Devaluation of JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card

By | October 8, 2017

In the world of Credit cards, debit cards, seldom had any significance. Until, HDFC Bank Decided to introduce JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card. The card when was introduced was the first loyalty debit card of that type for such a big known brand like JetAirways. There were a lot of benefits of holding the debit card. However, come 15th November, 2017, a lot of these benefits are going to go. For many, these might be the deal breaker.

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card

So what are the changes that have taken place:

  1. Joining Benefits:
    1. Earlier: HDFC Used to give 2000 JPMiles for joining rewards along with 1000 RPs for applying online and that would be credited once you had done a transaction within 90 days of getting the card.
    2. Now: HDFC will only give 500 JPMiles as joining benefits post one transaction.
  2. Renewal Benefits:
    1. Earlier: You used to get 2000 JPMiles for renewal. Now understand that the fees for this card was just ₹500 + ST. For this meagre amount you used to get 2000 JPMiles. So this card was a no brainer just for this benefit itself.
    2. Now: You will only get 500 JPMiles as renewal benefits once you do transaction within 90 days of card issuance.
  3. Airport Lounge Access:
    1. Earlier: There was a time that the card had unlimited airport lounge access in India. But later it was changed to 2 visits/quarter. But some users reported that they continue to enjoy unlimited visits.
    2. Now: It is now confirmed that the card only has 2 visits/quarter. I checked it myself when I called on the MasterCard Helpline number of 1800-102-6263. Now the IVRS correctly says that “You still have 2 complimentary visits left”.
  4. JPMiles on Retail Transaction:
    1. Earlier: You used to earn 4 JPMiles/₹150 for International Transactions and transactions on JetAirways website. For all other transactions you got 2 JPMiles/ ₹150.
    2. Now: You continue to earn 4 JPMiles/₹150 for international and JetAirways Transactions. However, you’ll now earn 2 JPMiles/₹150 on domestic Hotel, Air, Travel, Utility, Apparels and Restaurants only. You now get only 1 JPMiles/₹150 on all domestic shopping and online merchants for rest of the categories (except Jewellery, Business Services and Fuel). Now this is a big change. The earning capability on this debit card was already low. Now it has been effectively halved for most transactions. This literally makes no point in holding this debit card any more for online/offline purchase anymore if you have good credit cards etc.

Rest all the features of the card continue to be the same. Be it the ATM withdrawal limit or the Insurance. In the light of the above changes, it is a card that many people won’t prefer to own. I personally won’t like to shell out ₹500 + GST every year without much benefits now.

For people who are salary bank account holders in HDFC or who have Classic or higher portfolio, you get free VISA/Mastercard Easyshop Platinum Card. Though it doesn’t have any benefits, yet you don’t have to pay any joining or renewal fee either.

However, there are a couple of reasons you can still hold on to this card. One is if you don’t have better debit/credit cards than this then you should have this debit card as it is still better than a lot of debit cards in the market.

The second reason is that by default, the JPMiles that you accrue on your spends or earn for flights are valid for 3 years. However, if you own any of the co-branded credit/debit cards of any bank, the validity of the JPMiles that you earn is increased to 5 years. This card is the cheapest way to do so.

How many of you own this card and now plan to ditch it? Do you still plan to keep it? Let us know why in the comments section below.

Author: Abhishek Roy

Abhishek is a Doctor by profession and is passionate about Technology and Photography. He pursues his hobbies during the little free time he gets and likes to make the most out of it. He has special interest in Credit/Debit Cards, Reward Points, Air Miles and Travel Hacks.

83 thoughts on “Devaluation of JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card

  1. Siddharth

    That’s huge devaluation again. I was relying on this for quite sometime.

    Infact, HDFC did not credit ~3k JPMiles and got it after escalation just a week back. Worst co-ordination by jet-hdfc on handling my tickets.

    Sad to see the numbers now.
    Looks like any card that i get on hand gets devalued in a month or so 😛

    1. Amex Guy

      When you mention escalation with regard to HDFC, what exactly do you mean? The grievance cell or nodal officers? Their customer care is phenomenally useless.

