


    Hi, I had couple of queries on this-

    1. Can I swipe PP more than once during a single visit to allow my guest to accompany me for free?
    2. I have 3 cards apart from my Regalia and PP with domestic lounge access-
    a. Yes prosperity edge (MC)
    b. Axis bank My zone (VISA) with 2 addons for mom and dad
    c. ICICI coral (VISA)
    How many domestic visits can I have with all of the above excluding the PP? Assuming I get 2 visits per quarter per card? Will they restrict me to 2 visits or is it 2+2+2 ( +4 for my add-on axis bank cards) ?

    3. I also have a diners club international rewards card by HDFC. Will it give me free access to any lounge?

  11. Krishna Kumar

    I HV a Business Regalia and a PP.
    My wife has got Add on Business Regalia and add on PP.

    How many international and domestic lounge accesses we can get individually and together .

    Does that mean we get 12 PP +8 Visa totalling 20 lounge accesse ??

    Any difference in entitlement for Business Regalia and Regalia First.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Shared PP: 6
      Visa Access: 8 (for primary alone)

  12. Ritz

    Nice Article. Seems you have done a lot of research.

    One question. I recently got HDFC Regalia Priority Pass with international and domestic lounge access. I have never used lounge access and was wondering as to what do you get in the lounge. is that only lounge access or free snacks and all (as promised by CS of HDFC)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its Free Access+ Free Food & comfortable space.

      1. Sameer


        I will be travelling to Bali from Mumbai T2 via Kuala Lumpur by taking Malaysia Airlines flight.

        I have Regalia First Credit Card from HDFC. I also have Priority Pass card linked to Regalia First. I even have Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.

        All cards have my name and I wanted to use Lounge access using one of these cards. When I enquired at HDFC customer care, they told me you can visit but could not clarify whether my wife can visit on same card. Flipkart axis bank support team also could not clarify properly.

        My doubt is-
        Can myself and my wife visit lounge at Mumbai T2 with the help of these cards (each card has my name embossed) free of cost WITHOUT APPLYING FOR ADD ON CARD FOR PRIORITY PASS?

  13. Arzan

    I have a HDFC Regalia Card and a Yes Bank World Cr card. I need to know what are the free access visits on each card and secondly how can i monitor if my free access visits are over or balance. I downloaded the pp app but there is no option of monitoring it.

  14. Navesh

    How much visits we get internation and Domestic Lounge Access in Regalia and Hdfc Dinning Club Credit card

  15. Rahul Saboo

    Hi, I have an axis burgundy card ( both Credit and Debit ) with priority pass access and since i am travelling a lot both domestic and international , i was wondering if you could help me out regarding the best mile gatherer card. That ways i can have a good amount of miles and travel with miles accordingly.

  16. Mukundan

    I really like your posts as you give valuable information. Thank you very much. I have got my Priority pass through hdfc regalia card and should be using it this month at colombo.

  17. Sreekanth

    I have a regalia first credit card and an add-on for my wife which bears the same card number and CVV. I’ve applied for priority pass for both of us and should get them in a few days. Will the two priroty passes have different names and membership numbers? And will we be able to make use of the free access at an international lounge at the same time? Thanks in advance

  18. Souvik

    Are all Priority Pass access to domestic lounges now chargeable with HDFC Regalia First? I read on their site that all such access will be charged at $27 plus GST. This is w.e.f 25th May. Can you please confirm? Thanks πŸ™‚

  19. Vinay

    If i had Priority Pass and Add On Card then i can use two cards at same time…??? else it is linked to same account so one access per day will be applicable for this

      1. Vinay

        In Priority pass we can accompany one guest along with us, so in case of Priority pass card and add on card totally 4 are eligible….???

