Amex Offer: Get Vouchers worth upto Rs.60,000 on spends

By | August 15, 2021
Amex Offer - Aug 2021

American Express has just sent out a targeted offer for some of their cardmembers where-in a cardmember can grab gift vouchers worth upto Rs.60,000 based on spends. Here are the offer details and various offer variants.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Spend and get vouchers worth Rs.yyy
  • Offer period: 12th Aug to 30th Sep 2021
  • Fulfilment: 31st Jan 2022

It’s a neat & simple offer from American Express as always. Let’s hope this is a pre-festive offer and not a replacement for the festive offers that Amex rolls out every year.

Credit Card Offers

Voucher ValueSpend AmountReturn on Spend
Rs.25,000 (Taj)Rs.2,50,00010%
Rs.10,000 (Taj)Rs.1,00,00010%
Rs.2,500 (Amazon)Rs.45,0005.5%
Rs.750 (Amazon)Rs.15,0005%
Rs.250 (Amazon)Rs.5,0005%

Super surprised to finally see targeted offers with lovely 10% return on spend on some variants. It’s been over 3 years since American Express did offers with such kind of return on spend and its good to see them to be back with such lucrative offer.

Plat Charge Offers

Voucher ValueSpend AmountReturn on Spend
Rs.60,000 (Taj)Rs.6,00,00010%
Rs.30,000 (Taj)Rs.3,25,0009.2%
Rs.10,000 (Amazon)Rs.1,20,0008.4%
Rs.3,000 (Amazon)Rs.50,0006%

For charge cards, Amex rolled out different set of offers as above and even the start date of these offers vary a bit. For charge cards its from 14th Aug instead of 12th.

As these are targeted offers, you’ll have to rely on the emails received to you. If you haven’t received any of the offer, you can call up support to check your eligibility for the same.

Bottom line

I see most “credit” card holders have received these offers, but haven’t heard from any of the charge card holders yet (gold/plat/black). This maybe because the offer dates for charge cards differ, so they may activate it later.

But when I called up customer care, they could check the eligibility (for both credit & charge cards) and tell me that I’m not eligible for any of them.

We may get more clarity by 14th Aug as by then charge card holders would be getting the emails as well. Will update this space shortly. Stay tuned!

That aside, these Amex offers are good for some cardholders as HDFC has reduced their voucher value lately for such spend linked offers.

Have you received any of the above offers? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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72 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get Vouchers worth upto Rs.60,000 on spends

  1. Gaurav

    Got the first offer on my MRCC, listed for credit cards above- “Enjoy Taj Vouchers worth ₹25,000* when you reach the spend milestone of ₹2,50,000 with your Card.”
    I’m not so sure about spending 2.5 lakhs in ~1.5 months. Gonna ignore this!

  2. vipin kumar

    Yes, I have received the offer for Rs. 2500 Amazon Voucher on Rs. 45000 spend. I have AMEX Rewards Card.

  3. Niju

    I was just reading this and got the email for Platinum Travel card but not for MRCC one.

    The offer is for the 25K Taj Voucher on Spends of 2.5lakhs and the T&C specifies the vouchers would be in the form of 2 times 10K and one 5K.

  4. Rushabh

    I got 2 credit and 1 charge. Received offer on none of them. 🙁

  5. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Got the 2500 Amazon voucher offer on spends of 45000 on MRCC. There is a reasonable timeframe, will see if I can manage.
    By the way, has HDFC come out with spend based offers for August? Haven’t received anything this month, was getting them every month from Feb to July.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they’ve sent one for Add-on cards too this time. But again not targeted for all.

      1. Pankaj Singhal

        Can you share the HDFC add-on offer? I never get any offer related sms or email. Thanks.

  6. Deepak

    I hold a gold charge card and got the blow offer:

    “The rewarding world of American Express® has a new shopping Voucher in
    store for you. Get an Amazon Voucher worth ₹2,500* when you reach the
    spend milestone of ₹45,000 with your Card.

    The offer is valid on purchases made on the enrolled Card from 12 August 2021 or the enrollment date (whichever is later) until 30 September 2021.”

  7. Deepak

    I hold a gold charge card and got the below offer:

    “The rewarding world of American Express® has a new shopping Voucher in
    store for you. Get an Amazon Voucher worth ₹2,500* when you reach the
    spend milestone of ₹45,000 with your Card.

    The offer is valid on purchases made on the enrolled Card from 12 August 2021 or the enrollment date (whichever is later) until 30 September 2021.”

