Travel Club Lounge at Kolkata Airport Review

By | April 25, 2022
kolkata airport lounge review

Kolkata Airport currently uses a single terminal for both domestic and international passengers and has 2 airport lounges as of now – a regular lounge and then a premium lounge.

Here’s a quick review of the regular lounge that can be accessed by most travellers using credit/debit cards. 


I was able to get in after spending over ~15 mins in the queue. Here’s a quick look at the queues across 2 counters and it remains the same size for more than a hour. 

kolkata airport lounge queue

Apart from regular reasons, I see that the delay was largely due to some people trying to access using in-eligible cards after which they change the card, which generally takes time.

kolkata airport lounge checkin counter

Reg. card acceptance, most credit/debit cards are accepted. Here’s a quick look at various programs:

kolkata complimentary lounge access

Seating and Interiors

The lounge is pretty decent in size but looking at the footfalls at the lounge I would say that the airport deserves a bigger lounge. When I was there it had almost ~90% occupancy and hence I didn’t click many pictures, but here is one.

kolkata airport lounge seating

Because of the high occupancy it’s noisy and feels lot crowded, just like the crowded Bangalore Airport lounge which is now called as BLR lounge that was previously called as Plaza Premium Lounge.


They had a decent food spread with fruits and desserts. They also had a live food station which probably makes only Omelette I guess. Here is a quick look at some pics:

Kolkata airport Lounge Food
Kolkata airport Lounge Fruits
Kolkata airport Lounge - Live cooking station


  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.9/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

The Travel Club Lounge by TFS at Kolkata airport serves the needs of a typical traveller who basically need a quick snack before the flight. The only problem is the crowd.

So if you’re looking for a pleasant atmosphere, this is not the place for you. In-fact, having your quick meal and leaving the lounge is the best thing you can do to other travellers and also for yourself.

However, if you’ve a priority pass issued by super premium cards like HDFC Infinia, you should instead be exploring the newly opened premium lounge called The Irish House which is located to the left of this travel club lounge.

Have you been to the TFS Travel Club lounge at Kolkata airport? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Travel Club Lounge at Kolkata Airport Review

  1. Harshil

    May i know only priority pass holder can access priority lounge or there is any other card through which we can access that.

  2. Yusuf

    Not sure on what basis did you give it 4/5 rating. It is one of the worst lounges in the entire country. Crowded, hardly any choice of food. Poor sitting arrangements. Hardly any facilities.

      1. aka

        If you ever visit Srinagar, the lounge at Lucknow or Jaipur would start feeling premium ones 😀

        1. Mouli

          I saw the lounge in Srinagar and didnt even enter. Though Airport waiting area is far better than the lounge . Too small and the place where they serve food is dirty too

    1. Tapan

      I think you have not visited the Plaza Lounge of Delhi T2 Airport Try visiting once your views will change

      1. Sam

        I had a flight change at T2 and was hopeful that I could catch some rest and some food at the lounge. Once there, I realised it’s smaller than a tiny cafe…. Hardly a few tables.. all congested. Limited food options. It would be a bit waste if you need to pay for this!

  3. Varun

    I recently visited this lounge will give 2.5/5 only. To much rush and food was average.

  4. Deb

    While I am not sure about class B towns and their airport lounges one thing I can definitely say is that this TFS lounge at Kolkata airport has to be one of the worst amongst the metro city and class A city airport lounges. The issues are by the bucketful. Lazy and vindictive staff, no basic amenities like attached restrooms (forget shower areas), very poor and insipid menu. If your only motive is to go and grab a bite then may be it is just about ok but for anything more it fails miserably.

  5. Arin

    I am eagerly waiting for a new second airport in Kolkata operated by private sector. May be then more international carriers will operate from Kolkata. At present it’s a headache to travel to Kolkata from abroad due to lack of nonstop international flights.

  6. Rohit

    Can we use Priority pass for infinia and use premium lounges. I was kicked out of premium lounge name not sure in Chennai international after I showed my DCB. They said they would allow only Priority pass holders. WHat a waste of DCB. Luckily I was accepted at Lotus business class lounge at colombo with DCB.
    I desperately need an upgrade coz having lots of embarrassing moments with DCB.

  7. Mehrotra

    I didn’t end up using the lounge this time around. Some issue with the bank and their terminals not working. However, their response and their ability to serve guests is pathetic. The person who was communicating the information about the failed connectivity between the bank and the lounge could not care less and had absolutely no alternatives.

    I’m standing there explaining to them that I do not have multiple credit cards because I do not live in this country, and he continued to ask me if I have other credit cards. I requested to speak with the supervisor to see if they would listen to what I was trying to say and possibly offer me a space to sit. I was not even interested in their food or beverage offerings.

    However their team leader who was on the phone with his team member who was standing in front of me was not in the least bit interested to entertain even a phone conversation with me. Eventually I politely requested both names so I may share my feedback with other authorities. And politely left the lounge. Fortunately the airport is absolutely empty, so I am more than comfortable sitting outside. 1/5 for me.


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