          1. Meghashree

            My husband has an HDFC regalia card and i have an add on card with same card no. and cvv code but separate names of each of us printed on the card. While applying for priority pass only primary card holder details were asked and we got one card. So how do we access international lounges with 1 priority pass? Can we swipe our hdfc regalia cards ( primary + add on card ) instead? How to use the priority pass for entry for both of us

    1. Sadan Shenoi

      No. I tried it in Dubai Jan2018, with regalia card (my PP card was in partners bag). Had to wait till I got my PP card for access.

  20. Carl

    Very useful info, thank you!

    I have question about using free lounge access at plaza premium Bangalore. To access it with my wife together can I use my regalia MasterCard and SBI Prime Visa card, given both in my name?

  21. Rachit Goel


    I already have a Priority Pass card against my HDFC Regalia and now applied for a YES Bank Card which again entitles me to a PP card. If I have two cards, will my complimentary accesses be doubled?
    Or Priority Pass does this check while issuing another card for the same person?



  22. Sanjay W

    Hello!! Siddharth,

    I have two credit cards with airport lounge access + i have one PP. can me my wife and child access a domestic lounge and will i be charged for the PP access.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjay W

  23. Amit Vikram Raina

    I visited Plaza Premium lounge at New Delhi’s domestic terminal (T1D) on 18th August, 2017. I tried to swipe HDFC Regalia First Visa Signature card. The access was denied and I was told that Visa collaboration has ended for that particular lounge. I was in no mood to go back as my flight was delayed. Inspite of knowing that I would be charged for it, I used Priority Pass. The interesting part is till now I have not been charged for that visit. Is there anyone who has experienced this sort of thing?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Visa now works only in T3. Reg. PP, most swipes from September are being charged. Not sure of Aug, you might have got escaped πŸ™‚

  24. adil

    Hi siddharth,

    I have applied for hdfc credit card, executive told me that i am eligible for hdfc regalia first card. I am bit confused on some of the below points:-
    1) regarding airport lounge access, What is mastercard/visa lounges access is it free ? and what is PP lounges access is it also free, will i be eligible for both the accesses?
    2) she told me that it is also having movie offer on fri,sat,sun of 50% is it correct?
    3) which is better regalia first visa card or regalia first master card ?

  25. smijith

    I have just started using the Regalia card and yet to apply the PP for me and my spouse.
    How can i apply for a PP for my spouse if she is a non-HDFC user.
    Also, will it allow complimentary visits to domestic lounges in future?

  26. smijith

    Adding one more
    If we are not using it more frequently will it attract any additional charges, annual charges etc.
    Or it will remain as it is for a while and get expired.
    Or will it remain active and renew itself periodically.

  27. KANNAN



    1. AshishR

      1) contact CC to know ur free visits on PP
      3) call mastercard tollfree, press 1 three times, then put ur card number,., it will tell u how many times u can access the lounge

  28. Ankit

    Hi Siddharth

    I have a Diners Black and my wife has a Regalia. Do we need to apply for PP card separately or do our CC work as access to these lounges?
    Also, can you explain what lounges are better PP vs Visa/Master vs Amex?

  29. Raj

    My wife has a HDFC Regalia card and I have an add on card.We have PP cards. I am leaving for US via Heathrow.
    Please let me me now how best I can us the PP card. Thanks.

  30. PM

    I’ve an upcoming family trip to Bali, and am looking to secure lounge access for my 14 year old son.
    Cards available are:
    a. Diners black for myself and wife (as add-on)
    b. Yes First Exclusive for myself and wife (as add-on)
    c. Priority Pass that comes with Yes First Exclusive for both myself and wife
    d. HDFC Jet privilege debit card on my name
    e. Yes First debit card on my name.

    Looking forward to visit the following airport launges:
    1. Mumbai International (at dinner time)
    2. Bali International (at dinner time)
    3. Kuala lampur (6 hour transit, starting midnight)
    4. Chennai Domestic (for breakfast)

    I’ve been to a couple of domestic lounges earlier and asked them directly if they allow the kid even if the card is on my name, and have had no problem.

