5 Things You Must Know about Amex Gold Charge Card

By | November 17, 2016

One of the best things i love about American Express is that an individual can hold 3 Amex Cards on his own name (2 Credit Cards & 1 Charge Card). Note that If you’re planning for multiple cards, you need to have 6 months gap between each Amex card application. I already have American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card with which i’ve reaped the maximum milestone benefits and hence its the right time to apply for a new Card.

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Amex Gold Charge Card in India

I have been eying on Platinum Reserve for a while but i got a love for “charge” card recently and wanna see what’s the fuss is all about the “charge” cards concept in India. Hence i applied for it and received it within a week, yes, super fast they are.

If you’re looking for a basic review of this card, check this previous article which was reviewed by my friend, below are some additional insights from my experience.

American Express Gold Charge Card in India – Things to Know:

1. Card with No EMI:

Globally the differences between credit/charge cards are like below,

  1. Credit cards comes with EMI option, while Charge cards don’t
  2. Credit cards has a Credit Limit, while Charge cards don’t

For Detailed info, I’ve written about Difference between credit card & charge card here

However, in India, the only difference is the EMI feature. Now, as most customers started to ask for EMI options, Amex decided to release a CREDIT card with similar features & EMI option enabled. This was recently released in India – The American Express Membership Rewards Card

2. Internal Credit Limit on Gold Charge Card:

While they still say that there is no pre-set Credit limit on the account, there is something called “internal credit limit” which is different from a normal credit limit. The thing is, you wont see this limit anywhere in the statement.

Customer care can help you find it though. They can do a “test charge” on your card and tell you if it goes through or not. The max. charge that the card allows at that point of time is your internal credit limit. It changes very often right from first month of the card issuance.

My first Amex Plat travel card was given a very low limit however they simply doubled after 6 months. On Amex Charge card, i was given a decent internal credit limit at the start, maybe because they already know my spending/payment pattern on the other card.

3. Going Beyond the Internal Credit Limit:

Now i started testing the limits. At that time, Amex Diwali promo – Tanishq Gold Vouchers was running and its the best time to spend on this card as the default reward rate on this Gold card is pretty low. Now i have to spend 2 Lakhs on the card but my limit was bit less and on top of it, i only had 3 days to spend 2L. Hence, i came to know below rules.

  1. Generally, if you maxed out the limit, you can lift your limit in few hrs on Amex cards by sending them NEFT snapshot of the payment done to the card. I’ve done this on my Plat Travel card but this cannot be done on a fresh card.
  2. Sometimes, you’re allowed to go beyond the limit on a Charge card. Hence i maxed out the limit & tried charging 10% to 50% beyond the actual limit but all got denied. Its because: they can’t take temporary limit approval on fresh cards.
  3. On Old cards, they might approve some transactions above internal credit limit if its for Emergency purpose.

Fresh card above means less than 1 month old card. So i wasn’t able to spend 2L to avail all Tanishq Vouchers, but i was quite close though.

4. Limit Enhancement on Amex Charge Cards:

Just after 3 months of my fresh Gold Charge card, i’m already able to charge more than 2X of initial Internal Limit that was assigned while signing up.

I think it works like this: If you spend 2L and repay 2L on time, you will be approved for 4L Charge, in short time, like 3 months or even earlier and its completely dynamic and automated.

It can’t be enhanced like a typical credit card limit, also you don’t need to wait for 6 months to charge more. Start hitting the limit every month and you can expect them to double the limit from time to time.

So More you spend = More charge you’re allowed to take.

Hence, this internal credit limit is based on your past charges made on the card, repayment history, cibil score, age of card, etc. Everything contributes to the equation.

5. Free Credit Card – Temporary offer:

If you hold a American Express Gold Charge card, you’re eligible to get the recently launched Amex Gold Rewards – Credit Card as a “companion” card at free of charge. Now what a “companion” card means is that, you can club the reward points from both credit/charge card accounts to redeem.

I was given this offer, however i denied as i’m planning to take Amex reserve card in the future and if i take this offer now, i’ll have 3 Amex cards and i can no longer be eligible for a 4th Card from Amex. Hence i had to deny this irresistible offer 😀

So, overall, i feel less excited of having a charge card as it more or less act like any other credit card for me, still, it looks pretty good to hold a fully gold colored shining card in hand.

Do you have Amex Gold Charge Card? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below 🙂

Author: Siddharth

I'm a Credit Card freak minting reward points and cashback for years. Recently obsessed with aviation and travel.

18 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Know about Amex Gold Charge Card

  1. Ashish

    So last month i got amex gold charge card, am i eligible for life time free rewards card ( current offer)?

    Thanks for this article

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes Ashish,
      You are eligible as far as i know.
      Just call customer care to re-confirm & apply 🙂

  2. Biby

    I have a corporate Amex card. They offered me Gold charge card for free. The customer rep was telling I will get 1000 points for 1000Rs spend & she was telling there is no limit in earning this. This was too good to believe. So i have asked her to mail the details. Let’s c.
    The reasons she told was:
    1. Its an exclusive offer for some customers
    2. Amex have made some tie up with hdfc as well as sbi which will make amex card work on their pos machines. So they want to increase the card users

  3. Krish


    Is it posssible to cancel the charge card after receiving the Gold credit card and still have it as a LTF card ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol, Interesting Idea. But i’m not sure Krish.
      You can ask the customer support about it and they’ll answer the qn politely (really)
      They’re nice guys 🙂

    2. Mayank

      Yes its possible.
      However, this card comes free with AMEX gold charge card. But if u cancel the charge card, u will be charged annual fees for the Amex Gold credit card. U can read the terms and conditions that came with the gold credit card.

    3. Lakshminarayanan

      I already checked that !!! Once you cancel the charge card credit credit also gets cancelled 🙂 Those guys are clever than us ;D

  4. Shekhar

    My application was declined even if my annual income is almost 3x the eligibility criteria. Any tricks? Does city matter (I am from Pune). I applied using my personal email and not corporate one, could that be the reason?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Didn’t they mention any reason?
      There might be some problem with CIBIL report or are you new to credit system?

  5. Lakshminarayanan

    Using Amex gold charge card for the past 2 months . So far so good. Got 2000 instant credit for a flt ticket booked in Clear trip , 1400 cash back on MMT bookings. Accumulated 6K reward points so far:) I completely love to speak with Amex cus care guys . They are awesome!! Facing difficulties while using Amex card in POS terminals. Shop keepers decline to swipe this card ;( Even shop like $&£ they refuse it!!

  6. Anchit

    Hi Siddharth, any idea if Amex has stopped giving reward points for Paytm transactions?

    I’ve got zero points for a few amex transactions that I made via Paytm from my MR Card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Some of them do say me this. Problem is not with Amex. Paytm is registered in “utility” category. Though it seems Paytm uses multiple payment systems from which only few of them are Utility type.

      1. Anchit

        Oh, okay. It’s a good opportunity for manufactured spending since bank transfer charges are zero on Paytm right now. If you have a few Sims with you, you k know what to do 🙂

  7. Puneet

    can we use AMEX card(gold/Platinum) on PAYumoney and accumulate points for the same ???


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