HDFC Bank Pre-Festive Offer: 5X Rewards on Credit Cards & more

By | August 28, 2019

Every year banks throw jaw dropping credit card offers during Diwali festive season to grab the user’s spends. But this year HDFC is taking this game one step forward by starting the festive promo 2 months prior to Diwali.

Basically the Bank is warming up the customers with 5X rewards, so that when they start the real promo (preferably 10X like last year), the response would be pretty high. Anyway, let’s see what they have for now,

Credit Card Offer

  • Offer: 5X rewards on Credit Card & 10X Rewards on EMI
  • Max. Cap: 5000 Reward Points. (10K points on EMI)
  • Spend Type: Instore Purchases Only.
  • Spend Category: Apparels, Electronics, Jewellery, Grocery, Supermarket and Departmental Spends 
  • Offer Period: 15th August 2019 to 30th September 2019
  • Fulfilment: 90 days of Promo end Period
  • Source

Debit Card Offer

  • Offer: 5% Cashback on debit card & 10% Cashback on EMI
  • Max. Cap: Rs.2000 per customer (Rs.4k cashback on EMI)
  • Spend Type: Instore Purchases Only.
  • Spend Category: Apparels, Electronics, Grocery, Supermarkets, Departmental Stores and Jewellery Stores.
  • Offer Period: 15th August 2019 to 30th September 2019
  • Fulfilment: 90 days of Promo end Period


It’s a very good offer that could fetch you upto ~16% on HDFC super premium credit cards like HDFC Diners Black & Infinia. Even the premium range of cards like Regalia could get you about ~5% as points.

The new spend category “Grocery, Supermarket and Departmental Spends” are highly useful for almost anyone holding the card. Hope this continues for the REAL Diwali promo as well.

What’s your take on the HDFC bank’s Pre-festive promo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

36 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Pre-Festive Offer: 5X Rewards on Credit Cards & more

  1. Ratnesh kumar

    Though they restricted the spend criteria as in-store only..still spending at Grocery, Supermarket and Departmental Spends” can give rewards points maximum upto 5000…highly useful for almost anyone holding the card. ..

  2. A2Z

    The offer overlaps HDFC Samsung Pay 5x offer (Max 2000 points per month till 31st August)
    Also will they count in-store spends made by Samsung Pay?
    Worst part would be fulfillment (90 days from promo end) which will stretch to 6 months knowing HDFC bank pattern

  3. Jatin Doshi

    Are international travel spends counted / eligible? Traveling to Singapore next month and have a lot of shopping to do at Mustafa! Holding both Infinia and Diners Black!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It has to, as it works the same way as Infinia’s 2X Dining offer which works on intl spends too. But do check with Infinia support.

  4. Shailesh

    How do you track points? Sometimes I can’t even find out if I got the 9x points or not.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No foolproof way other than monitoring an excel sheet.

    2. A2Z

      Call HDFC Premium care support every few days & ask rewards point credit history

  5. wah

    hello everyone,
    offer period from when to when,
    Does payzapp payments will be eligible.

  6. Sameer

    Hey Siddharth,

    Reward points cap on EMI transactions is 10,000 as per the below text from HDFC website.

    10 X Rewards Points on Credit Card EMI transactions at Electronics, select Apparels, Grocery, Supermarkets and Departmental Stores.

    No mininum spends. Max bonus reward points of 10000 per Customer during the promo period.

    In-store purchases ONLY

    5th Aug 2019 To 30th Sep 2019

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Oh yeah, seems EMI txns has separate cap.
      Article Updated. Thanks.

      1. Gaurav Mishra

        And for EMIs do they credit all the eligible points in one go or do they do it month wise. Flipkart and other merchant EMIs, the points are credited as you pay the EMI (i.e. each month and not in one go).

        If they follow the latter(posting points per statement), then would 10,000 points rule stand?

  7. Pawan Rathi

    Is one required to pay something extra for Easy EMI transaction?
    And will one get 10x (33%) cashback for DCB cards for these in-store Easy EMI transaction ?

  8. Binay

    In terms and conditions it is written, “Categorization is basis Visa& Master Franchisee categorisation”
    Does it mean only Visa n MC ? No Diners ?

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry to kill the excitement for Diners card holders. I had emailed them to ask them if the offer applies to Diners cards and this is what they said –

    We have reviewed the offer link and the offer terms and conditions, where in it is mentioned that, the categorization is basis ​ Visa& Master Franchisee categorization, hence, the Diners card account is not eligible for the offer. Valuing your patience and understanding. We regret for any inconvenience caused in this regard.

