Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road Review

By | May 27, 2023
Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road Review

I had a chance to visit Radisson Blu Bangalore outer ring road recently and here’s a detailed review of the stay in one of their Business class room. Well, it’s actually two of their rooms, more on that later.


  • Revenue Rate: ~6,500 INR (Inc GST)

Most of the business hotels in Bangalore are selling at ~50% cheaper rates these days compared to pre-pandemic level and Radisson blu is no exception.

I redeemed my old/unused Intermiles (came about 35ps/point) for the booking and opted for a Business Class room with breakfast, assuming that I could grab an upgrade to Junior Suite given that I’m Radisson Gold member through Amex Platinum.

FYI, Business lounge was closed by then.

Check-in & Lobby

The lobby was big enough for a hotel of this size. The actual lobby is in the first floor but they also have a small lobby in ground floor as well.

The check-in was smooth but my request for complimentary upgrade was denied. They didn’t care about the membership tier but they were open for a paid upgrade. Hmm!


So I ended up in a Business Class room. But ..

“Where is my welcome amenity? Some fruits, cookies?”

Well, I was politely denied of it as well saying that “Sir, you’re staying the room that we usually sell for 12K INR but now as the rate is reduced and so .. “. Hmm, another disappointment!

The room felt FRESH, overall neat and good but well it had a large window with “frosted glass”.

“Business Class room with no views?”

Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road Room
Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road couch
Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road table
In love with this desk made in glass.
Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road

I kindly requested for a room change. So they moved us to another Business Class room that had decent views.

But well this time I had to settle with a room with poor vibes. I could see stains on the headrest, lot of stains on the rug, faulty chair, foul smell and what not!

The stinky room with stains here, there, everywhere.

It’s perhaps the worst room I’ve ever seen at this price point. But I felt tired to ask for another room change. So just complained all these and they were able to fix things to an extent.

Also those nice couch and the beautiful glass coffee table sort of helped to stick to it.


Its one of the biggest property in the area and they have a huge basement for car parking (self, no valet parking for now).

One thing I liked about the overall design of the property is that they have all major restaurants (3 of them) in the same floor, adjacent to each other.


Breakfast at Melange, Radisson Blu Outer Ring Road

We had Al la carte in the Chinese restaurant (Shao) for Dinner, and for breakfast/lunch Buffett we went to Melange (usual one).

Food at both the restaurants were really tasty and unique.

And the service too was pretty good. For ex, the restaurant was about to close and someone was taking feedback. I mentioned about non-freshness of the pasta but I was still “Okay” with it.

But the guy to my surprise was like “no no, you’re paying for it, you should have the best, let me check on that” and left. He then came up with a bowl of fresh hot pasta. Nice!

Overall very good experience at the restaurant all the time.

I did save 30% on the bill each time as I was making use of the Eazydiner offers on IndusInd Cards via PayEazy.

Final Thoughts

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.2/5

Except for the room quality of the changed room, it was all good and few things were even beyond my expectations, especially the food.

Overall it was a good experience and I may return to the property again as its in the main area of Marathahalli, on the outer ring road. But hmm, I prefer to have better roads in bangalore.

During my stay they had about ~50% occupancy and during the day of check out they had about 100% occupancy and was asked to check out by 12:30 itself.

Anyway, it was a short and nice trip and I did make use of the Amex shop small offer wherever possible, like once in woodlands and other in a fuel station (this one yet to get fulfilled though).

Have you been to the hotels in Bangalore outer ring road? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

27 thoughts on “Radisson Blu Bangalore Outer Ring Road Review

      1. Shikhar Makkar

        In the current small shop offer, I don’t see any category for fuel. Is it categorized under something else?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Have raised a concern and they took a request for manual credit. Expecting it this week.

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Thanks for reminding. Just checked and I can see it got added 3 days ago. 🙂

  1. Sai

    Thanks for sharing your experience as always! Surprised they are maintaining low rates if occupancy is at 100%

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I think it’s not usual. Could be due to an event on that day.

  2. Pranab

    I stayed one of the Radisson Blu properties in Ranchi 4-5 times (12-14 days) in last one year. Price was really good, Superior Room with Buffet breakfast + Dinner for two came at a price of around ₹5400 (used my Infinia points)!! Once I even got an surprise free upgrade during check-in to Business room (with bathtub). Another time, did a free early check-in (2 hrs).
    Food quality was really great and lots of varieties. In one of the stay, enjoyed food festival for all 3 days.
    One question, I was never able to use any card offers in any of the restaurants those are not standalone (in this case, for lunch bill). Is there any way to do it?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      As long as you can find the offers at respective restaurants on the eazydiner/dineout apps, you can avail them. Most restaurants in high end properties are standalone.

      If not these offers, you can also get 2X points on dining by swiping Infinia in these terminals instead of posting it to room.

      1. Pranab

        Thanks Sid, but I could never avail Infinia 2X offer on restaurants situated in any staycation. Every time the POS terminal they use is in the name of the property, not the restaurant. In this case, it should be ‘Melange’ but it’s always ‘Radisson Hotels’.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Oh, Yes.

