HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offer – July, Aug 2021 (Targeted)

By | December 3, 2021
hdfc credit card spend offer - July 2021

HDFC Bank has been rolling out spend based offers on their credit cards since long time. Recently we see that HDFC has become quite aggressive on this as you could see the offers that many received on April, May June 2021.

But now this offer “seem” to have got less aggressive as of July 2021. Here’s everything you need to know:

July 2021 Offer

OfferSpend Rs.XXXXX and get voucher worth upto Rs.XXXX of your choice (Flipkart/Bigbasket/Lifestyle/Myntra)
DurationSpend between 05 July 2021 and 31 July 2021
TypeSpend linked / Targeted
Fulfilmentwithin 90 working days from the offer end date.
T&COffer Source

The offer is similar to previous ones, except that the voucher value got reduced. The target that I received (89K) gives me additional 2.8% on the spend which is over and above the regular rewards. Decent savings!

That aside, there is also an EMI offer bundled in this promo.

  • EasyEMI offer: Transact using HDFC Bank EasyEMI on your Credit Card for Rs.15,000 or above and get an Amazon/Flipkart/Myntra voucher worth Rs.750
  • Add-on offer: Spend Rs.5000 and get Rs.500 voucher.

EMI offer might be useful for those who intend to avail HDFC EMI, but the problem is HDFC EMi rate of interest is very HIGH (even higher for self-employed) in the industry, as seen below:

HDFC Credit Card EMI Rate of interest

For your info, Yesbank Credit card has an offer to convert to EMI or take as cash loan at ~9.9% – that’s the only good thing about Yesbank cards though.

Aug 2021 Offer

A similar offer has been triggered for August 2021 as well and here’s a quick look at one of the offer triggered for diners black on a card with minimal usage.

HDFC Spend Offer - Aug 2021

And there is one add-on card offer too!

HDFC add on offer - Aug 2021


  • July Offer was fulfilled on 27th Oct 2021.
  • Aug Offer was fulfilled on 29th Nov 2021.

My Thoughts

It’s good to see that the HDFC spend linked offers are getting rolled out often for many lately but with what I see from multiple reports, high value vouchers (like 7K voucher) are not targeted for anyone for July 2021. Hope it comes back sometime in future.

What’s the offer you’ve received on your HDFC Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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97 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offer – July, Aug 2021 (Targeted)

  1. Gaurav

    Hey Sid – Yours is much better than mine. I got an offer where I get voucher of INR 2k on a spend of 102,000 between the same dates as you mentioned. They’ve possibly considered average spend in recent months and are trying to make you spend more than what you do. Is that the case with you as well?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I couldn’t find any pattern in these offers and that maybe because my spends don’t follow a pattern as well. So its tough to say!

  2. Ankit

    How do you get spend based offers? I never have got anything over and above what regular CC users get. Do I need to register somewhere?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Automatically decided by the bank based on various metrics.

      1. Manu Kumar

        They have folowed the billed amount , my monthly billed amount is touching 50 k for last few months, the offer I got was 1000 for 49 k…

  3. Mugunthan

    (X-posting from Apr-June, thread)

    I got two vouchers offer this month: 5-31 July. Card: Infinia LTF.

    1. Rs.1000 Flipkart/Myntra/Bigbasket voucher for a total spent of Rs.24000/.
    2. Rs.750 Flipkart/Amazon/Myntra voucher for Shop with EasyEMI for Rs.15000/.

  4. murali

    I got an offer for Rs.2000 for a spend of 1,52,000 for infinia

  5. Aakash Coimbatore

    Vanakam brother,

    I have a HDFC DCB, and this is my 2nd or 3rd spend promo in the last 3 years with this card.
    Since April 2021 I haven’t use much of this card. Like bills of ₹4000- ₹20,000 from March till June!

    Well I just received a SPEND promo,
    I got “spend ₹25,000 from 5th to 31 July and get ₹1000 voucher”

  6. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    My offer on DCB: 2000 GV for spending 110000 and above

    Spouse offer on DCP: 750 GV on spending 15000 and above

    EasyEMI offer is same for everyone as per the looks

  7. addy

    Never got spend based offer on any of my hdfc card in the last 10 years. Currently holding Infinia LTF.

  8. AJ

    I got this on dcb…. 2k voucher on spending 364000. Couldn’t believe my eyes and checked again. But it is this way only.

  9. Ravi Sharma

    Where do you see the offers? I don’t see in my email.

    1. Kumar

      For those who are like me and don’t see these offer(s) coming in emails/SMS, I generally login netbanking around 15th of the month and check if any exists under offers tab. no wonder RBI put a hold on HDFC due to their legacy IT systems.

      1. Mayank

        Same here. I also do the same thing. Generally by 15th they update the offer details. I got the same offer last month and in Apr 2021.