  8. MAA-traveler

    I’ve received the Rs.10,000 (Taj) offer. Slightly aggressive for my spending pattern but can double dip into my yearly 4L spends milestone as well. Maybe triple dip opportunity with Amex Reward Multiplier. Hope some 15/20 MR Points/Rs 100 offers comes along.

  9. Manpreet Sachdev

    I have not received the offer. I have membership rewards card.

  10. DrHunter

    I have a plat travel and i did nor get this offer. Anyway for me to push amex on sending out this offer to me?

  11. Rahul Singh

    I got a travel based offer on my Plat charge card, cumulative spend ( not one booking like it was till last time) of 1 Lacs till 31st Dec and stay till 31st March and get Taj Voucher 30K. Informed by customer care.

      1. Rahul Singh

        No. This offer is targeted and booking can be done till 31st Dec and stay till 31st March. You can club separate travel spends to reach the milestone.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That’s very interesting, but do check once again with support as no one reported such offer yet!

  12. Arun Murugan

    Hi Sid.
    Thanks a lot for this info

    But I didnt get any communication, targeted one?

    1. Arun Murugan

      Apologies, you have mentioed it as targeted. Ignore my comment 🙂

  13. S R

    I got the Taj offer on ₹250,000 spend between 12th Aug and 30th September on my Plat travel. Which I might skip as my card anniversary day is 23rd October so it won’t even count towards my annual spending.

    Nothing yet on my Gold charge card !

  14. Anil

    I checked with chat support, I was told that the offer is card specific and I am not eligible 🙁

  15. Pranab

    Didn’t receive the communication for either of my Gold & MRCC cards.

  16. Aditya

    Got the 2500 amazon voucher on 45k spend for a add-on card of my gold charge card.

  17. Aditya

    Also when I called the customer care they mentioned the offer is valid only for those received the email and they don’t have any means to check if my other cards are eligible or not.
    Sounded strange.

  18. Ajai Singh

    Neither Amex nor HDFC have sent me any spend based offers for Aug. interesting I did qualify for HDFC’s July spend based offer and also used Amex’s 20x/15x RP via Amazon vouchers extensively.

  19. Rags

    I haven’t received any such offer on both My Amex Travel and Metal Card. CC said I am not eligible. I expressed my dissonance after paying 60K+Tax of they differentiate between members and give wrong offers, It really bothers.

  20. nik

    Unfortunately most spend based offers have stopped on 3 of my amex cards maybe because i give them sufficient business each year for last 6 years

  21. Shailesh

    Haven’t received the offer yet…But 2 days back received limit enhanced by 50k.

  22. Raj

    I received 10k taj voucher on 1 lakh spend offer.

    Will they count EMI transaction ?

    I want to buy laptop & Amazon is running offer that 10% discount upto Rs.1500 if we choose to pay via Amex EMI.

  23. IP

    I got 6L/60k offer on my plat charge 🤦‍♂️
    Was really hoping to get 2.5L/25k one. That would have been within reach.

    Sid, I got the same offer on primary and supplementary cards. Probably I should just enroll in primary one? And the spends on the supplementary would also be considered?

    Love your work on this site, thanks.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Enrolling Primary is sufficient for this offer, but again, it’s safe to check this with support once.

      Btw, hardly very few got the offer on Plat charge this time from what I see. So you can be happy about that. 🙂

      1. IP

        I had taken your advice and called Amex on 12th. They told me I’m not eligible for this offer. Now, I’ve got this offer in my mail today. So, hopefully you’ll get it too 🤞

        By the way, I found this in the terms and conditions :

        “Spends on the Supplementary Card(s) will be accounted under the Basic Card only. The
        Supplementary Card(s) need not be enrolled separately. If a Basic Card/ Supplementary Card is enrolled, the complete Account (Basic and all linked Supplementary Cards) will get enrolled for the Offer.”

        1. S&S

          Amex chat support told me that they send the offer on supplementary card holders’ email id also, because some card holders use only the supplementary card.
          They dont want ‘esteemed platinum card holders’ to miss out on such offers that’s why the duplicate emails.

          I got into this discussion with chat support because I found that the primary card holders’ details only were asked to be entered to enrol via the email received by the supplementary card holder.

          So basically, even if you enrol twice (primary + secondary) offer is only for primary card holder = once only.



    Got offer of 30K Taj Voucher for 3,25,000/- Spends on Plat Charge, not sure how to reach target in short span of 45 days

  25. AAJ

    Received 30/3.25L spends on PlatChrg, possibly first spend based offer from Amex

  26. Neo

    Got, the 1.2l / 10K amazon on my Plat Charge.
    Nothing on any of the other cards ( me / wife).