      1. Siddharth

        Oddly they asked for 15 days to fix the issue, than usuall 3-5 days.
        Looks like they were devaluing the card in those 15 days 😀

        1. Amex Guy

          15 days is a lot for miles issue. I wrote to grievance today, have been waiting since 3rd September for add-on card application to be processed. 😀

  2. Amex Guy

    “You used to get 2000 JPMiles for renewal.”

    That’s been out for a while. I got this card in early September, and the booklet it came with claims 1000 miles on renewal. And it’s not a very currently printed booklet.

    I’m yet to get my joining voucher and 1000 points on first transaction, but I did get my 2000 joining miles, so I’m sure it’s on the way.


    Hi sid,
    They have also devaluation hdfc easy shop platinum that gives 1% cash back but no cash back for wallet top up.

  4. AC

    HDFC has got to be one of the worst managed bank in India, esp. when it comes to setting customer expectations right. They are a bunch of liars and doing, what one can call ‘cheap-thrill’ business – I am yet to come across a competent HDFC employee in my last 7 years of relationship with them and I am an Imperia customer.

    Its 2017-end and these idiots expect you to write to their Chennai office for basic things like credit card cancellation or visit their branch for address change. Theres hardly any real communication which gets sent out to Credit/Debit card holders – I did not receive devaluation notice on my Diners Premium for sure. But I get their ‘awesome’ Jabong and fabulous Insurance offers almost everyday. The latest being the Aadhaar card linking reminders when I have already linked my Aadhaar few months back. When a devaluation is this huge you expect to receive proper communication. Just look how Citi did when they devalued their PremierMiles card – there was multiple emails and more than 1.5 months of notice.

    Oh! did you guys know HDFC charges Rs 100+taxes per Imperia customer per quarter even if you meet their eligibility criteria. Not that I am complaining about the amount but just look at what you are getting in return. I doubt any other bank does that to customers of its top most offering. I know this is business at the end of the say but theres another hindi term which aptly describes this as well – “Chindi chori”.

    All I am saying is theres decent a way of doing things and then theres the HDFC way of doing things – they think that the customers are dumb and they are over smart. Can’t wait to see the look at my good-for-nothing RM’s face when I terminate my relationship with HDFC Bank next month.

    1. ND

      I like “Chindi chori” name. I’ve been using this for them time and again… my wife calls them the biggest rogues on this planet. It is not just like that that they have become the bank with highest market cap in India and it is the worlds most expensive bank in terms of valuation.

  5. Hari

    Siddarth, easyshop preferred platinum seems to have complimentary visits 2/ qtr although bank says otherwise. I called MC toll free number to check and it says I have 2 complimentary visits available.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      I have applied for the same after this devaluation. Let’s see if I get the MC variant or not. Else they will issue Visa Variant.

      1. Prashant Agrawal

        Think you can specifically ask for MC. Probably have to make request using physical form/Phonebanking (?) though.

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          I don’t know. I tried using Netbanking twice. Each time they have handed over the Visa Variant

  6. Sharad

    Which merchants fall in the business services category? How many miles will be earn on Mutual Fund and Insurance transactions?

  7. Ashwin

    I’ve this card and for sure gonna surrender for the Easyshop preferred platinum MasterCard.

    How to change the card? Manually or we can hot list the old card through net banking and request a easyshop online?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      You can manually block this card and order a new Platinum Debit Card but which variant (Visa or MasterCard) they will issue is beyond our control.

      1. Chaitanya Varma

        Hi Abhishek,

        How did you apply for platinum debit card? Through netbanking or from branch? If preferred customer applies through netbanking, will there be a possibility of getting MC variant?

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          I have applied through NB. I don’t know if I’ll get MC/Visa.

          1. Ashwin

            I’ve applied through NB but I guess mostly they will issue Visa only. Even the instant debit card (at the time of account opening) they issue Visa only.

          2. Ashwin

            I have received the card and it is a Mastercard! My Jet debit card is valid till 11 – Nov. Will use to pay my SBI Prime dues and maybe mutual funds and get the miles till that time.