  10. DD

    I got an offer of – spend ₹ 20000 to get ₹ 750 voucher on my Diners Club Black card.

  11. Rajesh Kodityala

    I received offer of “1000 voucher on 40 K SPEND” on my DCB

  12. ashwani

    Got the offer of Rs.2,500/- GV on spends of Rs.2,11,000/-.

    I am again gonna pass this one, and bringing down my spends on Infinia, now that I have StanC Ultimate and i have met the annual spend requirements of HDFC.

  13. Krish

    When will HDFC will resume start issuing credit cards again is there any tentive date ?
    I hope our thala will have some information

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve high hopes for that to happen this quarter. Let’s see.

  14. Umesh

    Last month (Jun), it was 1000 on spend of 56,000 and u availed the offer. For this month (July), it’s 2000 on 264,000…. May be they have increased this as i have availed this last month

  15. Abraham Rohith Roy

    I got the offer of 500 voucher on spend of 10k

  16. Hari

    Offer on my DCB – Spend Rs.23,000/- and get Rs.1000 voucher

    Also, received a spend based offer on my SBI card today.
    Spend Rs.10,000/- by July 30th and get Rs500 Voucher.

  17. The Quintessential Poor

    Spent relatively heavily during the first week of this month and I get like spend 45000 to get a 1500 voucher. Laat month it was 3k voucher for 38000 with no spend in the first week of the month.

  18. KK

    I got “Your Regalia Credit Card xxxx comes with a gift voucher worth ₹1000
    To avail, use it for ₹13000 from 5th to 31st July’ 21

    Last time it was a small GV on huge spends but this time it is good.

  19. Prashant

    I have unsubscribed from HDFC promotion emails. Is there a way I can enroll back again ?


    Hi, I received the offer for the month of June (7th to 30th June). Get Flipkart voucher of Rs 1500 by spending Rs 37000 on my MoneyBack Credit Card. First time I received this spend based offer, now waiting for the voucher

  21. Nandhakumar Varadharajan

    1.if business cards not getting spend based offers is true or not card holders anyone got spend based offers.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. Not exactly, but high spends which is usually the case on business cards may prevent.

  22. Raja

    I Have DCB since January 2021 &
    I got for July GV 1000 on 32k
    For June it was GV 750 on 20k ( I completed)
    For May it was GV 750 on 30k ( I didn’t complete)

  23. Aman

    70,000 to get 2,000 voucher
    15,000 Emi to get 750 voucher

    I think its an attempt at retention rather than reward as these take 3 months to realise by then we would have forgotten about the slashed limits.

  24. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Got a 2000 on spending 53000. Probably will have to skip it this time, had managed to meet the targets in the last 3 months.
    I have a question on the fullfillment, do they send SMS or also email for the voucher code? When I was eligible for the Payzapp offer in March, the info was send only through SMS… There is a chance of the messing getting lost due to network and other issue if it is SMS only…

  25. AK

    Regalia here- for me I need to spend 18K for a 1K voucher.

  26. Sannat

    There was another offer where smartbuy points where accelerated 10x for 50k then 15x for above 50000 spend.
    Points capped 30000 total for Infinia.
    Offer was for 3 days.

  27. Deepak

    I can sa most certainly that if a card holder minimises his spend on Diners, he will get a sweet deal from HDFC.
    I am planning to shift my rental payment of 24k to Citi for few months

  28. Niju

    I received this on my DCB but gives only 1500 for 71K spends along with the Easy EMI offer which seems to be generic for everyone.

  29. Praveen Katiyar

    I got an offer for Rs.2000 for a spend of 2,33,000 for infinia.

    Last month was slightly higher, and I skipped it.

    May also was in a similar range and could achieve it.

  30. Yuvaprasath D

    Your Millennia Credit Card xxxx comes with a gift voucher worth ₹3000
    To avail, use it for ₹75000 from 3rd to 31st July’ 21

    Get ₹750 Amazon/Flipkart/Myntra voucher for ₹15,000 shopping with EASYEMI from 3rd to 31st July’ 21

    I want to know, rent pay through cred & wallet loading also consider in this offer?

  31. Harsh

    I want to close my current account can i retain credit card on that account.

  32. Yuvaprasath D

    I want to know, whether rent pay through cred app and wallet loading will consider in this spend offer….

  33. Vishwas

    I got 31000 spend for 3000 voucher from 2 July to 31 July in more than 4 transactions.

    Are international transactions considered for spend target?

  34. Praveen M

    Got offer for third consecutive months on regalia, last to last mnth 7k/89k, last month it was 7k/125k and this month 2k on 136k, i have completed first two and current one not soo attractive so no plan to achieve

  35. Sreenivas

    Got offer to spend 4L to get 7k voucher last month on my DCB. Spent last month towards various payments and expense.

    This month no offer from HDFC DCB.

