Get Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.12,500 for Spends on Amex Credit Card

By | September 20, 2017

Every year American Express runs a lucrative festive promo that gives handsome rewards based on spends. Last year, they ran 24k Gold Diwali – Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.20,000 promo that allows us to save effective 10% on any spends in form or Tanishq vouchers. This year too, American Express is running a similar promo but they’ve made it more difficult to avail the offer.

American Express 24K GOLD Diwali 2017

American Express 24K GOLD Diwali – Offer details:

Amex is presenting the 24K GOLD Diwali offer for 2017 and the details are below.

  1. Offer period: 20th September to 20thOctober, 2017
  2. Spend #1: Rs.90,000: Get Rs.5,000 Gold Voucher (or)
  3. Spend #2: Rs.2,50,000: Get Rs.12,500 Gold Voucher
  4. Offer excludes spends made on Travel bookings. Full list of excluded merchants are here
  5. Offer is limited to one Card account per customer. In case the Cardmember holds and enrolls more than one eligible American Express® Card(s), the Card with the highest spend will be considered for the Offer
  6. Offer is valid only on Proprietary Amex Consumer Cards and excludes Co-brand Consumer Cards.
  7. Spends on the Supplementary Card(s) will be accounted under the Basic Card. The Supplementary Card(s) need not be enrolled separately.
  8. The Gold Voucher will be in the form of either a Tanishq Gold Voucher or from any other leading jewellery brand in India.
  9. The Voucher cannot be redeemed against purchase of gold and silver coins, jewellery cleaning kit, gift cards and
    purchases under Golden Harvest Scheme.
  10. Fulfillment: The Gold voucher will be sent to you on your registered email ID within 90 days from the programme end date. In some extreme cases, this may take up to 120 days from the programme end date.
  11. Enroll now

So, that’s: increased spend criteria, reduced savings, limitation of 1 card per customer. That’s a lot of restrictions! Now you can save only effective 5% compared to 10% last year.

Further more, while redeeming the voucher, you might need to spend a bit more to use it effectively. Considering multiple other factors in redeeming, you end up saving lesser than 5% as you can’t redeem for Gold coins.

Bottom Line:

American Express has disappointed me this year with tiny savings on their big festive promo. I wish they kept it at 10% savings, maybe with different voucher option like Taj stay vouchers, which could cost them less compared to Tanishq.

That all being said, the promo still holds “decent” as you also get reward points on these transactions. Its probably the right time to put your spends if you’ve just got approved for their Amex Membership Rewards as LTF.

Overall, this year’s Diwali promo by American Express doesn’t excite me as much as it did last year. How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

36 thoughts on “Get Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.12,500 for Spends on Amex Credit Card

  1. Natasha

    I hold American Express Travel Platinum card from Amex and just received this offer email 2 days back.

    To be honest this offer sucks, coz everyone would be comparing it with last year and they took the travel bookings out of it. Which being a travel platinum card holder makes it very difficult for me.(most of my purchases are on ticket bookings)

    However can you confirm if we will get 2 voucher worth 5k and 12.5k on doing spends of 3.4 lakhs or just 12.5k voucher on doing spends above 2.5 lakhs.

    Alternatively, indusind is running a very good offer…2x points on spends of 34k, 5x points on spends above 34k. Upto a maximum of 10000 points.

    The offer is card specific and you have to enroll for their Rewardz Festival. But almost everyone i know, got this offer with spend amount here and there.

    Also my legend signature card will be dispatched by tomorrow so that will make this offer more rewarding. I can see me reaching complete 10k points as bonus which effectively means 10000 cashback.

    Disappointed with amex!!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      With Amex, You’re limited to maximum of 12.5k only.
      Yes, indusind offer is good one indeed.

    2. Narinder

      Indusind offer is good. I hold Indusind Iconia AMEX, i received message that upto 114000, 2X and above that 5X and maximum cashback is 10K.

  2. Prashant Gupta

    Yup no point in spending. I am sure this year yes bank and stanc wil also come with some spend bases offers better than Amex.

  3. Rahul

    Agreed, Amex have taken the fun out of the promo. But that seem to be the trend with Amex offering these days.

    First they made 6 X 1000 as qualifying criteria fro Bonus Points in gold card.

    Than They Changed the Movie offer to 4 X 2500 and made use of Add On card mandatory.