  27. Mahesh

    Received today 30k Taj offer for spending 3.25l on Plat charge. First time I am getting this spend based offer on Plat charge.

  28. Ram

    I hold plat charge, Amex Travel and MR . Total number of spend based offer is O;zilch;nothing.

    As valued member since from xxxx, I got a free apology.

  29. Akshay

    I am gold charge card user. I have received the Rs. 25000 taj voucher offer.

  30. Ankur

    Hey guys, got 10K for 1L offer.

    Any ideas on reaching the spends faster? Still short of 60K

    None of the rent payment sites will accept Amex. Worst case, I will have to buy Amazon vouchers for the remaining amount (hopefully for 15/20RP offer)

    Any other ideas on meeting the target?

    1. Ragv

      Suggest buying Gold coins, as i found the current prices attractive.

  31. Mahesh

    I have received 25k Taj voucher offer for my platinum travel card for 2.5 L. And I have spend the same as well after enrolling.

    Any idea we can club multiple Taj voucher.
    I already have 10k for milestone spending.

    1. Niju

      How long did it take you to receive the 25K Taj Voucher on Platinum Travel.

      I have reached the Spend Limit a couple of days back so just wanted to check hoe long it usually takes to get the Vouchers from AMEX.

      I have the earlier 10K Voucher from AMEX waiting to be redeemed so will have to club all these while booking.

  32. AP

    I haven’t received any such offer on any of my 3 Amex cards (Plat Reserve, Gold Charge and Membership Reward) and my consolidated spends on an average exceeds a lac a month. Not sure who are targetted though.

  33. NIju

    Has anyone actually received the Vouchers yet although the fulfilment timelines is by 31st jan 2022.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Fulfilment of such vouchers doesn’t happen at light speed, like the 100% /10% / 25% cashback offers. Pls wait, even the offer period isn’t over yet. 🙂

  34. Anirban

    Amex dont want me to spend on their cards. Offer not received on my cards. I didnt even received the diwali offer for last year 😀

  35. MT

    Received HPCL offer , 5% cashback on fuel spends at HPCL pumps accepting Amex cards(verify before fuelling) upto Rs 200 (maxes out at Rs 4,000) per card , valid till 7/11/2021

  36. Gaurav

    Fulfilled the previous offer on my MRCC, listed for credit cards above- “Enjoy Taj Vouchers worth ₹25,000* when you reach the spend milestone of ₹2,50,000 with your Card.”

    Now for the month of October received another offer on my MRCC- “Enjoy Taj Vouchers worth ₹45,000* when you reach the spend milestone of ₹4,75,000 with your Card for purchases made on the enrolled Card from 1 October 2021
    or the enrollment date (whichever is later) until 15 November 2021.”

    This is crazy!! Definitely will let this one go!!!! 😀

  37. Divya

    Hi Sid,
    Can you please update on the offer fulfilment ?. I have made the spend criteria but not yet received the vouchers. Is the fulfillment date extended ?

  38. Abhay

    Hi Sid, any update on this offer fulfilment ?. I have made the required spends but not yet received the vouchers.

  39. Niju

    This was fulfilled today for me on the Platinum Travel Card.

    The expiry of the Taj Vouchers were showing as July 2022.

  40. Rejith

    Was supposed to be fulfilled by 31-Jan for Aug offer. Not fulfilled yet. Looks like have to follow up with Amex customer care.

  41. Abhay

    Thanks for replying. I have not yet received these vouchers. Please let me know once you get them.

  42. Rejith

    Have followed up twice with Amex chat via the App. Latest update says it has been handed over to some dedicated team to manually issue the voucher. Should be done in 3-5 business days.

    If I have to follow up for a 3rd time, most probably I’ll cancel this card.

  43. Rejith

    Update: After 3 follow ups via chat, they finally sent a mail saying the offer will be fulfilled if eligible by 28-Feb. This is Amex service being so pathetic because :

    1. Had to follow thrice in a gap of 10 days to get an official response.
    2. The offer fulfillment date was 31-Jan. They being incompetent in every aspect ended up in postponing the fulfillment date.

    1. Rejith

      They’ve issued the voucher few minutes back. So a happy ending. It appears that their system didn’t capture many people’s sign-up for the offer which was one of the prerequisites. I was asked to forward the email that confirmed me signing up.


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