SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card Review – Good for Online Spends

By | September 30, 2016

This is a review by our reader SriKrsna who uses SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card. He had also recently got approved for Amex Membership Rewards Card and you can see his card in that article.

As told, first impression is the best impression. Even-though the piece of plastic (card) that you hold in your hand may be a higher end/ high value card, the way it is been made to look always matters. I would appreciate SBI Card in this because both the cards, the one I had and one I have are always looking good when compared to others. And they are printed/fabricated so good. If will make you feel good in your hand.

Sbi Simplyclick Credit Card

Sbi Simplyclick Credit Card

I was first issued a SBI SimplySAVE card which had 10x rewards on dining/grocery spends. My spends in those categories were never high to earn more reward points. I thought of applying for an another card and I came to know from the customer care executive that a person can hold only one SBI card.

And if wanted to have more than one, he/she can apply for a co-branded SBI card like Air India Signature Card or Air India Platinum Card and such. As I didn’t want an extra one, I was surfing through the SBI card catalogue. I came through SimplyCLICK card which was introduced the next week after my SimplySAVE card approval.

  • Annual Fee: Rs.499+ ST
  • Welcome Gift: Rs.500 Amazon Voucher
  • Renewal fees: Rs.499+ ST (waived off on 1 Lakh INR Spend)

The card comes in two variants Visa Platinum and Mastercard Titanium (I am not sure about Mastercard variant and the information is as available on the internet). Both are international cards and come with cross currency mark up of 3.5%.

BookMyShow Offer: Rs.100 instant cashback on first movie ticket booked on BookMyShow Mobile App for first time BookMyShow users.

Cleartrip Offer:
Rs.700 instant cashback on domestic roundtrip flights worth Rs.5,000 or more booked using Cleartrip Mobile App
Rs.500 instant cashback on domestic roundtrip flights worth Rs..5,000 or more booked using Cleartrip website

Zoomcar Offer:
Rs.600 off on booking Self-Drive Zoomcar worth Rs.2,500 or more with SimplyCLICK SBI Card
(# – Terms and conditions apply and it is found on SBI card website)

SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card Reward Points:

I looked in it and came to know that the card had tie-ups with many brands for 10x rewards on Rs.100 spends (Amazon / BookMyShow / Cleartrip / Foodpanda / FabFurnish / Lenskart / OLA / Zoomcar)
5x rewards on all other online spends for 100INR.
1 reward point on all spends for 100INR.

This card has two milestone spends rewards for every 1 Lakh INR you spend on this card cumulatively upto 2 Lakhs INR.
You will get 2000INR gift voucher from one of their partners that is decided by SBI Card.

I wanted to apply for this card and you have two or more methods to swap your card with new one. After several attempts, my SimplyCLICK card was approved.

It initially had offers like load 150INR into Ola money wallet and get 150INR extra in Ola money wallet and several others from its partners.

I would say that this card is too good for those who always spend online and especially use Amazon.

SimplyCLICK Reward points Redemption:

Consider when you spend 20,000INR cumulatively on amazon you will get 2000 Rewards points, for which you can get Rs.500 Amazon gift voucher from SBI cards.There are many other gift vouchers available on SBI card rewards catalogue but this one has high value of 25 Paise per reward point and can be easily used.
500/20000 = 2.5% returns

You have Rs.1000 Amazon gift voucher for 5700 points. In this case, the value of reward point becomes ~17.5 Paise.

Reward point redemption via gift vouchers with SBI card is not instant and will take around 2-3 working days to get it.

Sbi Reward Point Redemption

Sbi Reward Point Redemption

When comparing with other cards like HDFC Moneyback card,
You will get Rs.1.20 on Rs.150 spend online which is 0.8% returns whereas when you spend with SBI SimplyCLICK you will get:

  • 1.25% returns on regular online spends and
  • 2.5% returns when spending on partner’s site.

As Amazon getting better everyday with new sellers and more products, you can make use of this card to have better returns.

Pro Tip: If you are spending in odd figures on Amazon, I would like to recommend you to buy Amazon gift vouchers for rounded figures, so that you won’t loose reward points while spending. You will get reward points for loading money into gift card too.

CardExpert Rating: 4/5

Getting this card approved is easy for those who stay in metro locations and already have a credit card.

22 thoughts on “SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card Review – Good for Online Spends

  1. Kapil Khurana

    Nice to know 2.5% back on Amazon. Please throw some light on joining fee / annual charges and joining perks too

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its Rs.499+tax and you get Rs.500 worth Amazon voucher. Just updated the article as well.

      1. Manu

        The card gets free, at only 20000 rupees purchase at the preferred partners..

        For 20 k spend I got value back of 2500 – 500+1500+500..

        Comes to a return of over 12. 5 %.. More than any Card I have till date..

        1. Dipesh

          Can you please elaborate your calculations. (where is + 2500, +1500, +500 ) coming for a total spend of 20000 rs

  2. Manu

    The master card version also has Lounge access, as told by the customer care
    # I havnt used this yet,


      Simply save and Simply click both the cards are almost equally rewarding, the USP of SimplySave is the facility to use reward points for bill payment.

  3. Arnab Chaudhuri

    Call this number to check your mastercard credit card airport lounge access eligibility.

    1800 102 6263 or 022-4200 6396

  4. mv srinivas

    some of my frens told they had very bad experience with sbi credit card system.
    lik no proper customer support,
    no immediate update after payment of credit card bill ,
    even after paying the bill on time, due to lack of proper update on payment, my frens were charged extra bill for late payment.

    is this going on still?pls clarify

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It usually takes 2-3 days for the credit payment to reflect and its normal.

    2. Manu kumar

      The call back facility on Sbi credit card is one of the best currently. They respond within 1 hour maxx after senfing the sms.
      Coming to the billing part, it was pathetic earlier.. I too had a gold coloured basic card in 2012, but not tjings seem seem to have improved… ( last 6 months experience)

  5. Manu kumar

    @siddarth what can be a upgrade from Simplyclick, (as my card is 6 months old and has seen good flow)..

  6. Ashok

    But Siddharth, Elite card has very huge charges I think like 5000 where as this is 500. Of course, elite gives free movie tickets but RBL Card does give free tickets at just 499 Annual charges.

    I was thinking to upgrade to SBI elite for a while but 5000 charges and not even interesting vouchers – they are giving Jabong or some vouchers not even AMAZON like SimplyClick Card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, its all personal preference.
      If you see value in Jabong/other voucher, go for it. Else dont.

      Also, as far as i know, only Elite card has complete free Movie ticket.
      RBL also gives 2 tickets based on spends.

  7. Gautam

    Hi, what’s the difference b/w SimplyClick and SimplyClick Advantage ?

  8. Ranjith Kumar

    Simply click gives you a more reward points trough online purchase.But when you try to redeem those you face many trouble.It offer me to change only for the vouchers of Amazon or clear trip of 500 Rs.Every redemption they will charge 99rs+Service taxes.So its totally worst. All other SBI credit cards have a cash back offers.But this card only not included.

    1. Bibhash

      Redemption fee of Rs99 is not applicable if you take amazon/clear trip voucher. If you get physical gifts that need to be delivered at you home then redemption fee is charged.


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