          But I’ve also seen cases where I was able to clear my hotel bills on restaurant POS instead of the hotel POS, which ends up giving 2X on any spend.

          This is the good & bad part of living in India. 🙂

  3. Aakash Coimbatore

    Write an article on Redeeming InterMiles. Be it for this property or for the one at Kodai.

    Have some InterMiles on the account and planned to use it for flight tickets as they ask ₹1180 for all domestic flights, if this hotels was a better option would go with it! Atha..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah Hotels are always the best option to redeem for the same reason. Will likely cover Intermiles in detail separately.

  4. Aakash Coimbatore

    Good to hear. Waiting for that.

    I had planned CJB-DEL-SXR for ₹1180 (15k InterMiles)

    Revenue Price while bookings is around ₹6,000+ taxes but with 15 days fare cap in place this price goes to ₹10,000+ taxes.
    And once the days gets closer it goes to 12,000+ taxes

    Have this on hold as of now

  5. Tejas Ghongadi

    I am surprised at hotel’s response to Welcome Gift.

    I just happened to stay two nights as a Marriott Titanium in two different hotels. JW Marriott & Ritz Carlton in Pune. Despite having booked both hotels on Points, Breakfast was included as a Welcome Benefit. (Points Booking does not included Breakfast).

    JW Marriott – Breakfast Included, 1000 Bonus Points given, Upgrade from Base Room to Executive Suite, Couple of Beers and Starters in the evening in the room against the lounge benefit as the lounge is kept closed by hotel

    Ritz Carlton – Despite being known for excluding most of Marriott Bonvoy Elite Benefits, Breakfast was included. (Globally Ritz Carlton only provides 1000 Bonus Points and not Breakfast). Ritz Carlton does not provide Complimentary Lounge Access. But Base Room Booking upgraded to the biggest Suite available to commoners.

    I guess Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors & Hyatt are leagues ahead of other Hotel Loyalty Programs.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “Points Booking does not included Breakfast” – But Plat & above always get breakfast even on points isn’t it?
      I’ve got complimentary breakfast at times even with Gold, on points.

      I think this property is some sort of an exception, as I did get welcome amenity even with Radisson, Guwahati few months ago.

      1. Tejas Ghongadi

        Yes. I meant that as per T&Cs, Breakfast is not included in Redemption booking. You get it based on your Elite status or based on Hotel’s discretion.

        Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in India are very liberal. In North American and European region, even Platinum & Titanium Elites have been complaining about not being offered even free water during stay and not honor many of the Elite status benefits.

        Properties can be an exception only if mentioned in T&Cs categorically. Like in MB, it is categorically written than Lounge Benefit is not applicable in Ritz Carlton.

        Thats what I was referring too. If its not categorically mentioned in T&Cs of the program that so and so properties / brands are excluded for this perk, you can contest on the program Customer Support

      2. S&S

        Ritz Carlton and some other Marriott brands do not offer free breakfast even to Titaniums Siddharth, let alone Platinums.
        (Maybe some Marriotts were ultra generous to you, aware of your blogging expertise too!).

        St. Regis offers breakfast but not Ritz.
        Ritz only offers upgrades upto suite for Titaniums.
        (Some tnc changes in that too recently, if I remember correctly).

        Older SPG brands (St. Regis, Luxury Collection etc) are normally considered more generous with benefits vs traditional Marriott brands (Ritz and the like).

        By the time one wraps his head around Marriotts’ benefits across their 30 brands the annual status may have been downgraded 🙂
        Royal, confusing mess.


  6. Rakesh

    I have been to radission blu 2-3 times for lunch . Earlier , it was known as Park Plaza. Melange is good restaurant with good taste and variety of food.

  7. Rajarshi Bhattacharya

    Dear Siddharth,
    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your recent stay.
    Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience experienced by you at the checked in room. However, we also glad that you liked our food & services.

    I can assure that the issues experienced by you are certainly not reflective of our usual standards. We have taken careful note of your feedback and corrective measures are in place to ensure that our valuable guests are never inconvenienced.
    Being conscious that any explanation will not erase the unsatisfying experience you had during your recent stay; we look forward to serve you better next time.

    Also, please let me know if we can have a quick call anytime.

    Rajarshi Bhattacharya
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Radisson Blu Bengaluru, ORR.

  8. Saurabh

    Seeing a comment from hotel’s top management on this article is interesting.

    Good job Sid writing honest reviews and most importantly not revealing your identity as cardexpert blogger during your visits. This helps the readers in getting to know the real time unbiased kind of experience that a regular traveler would be subjected to.

  9. J G

    If you book a hotel via a booking engine like intermiles/MMT etc and Not directly with the hotel website, the hotel 99% of the time doesn’t offer status perks. It’s in every hotel program terms, am surprised you aren’t aware of this. The whole point is to encourage members to book directly for the perks, and save money otherwise paid to the booking portals.
    Some hotels do go above and beyond and still offer status perks on such bookings, but it’s rare, and they dont really need to.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’m aware of this.

      The point however is that they were not even ready to check the type of booking (or) membership tier when I asked for an upgrade.


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