    Has anyone been able to do this on international airports? Or international terminal lounges in India?
    Any experiences will be helpful.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You will not have any problem. They just need cards equivalent to number of passengers. For your son you will need to card, he will not be allowed free entry. For domestic use diners+yes exclusive+yes debit. For intnl use diners and priority pass combination.

      1. PM

        Well, I am back from the trip and did manage to access the Mumbai Loyalty lounge, Bali Premier Lounge and the Chennai TFS New (Domestic) lounge without any problem.
        Kuala Lumpur (KLIA1, Satellite terminal) has only one lounge that accepts Priority pass, the Plaza Premium, and I wasn’t allowed there (no free access for my son). The reason given was that “Priority Pass and Diners Black both go through the same ‘program’, and two swipes against my name will be detected later and the lounge will be charged”. Unconvincing, but then I was just trying my luck πŸ˜‰

  31. Pankaj

    I was been told by HDFC that I would get complementary access to Priority Pass Lounges .Earlier I used to use it without hassle,Now they have started charging me $27.When I asked them they say the rules have been changed.Has it been changed for all other Banks credit cards who are offering the similar service or its just HDFC who did this.Also What is Visa Airport Lounge Access,how can we avail the complementary access through that and how would we know If we are eligible for complementary and free access to Airport Lounge?
    Is there any credit card which offers complementary and free access to Airport Lounges(Domestic/International)?

  32. Prem

    Hi Sidharth,
    I have a HDFC Infinia card and my wife carries a complementary card , we both have priority passes , but the number mentioned on these passes are same. My question is :

    1. Will these two PP be considered as two different PP or one?
    2. Can we take both our kids ( 5 yrs and 11 yrs) as guest with each card ?
    3. Is it going to be free for 4 of us

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Guest access will be charged for Infinia Priority pass holders also.

      From HDFC Infinia website:

      * The access and usage at all Priority Pass lounges is complimentary only for Primary and Add on Priority Pass holders

      All guests visits using Priority pass would be charged at US $27 + GST per visit per guest.

      Charging for Kids is at the discretion of the lounge. If they charge for Kids as Guest, You will be charged US $27 + GST per visit per guest

    2. Ram


      It really depends on the person at the counter. I have swiped my priority pass card for someone else in Abu Dhabi. I requested the lady at the counter and she didn’t mind

  33. Krishna

    Hi sir,
    Pls guide,
    1. whether SBI debit cards which type gives lounge access.
    2. Corporation Bank Debit card which type gives access?
    3.Whether Axis Bank Titanium Rewards card ( non priority , non prime customer) having free access

  34. Mickey

    At Dubai Marhaba Lounge – I have 3 Priority Pass – 2 in my name and 1 in my wife’s name. But they didn’t allow lounge access for my son. They tried to add him as guest, so I refused.

    Basically they need each Priority Pass in each passenger name. It doesn’t matter if it’s a primary or add-on .

    So finally only 2 of us used the lounge while I waited outside. I think it also depends on the counter person

  35. Vivek Raj

    I have a little doubt, and if someone can help me with it, I’ll be thankful for the same.
    I was wondering if there is any “renewal charge” for priority pass given with hdfc bank regalia or regalia first credit card once the PRIORITY PASS expires (Mind you, I’m talking about the expiry of the priority pass and not the expiry of the credit card). Is the renewal free of charge and done from the banks end, or is it chargeable and done by priority pass directly?

    Also, what is the usual validity of the priority pass issued with hdfc bank regalia/regalia first credit cards?

    If anyone has any knowledge about this, please shed some light.


  36. Prashanth Kumar

    Hi Prashanth from Bangalore,

    I’m using HDFC VISA signature corporate credit card and priority pass.
    I’ve been told that, 5 visits/year per person is complimentary in the priority pass.

    Last year i’ve done one international travel(Kualalumpur lounge) and one domestic travel(Bangalore lounge).