          3. Abhishek Roy Post author

            Great. Can you call the mastercard helpline number and check whether that card has lounge access or not?

          4. Ashwin

            I just checked with MC customer care and confirmed that the Easyshop preferred platinum card has 2 lounge access/quarter!

          5. Abhishek Roy Post author

            Thats great!! You got it through netbanking right? In all probabilities, I being a Classic Customer, I have been offered a Easyshop Classic Platinum Visa Card. I was told to write to the Chennai office by post if I wanted to get a mastercard.

          6. Ashwin

            Yeah, applied through netbanking taking your suggestion. I’m a preferred customer but maybe it helped. Try to get upgraded to preferred and apply again.

          7. Abhishek Roy Post author

            No man, I won’t. I already have unlimited lounge access throughout the globe. So won’t need it. But yes, this info will be helpful for other readers who can get that debit card for free lounge access in India. The best part is this card comes for free for salary bank account holders, Classic/Preferred/Imperia customers.

  8. PM

    Last October I sold a property and transferred the entire proceedings to mutual funds using this card, @3 lakh a day.
    Now I’m sitting on a pile of JP miles 🙂
    I’m holding this card for more than a year and have never been charged for renewal (preferred customer). I’ll keep it as long as it is free, just for the huge daily transaction limit.

      1. HP

        Though they mention 3 lakh per day, it is possible to increase the same using net banking.

    1. Sanjay

      Wow. I thought such transactions are categorised as services and don’t earn any reward points.!
      Can we do this for all funds/portals as I too invest a lot on per month basis through mf utility.

  9. Pradeep K

    @Sid, Phonepe has added new option for credit card payment.. Now we can use debit cards to pay credit card bills and enjoy more rewards… Yet to explore, will keep you posted!!

    1. Mouli

      I don’t see any option in Phonepe to pay credit card bill through Debit card,have option of only bank account to pay credit card bills

      1. Abhishek Roy Post author

        It’s because it has been removed. Now only bank accounts can be used.

  10. Shubhendu

    @Siddharth : How is the ICICI Ferrari Signature card if I’m getting it as LTF?

  11. Harsh

    Guys, can anyone confirm if the existing reward rate of 2 JP miles for every rs 150 will continue for payments made till 15th Nov 2017? I need to make some insurance payments and hence would like to avail of the higher benefit within this month. Oddly enough I received an email saying the new reward rate is effective from 31st Oct 2017.

  12. Ajinkya


    Just curious, how do you have unlimited lounge access across the globe?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      I am sorry if I have not been specific, I meant complimentary access to MOST of the lounges in the world, not all. Through PP and Diners Black.

  13. Bourne66

    Hi I just checked my JP account statement & it showed my account has been credited with 1500 ‘threshold bonus miles’ using the JP debit card . Someone care to explain what it is since I have never been credited with the threshold miles since the past 3 years of using this card.

  14. Anoop E S

    Applied for a savings account with HDFC bank. Never had any relationship with them for the last 6 years other than holding a credit card.

    They are giving me a classic savings account. Since I’m holding a Diners Black card (7.50 lakhs limit) and the customer care I speak with is Imperia banking, I was under the impression that I’ll be treated as an Imperia customer or atleast as a preferred customer. But I am told that these things not related and they can offer only a classic account. Any idea about this?

    I’m given a welcome kit with an easyshop Visa Platinum card. Planning to change it to Jet card as soon as the account gets activated. There is no point in holding a normal visa Platinum debit card.

  15. Gaurav

    Hi Sid,
    I have these Two basic questions as i generally dont check the jpmiles but the card is being used by my wife from quite a long time.

    1. in how many days generally the miles as per spend on this card gets credited to the JP account?
    2. can 2 of these jet debit cards can have one jp number associated with them?


    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      The miles are generally credited within a month. No you can have 2 debit cards for the same JP No. if the card holders are different. But say you have one JP account and two separate bank accounts each having one Jet debit card with the same name as it is on the JP No, then yes it can be the case. Cheers.