  36. Keyur

    I don’t understand why diners club uses Mastercard network for credit cards distributed in USA.
    Don’t they have their own network like discover or drivers club? What am I missing, can someone please share?

  37. Amar

    Does anyone know if Smartpay spend is counted in such offer threshold?
    Can’t see any such exclusion in the T&C.

  38. Mohit Chechani

    I have Regalia First with 4,00,000/- limit.
    Got an offer of Rs 500/- voucher for spending Rs. 10,000/-
    By fluke, I have already made a transaction of 11000/-
    So wating for that coupon!!!

  39. suneel kothari

    Hi Sid, This is one of good offer. I got 4.16 % rate on this offer. And in last few month HDFC giving very good offer in the voucher category.

  40. Shiv Duggal

    I don’t know why they have kept dates from 05th to 31 July instead of from 01st July. I did a high ticket transaction on 03rd which I could have done on 05th if I would have known about this offer…..they have sent this mail on 06th July to me. Now not interested to spend 87000 for 2000

  41. A2Z

    HDFC Bank has also sent sms for XTRA Rewards for spending via Addon cards
    Claim 1) Rs 500 Flipkart/Myntra voucher by using it in-store for RS 5000
    2) Rs 750 Amazon/Flipkart voucher in-store with EasyEMI for Rs 15000

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah, got this add-on offer as well today. Updated the thread.

  42. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Have a question. Just received the redemption details for the April offer today. But when I click on the ‘Get it’ option and enter the given code in the field and submit, it is saying captcha verification is mandatory. The thing is that there is no captcha on the page! HDFC’s tech system really is terrible! Anyone has any idea how to navigate the same?

    1. The Quintessential Poor

      Happened with me too. Desktop mode should do the trick IMHO

    2. murali

      the same thing happens to me by using mobile. Later I tried in my laptop in the night and went through to other page by asking which brand coupon and I filled my phone number and email . I selected amazon pay and got stuck. After two days I received the voucher in my phone and in my email

    3. Mahesh S. Panicker

      Just to up date my previous comment. Eventually the recaptcha made an appearance as I kept trying again and again. On the 20th or 25th attempt, it appeared. Had further hitches with receiving the voucher, had to get 3 vouchers, only 2 codes arrived on sms and the mail never came. Had to call up Gyftr and they resend the 3 vouchers on both email and SMS.
      Think HDFC is still some away from getting the RBI clearance. Their systems need serious look in. And while at it, hopefully they will also make available the Android and IOS apps to credit card only users as well.

  43. Mukesh

    Use your Infinia Credit Card xxxx for spends of ₹359000 from
    8th June-30th June, 2021 and enjoy a complimentary
    voucher worth up to ₹2000.
    Your Infinia Credit Card xxxx comes with a gift voucher worth ₹2000.
    To avail, use it for Rs.105000 from 5th to 31st July’ 21
    Get ₹750 Amazon/Flipkart/Myntra voucher for ₹15,000 shopping with EASYEMI from 5th to 31st July’ 21

  44. KK

    Any idea if paying bills on Payzapp count towards the spends? I hope these bill payments are considered wallet loading, just in case if wallet loading is excluded for this offer.

  45. Saadat

    This is the second time, in my long association with HDFC Bank, I’ve received spend based rewards. Mine is 2000 for 152000, the worst that could ever be. Now I’m content that I don’t receive such offers.

  46. Rohit

    500 voucher for 5000 offline swipe between 10th 30 July for DCB.
    I am fed up with dcb. where ever I swipe offline it doesn’t work. Looks like high time for me to swap to infinia. I tried to swipe LIC premium and as usual card was not accepted at offline lic swipe.

  47. Utsav

    I received, Get 5000₹ voucher on spend of 90k on my MoneyBack.

    I have got similar offers in the past and I fulfilled most of them in time but never received promised reward… As usual I fulfilled this target too… Hope I get this time.


    I also got a GV for 2k on spending limit of Rs.195,000. Crazy Buger

  49. Infinia

    I got it as 75k / 1500 on Infinia.
    Also offered an upgraded credit limit (~2x)

  50. Naresh

    I wonder why I haven’t received for current month. Been receiving from last 7 plus months

    1. Prashant

      Can you share the email from which we receive such offers. I’ve never received one.

  51. Rohit

    How long will it take to get voucher if we redeem points for DCB or infinia?
    So that I can get in upcoming Amazon or flipkart sale.

  52. Rohit

    How long does it take to get voucher if we redeem points for DCB or infinia?

  53. Nirmalya Seth

    You could win a gift voucher worth ₹500.
    To avail, use your HDFC Bank Credit Card XXXX for ₹10000 during
    2nd – 28th February 2021

    Voucher Received.