    Now this promo, which is half as effective as lat one. More So, if travel is where your spends are highest. I wonder where they are heading ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its a sign that American Express user base is growing a lot. This is what happens when more ppl get onto a platform, like Diners 10x.

      If the users who avail the offer are too less (most likely), am sure Amex will run a better one for New year, lets see 🙂

  4. ravi

    one of the terms and condition of this offer is

    The Voucher cannot be redeemed against purchase of gold and silver coins, jewellery cleaning kit, gift cards and
    purchases under Golden Harvest Scheme.

    So gold coin is also out of picture

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Updated the article accordingly and yes this is another major downside.

  5. Jay

    I’m big time into online shopping & was hoping to use my Amex Gold card for their Diwali offer. They seem to have launched this program to coincide with the beginning of mega online sales festival across paytm, flipkart and amazon. Even if we dont compare it with their last year’s Diwali offer, it would simply be dumb to use Amex when other banks are offering 10X & even10% off schemes on the same website!
    Of course, there could be plenty of avenues to spend offline, where people could use Amex & get that 5% reward, but given better options this Diwali, Amex is clearly not be the preferred spending card.

  6. Ebin Johnson

    Sid, Where did you get this information?. I didn’t get any emails. Looks like this offer is for selected customers. If not why this is missing in their website.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I got email. Its open offer. You can check with CC. Usually they don’t update festive offers on website.

      1. Shabz

        Is it applicable for add money to Wallet transaction. , insurance payments and at petrol bunks?

  7. Sulabh Gupta

    Speaking about jewellery, i’d rather buy something from Caratlane through HDFC Diners black and get 15% as RP.

  8. Ravi

    Can we also meet the 90k credit card expense thourgh wallet recharges (freecharge/paytm etc)?

  9. ashu

    I don’t own one…. But my Frnds told Amex Cards are easily getting hacked / fraudulent tranx are happening…

    It has happened to him twice in last few mths…

    Some security breach at Amex


    Hi Siddharth

    Do you know of RBI guidelines for not converting jewellery Transactions to EMI ? Just been informed of the same from American Express Customer care. Secondly AMEX is having some policy of not allowing jewellery transactions for 6 months on new cards?

  11. Hemal

    AMEX offer is not as per expectations, last year we can get 20000 vouchers for all primary card holders.

    This year offer is limited for one card per account.

    I am holding 2 cards one is charge card & one id credit card however i can avail only one offer at a time……..disappointed.

  12. Manmeet Singh

    Hi, Siddharth,
    I recently came back to India and I was looking for some new Credit Card to add in my playlist. Mostly I look into Youtube video to see whats new in the market of CC, But I guess there is none of youtuber has channel on CC here like we in US – Credit Shifu,BeatTheBush and Ask Sebby these top of my head.
    Then I came on this website, Very informative I must say!! , I think you should also come up with YouTube channel.
    Just Saying !!

    Question – Any Card you advise for a very frequent flyer?

  13. satish bachina

    I paid hospital bill 2.6 lakhs yesterday but did not enroll for this offer. Am I still eligible for the voucher?

    1. Kiran

      Unfortunately No if you have not registered. They only consider transactions done after registration.

    2. sunil vaishnav

      Hi, You need to speak with AMEX Marketing team and explain. If you did not receive any mail on this, inform them so adding that you go online on Amex when needed.

  14. Aroon

    Are adding money to wallet like paytm / freecharge etc valid for this offer ?

  15. Prashant Gupta

    The offer is not good. 10k min spend in 3 months and then the highest month spend u can get 5% cashback. Too low.

  16. Nikhil Goel

    Hey is there any way by which we could pay insurance premium bypassing the insurance exception of earning Membership Reward Points?
    I need to pay insurance premiums of Kotak Mahindra but couldn’t find it on paytm or mobikwik.

    1. Amit Patney

      Unfortunately Amex policies are created only to target rich customers and not middle class people. Most of the brands do not accept Amex and I do not have any plans to continue with Amex next year onwards. You cannot pay premiums for most of the policies with Amex, since it only had tie up a with most expensive brands and only privileged and rich customers for it convinient. Frankly speaking, the gold voucher of Rs 5k on spend of Rs 90000 is useless, since a big expensive brand Tanishq is in the picture. Amex you are a cheater and the gold voucher offer is super cheap and pathetic.

  17. Prashant Gupta

    Amit i have 2 amex cards and have been the most rewarding ines and now almost everyone accepts Amex. I dont have any swiping issues with it.


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