    1. Pankaj Singhal

      I think wrong statement – see Wiki extract on MCC below:

      A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number listed in ISO 18245 for retail financial services. MCC is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides. MCCs are assigned by merchant type (e.g. one for hotels, one for office supply stores, etc.) or by merchant name (e.g. 3000 for United Airlines).

      An MCC is assigned to a merchant by the card company when the business first starts accepting cards as a form of payment.[1] The code reflects the primary category in which the merchant does business


      I think DCB is eligible as well because if we look at offers in the Diners Privilege website, its showing a 10x Offer on Easy EMI. The entire offer as mentioned above isn’t applicable but the easy EMI part is I guess.

  10. pranav6410

    Above offers is by way of a special offer for select HDFC Bank Credit Card members only meaning

  11. Sai

    Which instores are eligible under this offer….any list….?
    Does the EMI have any interest it is the offer eligible for 0% EMI

  12. Niraj

    Hi Sid
    Will this work at International POS transactions? I am currently in Chile(South American country) and hold DCB card. Will it work on my card as well in Chile?

    Also, Is there 10x/5x rewards offers going for international transactions?

  13. Rohit Roy

    I got a mail stating that 2x for my regalia so i think this offer is not applicable for all. Also to be honest I still didnt get 5000 reward points for transaction done in the month of jan 2019. They have been saying 90 days from offer end date making it June and now i dont even get reply when i ask them what happened with the points. i just lost interest with HDFC and not worth to spend thinking we would get points.

  14. SumS

    Very recently my diners premium was upgraded to Diners Black. I was excited for this offer. But exclusion of diners might spoil it. I have 2 doubts.
    1. Is it applicable for diners cards?
    2. Is the maximum cap 15K (5K for normal and 10K for easy emi) and or 10K for both together?

    Following point gives hope
    ‘This offer is valid on Instore retail spends and on purchases made through HDFC Bank Retail and Business Credit Cards which have Reward Points.’

    Following point and a posting above with confirmation from CC creates doubt on diners.
    ‘Categorization is basis  Visa& Master Franchisee categorisation.’

    Last year also similar offers were there. If someone can list large retailer chains for which they got 10x/5x points last year, it would be great!

    Thank you!

    1. uttam

      Sums, Congratulations on getting DCB. If you don’t mind, could you share your upgrade experience? Did you meet their eligibility criteria? Are you a preferred customer and what were your spends like?

      1. Tejas Ghongadi

        Criteria for upgrade to DCB is getting relaxed day by day.

        I upgraded my Regalia to DCB in less than 10 months of Regalia issuance. No prior relationship with the bank. I had just opened an Account with HDFC in Jul-18, got Regalia in Aug-18. Sent an Upgrade request form to Chennai office on May-19 and got the DCB in hand in May-19 itself.

        I don’t meet the eligibility criteria of DCB in terms of salary. However, I do have a decent amount of Credit Cards and good usage pattern too. In 9 Months, must have used Regalia for the initial 3 months for about 2.5 Lacs total. Then got my hands on SCB Ultimate. Since, Regalia was LTF, it took the backseat and SCB Ultimate was the primary card.

      2. Tejas Ghongadi

        There is no set criteria for upgrades here. I got upgraded from Regalia to DCB in 9 Months. I do not meet the eligibility criteria and neither am I a Preferred or Imperia Banking Customer. Only have a Max Savings Account in HDFC in which I have kept the minimum balance required.

        The key thing is always your previous HDFC CC usage history.

        That being said, there are people who have got Infinia directly by just opening an Account also. But this possibly happens because they meet the eligibility criteria.

  15. Madhukanchi

    Based on my experience you have to followup with customer care for reward points. I was on followup for 2X reward points on insurance spends made upto March 2019, as they have mentioned that additional points will be credited after 90 days form March 2019. Even after a few mails i got generic replies that “eligible customers will be credited with points”. Again after repeated followup it got assurance that points will be credited. Even after mailing screen shot regarding voucher for achieving monthly spend based offer, i got a reply that ” eligible customers have been sent vouchers” . I lost interest a stopped mailing customer care. Have to see how far HDFC will fulfill this offer after 90 days.

    1. Gaurav Mishra

      I did enquire on this front and was told that points would be credited 90 days post the offer end date which, according to them was, 30th June. So they told that this 2x offer was valid until 30th June. So expect the points next month.

  16. Manveet

    For the above offer, I got a message from HDFC stating that the offer is unlocked after minimum spend of Rs. 20,000/- per month.

  17. Rajesh Jain

    Whether purchase from Reliance fresh would be eligible. I am holding HDFC Regalia.

  18. Rahul

    Got an email that some big festive offers will kick off from 1st october. They should have brought it from 29th itself when all these big billion sales are on


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