    Your Regalia First Credit Card XXXX comes with a Gift voucher worth ₹1500.
    To avail, simply use it for ₹43000 from 7th April to 30th April, 2021

    Spend based Voucher + Rent Voucher both received.

    Your Regalia First Credit Card XXXX comes with a Gift voucher worth ₹2500.
    To avail, simply use it for ₹63000 from 5th – 31st May, 2021

    Fulfilled, now waiting.

    Your Regalia First Credit Card XXXX comes with a gift voucher worth ₹3000.
    To avail, use it for ₹107000 from 3rd to 31st July’ 21.
    Get ₹750 Amazon/Flipkart/Myntra voucher for ₹15,000 shopping with EASYEMI from 3rd to 31st July’ 21.

    Fulfilled the 1st one, now waiting.

    Bonus Offer :
    15th July to 15th Aug
    HDFC Bank brings you the HDFC Bank Online Activation Offer
    Simply spend online across 1 or more below categories and get Rs 200 voucher on each extra category upto Rs.1600:-
    1) Telecom & Cable
    2) Wallet
    3) Online Shopping
    4) Utilities
    5) Groceries
    6) Apparels
    7) Insurance
    8) Government

  54. Abhi

    Got a modest offer for Aug6-31 spend, and as per T&C, the fulfillment due is on a date called 31Nov !
    Amex, Hdfc both keeping cardholders busy these days.

  55. Gopinath

    “Claim a gift voucher worth ₹1500​​​​​​​. Simply spend ₹57000​​​​​​​ with your Regalia Credit Card or with EASYEMI from 6 to 31 August’ 21”

    Unfortunately I did 2lakh transaction on 5th August evening. Do my 2 Lakh transaction will be considered based on HDFC’s fund settlement time? As HDFC take a day or 2 to confirm the transaction?

  56. DD

    Got gift voucher offer of ₹1000 for spend of ₹43000 for the month of Aug. Good deal!

  57. Gaurav

    My offer- Claim a gift voucher worth ₹2000​​​​​​​^. Simply spend only ₹266000 😂😂with your Diner’s Club Black Credit Card​ or with EASYEMI from 6 to 31 August’ 21.
    Last month it was upwards of 1.6 lakhs for the same amount of GV. Looks like the graph is only gonna go up!!😅😅
    Gonna ignore this month’s too!!

  58. Fahd

    Received offer of 2k voucher for spends of 158k from 6th -31st August on my DCB…..had already spent 60k by this time..offer doesn’t seem to be worth it…getting such useless offers every month now

  59. Mugunthan

    August month offer on LTF Infinia: Spend 20,000 (20K) for Rs.750 Amazon/Flipkart voucher.

    July offer is similar too. Spend 24,000 (24k) for Rs.1000 Amazon/Flipkart voucher. I have spent more than 24K, will await for HDFC fulfillment.

  60. KD

    Hi all. What does RETAIL SPENDS mean? Does wallet and rent payments fall under retail spends?

    The offer states these terms and conditions
    “This offer is valid on retail & Easy EMI spends on transactions made through HDFC Bank Credit Cards”

  61. Riyaz Khan

    Recieved August offer of Rs 3500 Myntra/Flipkart voucher on spend of Rs 135000 on LTF Regalia First.
    July offer was Rs 4000 Myntra/Flipkart voucher on spend of Rs 135000..that I had done, waiting for voucher.
    June offer was Rs 5000 Amazon voucher on spend of Rs 83000 . Done and recived the gift vouchers of same on first week of July..
    Loving HDFC Credit Card…
    But 😐 not receiving neither limit enhancement nor card upgradation offer.

  62. AAJ

    received 3k over 121k, will pass considering Amex one is more lucrative 🙂

  63. Raja

    My July offer was 500 Amazon voucher for 26k spend. This is the first time I have received such offer over the past four years with my Regalia card. Will they email the voucher code or is there any other redemption method?

  64. Sahil Goyal

    Claim a gift voucher of ₹2000.
    Use your Credit Card for ₹433000. Crazy.
    I think they just motivate you to surpass last month’s spend. Not this time HDFC.

  65. Kumar

    I do not get any email with such offer for many months. But suddenly got a message to redeem Rs.1000 voucher against July spend offer. I used 1 Lakh using my DCB.

    Is there a way to know, if any such offer is applicable to the card, in case there is no email delivered or noticed?

    1. Rohit

      Same. I spent around 60k and I got 1000 for DCB. There was an offer to spend 5000 on add on card to get 500 voucher but not sure why I got 1000. I hardly get mails but I frequently get vouchers so even I have no clue on offers. Might be check spam mails

    2. Saurabh

      Login to HDFC net banking and go to ‘Offers’ tab. You will be able to see the ongoing spend based offers on your card.

  66. Abhi

    Spend based offer on DCB : 2K voucher on spending 74K from 6-31May. Targeted. And I had just spent a lac on 5May!


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