      1. Gaurav

        Thats not what i heard from the guy on Jetprivilege customer care side and on the HDFC customer care side.

        Both of them said that you can have two separate HDFC debit cards (for different accounts) with one JP number on them, both will help in accumulating the miles. Well i have applied and it will be delivered tomorrow. i even got the new card displayed in my netbanking.

        1. Siddharth

          Two separate HDFC debit cards (for different accounts) of different person?

      2. Gaurav

        And now they discontinued the MasterCard World varient. they just issue the Visa Signature variant.
        Now both the cards (my Wife’s and mine ) are on MasterCard and Visa respectively.

    2. HP

      The minimum time they take for credit of the JP miles in your account is 40 days. This is mentioned in the FAQ section on the website as well.

  16. Jeet

    I have held JPMiles for about 2 years. If I go for this card now, will those miles be extended to 5 years validity as well or would that apply only to those miles earned after getting this card?

  17. Anoopwa

    Looks like HDFC has a new JetPrivilege debit card under Visa Signature, on their website. While there’s no mention in the text, there’s a contactless symbol on photo.

    I’m wondering whether the “JETDC” option I see in the NetBanking upgrade page is the same one. My current debit card is the MasterCard World varian mentioned in the article, so I’ve emailed them asking them which variant they would send me if I chose “JETDC” online.

    Looks like I won’t have to get another bank’s credit card to have a contactless Indian card in my wallet, so this is great!

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      It seems the newer cards ordered online whether it is a jet debit or credit card, these will be on Visa Platform and not on MC World any more.

    2. Alex

      Did they respond to your e-mail, Anoopwa? Will it be VS or MC if applying through NetBanking?

  18. Shafiq

    I appiled this card on 9th Dec and received MC variant on 13 Dec 2017, With booklet showing 3000 JP miles. Upgrade request done via Net Banking .

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      See if you can get those miles or not. I’ll be surprised if you still can.

    2. Gaurav

      Same with me, got the card in 5 days, MC World variant. just got 500Miles as bonus and not 3K.
      The booklet is not the recent one.

  19. Satish Agrawal

    Hi Dr. Abhishek

    You are doing a great job as a right hand to Sid. I sincerely read your valuable articles here.

    I have a question to ask. I have been given HDFC Times Point debit card LTF and I want to change it. My RM has told that I can take any HDFC debit card either at branch or apply via nebanking. Even if any fee is charged he will reverse the same. Which one to apply for? I have shortlisted Jet HDFC debit card. Please suggest.

    Also its a request to you or Sid to do a review on Best debit cards just like Credit cards, if time permits.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Among the debit cards, obviously Jet Debit Card is one of the best one. Thanks for the appreciation mate.

  20. Satish Agrawal

    Thanks for the prompt response. I will shortly apply for Jet privilege HDFC debit card by replacing it with HDFC Times points debit card.

  21. Ankush

    i have got jet privilege debit card visa varient. do i need to have compulsorily jet boarding card to avail lounge acces as mentioned there in t&c. pls give your valuable feedback.

  22. Ankush

    but on booklet i received, it was mentioned that you have to have jet airways boarding card to avail lounge access. should it be ignored ?

    1. HTC Fan

      Recheck if the same is for lounge access. I hold the same credit card in MC variant and can assure you that Jet BP is not needed for lounge access. In some lounges they may ask you for your BP but that is just to check the amount of time you might be spending in the lounge and is nothing to do with the airline you are flying!

  23. Sharathkumar Anbu


    Here after, If you get Jet Privilege card with VISA variant, You can use it lounge only when you are flying in Jet Airways. When I seen this in HDFC terms & conditions, I didn’t mind it.

    But when I went to Premium Travelers lounge in Chennai Airport today, As soon as my card was dipped, It was asking for Jet airways PNR number and lounge staff entered the PNR from my boarding pass.

    So it is very less likely that you will be able to get Lounge access when you are flying in other airlines. It’s kind of new looting.