    For both visits HDFC billed amount for $27.

    I just stunned by seeing a bill and had in busy with project work on that time, so paid the bill.

    Can you please let me know why these bill came to me even though card benefits 5 complementary visits.

    Now, I have one more international travel this weekend(first travel in 2019), can i use the complementary benefits this time?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Comes with 6 visits via PP. But you’re not supposed to use it in domestic. For intl usage, you can ask them for reversal.

      1. kash

        Hi Siddharth,

        Last month I used my PP in Chennai privilege lounge (domestic airport) PP is linked to my Yes Bank First preferred CC. But I was not charged any amount till date, I got confused by your reply “Prashanth Kumar”

        As per my RM I am eligible for 6 complementary free access per yr … domestic & int combined
        will I be also charged now (30+ days already passed)

        can you pls clarify, thanks.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Its only for Intl use. But Yesbank isn’t strict on this policy yet. So for now you should be fine but they may charge you anytime in future. So its better not to take risk.

  37. David

    Hi Siddharth,
    I have a HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
    I have completed the mandatory 4 transactions within 30 days.
    However when I try to apply for a Priority Pass online, the application form does not go through after I select “Submit Form”.
    Please advise. I am out of India at the moment and am living presently in the US.

    1. Ankur

      After completing these transactions it will automatically be sent to your registered address. You can also call and ask the bank to process it too. No action is required from your side mainly and hdfc automatically handles this with priority pass team.

  38. Geetesh

    Me and my wife hold priority pass with complimentary visit from HDFC bank. . Can my son also accompany me complimentary as he doesn’t hold any credit card( he can’t) . He is 14 years old. This is for international airport access . Can you clarify ?

    1. Arabinda

      @Geetesh- Priority Pass is only for international lounge access. Without the PP addon card in his name, your son will most probably be denied entry. But if you have a separate PP in your or your wife’s name, that may be used to get in. But that’s too at the discretion of the person behind the counter. They will always try to add your son as a guest for 27 USD. Singapore is strict on this, Kuala Lumpur is not!

  39. Maninder singh

    Sir, i want to ask te same question. I have infinia credit card.i have unlimited access to lounges and you wrote that free food. I think it’s complimentary right!!

    1. Arabinda

      @Maninder- Yes sir! All the food & beverages except alcohol inside the lounge is free. But as I remember in Bangalore international lounge, alcohols here served free too.

    2. Shivi

      You’ll have to call up HDFC customer care and place the request for Priority Pass card.

  40. Raghav

    Hi Siddharth
    I am travelling via Singapore changi T3 with my wife n Child 7 years. We both have individual Priority pass with free visits but how to get my child admitted for free in the lounge as majority have age limit as 2 years or 6 years Only free.

  41. Krishnadas

    Is there any Credit card with lowest joining fees and providing International lounge access? We mostly travel Europe countries at least once a year and for that if we get any card with free lounge access for me and my spouse then it would be great. We thought of AMEX platinum Metal card but that comes up with 60,000/year fees. so if something is there less than that will be helpful.

    1. Gautam

      1.Yes First Exclusive – Super premium card- Issued LTF (free) on request… Unlimited global lounge access for primary and secondary card holders.
      2.HDFC Diners Black (Free if you can spend Rs. 5 lacs a year).,. Super premium card. Unlimited global lounge access.
      2.HDFC Diners Club Miles may also be a good choice: issued as LTF … Entry level card. Access – 6/year.

  42. Rohit

    Can I use complimentary PP access 3 times on the same day at the same airport different lounges for the same person?

    I have a layover at Dubai for 20 hrs and to avoid crowd during Covid time I plan to use Aiport lounges

  43. Manan

    Hey Siddharth, I just got my dad a infinia card, considering that comes with 3 add on cards for priority pass, I’m guessing the add on cards also have unlimited lounge access?


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