Trick to Save Upto 16.5% on Fuel Spends with HDFC Credit Cards

By | November 27, 2016

Saving on Fuel spends is one of the toughest thing to accomplish for quite sometime. This is because Fuel business runs on low margin and hence Credit card companies cannot provide offers beyond a certain limit, say 2% or so. In-fact, most of the credit cards these days donot provide Reward points on Fuel spends as they already bear the 2.5% Fuel surcharge Waiver.


5X Reward Points at BPCL on HDFC Bank Credit Cards

However, the trend is changing in recent times, American Express recently came up with an amazing 3% Cashback on Fuel txns capped upto spends of Rs.1,50,000, as a temporary promo. Now HDFC is changing the entire game by shelling out huge promo with their 5X Rewards at BPCL Fuel stations. Details of the promo:

Get 5X Reward Points at BPCL on HDFC Bank Credit Cards:

  • Get 5X Reward Points at BPCL
  • Reward Points on swiping on HDFC Bank POS terminals Only
  • Valid 1 Oct- 31 March 2017
  • Reward Points will be posted after 90 days of the transaction Month

As you can see its a cool offer except one thing that waiting for 90+ days is so long, i tend to forget these reward points by that time. This is one of the trick that some companies play with. They simply don’t credit it unless you ask. It happens to me with SBI/Goibibo promo with which i was said to be provided with cashback within some 60 days or so but i never received.

Later, i had to open a complaint for the cashback to happen. We can trust Amex on such offers blindly, but not HDFC. So beware! Better set a reminder to monitor the same. 😀

Here’s How you can Save 16.5% on Fuel Spends:

The 5X Rewards is a massive offer especially for premium HDFC Credit card holders like Infinia or Diners Black as you can save whooping 16.5% (3.3% usual) via Reward Points on fuel spends at BPCL. Lets see how much you can earn on major HDFC cards. Click on the links below to see usual reward rate on other spends.

Spending 1 Lakh on Fuel and getting Rs.16,500 back even as Reward points is still a cool thing. Isnt it? 🙂 So this is one of the reason to always opt for Top tier cards with any bank.

I’m gonna swipe my Diners Black for all fuel in coming days to see how things turn out. On top of that you can earn additional 1000 Reward Points (likely) by spending on weekends 2X Rewards on Weekends. Here 2X means, twice the usual reward rate, though i’m unsure how HDFC deals with this case.

How about you? Are you gonna make use of this 5X Reward points offer or stay with 3% Amex Direct Cashback offer on Fuel? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

9 thoughts on “Trick to Save Upto 16.5% on Fuel Spends with HDFC Credit Cards

  1. Prashant Agrawal

    Don’t think 2X and 5X offers can be combined. And thanks for nudging on HDFC promo bonus lapses. Need to check if 1L I spent at MMT got me 5X.

    Had tried to switch my AllMiles to Diners Premium but my PB is useless. Need to first change that :/

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. I had seen this 2X weekend offer worked in parallel with 2X Intl spends offer. So technically it has to work on this too. Lets see.
      2. You should have got 5X, works on Holiday packages too. 🙂
      3. Talk with BM then 😉

      1. Prashant Agrawal

        Oh wow. Difficult to make out since they don’t give points breakup in statement & you have to ask for it. I really wish they did though, it’s not that difficult. Think they purposely avoid giving it.

        Tried BM already. Followed up a few times. Wasn’t helpful. There’s is some incentive misalignment from what I can make out. Gonna shift branch next month.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Fact is most basic card users don’t understand RP and
          Most Premium card users feel its not worth spending time with a cust. care rep. who has no clue about reward points 😀

  2. Ujjwal

    I talked to the HDFC customer service team & they mentioned that this offer is valid only for swiping the card for 5 times during the offer period.

    Tip- You can get the fuel surchatge waived only if the transaction amount is between Rs. 400-5000/-

    So try to do transactions worth Rs. 5000 for 5 times.

    Can anybody else confirm this?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Txn amount is correct. But 5 times offer is different one. You can re-confirm by checking their offer page. 5 Times thing is not mentioned anywhere.

  3. thomas

    most of the premium cards dont give points for fuel. please do confirm if regalia diners is actually giving you 5times points.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, but this is an offer for BPCL alone and they haven’t mentioned any cards that are not eligible.
      I couldn’t verify it now as it would take about 90 Days for the Bonus points to kick in.


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