    There is no problem with Master card versions, But the recently issued VISA versions are having this restriction 🙁

  24. Aman

    i tried visa varient couple of days back at plaza premium delhi, as as soon as card was dipped the amount shown was 1400 rupees but they did not ask for any PNR number so I immediately swipe another card and got the access. Conclusion is visa varient is of no use, which comes with lots of conditions.

  25. Satish Agrawal

    I recently applied for upgrade to Jet HDFC debit card via hdfc netbanking and recd it 10 days back. Luckily I got Jet HDFC Mastercard world debit card. Annual fee has not been deducted till date but I have recd. first swipe bonus of 500 jp miles already.

    So if annual fee is not charged, it is safe to assume that first swipe bonus of 500 jp miles is for all. With or without annual fee paid. Also lounge access via Mastercard version doesn’t require compulsory Jet boarding pass, which is an added plus over its Visa signature variant.

    My guess is that they are giving Mastercard world debit card version to their “Savings Max” ac holders and Visa version to other regular customers. Bcoz before upgrade also I had Timespoint Mastercard world debit card. Whereas 1 non Savings Max ac holder whom I know was issued Visa platinum debit card without any lounge access.

    Any comments Sid ?

  26. Satish Agrawal


    You cannot get any kind of RPs for cash withdrawals anywhere in world.

  27. Aman

    hi satish,

    are u preferred customer or classic customer or general saving max customer, preferred is not charged fee, else it may be deducted after 15 days also

  28. Satish Agrawal

    My profile is like a Preferred customer, but as the branch is new, so they are unable to make a group of min. 100 required. Anyway my RM has told that he will reverse the debit card fee even if its levied. So no problem to me either ways.

  29. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    @Aman, Sid

    I have not been charged any annual fee since last 1.5 month of holding this debit card. And I don’t think I will be charged. I received 500 JP miles on first swipe 1.5 month back. I am not a Classic or Preferred customer with them. Its just that my RM has told I won’t be charged. Even if charged he will reverse the fee except GST amount.

    Lets see if I am charged any renewal fee or not after 1 year. Or if charged, my RM is able to reverse the fee or not. By the way I have very good relationship with RM n easy access to BM also.

  30. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Swiped my Jet HDFC Mastercard World debit card yesterday at Delhi, Plaza Premium Lounge T1 without any issue. They didn’t ask for boarding pass.

    Also this lounge now doesn’t provide access to Visa Credit/ Debit cards.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Jet HDFC MasterCard allows lounge access without any fuss. The problem is with Jet HDFC Visa Signature Card. That card requires the Jet boarding pass compulsorily.

  31. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Plaza Premium lounge, Delhi T1 ( I accessed as on 17.06.2018)

    1. Small compared to Plaza Premium at Delhi T3 (about half area than T3)
    2. Snacks n buffet meals options are limited but good in taste
    3. Less crowdy as lesser flights operating via T1
    4. Cold drink cans not available in shelf. You have to go to bar counter n ask for the same.
    You will now be given the cold drink with can opened by the bar counter person
    5. Location is at 1st floor n easy to find.

    I hope this info will help some of you.

    1. Points Guy India

      They open the Cold Drinks Can because people used to sneak unopened Can out of lounge and pass along their friends and family who don’t have lounge access.

  32. Kiran

    How do I get MasterCard variant for this debit card? I already have a VISA signature card from a different bank.

  33. abhishek gaurha

    hello sid, I just received jet privilege hdfc debit card (“visa” signature) variant.

    one of my friend told me that visa lounge access under this category is only valid when we travel along jet airways only.

    I mostly prefer indigo so want to know whether I m eligible for lounge access or not???

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Hi Sid,

      Your friend is right. When you Swipe in HDFC Jet privilege debit card in the lounge, it will demand for Jet airways PNR number in the machine, so you can use the card only when you fly with Jet Airways. Lounge staff will verify the boarding pass too.

        1. Sharathkumar Anbu

          Visa variant only. Nowadays they stopped issuing Mastercard variant. You will get Visa variant only during renewal as well.


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